Healthy Recipes

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

healthy-diet-recipesThe basis of an effective diet program is great tasting, healthy recipes. If the diet’s food is too bland, boring, or monotonous then the likelihood of long term success is greatly diminished.

When choosing a diet program it’s important to take into consideration what type of foods can be eaten on the plan as well as what kind of recipes are provided.

If a dieter can find a diet plan that fits in with his/her tastes as well as one that provides many great tasting meal options then the chances of that diet plan becoming a lifestyle greatly increases.

Healthy Cooking Videos

Below are some great tasting healthy recipes from some of the popular diet programs or ways of eating available today.

Recipes for Weight Loss

Low Fat

Curried Chicken and Grape SaladLemon Pepper Salmon with Lentil Rice

Low Carb

Mandarin Orange Chicken

Steak Kabobs

Low GI

Baked Tortilla Chips with Cheese and Olives


Spinach Lasagna

Vegetarian Pita Calzone


Seafood Pasta and Strawberries

Healthy Breakfast

Fruit and Nut Breakfast Quinoa

Egg White Western Omelet

Healthy Lunch

Apple Chicken Pita Pocket

Healthy Desserts

Fruit Crunch Parfait

Orange Honey Cream Dessert

Healthy Soup

Homestyle Chicken Soup

Low Fat Pumpkin Soup

Healthy Salad

Lentil Tofu Salad

Healthy Smoothies

200 Green Smoothie Recipes

For Kids

Healthy Meals for Kids

More Recipes

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Mayar

    Its really good but could we use pineapple instead of grape fruit in diet?

  • lisa

    I want to comment on angie and karen. For most people eating right and exercising and maintaining a healthy life style is best. However for those of us with autoimune diseases like karen this simply dosnt work. But the reason behind the autoimune diseases is the crap that we have put into or bodies over the years. Almost all packaged and processed foods have gmo’s and such. over time these things attack our immune system in one way or another. One thing that you “karen” may want to consider is resetting your body. You may want to research HCG. This has had amazing results for many including my sister that had the same issues you suffer from as well as high blood pressure, thyroid problems. Since she has begun HCG she has lost the weith, been able to get off of the blood pressure medicine and no longer has a thyroid condition. If your interrested talk to your doctor or better yet seek out a Hd (hollistic Doctor). You will be amazed.,

  • angelika

    Hi,would like to lose weight as fast as possible I am 16 years old and i have put 10kgs from the last summer .Now i weight 60kgs. The 7days,etc diets I have read seem a little hard . Any help ? :)

  • remy

    actually I’ve been doing no grain diet and practicing for a month
    that’s the second month i just lose 2 kg i really worked hard
    i want to lose more honestly .
    i am 21 years old and my weight is 59 kg :)
    beside that i the only fat girl in my family :(
    the sad thing is that i really love to cook but since i am doing a diet
    i start to cook for my family the meals which i can’t eat
    it’s so funny but i will try harder to get the perfect body or
    unless lose some weights ^^

  • mary

    Hi haven’t been very active due to a fall,dislocated elbow getting better,have been watching what I eat need to lose weight asap need help please!

  • ayanda

    I’m also 83 kg sized 36 I was keep on trying to loose weight for last three months I don’t see any change

  • Pandas 101

    Hi I’m 11 and I’ve been playing a lot of basketball and drinking PLENTY AND PLENTY OF WATER!!! If I gain weight again I’ll try this diet I will be starting 6th grade on August 13 yeah early i’ve notice

    • Thom

      Be careful about drinking too much water. Too much water can be as bad as not enough water and can seriously damage you (considering your age).

  • Angie

    To lose weight, you have to eat healthy and exercise. PERIOD…no magic pill or diet. It is a choice to live that way.

    Cut out all white foods, ie sugar, white flour products, white rice, nothing deep fried or breaded. NO soda or pop that includes diet (your body cannot process the fake stuff) Limit carb intake ie breads (even whole grains) Limit alcohol intake…I know its tough I like my wine!

    Eat / drink lower fat foods…ie 1 % milk or skim, almond, soy, low fat youghurts, etc. Eat cheese in moderation. No fake stuff like fake sugars in yoghurts, buy real food. cook with small amounts of healthy oils like olive or canola or coconut, or grapeseed,

    EAT MOSTLY VEGETABLES, FRUIT, BEANS (all kinds), grains,limit whole grain pastas, try new ones that aren’t wheat, lean chicken, lots of fish, very little beef and pork your plate should be mostly vegetables.

    dark chocolate and fruit is best for desserts. Use Agave if you need a sweetner, use real maple syrup (not fake stuff) but limited amounts! Same with honey. get used to drinking your teas and coffees without sugar. start by cutting in your way down..

    Stay away from packaged foods. Learn to cook your favorite recipies without the bad stuff and use lots of herbs and spices…its your taste buds that you want to make happy.

    .Everyone has time to exercise…all you need to do is WALK EVERYWHERE, Always Take stairs, Park at the back of the parking lot. Do strength buildling use weights while you are watching TV ! Muscle burns fat! You cannot SPOT reduce unfortunately.

    Treat yourself on the weekends or once a week with your favorite foods. Try not to go crazy!

    Your life, YOUR CHOICE, no one is going to do it for you. You cannot just do this to lose weight…you have to LIVE THIS WAY…or you will always be fighting the FAT fight against yourself…. Eat and live deserve it !

    • Crystal

      Kudos to you Angie!!!! You are soo right!!!! Thanks for the GREAT advise!!!!

    • Thom

      I feel I can agree with Karen on this. I’ve had tests and, apparently, my diet as a child leading up to my diet as an adult mean my body has high cortisol levels, high insulin-resistance and too much oestrogen. I am attempting to combat this by diet (research and experimentation), supplements (taurine to reduce cortisol before I sleep, high quality fish oil for my joints, magnesium and cinnamon to modulate hormone levels and high quality protein) whilst also weights training to help alter my RNA (I think it’s the RNA) so my body can realise how it should use my testosterone appropriately

    • Karen

      It’s nice that you are a doctor Angie and gave all the answers. But when your Cortisol and Leptin are non-existant (you have to get special bloodworm tests for this) then even in moderation, all natural,etc do not matter. Your brain chemistry tells your body that you weigh one thing while you weigh another and everything you eat is stored as fat…your brain is convinced you are starving. Go to a specialist and check it out. I’ve been fighting this for 2years as have people who have been longer. So before you open your mouth …..get your facts straight and don’t preach. We are fighting our battles and looking to places like this for support not lectures from chairside Dr. Phil’s. I actually have to take 30 different vitamins because my body no longer produces them and an anti-seizure medication to keep the weight gain under control. I eat 1100 calories a day, walk 5 miles and eat only organic. And still gain, go somewhere else and lecture.

      • cb

        Karen – I have the same problem as you in terms of not losing, and likely because of no leptin.

        I have struggled since my 20s (I’m 38 now), but it’s never been THAT bad. Spite an extra 15lbs here and there, I was always healthy and strong, and always went to the gym and 90% of the time ate very healthily. I have been interested in health since I was 14.

        Regardless of all my good habits, I did still gain weight off and on, and I couldn’t really figure out why.

        This past year was the worst.

        For the past 3 years, I have been an my ideal weight. But in June 2011, I started to take antidepressants and within 2 weeks I started to gain weight. By the 5th month, I had put on 40lbs. And since then, I have been trying to lose that weight.

        I have been recording my food and exercise since Feb 2012, and I was eating 600-1100 calories a day. I was eating way too little, but I had been living off mostly 1100 calories for 3 years. I had decided in Feb 2012 it was better for my health to slowly increase my calories. I am now up to 1700-1800 calories a day, and exercise almost everyday. I run about 6km on most of those days, but I also weight train, walk, use the elliptical, and do high intensity training.

        I have been off medication since July 2012, and have lost only about 8 lbs since then. I still fluctuate, but I remain under 170 (my ideal is 130-140). No matter what I did (while on the meds), I didn’t lose a pound.

        I eat mostly fresh veggies and and protein. Nuts and seeds, and just recently added whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa to my diet after 3 years.

        Even though I was eating low calories, my weight and energy were great until the meds. It’s only been after the meds as to what has made sense is the loss of leptin.

        By this year, I was able to recognize that the low calories probably messed with my metabolism, but the meds made it worse. A nutritionist recently said to me that reducing your calories for 1 week can reduce your leptin by 50%. I bet mine is non-existent.

        I don’t like hearing that you’ve been trying for 2 years to lose weight… I hope I don’t have to wait that long. However, losing this 8lbs makes me a bit more hopeful (even though it’s taken 2.5 months since off the meds). I’ll most likely start taking leptin, but I’m still in the research stages.

        And for the record, I didn’t feel Angie’s post was a lecture either – the rules of eat whole foods, drink water and exercise are the foundation to a healthy body and mind. But when other factors are thrown into place, such as hormonal imbalances, the picture gets very skewed and difficult to figure out.

        I am sorry, but also “happy” to hear other people are having weight loss problems such as myself. I hope this leptin does the trick for us.

      • Tameka

        I actually agree with Dr. Angie. She wasn’t trying to lecture, she was just pretty much stating the FACTS, Mrs. Karen. When someone is trying to loose weight you do have to make certain lifestyle changes and that also includes what you eat and exercise more. That is basically all that she was trying to say. But she gave some examples of how to alter your diet and some excercise pointers. It seems like you have been doing some of these things that she mentioned and none of them is working for you do to other circumstances. But you can’t get angry with the doctor for #1 not knowing your situation before she posted her recommendations, which are very helpful. And #2 helping others like me that appreciate her taking the time to reply and comment on blogs like these. So perhaps, seems like you need to search further for your weight lose solutions and your attitude adjusters. And since you are so sensitive about what people post on these blogs, maybe it is a good idea that you refrain from using them and read more books. Which you pick at your own discretion. CIAO!

      • Chris

        That wasn’t a lecture by Angie, it was the truth. I think too many people put too much emphasis on modern ‘methods’ to treating weight and health. People are always quick to pop some vitamin tablets or take prescribed medicines when in most cases it is just a matter of getting your eating and exercising habits in check. It is NO coincidence that weight is more of a modern problem and guess what, most people’s diets consist of processed ‘foods’ , high carbs, high sugar and other rubbish that are un-natural to humans and to top that off, people are less active; fact not lecture! Also, you control your brain it isn’t a separate entity like you make out and the laws of physics might have something to say about your theory of eating 1200 cals and still gaining weight unless of course you’re not burning 1200 a day! Strange how all the staving Africans are skinny as anything, you never see an overweight starving person; wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t lose weight eating only a few hundred cals a day! Get a grip and check your diet, it’s guaranteed to be wrong and if you’re looking for advice check out ‘Marks Daily Apple’. It’s not my site but will help anyone wanting to seriously lose weight.

      • Sandra

        You sound like me, except that I’ve been fighting this all my life. I eat organic, unprocessed, low glycimic foods, lean proteins, etc. and do not overeat and I also exercise. My body just resists losing . This has been going on for years and years. What kind of specialist are you referring to, and what kind of bloodwork? My current bloodwork that the MD takes should I’m healthy. People say I don’t eat enough because I typically eat about 1000 -1200 calories a day, sometimes less. I’ve tried added more calories, but I still can’t lose.

      • Karen

        Meant “bloodwork test”

  • Love

    Hi am 19 years old & my weight is 55kG and i to lose about 35 especially my thingh and hip,i can’t eat anything stil yet am overweight and i cn’t exercise b’cos my collage.plz plz help me wat can i do to be slim.thanks

    • cb

      I agree with Ann, Love. Your weight is not high at all, again unless you’re 5′ or something. I’m a petite woman, 5’2″, but very muscular. I am VERY thin and small when I’m 130lbs. Some say I”m too thin at that weight for my body. I am a size 4 at that weight.

      I would recommend also getting some other support from people who are professionals and can see your body.

      What is your height, by the way?

    • Ann

      Hi Love – Your email worried me. If you weigh 55kg you are very unlikely to be overweight, unless you are very short or have a very tiny frame. I’m 5’3″ with a medium frame and feel that your weight is around what I ought to weigh. Unless you are much smaller than me, please don’t try to lose any more. I really think you should see your doctor for advice and support on this.

  • chris

    i am 290 pounds lol ik i can do exercises and i can get any foods i need to do a good diet but i just need to know what diet to do and what exercises i should do amd for how long someone plese help me

  • Monique

    I lost weight about 20 pounds 2 years ago and was very happy with my figure but as soon as I went back into school I stopped everything I was doing correctly to loose weight which was just basically eating healthy, since then I have been trying to loose weight but every effort is never good enough. I can never manage to even loose one pound. Now that prom is coming up i was hoping at least 5 pounds and mainly off my tummy area….PLEASE HELP??? What should I do?

  • Samiee

    Cabbage soup diet has been the best for me I lost quite a bit of weight from it

  • nadia

    HI,1Year ago I had my second cesarea, i am 21years old my height is 1,53cm and i my weight is 75KG and I’d like to loose 15KG specially in my stomach I dont have time for exercise. if you help me that would be a great pleasure for me. plz plz plz help me. plz answer me as soon as possible.

    • ted

      Could someone tell me how a page that lists healthy recipes has become a place for people to ask for dieting help? This site is full of diet suggestions. I suggest that people browse the site and find a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. :-)

      • cb

        I agree with you Ted.

        The thing I have found – almost everything works, but you have to find what suits you and your body, and nothing too extreme. If you do something extreme, you have to keep up a balanced diet of fresh fruits, veggies, good protein, grains, nuts and seeds – never an extreme of any food (except veggies). And keep that up for the rest of your life.

        I no longer crave sweets, I don’t drink pop (soda), I rarely eat junk (chips or fried stuff), don’t eat white bread or bready things, as it all makes me feel very, very bad.

  • surette

    I thing the idiot proof diet is amazing!!! It is just a lot of eggs… what can I eat instead of the eggs???

  • RITI

    hi m 20 years old & my weight is 85 kG i need loose 25 kg in 15 coz after 15 days m going to married i cant do exercise bcoz of my college pls help me out i need to look most beautiful girl in the world on my marriage ceremony pls pls b kind to me

  • kk

    can we please learn to spell? it is lose, not loose…loose ir what your clothes are AFTER you lose weight.

    • Bonnie Reynolds

      This is not a spelling bee site. This is a site to get dieting information and responses to those diets. My husband has end-stage liver disease and I need to find low-protein diet info….not learn how to spell. I already know how to do that!

      • Knm

        I’m sorry to hear this.
        Forks Over Knives is a helpful movie on cancer and eating. It is in Netflix

    • Karen

      OMG!!!! I found someone who feels like I do…of all the grammatical errors in the world….this is the one that bugs me the most!! Thank you for posting!!

    • ted

      lol, it’s “is” not “ir” it always cracks me up when people criticize spelling and then make a typo themselves. :-)

  • Edwin Moya

    Hi,I weigh 130 pounds and i would like to loose 10 specially in my stomach. I am very busy during the day and i don’t have time for exercise.What kind of diet should i follow to reach my goal.

    • cb

      I have no idea what you eat, but eating no gluten can reduce the tummy. Wheat, oats, kamut, and rye all have gluten. So eliminate that.

      Refined sugar is also a culprit of holding onto weight.

      I find all of the above can often make me feel sluggish – sugar takes a serious toll on my body, as well.

  • Charlotte

    Im18 and would like to loose around 14 pounds the parts of my body percificly is my thighs and stomach . what diet is the best at loosing weight as fast as possible !!!

  • Lusy

    I would like to lose about 6-15 kilograms as I’m 72kilos.
    I can’t really do much excerses because of my school and exams.
    Please help me!



  • Shakuntala

    Hi Im 16 and I would like to loose around 10-15 pounds and about an inch and 1/2 from my waist. I dont have a lot of time for exercise after school. Im mostly vegetarian but am open to egg. What kind of a diet plan would you suggestto loose those pounds fast?

  • jstarr

    i would like to loose 25 kilograms . i cant do excercise because i have a lot of work. help me pls. what food i can eat in a affordable way. i hope u’ll feedme back.

    • Ecka

      try the 14 days Japanese diet. If you strictly follow this diet you will lose up to 15 pounds or even more.

  • Laura

    HI,Three months ago I had my third cesarea, I have 140 Pounds and I’d like to loose 20 Pounds specially in my stomach how many hours should I exercise and what kind of diet I should follow to get my goals.

  • Linda

    I would like to loose about 25 kilosgram as I’m 93kilos ans my length is 169 cm. I cant do excercises as a have a disc bludge and my back is always sore and my overweight is making it worse please help me to acheive my goal. thanks

  • esther


  • rewa chadha

    i m a purevegetarian & hence would like to have diet for “B+” blood type to reduce weight which i have gained after menopause.shall give a try to the abovementioned receipes{vegetarian one’s}

    • Candace Lee

      Unfortunately the B+ blood type diet is NOT vegetarian.

  • ajeenkya

    nice. want to try.

  • audreyd

    There is a new potato chip on the market that has less fat that baked potato chips. They are called Pop Chips. They’re not fried or baked but when heat is added the chips pop then they’re cooked. Just thought I’d mention it.

  • ntando

    i would like to lose weight as fast as possible, its the winter weight and i have to lose 15-20kg before october, i love sweet stuff and i do try 2 exercise lightly but i think i need to up my game in terms of diet. Often i dnt have a problem with losing weight but this year i want it 2 last 4ever. Any tips and advice? Im in south africa

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