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Diet Picks

I Love This Diet

50% Cheaper than Jenny Craig, twice as many frozen meals.

Diet To Go

Consistently tops the list of diet delivery services.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has a new program: Simple Start.

Fat Loss Factor

Our most popular diet so far this year.

New Diets

Serotonin Revolution


Serotonin Revolution uses diet to regulate serotonin, dopamine, leptin and adrenals. Losing weight and staying slim requires them to be in the right balance.

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Body Fat Breakthrough


Body Fat Breakthrough is for people who want to lose up to 50 pounds but can’t find time to exercise. Can dieters really shed 30 lbs. in 30 days?

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Diet Fix : Weight Loss with Long-term Results

diet-fix 10 day plan

Diet Fix supports sustainable weight loss management for a lifetime by letting go of the negative thought patterns and behaviors that cause diet failure.

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Vegetarian Diet for Teens


Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian is a vegetarian diet for teenage girls. Suitable for girls who are eliminating or even just reducing meat intake.

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Couples Diet: Love Me Slender


Love Me Slender is a couples diet that alters the couples' relationships to improve health. When couples support each other weight loss success is likely.

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10-Hour Coffee Diet


10-Hour Coffee Diet uses intermittent fasting and consumption of nutrient-boosted coffee to produce noticeable weight loss results after the first week.

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Snack Girl Diet


Snack Girl to the Rescue is a common-sense guide to weight loss by blogger Lisa Cain. She offers practical advice to help you eat for lasting weight loss.

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Detox Prescription


Detox Prescription is a cleanse plan for better health, greater energy, and efficient weight loss. It eliminates toxins by following a 3, 7 or 21-day plan.

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