Slim4Life Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


The Slim4Life program is a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management, available at a chain of weight loss clinics in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Slim4Life has been enabling people to lose weight and learn new eating habits for over 25 years.

Note: The Slim4Life diet program is not the same as the UK-based The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life books, health & fitness program – see comment below.

Slim4Life offers comprehensive weight reduction programs for men, women and children from age 10. The programs are professionally supervised and nutritionally designed to develop proper eating habits for long term success.

The Slim4Life Weight Loss Center with which you enroll provides a program which is individualized, monitored and supervised with one-on-one counseling. Existing medical conditions are taken into account when developing your personal weight loss program.

The diet employs a well-balanced food program (based on regular food from the supermarket), supplemented with proprietary weight loss aids.

Slim4Life Diet Program

Weight loss plan

The Slim4Life program provides up to 1,500 calories daily (depending on the degree with which you are overweight or obese, your health profile, and age) in a
carefully balanced nutritional diet rich in vitamins and minerals and low in refined carbohydrates, fats, and sodium.

The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, starches, dairy and fats, plus a range of supplements, and there is a vegetarian program for those who do not eat meat.

Some foods and beverages are restricted during the weight loss period, and gradually added back once the goal for weight loss is achieved.

The nutritional plan is individualized for you, and is completely flexible with room for individual choices of food selection.


Slim4Life program participants are strongly encouraged to increase their physical activity level as part of leading (or gaining) a healthy lifestyle.

Slim4Life claims that you can lose 3-5 pounds/1.3-2.3 kg per week (on average 3.3 pounds/1.5kg), eating grocery-store food and without pre-packaged meals.

Weight maintenance

On successful completion of the Slim4Life weight loss program, there is a post-reduction maintenance program to reinforce the learned behavioral changes.

Overall, with Slim4Life you may expect to have developed ‘the tools, knowledge and the efficient metabolism to manage your new healthy body weight for a lifetime!’


It appears to cost over $600 to start the Slim4Life program, although if you don’t meet your goal as initially expected, there are further costs in order to continue.

Also, the programmed supplements, vitamins, snacks, etc are an additional cost to you.

Some perceptions of the Slim4Life diet program

These are some of the reactions of Slim4Life participants

  • My personal Slim4Life plan tells me what to eat and when, which helps tremendously with meal planning. For example, I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 ‘nutrients’ (a shake and a candy bar). Each meal includes a protein, a starch and fruit. For breakfast add milk, and for lunch/dinner add 2 vegetables. The plan is easy but also requires me to prepare the ‘limited food’ items which I’m allowed.
  • 5th day on Slim4Life, and now off the ‘preparation’ stage. Today’s menu: breakfast 2 eggs and an orange, lunch a cup of raw cauliflower (dipped in fat free ranch dressing) and an orange, supper 4oz grilled chicken, shredded, in a 6″ corn tortilla with ½ cup lettuce and some fat free ranch dressing – actually pretty good.
  • Finally at the end (11 weeks on) and am very excited. My Slim4Life diet consists of a strict food regime, only eating a certain amount of vegetables, lean proteins, fruit, and 80oz of water a day, combined with vitamins, herb supplements and essential fatty acid pills. I was not allowed to drink alcohol, eat sugar, dairy, oils, or preservatives. I’ve officially lost the 20lbs I set out to (I lost 11¾in. in my waist alone!), and have now begun the ‘stabilization’ phase. Slowly, over a 6 week period, they begin to reintroduce food into my diet. My weight will be monitored for one full year.
  • I signed up for Slim4Life, and paid $800 for personal counseling 3 times a week for 34 weeks. It’s really a very restrictive, prescribed diet, designed for fast weight loss. I still don’t know if fast weight loss is really the healthiest solution, but considering that I have yo-yo’d the same 50 lbs 5 times in eight years, I think it’s the only thing that’s going to keep me going.
  • This is what my diet consists of each day:
    a TON of supplements: vitamins, metabolizing herbs, essential fatty acids, carb blockers
    I can eat 2 servings of protein a day: lean meat (limited red), chicken, turkey, fish, limited eggs
    2 servings of starch a day: diet bread, brown rice, or 2 tbsp bran flakes
    2 small fruits
    basically unlimited green veggies, ½ raw, ½ cooked
    2 tbsp of fat free salad dressing
    1 serving of “lite” fat: mayo or margarine
    herbal tea
    diet seven up
    80 oz of water per day
    2 specials made from the program supplement foods: one is sweet, the other a soup or juice
    2 cups coffee, with just skim milk and nutrasweet (only 2 pkts of that per day)
    ½ tsp low sodium salt (nothing else can have salt in it)
    unlimited apple cider vinegar (salad dressing)
    the juice of 1 lemon

Is Slim4Life Successful?

The Slim4Life diet program appears to be a sensible plan with plenty of personal support and encouragement, and has brought successful weight loss for many overweight people, although the cost needs to be evaluated before enrolling.

The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life book, health & fitness program

Slim4Life is not to be confused with The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life book, Freedom from the Food Trap, and other related publications. This book promotes the program in the UK to ‘get slim, get fit, and get energised – or “juiced” ‘ by Jason Vale (the Juice Master), a successful health and lifestyle coach.

The Slim 4 Life book is not about dieting, juicing, or about what’s good and bad for you. Rather, it helps to change the way you see food. Slim 4 Life majors on these points:

  • Quit so-called “drug foods” – nutritionally worthless addictive substances (eg sugar and caffeine) – and return to a fresh diet
  • Eat the freshest plant ingredients and feel the health benefit of raw juice which is full of healthy enzymes
  • Reject the food industry’s ‘brainwashing advertising’
  • Use food combining to help your digestion


Home of the Slim4Life Diet Program
The book – The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life: Freedom from the Food Trap

Low Calorie Recipes

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Jane

    Just wondering if anyone has information on the stabilization phase. I am almost to my goal weight. I went to S4L until I ran out of paid weeks and have been continuing on my own. Just curious if anyone has advise on whether its worth the cost to go back and pay for stabilization?

  • Daniel

    What attracted me to slimgenics was the guarantee of loosing weight and keeping it off. I also liked the one on one with a counsler and I would recieve calls almost every day to see how I was doing. I lost 35lbs and was looking forward to loosing more. I had a hard spending $200 a week or more on suppliments and snacks that are way over priced. Some of the stuff has caffine in it which made my heart rate irregular. Well Slimgencs that was less than a block away from my house closed. All the California locations closed down. They called out of the blue to tell me this. I have gained all of my weight back that I lost. Save your money. They just want to sell you product that is extremely over priced.



  • Jessica Yamron

    Does anyone know what I can use to replace all the meat protein for the 3 day prep? I’m now a vegetarian and want to begin the plan again on my own but not sure how to compensate …

  • Discouraged

    “mary Dec 12th 2012
    I was in the program for almost a month and theo supplements almost killed me. I was in the emergency room twice, i almost had a stroke. I have been calling the office and they dont want to give me my money back. They dont even care i was on the hospital because of their pills. They only said it was the first time that they heard someine has been at the hospital because of their supplements. Please find another way to loose weight. They told you to take so many pills and simetimes i asked them if it was safe ti take so many. And she said dont worry our pills are herbal supements”

    “kim Dec 7th 2012
    Can I give them a negative rating? If so then I sure would. This is a scam and all they care about is $$$. You pay a ridicules amount of money for lies and scams. You will take an insane amount of pills all day long and their snacks are the same as Adkins but the price of a BMW. LOL
    You are better off eating a nutritious diet that you can live with and work out then to waste your time and MONEY on this.
    I recently went to my doctor and have a thyroid problem and he said he wanted me to eat some things that S4L does not have on plan such as almonds and avocado and they said well we Can’t guarantee your weight loss. I am like you have to be kidding me… so a group of uneducated, fake nutritionist “aka mentality of a car salesman” is going to say they are better than a doctor as far as nutrition? What?!?!
    They are rude and only care about your money. As my doctor said he strongly recommends Weight Watchers as that is a Real Life plan. For example S4L says you can have starches, yea 1 slice of diet bread. What a joke…. that is not reality. Reality is a plan that you can lifve with forever.”

    I do agree with both of you ladies in regards to the money issue and everything.. When I went back in 2009 to try to progress and stand against the stress that basically changed my life over 4 yrs; the reps that worked w me had no clue nor did they provide adequate information when i asked ? about foods that would work best for me since I work nights now… I gained 40 lbs back approx. 12 more then when i first went to Slim 4 Life..

    I became discouraged and felt more down about the program; to me it felt they didnt care about the clients anymore – couldnt remember my face nor name when i went in – which i was going twice a wk to get my weight down.. When mentioning about medication they stated to take the regimen as suggested and it shouldnt have any effect.. Which it did in a way but i paid close attention to everyday moods and feelings in my body.. Seems like they were more concerned with my getting the right supplements and vitamins they were offering instead of the side effects.

    Reason I went back is because of the tremendous achievement and inspiration I recieved when I entered in the program back in 1999.. All of the reps were on the same level and plan process to fit and get the person they were working w to the acheived weight goal… I didnt pay more then 400 dollars but back then the cost was not as much as now; everything was based on how much you wanted to loose and/or afford to get started..

    I became more energetic and filled mentally and spiritually with love and peace; the lbs started melting off – walking every morning during breaks and after work I walked about 4-6 times aweek then.. Joining an aerobics class on saturdays to strengthen.. I kept my weight off for a number of 10 yrs and would have kept it off with the lack of stress life seems to throw at you; some more then others.. But that came to an end in 2009 and the reps that i spoke w couldnt nor offered the support i was seeking in getting back that motivation which was received back in 1999.. It was like they had no feelings of caring; ive noticed different moods wheni went back to speak w the reps. also leaving a negative report on the main website… I was very DISAPPOINTED about the ways the office conducted w me.. now sure about others.. but the feeling was not as open hearted and friendly as my first experience of doing Slim 4 Life..

    Soo no the waste of money is not needed for something that will harm you in anyway.. Im not doing things basically on my own and in the manner from when i first lost weight.. As someone mentioned it takes ALOT of motivation and mental stability, with work the weight will melt off.. the energy will come slowly.. get the nutrition and vitamins and go all natural everything will push to become fit.

    • sheri

      I have been on it for 14 days and yes it is very hard BUT so is being unhealthy. I didnt pay it the program I received it from a friend and I am just eating the right foods now. I do have my cheat meal but all in all it aint that bad. The first 3 days are hell, but I dont eat that much meat. But I have enjoyed the veggie and fruit. I am a type 2 diabetic and I am hoping that it will help. I am putting my faith in me not a program, and I think that is where people go wrong.

  • Melody


    I’m not sure why you are so bitter toward the program. Perhaps you had a bad counselor at one point and it rubbed you the wrong way? How long did you stay with the program before deciding it didn’t work?

    First off its not an insane amount of pills it’s a multivitamin and a fish oil (which you should be taking anyway, Slimgenics or not) and an optional carb blocker if you are prone to carb cravings, and the herb to help promote weight loss. That being said NONE of the supplements are required and people can and have been successful without them, they are exactly what they are marketed as “weight loss aides.” They make the process easier but it can be done without them if you are not a supplement person.

    In regards to the snacks being the same as Atkins you are 100% incorrect have you ever even compared the nutritional content? The snacks are bariatric quality high protein snacks, which you can’t find out in the stores, you can get them from other places but you would have to order them still from a specialty diet site that sells bariatric snacks. out in regular stores you will never get that high of protein with that low of calories, it doesn’t exist.

    All I can say is as someone who successfully completed the program I love this company and wish I had found it earlier in life. I have always been overweight; tried everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing ever worked until I ate in the Slimgenics perfect “chemical balance” of food combinations.

    The Chemical balance of the food combinations is what creates thermogenesis in the body and what causes the weight loss. So they were 100% correct in telling you that eating those off plan foods like almonds and avocados would stall you and they could not guarantee weight loss at that point. They aren’t telling you they are bad foods but they are explaining that any deviation from the plan will stop the thermogenic process in your body.

    Now I will agree with you that the program is pricey and there is a sales side to the center, but that corporate weight loss for you, it’s a business! Not to mention when I think of the thousands I spend on personal training to lose a pathetic 11 pounds this program is worth its weight in Gold and its knowledge you will have for life.

    I will defend this company forever because it changed my life, when I moved to Colorado I weighed 190 pound (I’m 5’7″) and now I weigh 125 pounds and have a life I never even imagined for myself.

    My advice to anyone is do the program, be diligent, and don’t deviate! The program works and the counselors are trained on how to get results with THIS program. Are they all certified nutritionist? No, but they do know THIS program and that’s what you signed up for.

  • mary

    I was in the program for almost a month and theo supplements almost killed me. I was in the emergency room twice, i almost had a stroke. I have been calling the office and they dont want to give me my money back. They dont even care i was on the hospital because of their pills. They only said it was the first time that they heard someine has been at the hospital because of their supplements. Please find another way to loose weight. They told you to take so many pills and simetimes i asked them if it was safe ti take so many. And she said dont worry our pills are herbal supements

    • WD

      I am waiting to get my wife out of the hospital. She has zero health issues and has been on this program for 5 weeks. I took her to the emergency room when her pulse exceeded 148 while blood pressure was 110/72. Herbs can have a serious effect on heart rates. Whether Neuroslim is the cause or not, it certainly was a contributing factor to an otherwise healthy women suddenly having atrial fibrillation. Buyer beware and use caution in consuming miscellaneous herbs.

  • kim

    Can I give them a negative rating? If so then I sure would. This is a scam and all they care about is $$$. You pay a ridicules amount of money for lies and scams. You will take an insane amount of pills all day long and their snacks are the same as Adkins but the price of a BMW. LOL
    You are better off eating a nutritious diet that you can live with and work out then to waste your time and MONEY on this.
    I recently went to my doctor and have a thyroid problem and he said he wanted me to eat some things that S4L does not have on plan such as almonds and avocado and they said well we Can’t guarantee your weight loss. I am like you have to be kidding me… so a group of uneducated, fake nutritionist “aka mentality of a car salesman” is going to say they are better than a doctor as far as nutrition? What?!?!
    They are rude and only care about your money. As my doctor said he strongly recommends Weight Watchers as that is a Real Life plan. For example S4L says you can have starches, yea 1 slice of diet bread. What a joke…. that is not reality. Reality is a plan that you can lifve with forever.

  • Melanie

    I have been on the Slim4Life Plan since late March of 2012. I have lost 94 pounds and am very close to hitting my goal. I will tell you, this is not easy. You have to find your inner strength to push through. Most people don’t have to lose as much as I, so they don’t have to be on the program for as long. When you are on it for a long time, it gets more and more difficult to stick to it but the hard work really does pay off. Yes, it can get very expensive but it is my opinion that it is worth the investment in yourself. I believe it will save me money in the long run as I would have spent it on medical bills. The counselors are there to support you and help you on this journey…oh and if you have a slip and eat the “wrong” thing, don’t panic. They know you are human and they have ways to help you recover from the “cheats.” I know that there is not a one size fits all regarding any aspect of life but if you are willing to make the effort then this plan will be worth your time and money.

  • nadia

    last two yars ago i lost 20 pounds , when i went on vacation with my family i gain back . Now i feel tired of weight every morning i have hard time to put cloth on becaouse dosent feet , it makes all m day tired and grampy I want re-start this program to lose weight , with my job sometimes i forget to even take lunch . Can somebody help me how to stay on it even if i dont have time. i feel tired a lot no energy at all. help me get back on track to lose weight .

  • David

    Yes, it can be expensive, but I lost 35 pounds in the first 30 dYe and it really kicked start my program. I quit smoking, I signed up for. 5k….. It was a life chnging deal for me. People who bad mouth this are the same ones who failed Nutri System, Weight Watchers, etc.. You have to WANT to be healthy and change your life style. Sorry it didn’t work for you Jennifer.

  • conny

    well, i thought it wouldnt cost that much up front wow….and i heard on the radio they charge 9 bucks a week fees too….

    well im on medifast and this is working for me…

    • Donna

      I love it and I feel great yes it is hard to right period! Make up our mind and do it for health any doctor would tell stay out of the center of the grocery store! So get started retain your mind set. If you think it is limiting then you have eaten most of the stuff in the center of the store. Yes it takes time but I am worth it, so are you!



    • kim


    • Shannon

      I don’t agree in regards to wasting money, Jennifer. Yes, the program is expensive; however it works if you are committed to getting healthy. I lost 50 pounds on the program in 2005 and kept it off. I have had to kids since and have done great. You really learn a lot and are more conscience about what you eat.

  • Siobhan

    Asthmatics beware: all of the protein supplements and protein-laced snacks use soy products, which can be a huge trigger of asthmatic conditions. Make sure you completely eliminate soy from your personal list of asthma triggers before you even try any of these products. I can’t use any of them, personally – not if I want to continue breathing, that is :/

    • TL Morton

      I was born with severe asthma and these products have not triggered one attack. The weight loss plus exercise has helped my breathing, if anything.

  • sherry haskovec

    So excited starting my program this evening to get off 40 pounds!! Going to get menu for my prep for the next 3 days… :) Im ready to lose this weight!!

    • Melissa

      I did the program and lost 25lbs. I want to try to do it myself before going back to the center. Does anyone have a copy of the journal?

  • Kimi

    Just joined and this is day 2 of my prep phase. I can’t believe I am getting all this meat in my body!! I went today and they told me to eat more! Glad tomorrow is the last day of that!
    I really hope to do well. My goal is 41 pounds in 14 weeks.

  • Kim

    I was on the program about 5 years ago and lost 50 lbs. I have put 25 back on due to falling totally off the wagon. I went back in to the center inDecember and cannot seem to stay on it. I need to refocus and get control back. Any ideas?

  • Jennifer

    I started Slimgenics (in Colorado) last July after being at my highest weight ever – 188.5 (I’m 5’2″), after planning my mother’s and sister’s funerals. My sister was 49, my brother died at 49, my other sister died at 43, my dad died at 39, it goes on and on, but you get the point, they all died from medical issues. I turn 48 next week and HAD to do something after being in the hospital 6 times in 2010. I had part of my colon removed and my doctor was ready to schedule cardiac ablation for my heart arrhythmias. (They thread wires up your veins from your legs, to get into your heart to burn spots all over the inside of your heart to stop the abnormal heart beat signals… Uh, thanks but no thanks…)

    I have lost 44 pounds so far. I paid $781 for the program which includes 28 weeks of weight loss phase, 4 weeks of balance phase (adding foods back in) a 12 weeks of weight control phase. This also included s “Starter Pack” which had a month of vitamins, EFAs, Carb Blockers, Thermo Boost which is an energy drink, cleansing tea and 2 boxes of snacks. They sell a lot of high protein snack products that you can choose to buy and they are also found online cheaper if you find some you love.

    It is recommended that you go in to weigh, show your food log and ask questions 3 times a week. Several times, they ran promotions where you could earn extra free weeks by losing .5# over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, etc. I’ve earned 7 extra weeks if I need them. I guess I should point out that, the 44# weight loss was without exercise. Every time I tried, my heart would freak out beating all whacky. Had I been able to exercise, I’m sure I would be farther along in my journey. They don’t push exercise on you at all, but we all know it has its own health benefits.

    My weight loss has not been 3-5# a week, but I’m fine with the 1.5# per week I’m getting. Because of my medical issues, I’m on Plan 4 (Plans 1-3 have one or two servings less of food). This includes 3 large servings of protein, 3 starch, 3 fruit, 4 vegetable, 1 milk, 1 fat, 3 snacks, water, tea, coffee, clear diet soda, etc. There is a list of food you choose from and how much is considered a serving. A lot of days I have found it hard to eat all the food, but they really want you to get it all in. The main things that are not on the list are some starches like corn and junk food. This plan is for people who are on more than 4 prescriptions. They also sell Herbs that boost your metabolism, but since I provided my medical history up front, I had to wait 2 weeks while they sent all the info on their program and supplements to my cardiologist. He only said no to the herbs and actually hugged me the last time I went in for a checkup because I had lost 17# by then.

    I was on 7 heart, blood pressure, thyroid, etc. medications when I started. I had them reduced, and reduced again and finally got off two prescriptions all together and 2 are half the dose they were in the beginning. My blood pressure was 160/110 before I started (even on 2 blood pressure medications), then dropped down to 68/58 because my medications were way too much by then. They finally adjusted them enough and I’m at 110/70 every time they check.

    So far, I’ve gone from a size 16 to a 10. Keep in mind 10 years ago I was doing bodybuilding. I was at 15% body fat, knew how to eat, had logged my foods on Diet Power, knew what to do, but with having more than 10 family members die in the last 10 years, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I felt like my time was already up and I just was waiting to be next.

    So, some people say this is expensive. It seems that way when you write one check. But, I was already buying vitamins and EFAs. I was already buying snacks of some sort. So I was substituted buying their products instead of the items I normally bought at Whole Foods. The only new items I wasn’t purchasing before I started are the carb blockers and energy drinks.

    Their fee of $486 (the initial part that was not vitamins, snacks, etc.) is for 44 weeks of counseling and accountability up to six times a week if you choose. That is $11 a week. I don’t know how much Weight Watchers, NutriSystem or Jenny Craig is, but I would think this is comparable. Quite honestly, I’ve already saved more than that by not buying 6 months of blood pressure medications I no longer need. I also have the benefit of not having to go to the doctor in 7 months which prior to this I was going every month, so that is another large savings in not having to pay copays.

    I know this is long, but this quite possibly saved my life. It gave me someone to be accountable to because I have no family left. The counselors act goofy sometimes, they put smiley stickers on your folder, send you postcards with your milestone weight loss, put your name on the board in the lobby, but it is all encouragement. They also provide recipes, tips for traveling, eating out, plateau breakers, etc.

    The staff does turn over a bit; I’m guessing it is because of the commission pay. Some have been a little pushy, but for the most part they are not. They have fliers noting the specials on snacks and supplements and just ask if you need anything. If you say no, they say “ok”.

    Overall, I’m glad I did it. Feeling better and being healthier is worth any extra money I am putting out. I still have 24 pounds to go and feel good enough now that I can start exercising again without my heart going into Atrial Fibrillation.

    • Amy

      I just signed up tonight and start on Sunday. I have 70 pounds to lose and am SO excited. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, then got pregnant. I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant and gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I lost a lot after having my son, but “let myself go” once again and am nearing my highest weight. I am stoked about being able to lose the weight in 22 weeks! Then, moving on to stabilization and maintenance. I know it is a life change, and I LOVED the counselor I met with tonight. She was not at all pushy. You could tell that she truly cared about helping me be healthier. She lost 92 pounds in 1994 and was very inspiring!

    • Mackenzie Wilusz

      Your story is inspiring! I am also on a total of 44 weeks and just finishing my day of prep. This makes me feel very hopeful! thank you so much!

    • Brook

      I’m on Colorado also, and have been seriously considering joining. I also have had heart issues and have been worried about reports I’ve read that they make you take the suppliments no matter what and on’t give you the information about what is in them ,but that doesn’t seem to be your experience, and you seem to be doing great without the suppliments. Would you mind saying which center you go to? Thank you. You may have convinced me to give them a try. I need to do something, for sure!

    • BW

      Thank you. This was very helpful in making my decision to try the program. :)

  • TL Morton

    37 lbs gone on Slim4Life. I haven’t seen 190 in a long long time. My goal was 165 but I think I’m going to push for 160, maybe even 155. That will give me some playing room if I have a dinner date or a party ;-)

  • Karina

    Rebecca, where are you keeping your blog? I just started the program and wanted to see how you are doing.
    Thank you

  • T L Morton

    I’m down 30 lbs on Slim4Life! My friends, family and colleagues have all noticed the weight loss and tell me I’m melting away.
    The first question they ask me – Is it expensive? I am honest in my answer and give them the breakdown of costs for the plan, the supplements and herb, etc. I’m dedicated to taking it off for good this time and my counselor is wonderful.
    Dallas S4L is awesome.

  • T L Morton

    Dedication IS the key here, and any other weight loss plan.
    @mary: I don’t know what center that is, but I would have reported them to the corporate office.
    My counselor has taken a genuine interest in my success. Maybe she and I just click? When I have gone off plan, 3 times, they were all good about getting me back on – changing things up – to get me back on track. But it was my own dedication and committment to myself that got me back on track.
    They don’t push products on me. They tell me what’s new and ask if I need any product. If I say no, I have plenty, end of conversation. They have several different products, but you don’t HAVE to take the extra ones. Of course they will suggest carb blockers if you are eating too many starches, oK? Makes sense.
    I am down 25 lbs to date and I can see my goal on the horizon. The lessons and eating habits I am learning from S4L will be my way of eating for the rest of my life.
    Oh, and they have weekly specials that I took advantage of. The best was 4 visits in one week, you get a free week added to your total weeks on the plan. So, I signed up for 22 weeks and I have 5 weeks added to that for free, so my plan had been extended for a total of 27 weeks.
    They aren’t doing this during the holidays, they have something different going, but choosing to take the additional weeks was definitely a bonus for me.
    Love and peace to all.

  • mary

    This slim4life plan does work if you are truly dedicated to losing weight but the “counslers” all work on commission and their sole purpose is to sell you their products. They may tell you to your face that “it’s all about the client” but it isn’t. Most of them don’t really care if you succeed or not. The managers push the plan on people who aren’t really committed because they work on commission too. Some of them make fun of the clients once they walk out of the centers, especially if that client isn’t as dedicated. I overheard one manager making fun of a client that was handicapped by imitating her and another manager saying her client was a “fat cow”. The program works but only if you are truly dedicated to losing weight and the managers don’t really explain what the one year program entails. I have seen people run out of weight loss weeks and have to pay for more because the manager didn’t explain they only get a set amount of wt loss weeks and a set amount of other phases. So it has it’s pros and cons and they don’t offer refunds or exchanges which they don’t mention until you want to do either one of them.

  • T L Morton

    18 lbs gone and counting :-D I had some serious sweet cravings a couple of days ago, but I ate an extra protein bar instead of a Twix. It successfully got me through it!

    • nadia

      yes in the beginning you will cravings for sweet but after couple weeks you are not going to wont any sweet anymore because is not going to tast even sweet. Hang in there you doing good. drink water a lot :)

  • T L Morton

    15 lbs gone, and counting. Slim4Life has a NEW supplement to replace the metabolizers. Instead of taking 2 prior to each meal, you take 1 of the new formula. This is a big PLUS. The less pills I can take, the better. They are reformulated to decrease hunger and stimulate your metablolism, still all natural. I will be trying these out when all my metabolizers are gone, which is about another week.
    I went to the dentist yesterday. Hadn’t seen him since June. First he said my hair was different. Yes, I told him it’s lighter shade. We talked for about another minute and he said Have you lost weight? You have lost weight! You look great!
    I was pleased :-)

  • Rebecca W

    So far, so good on the plan. I’m on day 3 of the plan, day 6 total if you include prep. I have a blog where I’m journaling my results if you’re interested in details.

    • nadia

      rebecca w
      you are doing good just stay on the program . in the beginning hard after this easy. How do i get to your blog .

      is funny i can help others, but am strugaling by my self.

  • T L Morton

    Officially down 13lbs, even after a weekend of travel, and a party where good old soul food was served. The mac and cheese and dirty rice was so tempting, but I opted for the salad with no dressing and a bbq chicken leg. I still managed to be down 2 lbs at my weigh in this morning.
    Starting my 3rd week and the starter pack looks like it will be good for a couple more weeks.

  • Merrie

    I used this plan several years ago and remember the quick weight loss so I went back. This time I am finding it to be very different. There are so many pills and I don’t really know why I’m taking so many. They make me feel sick to my stomach all the time and my body is omitting an oder that makes me sick as well. The cost is ernormus and you are somewhat deceived. I am sorry I joined the plan. Beware!

    • TABBY

      Were you able to finish the diet? I am afraid to join because I have a stomach like yours, pills make me sick. Please let me know how it has turned out for you. Thanks.

  • T L Morton

    Day 17 and I am down 11 lbs., and this is after I had a scrumptuous lunch date yesterday, with fish, eggplant, pita and salad. Just making better choices makes a huge difference, but also the herbs and supplements on the program are keeping my hunger and energy in check.

  • T L Morton

    I just finished the prep phase. I had a hard time eating all the beef, but managed. I lost 8 lbs in 3 days.
    Today I started the weight loss, phase 2. I have had plenty to eat. Will be going grocery shopping tonight because I don’t buy a bulk supply of fruit and veggies. They go bad before we can eat them. It is only my husband and myself.
    Yes, the cost is $540 on the special they are running right now. This is for 1 year, like a membership and you get a starter pack that includes everything you need, as far as vitamins and herbs, for a month, and supplements for 1 week.
    You can buy in bulk and save money with a 30% off coupon in your first nutrition class if you want to, but you can buy items as you need them, too. I chose not to buy in bulk, #1 because I didn’t have the extra $245, but I don’t know if I will like everything they have to offer. So far, I have the toffee protein bars and the lemon drink supplements and they are both quite tasty.
    The important thing is to get all the protein – your chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, etc. Eggs and beef are limited after you complete the first phase. Also very important to get the entire 80 oz of water daily.
    I’m feeling confident about the program right now. I have 56 lbs to lose.
    There is already a drastic change in my blood pressure as well, but I think that is contributed to the 80 oz. of water daily.

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