Hallelujah Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


Pastor George M. Malkmus developed the Hallelujah diet based on what he believes is the ideal diet that God intended for us to eat in the Garden of Eden. He describes the diet as composed of God’s natural foods that are “bountiful in ‘live’ enzymes that nourish cells and provide true energy”.

George Malkmus claims to have healed himself from cancer following this diet however it appears that there are no medical records to back up his claim. Reports state that he has since suffered a stroke and high blood pressure and has had to resort to medication to control his condition.

The Hallelujah Diet Basics

hallelujah-dietThe diet is fundamentally a vegan raw food diet. The basic guidelines of the diet are simple: consume 85% raw foods and 15% cooked foods. The cooked portion is usually consumed at the end of the evening meal.

On the Hallelujah diet it is recommended to skip breakfast and instead have only barley grass drinks and fresh vegetable juices. Options for breakfast are given for those transitioning from a standard diet and include such foods as fresh fruit salad, whole grain raw granola, almond milk and sprouted grain toast with almond butter.

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

The Hallelujah Diet also involves the use of a number of supplements including BarleyMax which are sold on the Hallelujah Diet website.

Recommended Foods

The 85% Portion

  • Raw vegetable and fresh vegetable juices.
  • Fresh fruits (limited to no more than 15% of daily intake).
  • Raw nuts, nut butter and seeds.
  • Sprouted beans.
  • Soaked raw oats.
  • Olive oil, flax oil and avocado.

The 15% Portion

  • Steamed or stir fried vegetables.
  • Steamed or baked white potato, sweet potato and squash.
  • Cooked beans such as lima, kidney, pinto etc.
  • Whole grain breads, pasta and brown rice.
  • Soy cheese, rice milk and small amounts of organic butter and mayonnaise.
  • Raw honey, molasses, carob powder, maple syrup (use sparingly).
  • Herb teas, cereal based coffee replacements, bottled fruit and vegetable juices.

Sample Diet Plan




Carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with flaxseeds


BarleyMax followed 30 minutes later by all raw meal of salad or raw fruit


Carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with raw trail mix


BarleyMax followed 30 minutes later by a large green salad with a variety of raw vegetables followed by nut loaf, baked sweet potato, whole grain pasta or vegetable sandwich on whole grain bread.

Evening Snack

A piece of fresh fruit or a serve of fresh apple or pear juice.

Look here for other vegetarian recipes.

If desired it is allowable to swap the lunch and dinner options so long as only one meal contains cooked food and the total amount of cooked food does not exceed 15% for the whole day.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is recommended as part of a balanced lifestyle both for weight loss and general health and is advocated as a method to help with eliminating toxins from the body.

These exercises can be used with the Hallelujah Diet.

Costs and Expenses

Hallelujah Diet Book $14.99US.

Recipe book $24.95US

BarleyMax powder $37.95US (2 months supply)

If taking all the supplements recommended in the program the cost is approximately $2000 US per year.


  • Many people experience short term health benefits.
  • High content of vegetables provide antioxidants and fiber and are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Low fat diet can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increases awareness about processed foods in diet.


  • The biblical basis for the diet is questionable as is the belief that there is one perfect diet for all people.
  • Most people will probably not enjoy this style of eating.
  • Unscientific nutritional explanations.
  • Many long term followers of the diet have had problems including severe nutritional deficiencies, loss of muscle tone, food cravings, chronic tiredness, depression and premature aging.


While it may be beneficial for a short term cleansing diet, the Hallelujah diet is far too low in protein and other essential nutrients to be viable as a health promoting diet over the longer term. Those who are physically active as well as people with digestive disorders or chronic illnesses will especially fall far short of their daily protein needs.

Malkmus also makes claims that are not supported by current nutritional knowledge and the ‘proof’ provided is that of testimonials by dieters that have generally only been on the diet for a short time period.

If you are looking for a healthy long term approach to weight loss the Hallelujah Diet cannot be recommended.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • yemyem

    I think what people are missing about HD is balance. If you have health issues, you need to go the full hog. When you stabilize,you can then carefully regulate and re introduce animal protein to make up for deficiency. I know a woman,who never read Malkmus book but fought and won breast cancer at I know is has been in remission. When I heard her story, I was convinced it could not have been a coincidence.She use ,local vegetables from Jos Nigeria and prayed fervently. You may not believe but its true.

  • Nneka Evelyn Eze

    i have neuron issues with my finger tips. my ten finger tips is doing me as if i hold ice block 4 a long time. please advice me on what to eat.

  • sarah

    people , eat meat its good for you.. God intended for us to eat meat ( Cain and Able, one a meat farmer and other vegetable farmer all in same family ate same food)… personally i don’t like red meat or pork, i usually only do chicken and fish …

  • ImReady

    I am wondering what kind of food is available in Nigeria. What kind of fruits, vegetables, meats. Are there growing seasons in which these become available, and seasons that the are not? Even here, in Texas U.S.A. we have growing seasons, and different things are available at different times of the year.

  • sammy isaac

    do everything you do in moderation and allow the spirit of God as a christian to led you

  • Kimsa joshua

    Thanks to Dr G Marlkmus, I’m a Nigerian, northan part, most of the veges are not found in my area. I’ve tried it but one needs money to keep to it.

  • Ireti Igbanor

    I have been in Hallelujah diets for some years and it is good for my health but recently after a yearly overall medical check-up I was told my cholesterol was low and risky, how do i balance it to have a healthy cholestorol

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Could you eat a few eggs a week?

  • Sarah (Australia)

    your description of the Hallelujah diet is incorrect on a number of counts. eg. organic butter, soy products of any desciption are not part of the lifestyle to name a few points. You need to thoroughly research their programme which is well supported by Nutrition Scientists & Doctors as they have a University of Nutrition where people can be thoroughly trained. Dr. Malkmus had a stroke because of being too busy which created stress which was the cause. Please be honest with what you write by reading the truth as presented on their website!

  • Adeoye Abraham A.

    Hallelujah to almighty God and more blessing to those who God give inspiration on a living food (e.g Hallelujah diet). Now, in the case of we that in other country like Nigeria how can we come used to this Hallelujah diet and if we want to get their products how possible it is. Moreover it is any other name for BARLEY, i.e Nigerian language.


    As a Nigerian how can i follow up all the recommended food types of hallelujah diet? I am very very interested in this halleluyah diet can a poor man stand this?

  • angel gucci

    I hav read about dis diet but I think you should write on wat wud work in Nigeria. So a sample diet recipe in Naija wil be like what. I want to see wat a sample halleluyah diet in nigeria looks like. You call fruits or tins we can rarely get in nigeria or use names dat aren’t common to us. How do you expect us to try it out or understand it beta?

  • Omotaje Joy Chituru

    I all hundred percent in support of this diet because as a nigerian 75 perecnt of nigerians believe so much in carbohydrates making it impossible to eat right. I will b very interested in this diet I have gotten the book but my challenge is that most of d fruits are scare nd expensive so advice me appropriately. Tnks

  • Snog

    I fully support a vegan diet. Indeed, I eat primarily vegan fare. I’ve been a strict vegetarian( meaning no flesh at all) for over 37 years.I feel a vegan can obtain enough protein and vitamins/ minerals if they eat a wide variety of fruit and veg, nuts, grains and legumes.

    BUT I beg to differ on eating 85% raw food. Honestly, I can’t imagine being able to sustain that kind of regime beyond a day. It may well be good for a cleanse now and then, but I except that I’d be very HUNGRY. I cannot imagine following this diet for life. I know if I eat whole food COOKED starches as in grains and tubers, eaten with soy or other legume based foods and or nuts, then I remain full for a number of hours. I often eat fruit first thing in the morning. I’m hungry within the hour.

    I do agree with the premise of plant based eating, but NOT with nearly of of said plant based foods being consumed raw.

  • isaac ekisa

    basing on what i have read, i have realized that cooked things are not actual much good for our health and also i personally encourage people to do physical exercise other than saying they don’t have time

  • odetola

    Yes, coming from a country like Nigeria what we referred to as friuts and vegetables are quite different from in UK and US. How do we eat food like yam, cassava, spinach or okra raw? How can one create a diet out of our indiegenous veggies foreign veggies are just too expensive.
    From scientific knowledge a the body needs a lot of protein for normal functioning especially a growing body. How does the hallelujah diet make up for this. Also hw do we get essential nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 in the diet. They are usually contained in fish and some of the eliminated foods.

  • Ayuba-samuel

    I am a Nigerian living in the far northern side of the country where fruits are very scars to get and some of the things mentioned in the halleluyah diet are not found here. What advice do you have for me about halleluyah diet? Thank you God bless.

  • luke Riena Chisa

    i would like to experence hallelujah diet

  • samuel O. Ayiloge

    i have long been searching for this miraculous healing diet.

  • Ugochukwu

    There is no doubting the fact that Hallelujah Diet works. The result is almost instant. The period I have tried it proved wonderful – more strength and vigour, a clearer mind, a natural filling of fullfilment from nature’s sap, a healing of a budding breach in my large intestine which had delayed and narrowed my human waste (faecal) shape, a slimmer physique, fresher breath, and lovelier skin, normalised blood pressure, among other benefits. Yet these benefits do not say God did not mean that humans should eat meat. Everything is sanctified for you to enjoy, albeit, in moderation, and in the dosage most profitable for the body. Vegetable dosage should dominate.
    The major snag in living the Hallelujah Diet life in my own part of the world is the rarity of vegetables suitable for raw consumption.
    I score the book and the purpose it seeks to achieve in the lives of its readers 75%. I believe this has established some good credibility of its claim. Try the practice and prove for yourself.

  • Divine

    I’m about to try this diet, but with all these comment i don’t know what to believe. What will be the source of amino acids for people on this diet?

  • Roman

    As someone with doctorate degree in nutrition and someone familiar with nutrition research, I agree with the summary of this diet presented here and must warn those who support/practice it about serious consequences of its long-term use. Studies on this and similar diets that advocated eating raw foods to the same degree as this diet does, showed nutrients deficiencies and health problems among those who followed it. Before you dismiss my comments, go to Hallelujag Acres website and check the so called “Scientific Validation and Research” link. These “validations” were done by people from Hallelujah Acres and they clearly show inadequate intake of a number of nutrients. Here is the link: http://www.hacres.com/library/research-studies

  • Chioma

    Don’t criticize what you have not tested, i know people it has worked for and currently am on it and am seeing very great result, initially i thought it impossible to do without meat but on trying it, its wort doing. There is no harm in trying

  • Yusuf Oluwakemi

    I’m currently reading through the halleluyah diet book. it’s really amazing how the body heal itself. I guess this diet principle is only applicable to those who are over weight and needs to shed their weight. How about those of us with lo BMI and wants to at least add some weight.

  • Judy

    My husband and I have been on HA diet for over 3 years, and plan to stay on it for life. I am over RA, we no longer take antihistimines, we have no allergy problems. The main problems we find with animal products is that they are so full of antibiotics, and growth harmones, and they make your body acidic. Keeping your body in an alkaline state is healty because most disease cannot live in an alkaline enviroment. ANd yes, after the flood God did give man meat to eat, probably because that was what was on the ark and avaliable. But the meat was pure, no chemicals like are poured into the meat animals of today. The fish weren’t in polluted waters,AND man’s life span shortened as he began to eat meat.
    Rev. Malkmus’s health probalems came from over work as he travelled to spread the good news of God and this diet. Not because of being on the diet. He just over extended himself. Right now he is 75 and still going strong, and acting like a teen ager. Thanks.

  • Soon

    If Hallelujah diet is so good, why are commentators here doing only 60 days. Why not do it for life? What about people already very skinny and emancipated? Can they just eat vegetables and fruits? Won’t they get even more thin. I am afraid to lose more weight because I am already thin. What about people being hungry all the time on this diet?

  • Christy

    From a neutral standpoint, I believe when basing something on the Bible, you should truly have ALL of the facts. You should not just pick out the verses that support your point and ignore the rest. The Bible DOES mention eating meat on several occasions and in Leviticus it also gives you detailed instruction on what types are ok. I don’t believe it should be labeled a biblically-based diet for that reason. However, the principle of the diet is undeniably healthy. It eliminates things like sugar and processed foods, which I think we can all agree those things are not the best fuel for our bodies. People were meant to eat fruits, veggies, and meats…..not processed hot dogs on enriched (stripped) buns. We would all agree this is not how our forefathers ate, nor it is “natural”. MSG, high sodium, and refined sugars aren’t “natural.” I believe why thousands have been healed on this diet isn’t necessarily because they avoided meat, but that they eliminated many toxins and vitamin/mineral content of this diet is high. The plan encourages juicing which does get more vitamins into your system (same goes for liquid vs. capsule vitamins). Sure, you need to use common sense and eat a well-rounded diet that includes plenty of protein but the truth is that ALL diets need to be well-rounded…not just the Hallelujah diet. Most everyone is deficient in something if supplements aren’t taken, no matter WHAT diet you are or aren’t on. Our physician (neutral to any diet) screens every persons vitamin levels who walks into his office and he stated that almost every individual was low in multiple areas and that this can definetley be setting people up for cancer and disease. Have you had your entire vitamin panel tested lately? You would be surprised. Request a copy and look over it to see where you numbers could improve.

  • yetty

    i was just about to start this diet for weight loss, but with all these comments and cons i am having a second thought.

  • Zodwa

    Worth trying

  • Suzette

    My mom and Dad are on this ‘way of life’ for a few YEARS now and they only have good things to say about it. It is sad that this site only review what they read and not from experience. Study has shown that we were made vegetarian . . . believe it not! Please take some time and do the 60 day challenge that is on the site, you have nothing to lose! It is difficult at first but if your mind is set to it, it gets easier. There are great recipes on the site to help you along. Enjoy

    • ted

      “Study has shown that we were made vegetarian” Yeah Suzzette, our canine teeth sure are a good indication of that……

  • Beverly

    My son has been on the Hallelujah Acres Diet for 15 days. He has lost 7 pounds and is no longer taking his blood pressure medication. His blood pressure is checked 3 times a day and is well within the normal range. He also dips tobacco and now has almost completely stopped. I really believer there is something to this diet. If you really want to know, then try it for yourself instead of critizing it. I have started it and have been on it for 4 days. I plan to start the 60 day challange which is on their web site. Again, try it before critizing it!

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