Fruitarian Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Fruitarianism: The path to paradise is written by Anne Osborne who is a long term fruitarian. For eighteen years Obsorne has eaten only fruit and has also raised her two children on a fruit diet.

Osborne says that she wrote this book to share her personal experiences about a fruit diet and she claims that she does not profess to know which diet or lifestyle is the best for everyone.

Fruitarian Diet Basics

Osborne believes that the natural diet of humans is one based on fruit and supports her statements with comparative analysis charts that show how human anatomy relates to other species.

Osborne says that when we live on fruit alone it is vitally important to eat the highest quality fruit. She believes that when fruit is of excellent quality it can give us everything we need in order for our bodies to be healthy.

Osborne brings our attention to fruits high in calcium (figs and oranges) as well as those high in iron (prunes, watermelon, dates, raisins and apricots). She recognizes that a fruit diet may be low in minerals unless it consists of top quality, wild, organic fruits and berries.

In these situations she says that the solution is either to improve the quality of the fruit or to add good quality green vegetables to the diet. She also believes that green vegetables can have a role in healing and well being and states that if you are attracted to them in their natural state, without salad dressing or other methods of preparation, then they are most likely a good food for you.

Osborne recommends the use of avocados as a transitional food, in colder climates, as well as for those who are underweight. She does not recommend eating seeds because many of them contain chemicals that are poisonous to the human body. She believes our role is to eat the fruit and scatter the seeds so that a new tree can grow and provide us with nourishment.

Fruitarianism includes chapters on raising fruitarian children, cleansing, juice fasting and sunlight as well as entire chapters devoted to many individual fruits.

Recommended Foods

Apples, oranges, blueberries, melon, durian, chocolate sapote, kiwi, longan, pineapple, pomegranate.

Sample Diet Plan



Morning Snack




Afternoon Snack




Exercise Recommendations

Osborne says that “exercise and a healthy diet are inseparable if we truly want to flourish”. She highlights the benefits of exercise to improve appetite, increase circulation, enhance the function of the lymphatic system and allow us to appreciate a better quality of life.

Costs and Expenses

Fruitarianism: The path to paradise is available on the author’s website for $27 AUD.

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  • Eating more than five serves of fruit a day is associated with a reduced risk of cancer.
  • Food preparation is easy.
  • Fruit is easy to digest.
  • Includes tips on how to select the best fruit.
  • Beneficial for the environment.


  • Most people will develop nutritional deficiencies on a fruitarian diet.
  • Does not provide adequate protein or essential fats.
  • Deficient in many important vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12, zinc and selenium.
  • May be expensive to buy the large quantities of fruit that are required.
  • Not very appealing in a cold climate.
  • May be socially alienating.
  • Book is not available in stores.


Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise provides unique information about fruit and the fruitarian diet and will appeal to those who are interested in raw food and cleansing diets. It is however vitally important for readers to be aware that it is extremely difficult to maintain health on a fruit diet as many essential nutrients are missing or in short supply.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
Last Reviewed: January 14, 2014. Disclaimer
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