Dr Phil’s Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

dr-phil-dietDr Phil McGraw first appeared in the public eye on the Oprah Winfrey show. With a background in medical psychology, his insightful wisdom enabled many people to start believing the “truth about themselves” – rather than the lie. As a counselor he could confront and communicate and people, asking them empowering questions, and assist them in becoming free from some of the issues and problems in their lives.

Dr Phil’s success soon allowed him to have his own show. He is an interesting man to watch. He encourages people to ‘grab the reins’ of their own life, to set goals, and negotiate in their relationships. By showing people the skills and tools he has helped people to live free from addictions, and to achieve weight loss goals.

Healthy Thinking Rather Than Nutrition

Dr Phil has designed a weight management plan that aims at healthy thinking as well as healthy eating. This is good, because healthy thinking leads to happiness. Many people eat when depressed, and it can often lie at the root of many weight problems. He outlines the plan in his book “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: The 7 keys to weight loss freedom“.

This is a sustainable, long term plan that may assist you and your life in more ways than just losing weight.

Note that the book is fairly limited in terms of an eating plan (e.g. the one size fits all technique). This is not so much about nutrition, but addressing causes of emotional eating.

Dr Phil Supplements?

Incredibly, Dr Phil has seen fit to market his own range of branded “Shape Up” supplements. This seems nothing more than a grab at a lucrative supplement market. This tarnishes an otherwise sensible weight loss plan.

The line of supplements were discontinued in 2005 and Dr Phil ended up facing a class action lawsuit.

Article – The Truth About Diet Supplements


Dr Phil – Dr Phil McGraw’s official site.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Sammiedean

    I did the Dr. Phil diet. Its odd to call it a diet since its a lifestyle change not a diet. I went from 210 pounds down to 155 pound just over the summer.Before I started I wad told I was borderline diabetic. I haven’t been following his menu for a few year and have even over ate at time. Not gained anything back. Why? Because its a life style change and I lost the weight the correct way. To this date I am not diabetic nor borderline anymore thanks to Dr. Phil. I give this weight loss challange 10 stats. Its a must for everyone even diabetics.

  • BP

    So, how’s that working out for you ?

  • Sarah

    Hi Dr phil,i love your show and im inspired by you enough to make me study psychology.hope to be a wonderful councelor like you.i looked for the A.w.l. book here in kenya but cant find it.please do something.sarah

  • lydia

    hi Dr Phil…i LOVE your show very much and hope to get that diet book here in Kenya..keep up the good work.

  • alvin cornett

    i just hope this works

  • alexa

    and he makes good money for this…. uhmmm

  • doin’ me, not you

    Six years ago my mom was way into the Dr. Phil show, and she bought this book and went on the diet. I did it with her. The thing I liked about this diet was the detox part of it. Along with exercise, I lost over 20 lbs in 1 month. After the detox, I found it impossible to eat any fat or sugar. Fat made me feel sick and sugar hurt my joints and bones! Weird thing to say I know, but it really happened. Then I got a job as a cook at a restaurant and started to pick at the fried food, and slowly my body started to tolerate it and my eating habits went down south. I didn’t put the weight fully back on till six years later. To this day, I can’t drink pop like I used to. Now that I’m engaged, I decided to give this diet plan another go, and can’t wait to feel as great and energetic as I did before! For everyone else that knocks this diet, maybe you didn’t follow the first detox part of it strictly enough. You have to not cheat at all, you can’t even eat bread!

  • Granny

    I’ve always had great luck with Dr Phils Diet. THe best part is after about 4 days I get a huge boost of energy and clarity. I just cant seem to stick with it lately, but once I get going with it, it really works.

  • Josh

    It works. I’ve been on it for 2 1/2 months and have lost 46 pounds and I’m still losing (I still have a long way to go). I’m not hungry and on average I’m only eating 1400 calories per day. The hardest part has been eating more protein than I’m used to.

    I honestly don’t know how someone can gain 25 pounds only eating 1400 calories per day. Somehow I don’t think they were really on the diet. The biggest criticism I’ve heard (other than the supplement thing) is that 1400 calories per day may be too little for some people and it’s too “one size fits all”. Nobody is saying that it causes weight gain.

  • Brenda

    I agree. Far too restrictive. Tried it for a while. Went pear-shaped.

  • Karen

    This diet is ridiculous- way too small portions and restrictive.

  • dltrey

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to ever follow any advice this guy gives. He is so full of himself,did anyone ever notice he only tells people what they want to hear?

  • amanda.

    im very happy with the results and im glad that i was able to loose a lot of weight freely….thanks very very much…..im amazed by this…..

  • Libby M.

    Actually yeppers, he’s obese. He’s 250 lbs and 6 foot 4 inches… Eh, he’s just getting older and enjoying himself a bit more, just focus on yourself and instead of watching Dr. Phil, pick up and excercise routine, and all will be well… I don’t Dr. Phil because he makes me sick… And wow! I’m happy!

  • Jamie

    As a student, and doing a project on Dr. Phil’s diet, I am not able to find any recipes on the internet, so I’am unable to make a diet meal for my class to try, if any of you know about one of his recipes please let me know.

  • TC

    LOL haterzzzz . . Dr Phil is NOT overweight in any way. He’s a moderate eater and takes care of himself. Just cuz some of you think you can say “I’m on a diet” and still eat according to your old habits, you get pissed when you ::surprise:: DON’T lose any weight.

  • 2tiny.

    under any other circumstances i would think that losing 20 lbs in two weeks was pretty good, but trying the 3 day diet is so much better and more efficient. in just 3 days you can lose up to 12 lbs. and if you incorporate it into your schedule you will lose so much more. do a 3 days dieting then 4 days off kind of thing. i know someone who did that for almost a year and lost over 200 lbs no kidding.

    • Yolonda Douglas

      where do u find the 3day diet at?

  • you think Dr. Phil is overweight???? are you kidding me???? what a joke.

  • Dave Smith

    Phil’s Diet…

    I tried it and gained 25 pounds over 3 months, my girlfriend broke up with me, my drain stopped up, and the cat ran away.

    Overall, it was a bad time for me, and I can’t recomend his diet to anyone. :(

    Only in America can a fat guy sell a diet plan.

  • Smiley

    my point exactly !!!!! No offence to the dude but maybe he should stick to giving family advice!!! =)))

  • yeppers

    if dr phils diet works why is he over weight?

  • emineminy

    Dr. Phil!
    wow. I’m such a fan of your show. I’ve read a couple of your books as well. I think that your weight plan is excellent. My mother is going to try your weight loss program. I’m so happy for her. Your so cool. I love your show. :)

  • Critic_92

    What does this diet do to lose weight? If you lose the weight can you get off the diet and still keep the weight loss? IS THIS DIET PERMANENT?

  • Anonymous

    heyy! this diet actuly worked! i lost 25 pounds in just a few weeks!
    ~ the-now-skinny-gurl~

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