By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

diverticulitisDiverticulosis is a condition in which the inner lining layer of the large intestine or colon bulges out (herniates) through the outer, muscular layer. These ‘outpouchings’ are called diverticula.

Diverticulitis is the term for inflammation and infection in one or more diverticula.

A person having diverticulosis (the condition), and perhaps diverticulitis (the inflammation) as well, is said to have diverticular disease.

Diverticulosis Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Diverticula occur in a colon weakened by age, when increased pressure inside the colon (usually due to constipation) causes little pea-shaped pouches of weakness in the intestine wall.

The chance of developing diverticula increases with age, so that by age 50 between 20 and 50 percent of all people will have some diverticula, and by age 90 virtually everyone will.


Diverticulosis is usually symptom-free, so that most people do not realize they have it. However, a few people will experience cramps, spasms, constipation, and pain.


Relieving the constipation, primarily by increasing fiber in the diet, can reduce the problems associated with diverticulosis. If cramps, bloating, and constipation are problems, the doctor may prescribe a short course of pain medication. However, many medications cause the colon to empty, an undesirable side effect for people with diverticulosis.

Diverticulitis Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

diverticulitis-dietA person with diverticulosis may get diverticulitis when waste matter and bacteria are trapped in a pouch (diverticula).

This blockage interferes with the blood supply to the area, and infection sets in.

The tissue then becomes inflamed or infected, and in severe cases may even rupture. An attack of diverticulitis can result in fever, pain and tenderness around the left side of the lower abdomen.


The infection and irritation of nearby tissues within the abdomen may cause the abdominal muscles to spasm. About 25 percent of all patients with diverticulitis will have some rectal bleeding, although this rarely becomes severe. Diverticulitis is three times more likely to occur in the left side of the large intestine, and men are three times as likely as women to suffer with diverticulitis.


Treatment for diverticulitis focuses 3 areas.

  • Clearing up the infection and inflammation with antibiotics.
  • Resting the colon with a liquid diet plus a pain reliever or a drug such as propantheline (Pro-Banthine) to control muscle spasms.
  • Preventing or minimizing complications with the proper diet.

Acute or repeated attacks with severe pain or severe infection may be serious enough to require a hospital stay and possibly surgery.

High Fiber Diet Recommendations

High Fiber Diet for Diverticular Disease

This diverticulitis diet is a high fiber diet for managing diverticulosis, and for reducing effects of diverticulitis. The increased fiber (the American Dietetic Association recommends 20 to 35 grams daily, including 6-8 grams of soluble fiber) in this diverticulitis diet plan produces more bulk in the stool, reducing pressure in the colon and assisting the more regular and complete elimination of waste, thereby preventing the formation of further diverticula.

Build up consumption of fiber in your diet gradually – rapid fiber increase may result in gas, cramping, bloating, or diarrhea.

There are other benefits in having different kinds of fiber in a balanced diverticulitis diet:

  • It helps to protect against cancer of the colon and rectum.
  • It assists in preventing heart disease and a number of other health problems.
  • Foods containing fiber also tend to comprise nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E and selenium, useful in fighting cancer.

Increase Fluid and Fiber

Anyone with diverticulitis who increases their fiber intake under this diverticulitis diet plan, should drink at least 1.5 liters (3 pints) daily. Insoluble fiber needs fluid to form stools that are easily passed.

Medical advice may be to take a fiber supplement such as Metamucil daily (for soluble fiber from psyllium), and to use a cholesterol-lowering spread or margarine containing plant sterols. Fiber supplements provide about 2 to 3.5 grams of fiber per tablespoon, which is mixed with a quarter liter (8 ounces) of water before consuming.

Should Seeds Be Eaten?

Until recently, many doctors suggested avoiding foods with small seeds because it was believed that particles could lodge in the diverticula and cause inflammation. However, this is now a controversial point and no evidence supports this recommendation.

So the seeds in tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries and raspberries, as well as poppy seeds, which are part of your diverticulitis diet, are generally considered harmless.

Some in the comments below swear off all seeds to keep from having an attack.

Diverticulitis Diet Guidelines

Foods to Eat

  • Breads and grains (6-11 servings daily)
  • Bread, pastas, pizzas, pancakes, muffins, bagels, pita bread (use whole-grain, whole-wheat flours, and add 2-3 tsp of unprocessed wheat bran to, or substitute oat bran for one third of all-purpose flour in homemade breads, muffins and other baked goods)
  • Whole-wheat, whole-grain and bran cereal products
  • Buckwheat and stone-ground cornmeal
  • Rye bread
  • Whole wheat crackers or crisp breads
  • Oatmeal, oat bran, or grits
  • Barley, dry
  • Wheat germ
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Brown rice
  • All vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, greens (such as beet greens, kale, collards, Swiss chard and turnip greens), green beans, green pepper, onions, peas, potatoes with skin, Romaine, snow peas, green snap beans, pole beans, broad beans, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, turnips.

Eat raw or dried fruits and raw vegetables if possible – chopping, peeling, cooking, pureeing, juicing, and processing fruit and vegetables may reduce fiber content.

  • All fruits such as apple, apricot, banana, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, dates, fig, grapefruit, nectarine, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, prune.
  • Increase fiber in yogurt or cottage cheese by adding fresh fruit, whole grain or bran cereals.
Meat/Meat Substitutes
  • All beans and peas such as aduki, baked beans, black beans, fava, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, pinto beans and split peas.
  • Smooth peanut butter and other smooth nut butters.
  • All meat (increase fiber in meat dishes like meatloaf, casseroles, by adding 2-3 tsp of unprocessed wheat bran or pinto beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, or oatmeal), poultry, fish, and eggs
Fats and Snacks
  • Whole-wheat pretzels, baked tortilla corn chips or trail mix made with dried fruits.
  • Cakes, breads, and cookies made with oatmeal or fruit.
  • Bean dip

Foods to Avoid

Any hard or difficult-to-digest foods such as;

  • nuts
  • corn
  • popcorn hulls
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • caraway seeds
  • sesame seeds

Questionable foods

  • stringy fiber foods like sweet potato
  • strawberries
  • kiwi fruit
  • raspberries
  • black berries

See Also

For more indepth information consider this book: Diverticulitis (How to Cope Successfully With)

These ebooks with pre-made Diverticulitis preventing diet plans and natural remedies are available.

This page is not meant to diagnose or treat disease. Consult a medical professional if experiencing the symptoms listed or before starting any dietary guidelines suggested on this page.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Holly

    I was diagnosed with diverticulitis about 4 years ago when I was 24 I went into the hospital with severe abdominal pain. I was admitted and they started a ton of antibiotics. It wasn’t getting any better. They did another scan and then rushed me off to emergency surgery. My intestines had imploded due to there being so much infection. They were not sure if I was going to survive. I had 6 inches of my colon removed. I had a colostomy bag for 3 months. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I was lucky and had a reconnection surgery. I have huge scars from the surgeries. I just hope I never have to deal with it being that severe again.

  • Amy

    My husband was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. He was told to have a high fiber low carb. Diet. I am the one who cooks and he will not eat any pasta, rice, potato, ect in fear it will flare up again. I am wondering if you can have some of these foods in moderation. Please let me know. He is driving me crazy! Thank you.

    • Madisen Kleinschmit

      it was the most painful this I have ever gone through.. I would rather have my fingernails pulled off. if he want’s to eat health.. food is just food. better to have him around.

    • Jean

      My husband has been diagnoses with Diver. after they mistakenly thought it was his gallbaldder and removed ther gall bladder (long story on that one!). He stays away form anything with seeds, corn, nuts and has not had an attack in about 6 years. then in December he had an attacke and again Feb 17 and after he finished his round of antiobiotics (which help within 24 hours), anothre March 3rd whcih they can’t figure out as he is only on a soft foods diet. We are meeting a colon surgeon specialist for a consultation and a GI specialist the next day. All of the questions within the string of this exchange will be very helpful as I want him to avoid surgery at all costs as it is so invasive.

      i will take very good notes and send an update on their responses!

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much for having this forum .this is my second attack in 2 years ,this time i avoided hospitalization but did all the other things clear liquids ,flagyl and cipro for 10 days and then full liquid diet and now sodt diet ,the fatigue is unbearable i force myself to stay awake i am petrified of having such a bad attack that leaves me with a temporary colostomy i am terrified of having a colonoscopy knowing that part of my intestine is weak i am afraid of perforation . I feel like i am walking on eggshells . I was shocked with the dx i thought it was my ovary ,not this . I can’t believe how it knocks the crap out of you ( no pun intended) .sorry for the rambling and thank you for not making me feel like i am all alone with this .unless you have experienced this condition its so hard to understand how one feels.

    • donna

      I’m recovering now been in bed for a week on cipro and clyndamyacin..flagyl gave me monster size hive welts. Need to change my eating habits. 49 year old dog will have to learn new tricks for meals.

  • William Davidson

    Hi everyone I was just diagnosed with diverticulitis and this has got to be one of the most painful things I’ve been through! Those of you that have been living with this much longer than myself I have a lot of respect for you guys people that have never felt this wouldn’t be able to understand. Much respect for all of you and I hope you all feel better

  • Maria Acevedo

    I am 47 yrs old and 3 weeks into recuperating from my second attack in two years. Although I am starting to feel discomfort again and I am afraid. My GI suggest having surgery which I am extremely afraid. My PCP told me not to do surgery yet, others that also suffer from this disease have also advised me not to do surgery. I have been reading and it appears that there might be hope in preventing future attacks with proper diet. Has anyone tried changing their diet and been successful? I hate the symptoms of the flagyl and cipro and will do anything to prevent being back on them.

    • Madisen Kleinschmit

      I did the fat sick and nearly dead diet to reset. I also switch orkin to a rosemary and wintergreen oil for the ants. I eat lots of kale chips and fiber. and haven’t had a flare up since 2009

  • Barb

    This digestive condition seems to be a common factor in this day and age. I’ve had div. for years and had polyps removed. I know for a fact the STRESS is a contibuting factor. It also seems that heridity may be another reason for this illness. I know firsthand how debilitating div. can be. One’s quality of life surely suffers. The pain and fatigue are genuine. Overactive digestive fluids are the cause due to stress and compare to what was called “ulcers” back in the 1950’s. There is no cure for this disorder and it is only made bearable with testing, meds and diet. I’ve been taking omeprazole and dicyclomine for years with the dosage increased every few years. It took me a long time to get it diagnosed because it seemed that doctors didn’t know the symptoms. Hugs of consolation to my fellow div. sufferers. Barb

  • Leonie

    Hi, Wow this is new for me to join a forum due to an illness…
    Right, I was in Bali in June and fely unwell the whole time.
    The last 3 days of my tripI fell into a massive hole ie doubled over, a little loose stool and went delirious, My busband rushed me to hospital & I spent the last 3 days in the Bail hospital having multiple test , ultrasounds, xrays you nameit. They could not find anything so had me on antibiotics via IV line, I dicharged myself to fly home and gradually got better till start of September I kept getting the feeling like there was pressure on my bladder, like I wanted to pass urine and though whoa am I getting a Urinary Tract Infection, so started to take the powders in water and cranberry tablets/juices etc but there was actually no pain upon urination. I also started to feel uncomfortable on my left side near my kidney.

    Monday night 23/9 I was unwell at work and got home & went SLAM down into the same hole I fell into in Bali. Off to local hospital numerous test, surgeons etc, they could come up with possibly Diverticulitis.. MY LIFE IS OVER i thought…. So I will see my GP next wed & arrange a colonoscopy for around 4 weeks time as my gut needs to recover, I am on anbitbiotics now and 2nd day in hasn’t helped yet but I am patiently waiting. I am really paranoid to eat at the moment.
    Did anyone else feel the urge to urinate whislt having a bout of this… Ps what happens when I am feeling ok and it’s under control and I want to have a wine or too?? Can I?? and Coffee can I have it.(only hvae 1 a day anyways.) Pleas help

    • Dusty Rhoades

      I didn’t have the sensation of needing to urinate, but it certainly took a lot of pressure off my stomach

    • Kay morris

      I had a bad bout with this painfull diverticulitas and i am on day two of meds still hurting pretty bad. praying meds will fix all this pain soon

      • Lea

        I had this two years ago and it is so painful. I had to stay on chic broth diet because everything i ate hurt. This doet foods above is all wrong. Antibiotics are not good because this is bacteria issue and meds kill the good bacteria as well. Wheat,gluten free diet along with no sugar diet will help alot. Its hard to change from chocolate and pasta but it does work. Dr Mercola is natural nutitional expert and helps alot on this. If you have brain fog this is tied to our guts and all this can get better.

      • Madisen Kleinschmit

        most people by the time they get the IV antibiotics it’s to save their life. diverticulitis has nothing to do with gluten sensitivity allergies. cutting gluten will actually hurt you because you need as many different fibers as you can get. Also, B12 is very hard for people with these types of problems to absorb. the only reason sugar needs to be cut is if you are overweight (lucky I am not) . dr mercola has several lawsuits and complaints according to the better business bureau

    • Matt

      Hi Leonie,

      I am just getting over my second bout of Diverticulitus within a month. I had a complicated case and was in the hospital 8 days the first time and 4 days the second. They give you the IV antibiotics in the hospital and oral once you leave. For me it has taken about a week after being out of the hospital to start feeling normal. Make sure you complete the antibiotics even if you start feeling better. The bladder pressure should go away and soon as your infection clears as mine did.
      It is also important to follow a low residue diet while you are recovering for an attack. You can search for the Mayo Clinic for the diet details. Make sure you do not drink alcohol while on the antibiotics. I can enjoy an occasional glass of wine or beer without issue, but some people can’t. I would make a food journal on what bothers you and what doesn’t.
      Hope you feel better.

      • Madisen Kleinschmit

        this was the first good and solid advice I have read here.

      • Greg

        You should be pretty much on liquids while you’re in the middle of an attack….chicken broth, beef broth, jello, pudding,juice with no pulp… Ya gotta give your colon a break. I’m on the tail end of an especially bad attack…been 5 days. Doctor put me on Cipro and Flagyl after a CT scan to rule out appendicitis. My first problem was winter of 2012. Spent 2 days in Hospital on IV antibiotics.Again, super painful.
        Hang in there. You’ll get better.

      • Leonie

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks so much for your reply, I ended up going to our local hospital on Sunday as I had been told by 3 different nurses that I was on the incorrect antibiotic.
        I went to our local hospital and told him this and was prescribed something else. I have been taking these and an anti inflammatory as well.. Been a week since hospital ( didn’t have any antibiotics via IV there) and still struggling.

        It’s now Tues morn here in Oz ( assume you are in the US) and I started these new ones Sunday lunch so hopefully they kick in soon. From what I read this is something that happens to people generally over 50 well I am 41 and fit and healthy (other than now) and am pissed off just quietly.
        Off to the doctors tomorrow to I think get a date for a colonoscopy.
        Matt can you give me an example of a low fibre diet. Like what you may follow. I have also been told to go gluten free till my colonoscopy.

        Thanks for your help

  • Patricia

    Has anyone experienced the rash with Dicerticulitis????

    • Maria Acevedo

      I had yeast on my tongue and my lips were extremely chapped due to the heavy antibiotics.

  • Kevin

    I had my first Severe attack of diverliculitus last year. The Dr. isaw said i might have had minor ones before . after he descibed the symptoms , I realized I had . I had 2 colonoscopies and had a total of 7 polyps removed. i wasa told the 2 largest could have turn cancerous in about a year . now I am eating better and drinking more water. I still have an occational flair up

    • Patricia

      I had found out 3 weeks ago about this disease. Diverticulosis. for weeks I had this pain in my lower left side which I thought was kidney stones. Went to the Dr. and he told me I have Diverticulos and not kidney stones. This pain is really terrible also I keep breaking out in a hives rash I haven’t heard anyone talking about this rash it really scared me at first wondering why this rash keeps coming on me then I googled it and found out that it goes along with the diverticulitis. Have any of you had the rash like hives?? the Dr. put on Flagyl and Metronidazole it did ease the pain a bit. Now I have a high fiber diet and feeling a bit better not 100%. I need to get a colonoscopy to find out what really is going on in there.. Just need to try and not get constipated. And eat lots of Fiber.

  • Pam

    Question, my husband had colon cancer surgery a month ago they took a foot of the ascending colon, due to start chemo soon, he is now starting to have pain with his diverticulosis could this have anything to do with his surgery and should I take him to ER NOW

  • Millersport Ohio

    I just had my second bout and just got home after 4 days in hosp (diverticulitis). Was on IV drip + 2 IV antibiotics Flagyl and Ciproflaxacin. Dr. said I need to have surgery – I am researching that and want a second opinion. After discharge, I was put on pill form of both for the next 14 days. Bad taste and smell from Flagyl. Urgent care told me to rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide and that helped 80%. They said it will go away after my antibiotics are done. The Flagyl took the pain away within 24 hours. I already did my clear liquid diet while on IV for 4 days and I am now on my full liquid diet (Ensure, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, apple juice, etc) and will start getting back to my normal diet next week – of which I plan to alter and start to include more fiber. I am hoping to avoid surgery for the time being and see how things go. Good luck to all !

    • Greene Knight

      I have had cancer 3x in the past 20 years and have severe problems with diverticulitis, small bowel obstruction and problems with adhesions from over 20 hours of surgery, so my case is severe. I have had 76 bouts in the last 20 years. So, I would recommend avoiding surgery if at all possible.
      I avoid seeds and nuts like the plague. My case is so sever I can’t even have fruits and vegetables and have to instead drink juice. I would try to control it through diet before surgery if I were you.
      Hope this helps.

    • paul astrologo

      Hi I was wondering what kind of diet you follow now .like what types of meals do you have and what types you stay away from . Everything you said in your post describes exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago .I just don’t know what to eat . Hopefully you can help me out .

  • GIN

    I wonder if this is a diet one could recommend for someone overweight that does not have diverticulitis?

  • Angela

    I am suffering from left diverticulosis. I find that sometimes I will hear sounds coming from those areas which others can hear also. If I am hungry, I don’t hear them at all. What is causing these sounds? I am in good health, constipation at times which I try to make sure that I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also suffer from increased calcium; therefore I had to cut a lot of foods that have fats out of my diet, foods such as milk, butter, cheese and high protein foods. I am a lover of fish, but I can only tolerate it about once a month. If I tried eating it more regularly, I do feel stones in my bladder quite quick, as I do suffer from both bladder stones and kidney stones.

    • Marilyn

      Konsyl (found in drug store). Mix with 8 oz. water. Take everyday for the rest of your life. 21 grams of fiber intake. I can’t take it yet, but I’m going to! Very difficult to get that much fiber of your own.

    • Lyn

      I also have noise from my stomach 2 years ago I was rushed to Hospital with appendix only to find out it was diverticulitis oh how I wish it had been appendix at it would have been over I can only eat limited food and still I have flare ups my question is has anyone had any side effects from eating All Bran I am nervous to try but need to get my fibre intake up.
      Thank you

      • Marilyn

        Konsyl (found in drug store). Mix with 8 oz. water. Take everyday for the rest of your life. 21 grams of fiber intake. I can’t take it yet, but I’m going to! Very difficult to get that much fiber of your own.

  • Mary

    I am 26 and on April 2 I went to the hospital with horrid pains in my abdominal area. I thought it was my appendix I went to the er and they did a MRI where they found a hole in my colon that had a lemon siZed infection sack over top the hole. The surgeon told me it was from diverticulitis and that the hole and infection was so bad that sugary was my only option. So after taking out 7 inches of my colon and them exploring all my insides and a huge scar on my stomach I am happy to say it didn’t get the best of me I was told if I waited to much longer that this could have taken my life. I have my days where I feel bad and would rather sleep all day then do anything.

    • Dean

      Similar thing happened to me – you’re not alone.

      Taken in last may at 25

      After a week of intense pain I was diagnosed with Divier. with abcess in lower large bowel. I was given open surgery as they were unsure to the extent of the disease .

      A year on – I’ve had two attacks and trips to A&E to go with them.

      Latest attack was two weeks ago so I’m currently on a soft diet after two days of clear liquid . At the moment I am only eating Chicken, Turkey, Fish, White Rice, Well cooked vegetables , egg noodles, poached egg, rice crispies , wraps instead of bread , potato (mashed , boiled , waffles).

      I also have the huge scar – I thought at first this would be an issue for me but I swiftly became used to it , although it can still feel tight at times , especially if I lay on my front. The major factor for me was that I avoided a colostomy. I was rather worried when the lady came around to mark me up for a stoma bag!

    • Lori Johnson

      I am so glad that you got the help you needed before the rupture could occur. My dad had a rupture. He had never had any problems that he knew of. This was very painful and while he had to have surgery and a bag to use until his intestine healed he is doing great. Now he has to have the bag removed. But we are so blessed.

  • margaret maloney

    Please help me

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Hi Margaret, how exactly can we help?

  • Donna

    After frequent painful attacks I decided not to eat seeds of any description including tomatoes, strawberries and mustard seeds…since that decision (24 months ago) I havnt had one attack! I neither increased or decreased my fibre intake and eat relatively the same as I always have.. I’m not saying seeds are the cause but in my case it certainly worked…I do miss eating tomatoes but I won’t take the risk, hope this helps some people decide what’s good for them.

  • DeborahLynn

    All I have to say is my husband is not very understanding, I have just last week been diagnosed with this, along with a hernia, and am needing a hysterectomy. I spent my birthday (yesterday) cleaning my kitchen and watching him enjoy his sports channels. This is one “LABOR” Day Weekend I will never forget. Guess he will know what to expect from me when he needs his Preperation H the next time . . . sorry, needing to vent! LOL

  • juliesentkovsky

    just had my first bout of this terriable disease so painful was rushed to A and E i fought i was dyin so scared to eat please advise me wat foods to eat im in pain now mild cramps are worse felt sick last night god is my life over now ..

    • Sherrill Sander

      You sound just like I feel now and then. You want to know what to eat? Nothing but broth an jello until you rest your bowels. You might need an antibiotic, you may have an infection. Stay away from seeds, nuts, dried fruit, etc. that can get stuck in the colon and cause problems. Eat foods that cantain fiber and drink lots of water and pray! It’s the pits!

  • barbara

    I have had bouts of diverticulitis for over 10 years and have found it is brought on by stressful situations like holidays. In my case, it is usually brought on by watching an intense movie and having popcorn during it. When I have popcorn during calm movies, I have no problem with it whatsoever. At the start of a bout, I immediately go on a clear liquid diet. Within 2 days it clears up.

  • linda waterman

    i was told that i have diverticulitis , i never even heard of it before . I had popcorn one night , the next day the pain started.I hurt so bad went to the Er then was amditted to the hospital, was there for 3 days I was put on a fiber and residue restricted diet., i also have low blood sugar. come to realize i cant eat anything. So im here askin for hep what do i eat, i sure dont want to feel like that again.

    • iCesarC

      Stay away from foods that have seeds, and foods that your body cant digest (corn, nuts, etc).

  • trudy

    Diagnosed about 4 years ago with moderatly severe diverticulosis. This is about my 4-5 flareup. I’m on antibiotics now along with meds to stop the colon spasms. I think it is hard for loved ones to understand just how painful this is. It wears me out. Thank you everyone for all the comments. It does help.

  • carol gilson

    i was just diagnosed with diverticulitis after suffering with the pain to the point i couldn’t walk move breathe they gave me two different antibiotics and i have to get ultra scan as well as colonoscopy and i cannot imagine never getting rid of this I hope all of you get better i know the pain

    • almeta

      i too suffer with this ,its very painfull and have been hospitalized two times now with it. i have to have a colonoscopy and may need to have an operation to remove that part of my bowel.. this desease is very hard to live with because i have to be so carefull of what i eat.

  • joanna

    My husband was diagnosed yesterday with colitis/ diverticulits. He has a fever of 101.3. The doctor gave him two antibiotics, suppositories, and pain medication. He will be going in for a colonoscopy when the blockage has passed. My question is why suppositories? If the blockage is further up, how will this technique work on cleaning him out? Has anyone else been prescribed suppositories and has this form of treatment worked?

    • Deborah Wilkins

      Hi Joanna, no I was not prescribed suppositories, you are right if the blockage high up, then what is the suppository going to do, I was given movicol it comes in a box individual satchel, my doctor advise me to mix and drink up to eight a day, I got results after only 2 drinks. Because the movicol works from the inside down to the colon and softens the stool so it can slip down, I’m from Australia so I hope you can get movicol, all the best.
      Cheers Deborah.

      • Shari Weiding

        Hi Johanna and Deborah, I’ve had my first “attack” a week ago, doing much better with meds! My question is I have not seen the term “blockage”in articles I’ve read and wonder if this term is the same as constipation? And, is this what happens always or is blockage from antibiotics? Didn’t know if that is what I’m experiencing as of now or normal not to have a normal BM until more fiber has been introduced to my diet. Thank you both! Shari

  • Sammie

    Its nice to know I’m not alone. I’m 29 and just been diagnosed with it, for years been dealing with the pain not knowing what’s wrong.

  • Clive

    Are there different forms of diverticulitis? I’ve read most of the comments and note that pain seems to affect the majority of people. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis about four or five years ago, but I very rarely have any pain. The main problem I have is wind! This is very ‘unsociable’ and restrictive. Can anyone clarify this for me please?

  • Sue

    I’Ve just been diagnosed with possibly diverticulitis or gallstones, will be having ultrasound in a week or so. From the description though it sounds more like diverticulitis since it’s my lower left abdomen. Am on antibiotics. It’s been going on for a little over one month. I had seen where chia seeds were so great for fiber and I actually think that’s what caused it. I had a colonoscopy two years ago with no problems. Also for what it’s worth I also have Fibro.

    • mary C.

      I have Fibro too, and being recently diagnosed with diverticulitis, I sleep all the time. This is my 1st attack and because I had my appendix removed, I can tell you it feels exactly like appendicitis, if you can’t describe the pain. Today is my last day of taking 2 antibiotics. I already notice cramps again. My question is this: is it normal to have cramps after the treatment and has anyone had bad head pain and slept for long periods of time? I’m worn out!!

  • Jamie

    My husband is currently on his 4th round of Diverticulitis. He is normally a very healthy guy. It kills me to see him in this much pain. Does anyone know what causes this? He has taken antibiotics gone on liquid diets please if anyone knows something please tell me.

    • Blain Tolland

      I’ve had Diverticulitis close to thirty years now and found out about it my second year in University. Since then I have had all the tests and found through out the years you have to clear the blockage. So what I do to clear the blockage to to drink a Purgative drink to clear everything such as Citro- mag. I found this quickly clears the blockage and you will notice the pain will be much less. And I have read a ton of articles about seeds and grains and you know what don’t eat the seeds or grains and process foods are a very big NO! I have found that processed foods bring on my attacks faster than anything else. Also doughy breads, rolls etc. of that nature and small amounts of food and a lots of water or liquids. Right now I’m coming off an attack and I drank the Citro-mag to clear the blockage and have been on a liquid diet for the past two days and it seems everything is working again. Good luck and if you wish let me know how you make out.

      • Jen

        I will warn against taking drinks to remove blockages. I actually caused a perforation in my colon during a diverticulitis attack and was told that drink was the worst thing to do during such pain and inflammation. Caused 3 days in hospital. I’ve had it 12 Years now and know better. During attacks, I do not eat or eat low fiber for a few days. I

    • Jim Mallatar

      Certain foods trigger the symptoms for me. I keep a food diary and each time I get a bout of Diverticulitis I check what I’ve been eating from the past 48 hours. Since doing this, I’ve found a number of foods that are triggers and my bouts are now down to maybe once a year.

      • Lightning

        So what are the foods? I’ve had my third attack in 9 months (second in 1 month) and am desperate to avoid the next one. I’m trying to isolate which foods may have triggered it, so please share!!!

  • alix apol

    I am now in the second day of a hospital stay with a mild diverticulitis diagnosis. I am a marathon runner who eats an 80% plant based diet with lots of probiotics. I think my problem could be the chia seeds I take for running endurance. Other than the chia seeds, I am confused about my future diet. Does anyone know what effect alcohol consumption has on this disease?

    • Nan Spencer

      Do not eat seeds or nuts of any kind. I would say the chia seeds are the culprit and corn puts me in the hospital. Don’t know about alcohol, but I would think it couldn’t be good for a diseased colon. Google “diverticulitis” and you will find out a wealth of good information….

    • Blain Tolland

      I’ve had Diverticulitis close to thirty years now and found out about it my second year in University. Since then I have had all the tests and found through out the years you have to clear the blockage. So what I do to clear the blockage to to drink a Purgative drink to clear everything such as Citro- mag. I found this quickly clears the blockage and you will notice the pain will be much less. And I have read a ton of articles about seeds and grains and you know what don’t eat the seeds or grains and process foods are a very big NO! I have found that processed foods bring on my attacks faster than anything else. Also doughy breads, rolls etc. of that nature and small amounts of food and a lots of water or liquids. Right now I’m coming off an attack and I drank the Citro-mag to clear the blockage and have been on a liquid diet for the past two days and it seems everything is working again. Good luck and if you wish let me know how you make out.

  • Jim Mallatar

    I was diagnosed with severe diverticulitis 13 years ago. I’ve had many bouts since then, but last 6 weeks have been hell. Severe stomach cramps start around 2 hours after my evening meal and remain until I have a bowel movement the next morning. In between time, the cramps are mostly mild. I’ve been refered to the hospital for another look at the problem, but have another 5 weeks to wait until I get seen. 5 weeks of hell and then fingers crossed they can do something to relieve the problem.

  • Cadiz

    Please endure my ramble as I am sitting here in pain at 3:05 a.m. — for I have been suffering with awful pain for the last two weeks. My routine has been sleeping, up a few hours and sleep again. My days and nights are a mess and my poor (supportive) husband and house are suffering due to my neglect.

    I relate to so much of what has been said – I too have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and osteoarthritis, etc. I was forced out of the Federal Government three years ago after almost 30 years of service because they said I used more sick leave than the average employee. (Yes, I did get an attorney and did after three years receive a disability retirement at about 1/3 of my salary). In the beginning, I also struggled with several doctors that didn’t understand my health issues – or just didn’t want to be bothered. After become proactive for myself, I now have a great specialist for the fibromyalgia and arthritis and finally made an appointment with a referred colon doctor. Interestingly, like many of you, I eat as natural as possible – not eating processed foods but making almost everything from scratch (canning, etc.) So, I am wondering if this illness affects those that seem predisposed to it, and do we have to manage it as best we can?

    • kathy Duncan

      Cadiz, I really feel for you. I was diagnosed with diverticulosis 6 years ago. My dr. gave me the do’s and don’ts of a diet and that was all. I have had flair ups over the years, but usually didn’t last more than a day. On Feb. 27th I went to the emergency room with severe pain I had dealt with for several days. It was diverticulitis and I was admitted. I had a 5 day stay and came home with more antibiotics and still had pain. I saw a surgeon in the hospital who recommended a 4 week wait for a colonoscopy, which was this week. Next Monday they are taking about one foot of my colon out; which will remove the infected part. He is doing it with laproscope and I can’t wait. This surgeon told me every time I have a flair up, I put myself more at risk. According to him, after surgery I will live my life diverticulitis free!

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