Diet to Go Review

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Diet-to-Go is a diet food delivery company that home delivers throughout the USA but also has a fresh food option available at pick up locations in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

They offer different 3 dieting options:

  1. Traditional (Low Fat)
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Low Carb

The Traditional and the Vegetarian options are available in 1200 (women) and 1600 (men) calorie/day levels. The Low Carb plan is 1300 calories/day.

As an additional service, they allow customers to customize all meal plans to suite there individual needs.

They are known as the most affordable diet delivery company with meals starting at just $6.81 per meal.

Diet to Go Coupons

Diet-To-Go is confident that people will lose weight and love their food that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no cancellation fees plus some incentives featured below to save potential customers money.

1. 25% off any meal plan above $75 – Coupon Code: Everydiet25
2. $50 off a 7 day meal plan – Coupon Code: Everydiet50

Diet-to-Go Pricing

Plan Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Traditional (low fat)From $19From $96
VegetarianFrom $19From $96
Low CarbFrom $22From $109.59

* All Options incur a $18.95 shipping fee for mail order service.

Video DTG Success Story

How Does the Food Taste?

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

Diet-to-Go sent us a few days worth of food free of charge to try out.

The order arrived when they promised and was chilled and well packaged.

All the meals were organized in separate vacuum packed trays by meal. Dieters are expected to use the online menus to organize each day’s meals accordingly.

There were both microwave and conventional oven heating directions on each meal and I opted for the microwave.

What I liked about the food

Egg Quesadilla

Egg Quesadilla

All the meals I sampled tasted great. They were full of flavor and seasoned well.

The portion size was big enough to make me feel satisfied and not needing more.

The texture and taste quality was better than what a dieter would find in the frozen meal section of his/her grocery store.

What I didn’t like

Stuffed Shells

Vegetarian Stuffed Shells

The meals’ ingredient lists were long and contained preservatives as well as partially hydrogenated oils. It would be nice if DTG could figure out how to make a more natural product despite the fear of spoilage from shipping and storage.

Also, one of the breakfast sides was apple juice, which is just sugar. A small fruit cup would have been a better choice.

Sample 1 Day Meal Plan


Egg, veggie, and chicken sausage Pizza
Apple Juice


BBQ Turkey Melts
Peach salsa
Cole slaw


Turkey burger
Mash potatoes
Green Beans

Diabetic Plans

Some of the plans on the Diet to go program satisfy the requirements of the American Diabetes Association. Please visit Diet-to-go to see more about these plans.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Diet-to-Go is a good option for those that have trouble controlling portion size and choosing healthy meal options especially for those that don’t have the time or expertise to cook for themselves.

It is also one of the most affordable diet delivery services available, without compromising on quality and service.

Diet-to-go is commended not only for their great tasting food, but also for including fresh fruit and yogurt as part of their menu which ensures dieters get the recommended daily allowances of vitamins while using their service.

Diet-to-Go offers the customer many options that seem to fit any lifestyle, as well as the option to pick up fresh non-frozen meals which would improve the overall quality of their meals.


 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Roser


  • Roser

    Very, very strange food and food combinations. I truly could not eat some of the items, and didn’t eat some of the meals because they were so unbalanced. Example: a breakfast that consisted of cranberry juice, orange juice and a small muffin. I would have gone into sugar shock with a breakfast like that. Example: my Reuben sandwich and my cheese/tomato sandwich were made with French toast bread. Just so odd. Other prepared foods were overly seasoned. I ended up throwing several meals away without even trying them. Just awful experience.

    • Ted

      Diettogo lets you view all of your meals ahead of time and make changes or customizations before they are shipped.

      I don’t see a muffin and juices as any of their breakfast choices.

      Which of their 3 plans did you sign up for? In my experience all their meals are balanced according to protein, fats, and carbs.

      • Roser

        I didn’t see those choices either but I had 2 breakfasts of that nature that contained no protein. I was on the low fat meal plan. I’m totally convinced that these glowing reviews are planted by the company. Just to be fair, I had co-workers and my husband sample some of the items. They were all in agreement with my assessment.

      • Ted

        This review wasn’t supplied by the company.

        We were sent a weeks worth of the food and based the review on that. I thought overall it was good. There were some things I didn’t like, but there is no company that will please everyone’s unique tastes.

        On their website they are showing the muffin served with yogurt and juice not 2 juices..

        Anyway, If you didn’t like it, you didn’t like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Women Tips

    Great diet reviews!thanks for sharing.

  • Sheryll

    I started DIet to Go about a week ago. I get the local fresh pick up twice a week (the pick up spot is about 3 miles from my house). I chose to start on the 5 day (b,l and d). My first pick up was missing 2 meals (one dinner/one breakfast). Also one meal was opened in a corner. I called immediately and they apologized and offered a credit for all 3 meals and an additional $10.
    As far as the food, well, it has been hit or miss. I don’t eat fish, carrots or beans, so I am somewhat picky. I did substitute a lot of meals. So far my favorite is the turkey w/mashed and string beans. It tasted as good as any Thanksgiving I can remember. Also the portion was way more generous than what the photo showed. I did not like the egg broccoli pie. I tried to eat it all, but couldn’t. Will omit that from now on. I think I’ll stick with the bagel and CC or waffles. Both are excellent and what I gravitate toward usually anyway. I also didn’t like the turkey Salisbury steak. I gave half to my dog. I love that you get fresh fruit with many breakfasts and lunches. i wish they would incorporate more desserts since I have such a sweet tooth. I am sure I’m not the only one. This week I am trying some pasta meals and chicken dishes. I am hoping it goes better in order for me to stick with this.

  • Michelle

    Hello! I have tried Diet-To-Go, BistroMd and eDiets Home Meal Delivery Plans, and am currently on the Diet-To-Go 1,600 Calories/day Traditional Plan…

    I can honestly say that My Hubby and I tried the food from each of these services and that the BEST is definitely the Diet-To-Go! It isn’t at all bland, TASTES FRESH and VERY GOOD, offers many great substitutions, offers everyday food that one would actually crave, and is the cheapest of these 3. The people there are helpful and friendly too if you have any questions of concerns. And they do offer credits if your order is wrong and I believe they also do if you didn’t like a meal, although I have never asked for that because I don’t feel it’s their fault if something just didn’t taste good to me. They also make it extremely easy to do most anything from their website including stopping and restarting your plan whenever you choose, which is very convenient! Their website is the best of all 3 and again the food is fabulous! Plus you get the option of either 5 or 7 day plans with 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day with the Traditional Low Fat Plan and they also offer a Low Carb Plan and a Vegetarian Plan. Also you can choose to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or just Lunch and Dinner. My hubby and I are thoroughly impressed with Diet-To-Go and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to eat a more balanced healthy diet or for weight loss. This food is seriously excellent and worth the money!

    BistroMD wasn’t at all bad, but was too bland for us. They did allow you to add or remove certain meals or ingredients, but it was more fancy foods that frankly we are not into. Plus it was more expensive and you didn’t get your choice of omitting breakfast or different calorie plans although did also offer 5 and 7 days plans. I don’t think they offer Low Carb or Vegetarian Plans either. And I felt the meals seemed more repetitious than Diet-To-Go. There seemed to be a lot of very similar meals with only a small change to it, like a different sauce or something. One thing about BistroMD though is they have the NICEST people working there! Also they are very good about cancellation and setting any billing errors straight. I can say I would recommend BistroMD, it just wasn’t as good as Diet-To-Go, in our opinions.

    And then there’s eDiets… That was just terrible all the way around! Bad customer service, deceptive fees for cancelling, the food was not at all good and the portions were tiny. Didn’t taste fresh AT ALL! I would never use this service again and would never recommend it. Even using the online only plan is a pain! They don’t take cancellations lightly and if you use ANY offer code and cancel before 28 days, you WILL get charged the ENTIRE amount of whatever the offer was upon cancellation. I found a code for 50% off the first week and within a day of receiving my first order, I cancelled because it was extremely disappointing. When I called to cancel the girl told me because I used an offer code and was cancelling before 28 days, that my credit card would be charged the entire amount of the food. I was angry and told her that I read the agreement before signing up and never saw that anywhere (which is the truth!) but she stated it is there and that I would have to pay the remaining amount. At that point I didn’t care and just wanted to be done with this dishonest company and their barely edible food. I will NEVER use ANY of their services again!

  • Stephanie Semien

    I know I can’t take diet pills all my life but I love to eat I was reading that diet pills can cause stroke and death.

  • Reynaldo Davila

    I have no idea what is occurring within that Organization but it is not good. I was with them for close to a year. The meals were never too good and some times really bad; but it was convenient. They never revamped the menu and it was the same month after month. Lately there were disruptions on delivery, which was then restored but meals were delivered all turned over and mixed up. The packaging has always been deficient. Finally they called me stating some contrary facts about the dealers saying I needed to pay more now if I wanted to continue with the program. Pretty bad customer service. I’m done with them and good riddance too.





    • Diet-to-Go Customer Service

      Currently, Diet-to-Go offers two meal plans that satisfy the requirements of the American Diabetes Association; Traditional Low Fat, and Vegetarian.

  • Cynthia Parrott

    I LOVE Diet to Go! The convenience of 3 meals a day delivered right to my door step cannot not be beat! As a busy, health-conscious woman I find this a real time saver! I don’t have to think, shop or prepare.
    My meals are all in my freezer and when I step off the train from work I just select what I want for dinner, pop it in the oven or microwave and dinner a delicious meal is ready in no time! I am currently doing the Vegetarian Meal plan and have lost more weight than I anticipated or expected to lose. A new pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago are already too large! Gotta Love It!! :)

  • Maurina Rachuba

    I have been using Diet to Go since February, with most of April off the program due to travel. I’ve tried both the 1200 Low Fat and the 1200 Low Carb diet plans. The food has been excellent. For example, today’s Low Carb lunch was Pork Loin with Morel Sauce, spinach, and green beans. I consider the food to be restaurant quality, certainly better than that I could get at most chain restaurants. The portions are small, but hey, this is a diet, and portion size actually falls within dietary guidelines. I pick up the food locally, and while there’ve been some glitches (a missing meal, a meal not properly sealed), I’ve been credited the cost each time. Overall, I’m very happy with the diet, the quality of food, and my weight loss, approximately 30 pounds since February.

  • Fitty

    I was just wondering, do they have HACCP certifications or something?

    • ted

      @Fitty, Not sure what certifications they have in regards to food safety as it’s mentioned no where on their website. I’m sure they would be happy to answer that question if you call them.

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