Diet Selector: What’s the Best Diet for Me?

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

diet selectorThe Diet Selector: From Atkins to The Zone, More Than 50 Ways to Help You Find the Best Diet for You< was written by Judith Rodriguez, a nutritionist and clinical dietitian.

Rodriguez says about popular diets: “Just because it is on the bookshelf, or the name is on a door, it does not mean it is a healthy, well-rounded program”.

She wrote this book to outline the pros and cons of a variety of different diets to help you decide the plan that is best for you.

Diet Selector Basics

In The Diet Selector Rodriguez evaluates 50 weight loss diets and 25 health promoting and disease management diets.

Each diet is given a rating in a number of categories including “long-term usability, flexibility, family-friendliness, cost, and how strong the science is behind the claims of a diet”. This rating system is designed to help dieters decide what will work with their preferences and lifestyle.

For example, dieters who like eating bread and other carbohydrates and have difficulty cutting back on them may enjoy a plan that includes whole grains, rice, pasta, breads and lots of vegetables and fruits. Examples are the Mediterranean Diet or the DASH diet.

Dieters that don’t enjoy cooking or find it difficult to prepare meals may prefer a plan that provides prepared meals such as Nutrisystem, Diet-to-go or Weight Watchers.

Some other common diets included in the book are Atkins, South Beach, Pritikin, Beverly Hills, Grapefruit Diet, Peanut Butter Diet, The Zone Diet, Jenny Craig, Master Cleanse and the Cabbage Soup Diet.

In addition to the analysis of 75 diets Rodriguez also provides readers with tips on how to approach weight loss from the perspective of a long-term healthy lifestyle, how to determine your ideal weight and information about eating disorders.

Exercise Recommendations

The Diet Selector analyzes and compares various diets, some of which may include an exercise component.

Rodriguez also provides tips on how to safely increase physical activity levels as part of a long-term lifestyle approach to healthy weight loss.

Costs and Expenses

The Diet Selector: From Atkins to The Zone, More Than 50 Ways to Help You Find the Best Diet for You retails at $19.95.

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  • Identifies the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of common diets.
  • Concise and visually appealing presentation.
  • Includes sample menus.
  • Includes a calorie counter.
  • Addresses nutritional management of low metabolism, heart disease, thyroid problems, migraines and allergies.
  • Author is a qualified nutritionist.


  • Is not a diet or weight loss program and only helps readers answer the question, “which diet is best for me?”.
  • Readers will need to buy additional materials to learn how to do their chosen diet correctly.

Helps You Choose the Best Diet

The Diet Selector will appeal to dieters who are confused with the variety of different diets available. It will help dieters to choose a diet that best fits with their preferences, lifestyle, goals and budget.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Sonya Mcgowan

    Hi I want 2 go on 2 day detox. I am 44 x 7 stone

  • umair

    hi i am 25 my weight is 82 height is 5.3 i want reduce 12 k.g in a month 3 in a week is it possible and how reply soon

  • jesse lee

    I’m a 15 year old girl, I’m 59kgs ,I want to reduce my weight to about 50kgs .Please help me

    • shaqueela

      you want 2 lose 50 kgs, you’ll weigh only 9 kgs, that is not healthy at all, i think you already have a healthy weight now, for a girl of your age.

      • Mel

        She said she wants to be down to 50kgs….

  • louise

    Hey i am lauren i have just turned 13,i have never thought my self being fat or anything but now everytime i even see myself in a mirror i cry and i think this diet may help me

  • Lurean tia

    Hey i am 15 yearz old nd my wait iz 58 kg.. I want to reduce my wait …

  • Tigist

    I’m 25 &61kg i want to be 51kg please help me.

  • wooody

    i am 19 years old …my weight is 58.5 and i am 162 cm ,,, i need a plan to lose 8 kilos at least in 1 mounth brother wedding after 1 mounth and i dn’t know what to do
    please i need help !

    • Ernst D.

      I’m 64 years old and one year ago I was 110 kg. I just eat almost no more carbohydrates and smaller portions and I lost 10 kg within one year without suffering hunger. my weight now is 100 kg. I will continue to lose weight this way.

  • farzaneh safavi

    i am 33 years old my weight is 56 kg i want to know the best diet for me and iam 168 cm

  • ameer A

    I’m 17 years of age and i weigh 146 pounds, 5 foot 9 inches. i want to put on about 30-40 pounds of muscle/fat to achieve around 180 pounds body weight. i NEED a good food diet because i’m finding it too difficult to put on weight atm.

  • zizi

    hi!!! i’m an overweight girl. i am 16 years old. my weight is 75kg and my length is 157cm. i know that i need to loose more than, i am ready for any advices to be slime and more beautiful than i am right now.

    • kiki

      First off everyone is beautiful in their own way, but I think it’s great that you want to get to a healthier weight. Try the eat clean diet. It’s a long term solution to keeping healthy and trim. I also recommend exercising 3-6 times per week. I’m not sure what your physical ability is at, but you could start out with walking and then move into something more fun. I find fun workouts like Zumba make for better results since you are more likely to do them and keep at them for the long term. So pick something you like to do.

    • lizette

      Try the 3 day diet it kick starts metabolism

  • Mukti

    I am 42 yr old and my weight is 185 lbs. I want to lose my weight ( about 50 lbs) in 3-6 months. my regular food is rice, lentils soup, vegetables, curry, chicken and fruit (South Asian food). Please advise me a good diet plan from breakfast to dinner. I love eating and irregular in exercising.

    • ketan

      go for low carbs and low calories diet

  • Rubanusha

    I am 187LB.I need a plan to loose 40 pounds in 2 months. I am 29 and want to have a baby. Need help

    • Maxsuel

      Not too much to add to the many rave reviews other than I LOVE the ueptads on the fast food and restaurant meals! I’ve done many burgers sans the bun, but am glad to know that Miso soup gets a thumbs up in the Japanese restaurants. And babaganoosh at my fave Middle Eastern restaurant. I’ve always tried to use common sense when doing Atkins and eating out, but this book clears up a few minor issues. And I no longer have to feel guilty when I have my one great cup of coffee with heavy cream in the morning!

    • ketan

      if u r pregnent at this stage dont go for heavy workout, balance ur diet go for cardiac exercise

  • Lauren

    Hi I am 23, approx 5’7″ and weigh 11st 3lb. I would like to lose some of the weight gained through eating too much having a baby. I find it hard to diet as I really enjoy food and don’t enjoy excercising :( If you could give me a diet that would enable me to still have some of the naughty foods I like! Thanks

  • geet kalra

    im 23yrs of age, my weight is 37kg, a+ blood group n im very skinny. I really want ur help in gaining weight. Kindly suggest a diet plan for me.

  • Ann

    i am 42 yrs old and i weigh 285 lbs….it is affecting my back very badly…i need something a diet i can go by for a long time.. i would love to be able to loose 100 lbs. before….i hope you can help me with a meal plan…i could go to a clinic but i cant afford it….thank you…

    • kiki

      Try the eat clean diet. It’s a great long term solution and there are a lot of yummy, yet healthy recipes.

  • aysha

    am 78kg and 160cm tall
    i want a diet to get off belly fat and stomach

  • Shenna Lowe

    I need a plan to loose 35 pounds in 2 months. I am 31 and want to have a baby. Need help.

  • zaad

    I am 37. My hight is 5.5, And my weight is 68 Kg. I want to loose 10 Kg. Please ……

  • alwan nahid

    i’m 28 and 76kg wt 5’9 ht.i want a suitable diet plan.

  • dyingyoung. need help.

    im 15, and i weight 90 kg, i need a diet that fits me, i feel motivated for a day, but i dont have the will power to stay commited and lose weight, i really need help..

  • Beckie

    I am 16 70kg and want to be 55kg, please help!

  • Amie

    Hi am 16 and am hopeing to lose maybe 3 stone for june 2012, i find it really hard to stay motivated and i dont dont much but i neeed i diet plan that i know am going to get good result from that fits in with school. am also a very fussy eater and i dont like very many fruits or vegtables. if it helps i was vegitaian for 2 weeks and managed :/! thanks :)xx

  • malathy rajesh

    hi, i am 21 yrs, i have one male child age2.5, sicerrion delivery, i am 5ft in height and my weight is 58kgs… i became fat after delivery… espeacially belly… pl send me full diet to reduse my belly…. i m vegetarion

  • raisa Guha

    i am 70 kg pls help me to reduce wait. i want my wait to be 55 to 60

  • sab

    plz help me i am 70 kg need to loss 15 kg…………ht 5 3 ,age 38

  • parisa

    hi i’m 18 and i put on 23 kg in 1 year becouse of studying hard for university! and i should lose that 23 kg for my wedding party! some one help me if i dont lose weight my wedding party will be cancel!

  • lezahn

    Hi,I’m 13 years old I’m a type 1 diabetic…I’m 76kgs and I want to be 58kgs…I can’t find a diet fit for me…what sould I do?

  • Rania

    My weight is 70 and I want to be 63 kg I need suitable diet for me my age is 37

  • jyoti

    Am overwight,my breast have become so big and my stomach.I want to reduse some weight .

    Am 68kgs and want to be 58 kgs.

  • Tuhin Akter

    I need i Indian diet plain .

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