Diabetic Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where the body is unable to process glucose (a form of sugar).

The most prevalent form of Diabetes is Type II Diabetes which occurs mainly in adults. You are at risk from this form of diabetes if you have a generic predisposition to it (i.e. it’s in your family history), if you are overweight, and/or are aged over 40.

In Type II Diabetes, the pancreas still creates insulin, but not enough, – or the insulin does not function correctly (insulin resistance). This form of Diabetes can be managed (to some degree) with the right diet and exercise, but also with diabetes pills and insulin.

Diet Plan for the Diabetic

A healthy eating plan for a Diabetic person is a traditional low fat diet. This diet would have a ration of 25-30% fats, 50-55% carbs, and 20% protein.

This is the kind of diet that most governmental authorities recommend.

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1/2 Grapefruit, 1 medium bowl oatmeal topped with extra low-fat milk. 1 Tsp honey and 1 Tsp flax seeds.


1 kiwi fruit


40g (uncooked) Basmati rice – cook and server with 4oz cooked chicken strips. 1 small orange, chopped cucumber, and 2 Tsp pine nuts, with oil-free French dressing.

Mid afternoon snack

2 dark rye crisp breads spread with yeast extract.


4 oz salmon fillet topped with 1 1/2 Tsp olive oil blended with 1 garlic clove, grilled and server with 6ox potato mashed with seasoning. Serve with peas and spinach.
1 medium glass of dry white or red wine, or fruit juice.

Try these tasty Diabetic recipes.

Diabetic Meal Plans & Delivery

Diet-to-go offer ready-made diabetic meals – delivered to your home. Their 1200 calorie meal plan satisfies the American Diabetes Association Guidelines.

See more about the Diet to go Diabetic Plan here.

Diabetic Guidelines

  • Drink plenty of water (to aid in kidney function).
  • Aim for slow but sustainable weight loss.
  • Eat little and often – this helps keep blood sugar levels even.
  • Don’t eat less than 25% fats, as essential fats will help to slow down absorption of the meal.
  • Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables.

Other Diabetic Focused Diet Plans

Mayo Clinic Diabetes DietFrom the health professionals at the famous Mayo Clinic
40 Days to Better Living: DiabetesFaith based diabetes reversing program.
There is a Cure for DiabetesGabriel Cousens, MD, claims that diabetes is a curable disease that may be reversed through dietary and lifestyle changes.
NutriSystem DiabeticMeal delivery service that specializes in diabetic approved meals.
Diabetes Dtour DietIt is a six-week program targeted specifically to meet the needs of type 2 diabetics, but also for anyone who is struggling with food cravings, excess weight and chronic fatigue, which may also be signs of an increased risk of developing diabetes.
Blood Sugar SolutionThe Blood Sugar Solution offers a holistic blood sugar diet to assist with the management of obesity, diabetes and related health conditions.
Diet Diva’s Diabetic CookbookA collection of 150 satisfying recipes suitable for those with diabetes. They are designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of diabetics without compromising on flavor.
The Sugar Addicts DietBeyond Sugar Shock is a six-week sugar addicts diet designed to help you overcome your addiction to sugar and other carbohydrate foods.
Newcastle Diet7 out of 11 dieters reversed their type 2 diabetes with this VLCD
Diabetic Diet
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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • William Fuller

    I agree with this blog! My friend is expecting their first and this really helped them with some diet plans. I have also suggested to them to avoid deli meats due to the possible risk of infection. There is a special spice that is also key to any diabetes diet I found.

  • sanjeev

    Well people we basically need to change the way we living

    • Auth

      I had GD as well. It was temporary. My dooctr referred me to a diabetic counselor so I could better understand the diagnosis and get a meal plan. I was required to test my blood sugar daily (4 times/day) and log my carb intake. I shared these results with my dooctr at each visit and we made adjustments as needed. It was frustrating at times, but once I found what foods worked for me I just ate the same things repeatedly.Unfortunately, I was never able to fully control my fasting sugars (first thing in the morning) and I needed to take glyburide once per day at the minimum dosage to get my fasting sugar where my dooctr was comfortable. Post baby, the baby was checked three times in the hospital to ensure she was not diabetic. I immediately went back to a “regular” diet and was checked several times to ensure my sugars were acceptable. My dooctr checked me one last time at my two week post partum follow up and I was given the all clear. Honestly, the diagnosis was a blessing for me. My overall weight gain was 16 pounds through my pregnancy (I was overweight to begin with). And without any real effort post partum, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds. Being forced to get my diet under control was a huge benefit for me. The diet was not what I expected. I was on three meals and three snacks a day. My dooctr wanted me to have a carb and protein at each of these times. I was surprised at how many carbs I was instructed to eat. I had assumed being diagnosed with diabetes would mean to cut all carbs. I was very mis-educated about diabetes until I was forced to deal with it.

  • Dev

    Diabetes can be cured by regular exercise n good diet

  • G Raghuram

    I am a Diabetic Person . Want to know a better Diet plan.


      Hi Raghuram….. Your diet should be divided in to 3 meal and 3 snack a day… and make sure your diet should be 3/4 th portion of fiber rich foods and good amount water… and dont skip your meal timing and meal pattern … with a brisk physical activity

  • lovechaker

    I have been reading these newsletters and they are helpful to me in my condition.


    Surely you need a bold decision to live as a DIABETIC,simple:



  • bathusi

    i believe fruits and veges and excercise will reduce the blood sugar levels as well as the weight. im currently busy fighting the sugar level

  • Ann Mc Kinnon

    Iam 45years old been a type 2 diabetic for 3 years , i dont drink or smoke , my BMI is 24 , im on tablets , i have alot of trouble keeping my sugar low , i find that having small meals im still hungry , what can i do and what is the best diet for me. thank you

  • Maihan yousufi

    my mom is type2 DM.she s 48years old.she is 65kg.she s 1.5meter tall she has dm since 6years.please adivce me about her food planing

  • tony onuoha

    I really like ur site. Please l need more more advise on daibetes

  • melanie hayden

    My fiancee has Diabetes 2. WE would like to start a regimen/diet beneficial to both of us following a diabetic diet of 1800 calories. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciate. Sincerely, M. Hayden

  • yashoda

    may i take red wine its good for health please suggest

  • sanjna

    my father has diabetic and it is very high we are treatement it but could you say me what we do at home for his diabetic


    just been diognose type 2 today

  • ammu

    how can i recognize diabetic? its curable?

  • judy wheeler

    hello, and i want 2 say that i really enjoy watching your show.i do have a few questions, and would love to get some good advice,, my husband is a bad diabetic, and he thinks he can eat anything that he wants 2, and it won’t hurt he as long as he has insulin,but what i try to tell him, is that he is killing his organ’s more and more,because he LOVES his suger,and he thinks he has to have it every day, and he put’s away about a 12 pack of dr.pepper’s with all the suger that he has already intaked,and it really bothers me,so dr. oz, can you please help me, and give me some advice on how to deal with it,he does not like the sub suger’s, so can you please help me on what to do next,, i don’t know how to turn or how many turns to turn and make it right,,sometimes i want to throw my hands up and give up, but i know i have god on my side, and that is what keeps me going,along with my diabetic husband that i truely love, but i need HELP,,his suger’s alway’s runs any-where in the 200- to 600-, then he shoots him-self with insulin,,that’s not good,any advice will be wonderful,,will be looking to hear from you soon,, god bless, and thank you,,judy,


    would really admire to have one since many diabetic clients come to me for advice.


  • carrie

    Just to point out in your diet plan…it would be more effective to not have mashed potato for dinner because it is a fast processing food. Instead… change the effects of mash, mash it with some sweet potato to put some fibre in so it goes through slower and stops a fast sugar release….also cut out the wine. Some advice for all of you on here if you want to improve your health or even lose weight; look into having a low gi diet. It will help you. My house are type 2 diabetic by inheritance x

  • Lou

    I am not diabetic, however, I eat way to much sugar and need to loose some weight!!! Thanks for this website.

  • anushka

    hello , thanks for the Diabetic Diet.
    my mom had dibities from last 30 years & she is 62 years old , she takes 3 times insulin in a day , also she had injure in leg from last 5 year & doctor don 3 times surgery on her leg. still she is not recover. doctor suggest to dont touch the leg on floor thats why she is completly on bed. please advise me the proper & sutable diet for her. her weight is 80 kg.
    thanks & regards,

  • shambhu shukla

    Thank U For Site,It Help Us To Control Dibeties

  • Carlo Adeline

    My girlfriend has soon discovered that she is a diabetic person, and i feel responsible for her diet planning, i need your help!

  • sucharitha

    my husband is having the type1 diabetics,in what can i help him in terms of diet

  • Margaret capaldi

    What fruit is good for me and is cornflakes ok to eat

  • Aliyu

    The diabetic meal you presented is quite appreciated, but in Africa much of those foodstuffs listed are not obtainable or are not known by the names mentioned so far, what would be the diabetic meal plan for Africa. Thank you


    I am suffering from type 2 diabetese,kindly suggest me about diet what to eat or what not specially in terms of fruits and vegetables.I got confused because of different opinion of diet restriction.

    • Ram Niwas Nagpal

      I am diabetic patient post bypass surgery, aged 59 years. Fasting remains near 180 and post prandial 280. I am taking tablic Glycomet GP2 Forte as directed by doctor with other medicines relating to heart ailment ie. Ecosprin etc. Kindly suggest me about died what to eat or what not to eat. I do not take alcohal.



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