The Clean Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

the-clean-dietThe Clean Program is a 21-day detox diet that was designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger, a New York City cardiologist, and leader in the field of integrative medicine.

Junger developed his program to treat chronic symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, headaches, depression, fatigue, weight gain, and insomnia. He says these problems are due to a build up of toxins and that his plan addresses this factor so as to restore the optimal functioning of the body.

Clean Diet Basics

The Clean Program helps to restore the ability of the body to heal itself by several methods.

  1. Reducing the load on the digestive system.
  2. Protecting you from the damage of circulating toxins.
  3. Delivering specific liver detox nutrients.
  4. Promoting gut repair.


Dr. Alejandro Junger

For each day of the 21-day program you will have a liquid meal for breakfast, a solid meal for lunch and a liquid meal for dinner.

A special meal replacement shake is recommended for the liquid meals, however, it is possible to substitute this with fresh juices and blended smoothies or soups if desired.

Junger states that there is an option to switch lunch and dinner so that you have a solid meal in the evening, however, this will result in less efficient detoxification so should preferably only be done occasionally.

Dieters are also advised to make sure there is a twelve-hour window between the last meal of one day and breakfast the following day because this gives the digestive system a rest and enhances the detox process.

There are three central pillars of the Clean program:

1) REMOVE toxins:

  • Avoid processed food.
  • Buy organic when possible.
  • Remove bad bacteria in your digestive system.

2) RESTORE what is lacking:

  • Consume nutrient-rich foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes).
  • Use supplements to boost availability of depleted nutrients.
  • Get 15 minutes of sunlight exposure each day to ensure better levels of vitamin D for bone strength and protection from cancer and depression.

3) REJUVENATE your life:

  • Make time for “detox-enhancing” habits such as saunas, massage, and skin brushing.
  • Meditate, even if for only five minutes a day.
  • Dieters are told that they should have a bowel movement every day and if this does not occur spontaneously then they should take a laxative. Colon Cleanses are also encouraged and can be undertaken on a daily basis if desired.

Recommended Foods

Mango, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, apples, watermelon, leafy green vegetables, zucchini, cucumber, carrot, butternut squash, broccoli, asparagus, rice milk, almond milk, brown rice, millet, quinoa, lentils, beans, raw nuts, cold pressed oils, agave nectar, cold water fish, wild game, lean lamb, duck, chicken, turkey, herbs and spices, green tea.

Sample Diet Plan


Kale pineapple and chia smoothie

Morning snack

Raw almonds


Warm salmon and asparagus salad with pesto

Afternoon Snack

Blueberries, raspberries and cucumber


Butternut squash bisque

Exercise Recommendations

Dieters are advised to increase their daily lifestyle activity by walking as much as possible and taking the stairs instead of the lift, for example. More deliberate exercise activities are encouraged but are not an essential part of the program.

Costs and Expenses

Clean: A Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself retails at $25.99.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price. The even more affordable Kindle version can be downloaded here.

In order to do the program as recommended in the book it is also necessary to purchase a variety of supplements at a cost of $250 to $425.


  • Gentle approach to detox that should produce very few uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Dieters should be able to maintain their energy levels and normal daily activities.
  • Provides extra nutritional support that improves the effectiveness of the detox.
  • Provides adequate protein, which will reduce appetite and maintain muscle mass as calories are reduce.
  • Includes recipes and menu suggestions.


  • Recommends the use of meal replacement shakes and supplements which will increase the expense of this program.
  • Recommends the use of colonics and laxatives, which may potentially have adverse effects such as electrolyte imbalances.
  • May require more time for food preparation, especially if dieters opt to prepare their own liquid meals rather than using the meal replacement supplements.
  • A high-speed blender is necessary for some of the recipes.

A Detox for Busy People

The Clean Program gives dieters the opportunity to undertake an effective detox program without causing any major disruptions to their regular lifestyle. The cost of the program including supplements may be beyond the reach of many dieters, however, it is still possible to follow this plan and achieve good results without them.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Jill Jensen

    I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis I would like to know if this cleanse diet would be alright with this condition? and what about low blood sugars? what if you cannot do a full 21 days?

  • mamahutch

    What’s the best “cocktail” for the apple cider vinegar?

  • mazen

    i would like to know about chicken and meat and fish how the way to cook (by oil) can i got more information plz.

  • Donna Lash

    I would like to know if egg whites and decafe coffee are OK on the Detox Diet.

    • Ping

      Nope, no eggs, no coffee- coffee is acidic and therefore acid forming. Eggs as well. You can eat some meat. On the diet but it MUST be organic. Unorganic meat has many many more harmful chemicals and hormones than vegetables.

  • Benji

    This is similar to the Paleo diet except some of the items are allowed on this one. ie brown rice and legumes…. I think all studies are pointing to the same simple truth: We need to go back to nature. Nature through billions of years perfected what we need to be consuming aligning to our specific needs. It’s really that simple. All organic. Non processed. Meat…… No hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids. Vegetables and plenty of them. Fruit. No dairy. No grains. and NO darn GMO corn products which is literally in EVERYTHING. IF cannot grow out of the ground don’t eat it. If it has a shelf life longer than your own life, don’t eat it! Nature knows best and a plethora of science is starting to prove it over and over again. :)

  • josie

    I want to try the Hummus Chicken recipe but it does not tell you how long it takes to cook. If anyone knows please email me. Thank you.

    • Karen

      Cook the hummus chicken for 30 minutes on 450 F

    • Ping

      Never made it but the cashew cream cheese is incredible!!! Even my boyfriend who hates healthy/alternative (basically anything out of the norm) loved it!!! And was super confused haha

    • MaryAnn Bobiak

      Just tried it and it was really good. I cooked the chicken for 30 minutes which is what the receipe states.

  • Lisa

    It worked for me! I found out that I am allergic to eggs, broccoli, pineapple, bananas, and chicken. I lost 12 lbs on the Cleanse and a total of 35 lbs staying on a morning shake and the elimination diet.

  • jessica thornton

    it didnt work at all it was not very good

    • Ginger

      Did you feel the diet was too hard due to cravings?

  • Maria Camacho

    I tried to start my clean program this morning. I took my supplements and made a chocolate shake. It didn’t taste very good so I added blackberries. Both versions of the shake were blended. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep the shake or the supplements down.
    I have tried different protein shakes and supplements threw out the years and have never experienced a reaction like this before nor did i expect the shake to be delicious. I took the pills with some of the shake and then tried to drink the remainder of the shake. Has anyone else had the same experience? Suggestions on ways to make it palatable enough to keep down?

    • Karen

      :Hi Maria, I have found the shakes to be really good. I’m following the book version of the cleanse and purchased economical protein powder by Garden of Life (chocolate flavor). I add cup of blueberrie, 1 c almond milk. 11T flax seed oil, 1/2c frozen cherries and fresh pineapple. I blend this ad then add several ice cubes. I love the taste. I’m on day 15 and the the couple of days shake wasn’t tasting right, for the 1st time it was tasting like protein powder, I finally figured out I had reduced the amount of fruit and wasn’t using enough ice. I’ve found the program to be great, to be off sugar, dairy and processed foods is an amazing feeling and it came pretty easy. I didn’t know I could do it, but here it is week 3! All the bestto you, Karen

      • chili perez

        I can not afford dr. alejandro’s junder book. I google Dr. Oz & it seems he does not agree with his regiment? I am stearing away from Sodas/juices which are concentrated/fried food/white breads replacing with Pita bread…whole milk replaced by Almond milk & pretty much not every buying cakes/high carb foods again. I have lost amazingly 3 lbs in 2 days. I don’t eat after 8pm nightly..if I get hungry I will have a celery stick/cucumber with mineral water. good luck to everyone,

  • Embo

    My husband just told me tonight he was concerned about my weight and that it was t healthy And he didn’t want to be lighter than his wife. I am starting this fruit and vegetable cleanse tomorrow to show him. I feel so ugly awful and repulsive right now and even though he says he’s still sexually attracted to me and thinks I’m sexy I don’t believe him and have been cryig a lot. I’ve been tryi g to lose ought for years with no success and he said he has lost 2 stone in two months and found it easy and so it can’t have been as hard as I’ve made out and it shouldn’t have taken me so long. I am so lost and feel terrible. I want to look sexy and wear wee sexy outfits for him. He we t to give me a massage tonight and just told me I was too fat so now massages are ruined for me.

    • Joanne G Ferrato

      You husband is an idiot!!!!. They’re more sensitive about their weight than we are!. He has to love you for you. It’s you that wants to change for you, not for him!

    • ND

      I agree, he is an idiot!! I am sure that is intentions were not to be hurtful but the opposite sex doesn’t always understand how to approach such delicate subjects. I hope the Cleanse works for you but I would also check with an endocrinologist. We found that a hormone imbalance was the cause of my sisters not being able to loose weight, even after diet and exercise…Good luck and I hope it works out well for you!!

    • melody

      he is an idiot!

    • Gina

      Embo,…I was so saddened to see your post about your conversation and interaction with your husband. I hope that since that was in August that things are better now. It takes awhile to lose weight, so please be patient with yourself. Ask your husband to support you through it all,…that is what unconditional love does. He should love you and treat you no different,…even if you aren’t happy with yourself, he should love you no less.

    • Linda

      Wow, how cruel we can be to our loved ones. My ex could drop his weight when he wanted, never understood why I couldn’t. It turned out my hormones, thyroid, adrenal glands were all out of control. I couldn’t lose weight because my body was slowly shutting down. I went to several doctors, according to them, I was fine. A friend convinced me to try her doctor out. She made me change my diet, gave me vitamins, shots, hormone replacements. I wish you good luck in your search for a healthier body. Don’t stop looking for the help, its out there, just hard to find, like a good man.

    • kris

      The fact that he says he is still sexually attracted to you AND is reaching out to you physically shows that he is legitimately concerned for your health and not your physical appearance. If he didn’t love you and worry about you he could have said nothing and let you die of heart disease, diabetes or a whole other host of weight related problems. Do it for yourself, yes, but I wonder how hard it was for him to say something, and he only wants you to be around so you two can grow old together?

    • LuLu

      Hmm…. not a very kind thing to day to one’s wife. Imagine how much weight you can lose if you lose the husband, too!

    • ladychange

      Dear Embo,

      Similar story…my husband doesn’t tell me, but he just has no interest in being intimate with me at all. That to me is an indication. Anyway, it makes me really sad. I am only 5 kg overweight at most (it may even be less) but I am only 5’2″ tall. That is lot on my little frame. So like yourself I have been trying to lose weight for a while, started working out and actually gained weight! Yikes! So I have a few tips for you….1. Quit meat if you can. Last year I quit eating meat, that helps me digest better and feel better in general, it was hard, and a process, fall off the wagon once in a while but no matter, just get back on. You will have to learn to cook all over again. Get like 6 good easy recipes, let those be your staples. Eat organic eggs and learn to love spinache omelets, lentils and fresh foods. 2. Shop healthy, do NOT bring unhealthy stuff in the house. Too bad for the rest. Buy loads of fruit, drink a pot of green tea every night while watching tv (instead of other stuff) and buy rice wafers (they come in all kinds of flavors including chocolate chips) instead of cookies and all kinds of other stuff. 3. Every Saturday treat yourself to having a nice cup of coffee somewhere with something yummy. Only once a week. 4. Eat crackers instead of bread. My lunches are yummy rosemary thin crackers, cottage cheese with tomatoes or olives. 5. Watch your portions in the evening, better bigger lunch and small dinner. Serve yourself more veggies than the family and less rice or potatoes. And FISH, FISH, FISH, all kinds. I buy a good variety and freeze them. we eat Fish every other day. Quiches are super easy, lasagna with veggies only and replace half the ricotta with cottage cheese. 6. Drink loads of WATER, or make your own iced teas with honey and drink those instead of the super expensive kinds from the supermarkets. DO not drink beer ever, wine ok, prosecco ok. Often times when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. Of course exercise if you can (I still have a hard time doing that regularly) but I now go for long walks in the neighborhood. Our beauty is NOT the shape our bodies or the wrinkles or whatever, our beauty as women lies in our femininity. We are women and therefore we are beautiful. I hate it that my husband’s low libido makes me feel like crap about myself, but I know it is his issue. I think it is okay for us to be somewhat critical towards our partners as long as we do it lovingly. So it is not terrible that your husband said something about it and don’t take it so harshly. And apparently he does care, otherwise he would not say anything at all (and have an affair instead). Just change your lifestyle day by day, it is a process, it will take time. Feed your body with foods that nourish. One of my rules is also to eat things the way they were made by nature (no refined foods). Real maple syrup, honey and cane sugar instead of white sugar. Little changes in the long run will make a big difference. Oh yeah, and organic Apple cider vinegar & water is my friend to help me detox. Respect your body, get in touch with it, feel it, listen to it, become aware of how you feel when you eat different things. Good luck!

      • amanda

        @ladychange – I very much agree with a lot of what you are saying here, I just wanted to make one point. When you start going to the gym and working out it is normal to gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat! So at the beginning as you are gaining muscle the scale may go up. In the long run, increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism and ultimately improves your ability to burn fat. When you first start working out look for changes in muscle definition and in inches. Don’t stress about weight changes at the beginning of a new workout routine. Have fun and enjoy feeling stronger!

    • Penny

      Ok i think this is a joke… if this is really happenong the first thing u should do is get divorced of that pathetic men. Then if u really want (and in my opinion i believe is more important for health and trying to have a better life) start doing an proper diet and doing exercise. In my experience this kind of diets dont work that much cuz because u are not earting proper food, only this shakes, of course u loose weight, The minute u start eating again, surprise surprise u gain weight. Although, if u are having a really bad diet (meaning fast food, fried food, etc) maybe its a good idea to detox ur body. The only way u can take off weight and keep it that way is changing ur eating habits and doing more exircese.
      By the way, I dont know you, but i believe every person in this world, women or men, deserves better than the guy u have next to u. I cant put in words how wrong he is. Good luck and cheers up. U worth a +1000 more than here

    • Carolyn


      What a difficult evening for you…. even though I know that it hurt to hear what your husband had to say, I want you to focus on yourself. People, especially women, are beautiful in every shape in size… it is about how you feel about yourself, how you carry yourself and if you believe in yourself. Ask yourself how you feel… do you feel sluggish? Is it difficult to get around sometimes? Is your health suffering? Then these are reasons to consider losing weight… do it for yourself… do it becuase you want to. Love yourself enough to do what is best for Embo and even though I can’t erase the pain from what you feel… just know that you are not alone. I don’t know your husband, but I know many men and sometimes they are inadequate at proper “female” communication… I would like to say that this is indeed the case. Your husband should love you regardless… weight is just a number…. If you are miserable with yourself…then empower yourself to change for YOU… YOU are worth whatever your dream is!!

    • Jo

      You don’t need a diet, you need a marrige counselor. The person you are married to should not tell you that you are fat. It sounds like there are other underlying issues that need to be worked through and he is using your weight as an excuse. Every man knows that is something they can blame you for and there is nothing you can do about it but feel terrible and beat up on yourself. Find ways to feel good about yourself, and seek some counsel!

    • Veronica

      I’m also over-weight, but I have a partner that supports me and tries to help me as much as he can. I’m the bad one in the relationship. I always put myself down or try to get the first laugh in before someone else does about my weight. I finally realized recently that I need to do something about my weight and the only person that can do that is me. No matter how much my husband says he loves and is always there for me or my family saying how beautiful I am, I needed to believe in myself because no diet will work if you don’t work on yourself and how you feel about things. It will just set you back and all you will get is disappointment and blame yourself. I’m rooting for you and just know that someone out there is thinking about you and wishing you the best in this journey.

    • Jacqui

      Embo, the bottom line is that you have chosen to make a healthy, positive change for your life. That is a beautiful decision that will ultimately bring you great joy…not because of the weight loss (which will come), but because you are realizing that you are worth taking care of. You are worth it NOW, not a year from now when you meet your goals, but right now, at this very moment you are WORTH IT. Don’t lose sight of why you are doing this or allow your husband’s negative attitude to acid rain on your parade. I know what it’s like to start and stop diets and I know how difficult it is to make it to the finish line and how easy it is to allow yourself to buy into all of the lies that hold you back. Never believe another person’s definition of you and don’t you waste one more tear on negative emotions. Channel all of that negative energy back into your program. When you catch yourself latching on to those old negative feelings go for a walk/jog/run. I won’t lie to you…those first few steps are awful but after it’s over you will feel incredible and your thoughts will be clear as a blue sky. You can do this, you can be successful. Trust me, if I can do it then so can you. Every time you feel like quitting, like the finish line is too far away, just know that you have a friend in Florida rooting for you! And the next time you need a massage, honey, you just go on out and get you a nice massage from a licensed professional and don’t you feel guilty about it for one tiny little minute.

    • Alina

      Hi Embo,
      even though i really think the fact your husband told you he´s worried about your weight is something good, i think he´s very insensible!
      Maybe it´s easy for him to lose weight….great for him! But i know how it is to be on a diet and getting nothing but frustration. I think you shouldn´t do something like weird vegetable cleanse.It will leave you hungry at night and you´ll just give up and eat pizza and stuff! Just change your diet a bit. Eat bread and stuff in the morning. Drink a lot of water during the day, no soda. Some vegetable and chicken, potatoes for lunch and try to leave carbs out for dinner. You´ll see an improvment very fast, without being hungry all the time. If your husband wants you to lose weight tell him to support you. No more candies or sweets at home. Tell him to help you to make healthy choices!!!
      I wish you the best, you can be strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Veronica

        Hi Alina,
        i was reading what you said to Embo. I’m over weight too and my friends were telling about this Clean diet. But I think I’m going to try what you said. It sounds more sensible. I’m just afraid if I did the Clean diet I’ll end up going back to my old ways. I did something similar to this once before, it worked for awhile and I looked and felt great but I wasn’t eating enough and started craving foods that were not good for me. I know I’m going on and on I have a bad habit of doing that. But I’m going to take your advice and see how that goes for me.

    • Leimo

      Embo thats so sad and not a nice thing to say & then brag about whathe’s lost!! (i have a friend doing the same to me) nobody likes a bragger!!! There is only one person you should lose weight for and thats you. Everyone loses weight differentl, we all have a different metabolic rate. You go for it. Good luck.

    • Chad

      @ embo: How awful. One half of a relationship cannot simply demand that the other half meet its approval. And rushing into what you anticipate will be an extreme diet isn’t the answer to a relational issue–though it does sound like you’re overreacting to what may have been intended as a constructive conversation about your weight and health. Sounds like you guys need to hit “rewind” and have a calm and loving conversation about where your relationship is going and what you want your future to be like together. And then talk about how you can support each other in improving your diet and activity level.

      About this diet: you DO NOT need to buy supplements. The book kind of hypes them because Dr. Hunger (or is it Younger?) is selling an expensive and unnecessary case of them. But, it’s there in plain writing in the book, if you’re paying attention: you don’t need them, you can just eat good foods.
      And you don’t have to drink shakes twice a day (once in the am is fine, just be smart about lunch and snacks). And you don’t need to snake out your colon or pray to exotic dieties or scrub yourself with coral or any of the other pseudo-scientific and pseudo-religious rubbish the book is embellished with.
      Another thing: the diet is basically the same “elimination diet” clinics require people who need testing for allergies get on for a month. You cut out everything that many people are allergic to. you eat good foods. And you eat less. And, after 21-30 days, you will have developed some new habits, recipes, and feel better b/c you’re not eating crap anymore. If you ALSO lose weight, and you probably will, Great! But the primary goal should be changing how you eat and increasing your activity level–the reason you probably got fat in the first place.

    • Tisha

      Embo its about lifestyle and mindset change my friend. I am starting a 30 days to Healthy living program that doesn’t cost nearly as much as this clean diet program and it provides the products. I’ve used it before with great success but as I said its a mindset thing and when you revert back to old habits well you know the rest. I absolutely love this program because its Vegan based, Gluten Free, and makes me feel good from the inside out. If you are interested let me know.

      • Mimi

        @ Tisha
        Hi I am actually interested in the 30 days healthy living program

  • Ernie Somers

    Day 9 of the cleanse after a 5 day pre-cleanse. felling great. have lost 10 lbs. a few days of headaches at the start, this has passed. i day of feeling lethargic, rest fixed that. I would highly reccomend it. Although I spent more time cooking, it has been fun. I plan to continue the clean diet post 21 days. Five Stars

  • Nicola

    After feeling tired for so long, I felt I needed to detox from all my bad habbits from just being too lazy to eat properly which is not what I am used to. I have gained so much weight and I constantly feel bad. So tomorrow is the big day…..Ican’t wait to feel great again.

  • Debra

    Just want to point out that though the book recommends purchasing the shakes if people are concerned about the prep time and also don’t want to worry about adding several additional supplements. I have been doing the cleanse for 4 days now and doing almost all of it with organic groceries and relatively low cost supplements (e.g. milk thistle). When I went to the wondeful Clean site, it was confirmed that purchasing these shakes was absolutely not required to have a good cleanse.

  • Priscilla

    I disagree with the statement that colon therapy can cause electrolyte imbalance. As a colon therapist with 5 years of experience, this is simply not the case unless a person has kidney disease in which case colon therapy is contraindicated. Laxatives, however, can cause dehydration and potassium loss. The Clean Diet is a good way for people to rediscover their balance. It is a good program. The supplements are not necessary for many people. As for food preparation, we should all be preparing most of our food as restaurants are just not healthy places to eat.

  • Amy

    Would this program be good for someone who has hepatitis C?

    • Adalberto

      Brief update about my own weghit loss-success:Now, after only 4 months and really just by detoxing, my weghit dropped to 72 kilograms (160 pounds)!Which means nothing less, than I managed to lose a total of 24 kilograms(53 pounds) through this method.And I did not have to go on any kind of diet! (Apart from a plastic-diet maybe). My body looks way better now, I got a big chunk of my energy back and fitness excercises dont kill me anymore. But I will keep going and stick with this method

      • Leimo

        Wow well done, thats amazing. Would you mind if i asked what you have on a typical day?? Many thanks :)

  • sherin

    i acctualy tried every single diet and still wont work i am 85kilos and i need to lose 4 stones for my new dress cz i am goin to a wedding and i am 13 any 1 knows any fast diets

    • Kai

      Yes hun i do, But like all ‘diets’ it comes down to whether you really and truly want to loose weight, i kid you not it is 90% mental and 10% diet/exercise. If your really committed then find the healthiest eating plan and do exercise otherwise the only quick fix is surgery and honestly if you have to cut your fat off then your doing something wrong. So go out for a walk with the dog or ipod for 30 mins a day and eat healthy. Start today by measuring your waist, bust, thighs and bottom as well as your weight and then every second day after implementing you new diet and exercise measure yourself in the same spots. If after 2 weeks you see no difference be honest with yourself about what you need to change. Good luck.

  • Terry

    Met a guy on the plane who said his whole life changed with Dr Junger’s cleanse and diet. He smoked and quit COLD TURKEY, lost weight, shocked ALL his doctors and now is a vegetarian and has even planted his own organic garden. Why was this successful? COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION. We can’t wait for a ‘compelling event’ like a heart attack to make us wake up and realize CHEMICAL UNFOOD is deadly to our health! COKE is a prime example and DIET COKE is one of the most deceptive marketing schemes ever next to SUGAR FREE.ASPARTAME/PHENLALAMINE is 200 times sweeter and it is addictive! DIABETICS should NOT be eating anything with this in it.
    EDUCATINING ourselves is really the key too.CHANGE doesn’t come easy but it CAN be done. Write yourself POSITIVE notes, avoid negative people, they want you like ‘them.’ Exercise goes hand and hand but eating REAL food is key. Beware of hidden MSG, an excitotoxin, and read labels. MSGmyth has the list of hidden names for MSG, can give you a NON-GMO Food Guide, and a list of those foods that NEED to be ORGANIC. Remove TOXIC products from your home like GLADE air freshener, 409, Lestoil, PERFUMED anything, go to SKIN DEEP database and look up toxic ingredients in personal care products, especially for children’s products.It ALL comes together to help be toxic free and HEALTHY!
    I trust Dr Russell Blaylock, Dr Samuel Epstein and Dr Mercola’s information. ANYTHING by Dr DEVRA DAVIS is reliable too.
    The FOOD and PHARMA INDUSTRY profit from our being SICK…arm yourself with information and KILL them with knowledge before they kill you with toxins, chemicals and drugs. GOOD LUCK to everyone and NEVER GIVE UP on YOURSELF!

    • David Starr

      Hi Terry,

      It’s tough commenting on potential hazards, because our world is really complex. But even though we are more obese, and have less manual labor we still live longer now than ever before in history. So I think that a calmer, “It makes sense to to eat and be around things with less chemicals, would make us healthier,” as opposed to “COKE is a prime example and DIET COKE is one of the most deceptive marketing schemes ever next to SUGAR FREE. ASPARTAME/PHENLALAMINE is 200 times sweeter and it is addictive! DIABETICS should NOT be eating anything with this in it.”

      As a type 1 diabetic (juvenile diabetes) saying that they should never be eaten isn’t helping anything but scaring people. I check my blood glucose +4 times a day, and it doesn’t have an effect on it. I’m not saying it’s healthier than water, but it’s a treat to have occasionally, and unlike juice wont spike your blood sugar/insulin.

      I just feel that panic-y way of talking about things seems a bit evangelical and a bit overboard. The other thing is trusting without critical thinking is always risky “ANYTHING by Dr DEVRA DAVIS is reliable too.” You should try to take a reasonable approach to information, and try to inform yourself the best way possible. Which by the way leads me to think doing a cleanse like this one, healthy and reasonable, is a good idea. I just think it become a bit rant-y and can turn fare minded people away from good ideas when there is so many ALL CAPS STATEMENTS.



    • Joyce

      Terry, you are indeed an inspiration. I love your attitude. Thanks so much for your post, I’m really encouraged now.

    • Traci

      Terry, you have such a GREAT attitude!! I just started the clean diet! I have an AMAZING opportunity for you!! With your attitude, determination, and knowledge incredible things can happen! Thank you for this post! I definitely needed it today!

  • Don Hammond

    I love the diet and the book! I have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks, (I have done a lot of Vinyasa Yoga too). I have never had this kind of success dieting, noe have I ever given up caffene and alcohol before. It works, you just have to commit. Thats the scariest part. You can do it!


    I tried this beginning January 1, 2012 at the age of 57 and have lost five pounds (January 6). An added benefit is that my blood pressure improved from 100/160 (YIKES) to 78/134. I exercise one hour per day in my home gym (stairmaster, treadmill, recumbant bike). I did that before, although not as consistently. I am hungry all the time!!!! I am also very pleased with the results.

  • sylvie

    It all comes to a healthy way of eating. I have been on a fruit and vegetables juice for a year now, and felt beautiful. In the last four weeks, I started to indulge a little cookie, tortes, well let me tell you,my body responded. I am tired, everything hurts, my joints are stiff, so starting today i am going back to my juice, and no salt. natural foods with lots of spices for taste, mostly vegetables, a little fish here and there. I have to feel good again, with energy. Oh and my colon got cleaner too.

  • Tracey

    I give five stars. Iam doing the detox due to after a year some of our habbits creeped back in.

  • agustin flores

    Sounds good..might try it

  • Nicole

    I bought the book and read it cover to cover before kicking off, but I did a ‘thrifty working person’s’ version which worked really well (clear skin, 5kgs less, more energy!). Apart from food items, all I bought were, the book (AUS$25), some garlic tablets, psyllium tablets for fibre, a bottle of cold pressed virgin olive oil, and herbal laxative tablets (total of about AUS$40 from the supermarket, not the health food store). Then I would make a big jug of smoothie – 1 part frozen raspberries, 1 part frozen blackberries, 1 part unsweetened coconut milk, all blended, which I’d take to work and have for breakfast (one jug lasts about 3 days), then lunch I’d get lots of salad veges (mostly greens like lettuce, parsley, rocket, snow peas, cucumber) and I’d microwave a frozen fish fillet, chop it up and throw that in, with half a lemon wedge squeezed over it. Dinner would be a bowl of organic soup you can buy in 1.5litre cartons at the supermarket (about AUS$6 each), after dinner I’d have 1 garlic tablet, 2 psyllium tablets, herbal laxative if needed, and lastly a tablespoon of the olive oil. Snacks would be a dozen almonds, or brazil nuts, in between meals, and I’d get through 2 litres of filtered water, and about 3 green teas as well. Keep in mind this is a super simplified version of the diet, but it’s cheap, fast for working people, effective, and has all the basic principles.

  • Brooke Martin

    I hadn’t seen one of my friends from school for three months, and I ended up running into her the other night and she looked FANTASTIC! She was never big to begin with before but she looked SO tiny and healthy! When I asked her what her secret is she told me the “clean” cleanse. I looked it up and I can not wait to try it! I doubt that she spent $450 on it (being college students), so I’m sure it can be done at your own cost willament. I’m so excited to try this!

  • Gisela

    i just came across clean program and I did not buy yet. Do one buy the book first or buy the kid of $350. I understand that you take two shakes and one meal, so does the book provide the 21 day plan or should i just buy the kid. It is a lot of money and I’m little confuse. So can you tell me what to do.

  • mithra

    This program has many great things about it. The recipes are wonderful, tasty and you use food you normally don’t. We are going to use some of the recipes when we entertain.
    As for the cost, you can buy your own good quality probiotics which you should probably take most of the time. If you have time you do not need to use the protein powder, I have only used it once in the three weeks as I find the recipes so good. There are other non diary, non soy powders that are good but may not be cheaper.
    But most important, it is gentle. This not harsh or extreme. Sure you may feel sluggish a bit, but that passes after a few days. Yea a bit of hunger just before dinner but if you need to eat a few berries will cover you.
    The uphill is the first week. This is a well thought sensible system for those that want to clean up themselves and feel better. I have been a vegan for 40 years and still found good benefits from this program.

  • Kathy Hiton

    I am interested in diet for the best heart healthy I can get.

  • T.L

    My husband and I just completed this cleanse, and we both feel fantastic. Never felt hungry or deprived, but the husband did feel crappy the first week. Me, not really. Noticed the biggest difference in week 2. Both of us lost about 10 lbs by week 2, but not anymore in week 3, although we both woud have been happy to have lost another 5 or so lbs. No muscle mass loss, which I am pleased with. Going off the cleanse has been fine as well. No major food cravings and not need to gorge on a bunch of stuff that wasn’t permitted. I really missed cheese and crunchy things like corn chips, but we were already gluten free and ate a lot of fruits and veg to start with, so there wasn’t a huge adjustment. This would likely be more difficult for someone who had a more commercial/fast food type diet. We have committed to doing this once a year, but we only bought the protein powder and L-glutamine, so the cost wouldn’t be as high. I didn’t need the other supplements as we already have a good supply of various vitamins/minerals, flax etc. No issues with constipation whatsoever, but I always take a cal/mag blend to help along with this. Really, we both feel great and my husband even thanked me for insisting that we do this. Recommend this for everyone!

  • Directive

    This is a waste of money. You should never have to take supplements if the diet is raw and healthy enough for you. Supplements are a waste of money and are always trying to correct something that you’re doing incorrectly in your diet anyhow, so if you just correct your diet the need for supplements disappears.
    Also if you stick to a raw low fat diet you’ll keep the weight off and save money doing it.

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