Cambridge Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

cambrigde-dietThe Cambridge Diet is based in the United Kingdom. It has it’s origins from the Cambridge University in the late 1970s. The Cambridge Diet was officially launched in 1984, but now has distributors worldwide.

The Diet Plan

The Cambridge Diet is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and is made up of pre-packaged foods. The foods have been formulated to provide precise amounts of vitamins, nutrients and calories – and are available as sachets (shakes or soups), bars, or “brix”.

The daily calorie levels start as low as 415-500 calories per day. After a period of time (a maximum of 4 weeks), the calorie levels are upped (first to 790, then to 1,000 calories per day).

It is essential that copious amounts of water are drunk during the diet to avoid dehydration.

A Risky Endeavor

The Cambridge Diet should be used only under the guidance of a medical practitioner In the UK, the diet is only available through accredited counselors and to people with a BMI above 25.

Despite research confirming the benefits of VLCD’s they should only be used under medical supervision. Exercise cannot be maintained (except for very low intensity exercise) during the diet, and additional fiber may be required to prevent constipation.

Be very careful with the Cambridge Diet.

Different Versions?

The Cambridge Diet is only available through distributors. The distributors in the USA provide slightly different formulations to those in the UK.

See Also – Official homepage of the Cambridge Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Cardine

    Hi there everyone, im on day 5 today hoping today is gonna be a better day than yesterday as I really struggled but with my will power still stuck to my 4shakes and water.
    Im getting weighed tomorrow and im really hoping for a good loss to help me stick with this diet.
    Im adding the extra fibre powder with my meals but I havent been to the loo in 5days, has anyone else had this problem as im now starting to feel bloated.
    Forgot to add im 5’4 and 10st 10lb
    Hoping to get to 9stone, wish me luck everyone and look forward to hearing all ur

  • margaret boudin

    I used your diet through the diabetic clinic,it worked well and I was healthy.I have now moved to France and am desperate to lose weight again,can you send it here and accept a French a cheque,also what is the price now oer month Maggie

  • Rawan

    What will happened if I drank the milkshakes and they were expired a month ago?

    • ted

      Usually products that are expired aren’t harmful, but may not be the same quality.

  • Rez

    hi its my 2nd week on the diet lost 6lb my first week cos i had some food 4thday on 2nd week didnt have any food hoping to have big loss this week going to get weighd on wed

    • Rez

      hi its my 3rd week got weighd 2day lost 4lb cos this week had bars 7 bars altogether thats slowd my weight loss any way in 3weeks lost 15lb 1stone 1lb wow

    • Rez

      hi got weighd 2day lost 5lb i know i said 4th day of 2nd week didnt have food but after that did have food thats why lost 5lb i am still happy lost 11lb in 2 weeks 3lb to go stone down next week will achieve it will let you know

  • nichola

    started the SSplus 3 days ago….. All going well. When will I start to shed the pounds ???
    Help I need to keep motivated

  • nic

    hi! i’m on day 6 of the dite and im doing really well..i’m really am fancying food as im bored but the will power is there not to eat any im so pround of myself..i’m 12stone 2 and need yo shift a stone as im running 13.2 miles on the 6of october and im really looking forward to it but really need to shift some weight first. im finding not training for a wk really hard but i must start traing soon thou but doing dite ur not ment too so what do i do? xxx

    • Sapphire

      You can still train. I do 3 hours of high intensity exercise a day (boxing, power lifting, jogging).

  • osas

    Pls I want d product .but am in hw can I get it?

  • chinny

    I am on day 10 of cambridge diet. The first 5 days were really terrible cos I was sticking to the minimum water intake of 2.25 litres, not taking into cognisance that am from Nigeria which is a tropical location. I have since upped my water intake to 3 litres(minimum) on the advice of my counsellor and I feel much better. Still miss my usual meals but no longer hungry or shaky. I detest all the soups so I live on shakes and porridges. Have lost 5 pounds only but well am not giving up yet. Will add green tea and sweetex to my routine by 2mras my throat is always parched no matter how much water I drink. Am not cheating in any way so why am I losing weight ds slowly?

  • mArIa

    I am on my second day of CD. I feel fine- positive thought- i think that is what is important. When i have a thought of what to snack on- i drink water- and remember that i want to live for my little boy. My goal is to loose 18kg.

  • elham maree

    where can i get the Cambridge Diet products and is it good for 12 years old girl???

    • Julie Harrison

      A 12 year old child would not be allowed to follow a Cambridge diet

    • Alex

      Are you serious? let her be a child!!!! If you are concerned about her weight take her to a doctor, but dont inflict body issues on her at 12! encourage playtime outside and eating healthy! Don’t build in a mentality of being fat that is only solved with diets!

  • Kat

    Different amounts for different types.. Ie I think it’s 250 for cottage cheese but less for chicken and even less for chickpeas. Should be able to google it somewhere

  • Anna

    Hi – can someone help me as I’ve left my book at home! I’m on Day 1 of Step 2 – how many g of protein do I have with my dinner? Thanks very much if you’re able to help.

  • leni


    I am on day 4 of the diet. Feeling great. Weight is dropping off from what the scales tell me at home.

    Have my first weigh in on wednesday, very interested to find out how much i’ve lost.

    I need to shift at least 2 stones in time for my wedding in November.

    I like some of the shakes but prefer the soups. They dnt taste like diet food which helps.

  • hadeel Agha

    Hey all,
    back again with my latest news,, in the beginning I am really happy to hear that you are following the diet all of you, we all have a strong well, I kept it a side when I traveled to Lebanon 3 weeks back , I ate 3 meals daily “ conceder fast food one of them “ , it was full of everything plus nuts as a snack , ice cream and so on , but you can’t imagine that I didn’t gain even one KG :D , I was wonder how come that I didn’t gain any …!!!
    Really it is amazing, but starting now to have guilty feelings because i didn’t stuck on the diet,,, I am determining now to return back to the diet by tomorrow.

    Good luck for all of you , I will update you with the latest …

  • teena

    can i still drink a chocolate packet if it had expired,one week before only.

    • Janice

      Hi my name is Janice, I have just taken the 1st step and just collected my supply of Cambridge Diet Shakes.

      I need to lose 2 stone which does not seem a lot but it is when your carrying it!

      I start taking my shakes tomorrow ( Tuesday) I hope I can stick with it !

      Good luck Pearl, I hope you weigh in goes to plan.

      • Janice

        Wow, Jennie that’s fantastic, well done. Day 2 not feeling too bad, today it’s far better than day 1. I have my 1st weigh in on Monday 2nd July so trying to stay focused. I am hosting a dinner party Saturday which is going to be weird as I will be eating something completely different to the others but it will be worth it.
        Keep going girls ! :)

      • Jennie

        Good luck Janice, I have about the same to lose, I went for my first weigh in last night and lost 9lbs great incentive especially as I have been craving food all day I keep reminding myself how much I want this and I also remind myself how
        Much it is costing so that also stops me snacking ;-)

      • Janice

        Hi Yasmeen,

        I have had my final shake for the day, and am now thinking about food, I think this diet is going to be harder than I thought !

      • Yasmeen

        Hi Janice!! I’ve started today as well! Tuesday, 26th June 2012, 1st shake down! Hope I have the will power to stick through day 1…All the best!

  • Pearl

    Hi Coco

    I started this 3 weeks ago but due to a few bites of
    of cheese, cabbage and almonds-my weightloss is sooooo slow. Just under 3kgs for 2weeks! Counsellor said its due to the ‘snacks’!! I’ve been on nothing but cd packs this week and am so nervous for my 3rd weighin! Don’t want to be disappointed!

    How’s ur side going??

    • Jennie

      If you haven’t snacked and you have followed you will probably have a good loss. Good luck and keep strong

  • Reems

    Hi guys, I’m starting this on Monday n wanna lose a stone in 3 weeks. Do you think this is possible. I’m 5ft n weigh 10st 10lb x

    • Emms

      hi there
      I’m on the second day of my cambridge diet experience. Yesterday was fine, determined and saved my coke zero until my weak time (8pm). Today, a little tougher- had my three sachets but also had some lean chicken breast ( third of a breast maybe). But feel ok. No headaches and am drinking over 3 litres of water….. I’m hoping to loose 20lbs in about a month. let’s see how long I stick at it…..I would like to to do the sachets only for about 10 days and then go to 2 sachets and a meal for the following ten days. Any hints and tips welcomed!

  • kelly

    Hi guys I’m thinking about starting this diet but am very busy during the day so can’t really have low energy and really don’t want to end the day with a headache so I was just wondering how many of u had these side effect thanks Kelly x

    • Sophie

      No to headaches if you drink enough water! Water is key. Definately around 3/4 litres a day!!!
      Yes to the low energy but you only have to make it throuygh the first 4/5 days and then you will feel absolutely fine! Good luck!!

  • Looo

    I did this diet last year, i was 12 stone and had 2 stone of baby weight to lose. It took me around 5 weeks and it was gone. on the 3rd week i went to Spain for 3 days and ate what i liked. I did 2 weeks on the sole source and then went to having 3 products a day plus a meal with white meat/fish and heaps of Green Veg on an evening. After the first 4 weeks i started to have weekends off, and would treat myself and i STILL lost. The first week is the hardest, if you can get past that then you are on your way. Having a good consultant makes all the difference too. I am now 10.5lb and go away 3 weeks on Saturday, so today is my first day back on it. I am very confident that i will be able to achieve a stone off for my holiday as long as i be strong and positive and remember why i am doing it. After a few weeks on it i lost all cravings and the thought of food turned my stomach. Be strong and remember it isnt IF the weight comes off it is WHEN the weight comes off – you will feel the best you ever have in your entire life, so ask yourself this question; Is the 5 minutes you actually spend chewing and eating something worth not feeling fantastic? That is the question i presented myself each time i wanted to eat something….

    Good luck folks, you can do it!

    • Farz

      I really like your comment, it has motivated me more. I did this for about 8 weeks now and lost nearly a stone( been cheating:( ) today i felt like i must lose the weight, i only have another stone to lose in 3 and a half weeks and i know it can be done! all the best to you all.


    • Katie

      Hello, do you have any tips on what to make im kinda stuff as i dont like fish lol. Also any idea regarding milk because i dont like that either. How is your dieting going? I start tomorrow :-) x

  • sarah

    can i still drink the cambridge diet if it had expired?

  • mel

    I am on day four and before starting the diet I prayed to God for strength and surprisingly he is seeing me thro…I can’t wait for my first weigh in to see the kgs fall off…I feel bloated and even with the fibre I don’t really poo but I’m hoping it gets better..I really need to lose the help me God!!!!

    • Julia

      Hi Mel I treat the Cambridge diet like a bible. It is the best diet I have ever been on. My late mother used it. 40 yrs ago. and that is how I came accross it. However stay with it. the 4/5th day is always the worse. just up your water intake. it will get better I am on my second week and lost almost a stone. I feel full of energy, for all those people who say when you stop using this diet iweight will pile back on. that depends on your self esteam. Remember your tummy has shrunk so if your focussed you eat less. remember why you chose this diet against others. Because it works !!!!

  • Laura


    I have been to meet my counsellor and start Cambridge tomorrow you have done so well

  • Hadeel Agha

    hey all,

    nice to hear that you already started or plan to start the diet, I broke the diet for couple weeks, feeling guilty , but there is one thing have been noticed , that I have a strong well to control my food and I am hating the fast food, don’t like to eat fast food any more.
    my weight doesn’t change , stable till now : after losing the 7 kilos” .

    I just return to the diet today and I am feeling good because I finally return . and double my work in the GYM without feeling pain or tired :) am so happy .

    Good luck to everyone, and keep your well strong.

  • Laura

    I have just booked my first meeting with a consultant and start the diet on 1st of June, I’m very excited but nervous as I don’t know what to expect! I’ll keep you all updated, wish me luck lol x

  • diane bland

    I am on day 11 and i had a bad day yesterday i had a bit of cake felt really bad after that but am back on track now i hope

  • Nicha

    Hey Guys… I’m on day 3 today… i felt fine… the only bad thing i did today was i didn’t manage to eat all my three packets of food…. i think i just got carried away in the day… i only managed to eat 2 packets… but hopefully tomorrow ill be back on track.

    • Julia

      I only had 2 packets of cambridge today, but a lot of water. I did the same thing the other day. Because I did not feel hungry I forgot like you it is easy to get carried away.

  • Khalud

    My 4th day i still been going gym 20 mins cross trainer and 40 mins medium weights i felt stronger and fitter then ever before i cant understand hw that is as i thought i would be tired and weak,, also lost 2kg dont feel hungry and im drinking lots of water 5liters ,,

  • Omar

    Good morning guys,
    yesterday was a bit worse than the first day, evening, i started having headache and craving for food, so i figured i should go out to overcome the feeling, so i met a friend who kept talking abt food the an hour and how good the seafood buffet was and the variety and oisters and lubsters and bla bla bla….
    so it was even worse, but i kept focus, i had three meals yesterday, two shakes and porridge, i had one black coffee and one green tea..

    I’ll update u later on…….

    To be continued

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