Bernstein Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Dr. Bernstein Diet
Dr. Stanley Bernstein is a Canadian physician who specializes in medically-supervised weight loss programs. Dr Bernstein’s weight loss practice began in 1974 – and has now grown to over 60 clinics in Canada.

Dr. Bernstein’s program is clinic-based only and there are currently only clinics in Canada.

What is the Bernstein Diet?

The Bernstein Diet aims to lose 4-5 pounds per week and involves 3 visits to the clinic each week during the program.

Dr. BernsteinThe Bernstein diet program is a combination of low calorie diet (regular grocery store foods), behavior modification, education and vitamin and mineral supplements. The daily calorie intake could be anywhere between
800 — 1350 calories per day – it is a case-by-case situation.

The diet claims that only fat tissue is lost during this rapid weight loss phase, and all other tissue (muscle, electrolytes, fluid) is retained. One of the major features of the diet is the vitamin and mineral supplementation – this is achieved by vitamin injections.

B Vitamins

Dr. Bernstein believes that adequate B vitamin levels are necessary for health and weight loss. Patients are evaluated and some are given B vitamin complex injections when deemed appropriate.

Dr. Bernstein has a number of phases on the diet -

  1. Weight Loss Phase: Dieters should lose 20 pounds a month and they guarantee at least 10 pounds a month will be shed.
  2. A Maintenance Phase: Reintroduces foods and helps prevent weight rebound.
  3. The “Tune-up” Diet: For small amounts of weight loss.

Foods on the Bernstein Diet

Here is a sample of the kind of foods found on the Doctor Bernstein Diet.


  • veal cutlet
  • chicken livers
  • small steak
  • chicken breasts
  • shrimp
  • tuna
  • white fish


Fruit and Vegetables

  • celery
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • bean sprouts
  • cabbage
  • tomato sauce
  • apples
  • lemons
  • oranges
  • green, orange, red and yellow peppers


Beverages and Miscellaneous

  • liquid Sweetener
  • Hermasetas/Equal
  • Jello Light
  • herbal tea
  • decaffeinated coffee
  • club soda


Spices and Seasonings

  • bay leaves
  • dried herbs
  • caraway seeds
  • soya sauce


Bread Substitutes

  • triscuits
  • melba toast



  • B 12
  • B 6

The Bernstein diet also has a number of other foods allowed.


The Bernstein Diet doesn’t have an established exercise routine or program. Although some clients are given supervised exercise regimens, many of their clients are too obese to exercise.

Overall, this diet believes that exercise is not necessary in order to lose weight, but instead, focuses on calorie restriction.

Cost and Expenses

The costs of the program are a bit vague, but some have reported spending over $1000.00 on the program. The costs will likely depend on how much weight loss is required and the amount of time spent at the clinics.

The Dr. Bernstein Diet also has a range of snacks and supplements that the dieter is encouraged to purchase.


  • Many have been successful on the program
  • Medically supervised
  • Counseling and support provided


  • Expensive
  • Exercise isn’t required.
  • B12 and B6 injections may not be necessary for everyone.
  • Clinic visits are necessary.

See Also

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • anna

    Don’t do it. I did this diet lost a lot of weight but got really sick, lost my gall bladder due to malnutrition as well as most of my hair. My brother also did this diet and got ill as well. Its not worth the price. Follow a low carb diet, excerise and you will lose weight on your on. There is NO quick fix! Save the money for a vacation!

  • Leading Edge Nails

    half mil of each b12 and b6 for a total of 1mil every second day…take it in the belly near your naval it is less annoying for those who don’t like needles.

  • Allycaat

    Does anyone know where to purchase vitamin B6 shots in Edmonton?

  • sky

    let me know if anybody is interested and I will post the details of the Doctor

    • Allycaat

      Please send info. Thanks!

    • Sunflowers

      Send me. Info please

  • sky

    You can do this with another doctor,$60.00 a week for double shot and you don’t even have to go for the whole week and still lose abt 5lbs a week!!

    • sue

      Would be able to tell me which Doctor that would be please.


  • Sheila

    PS. When I began to work out (treadmill) they added a protein every day. It helps to keep you working out as you get a bit more to eat!

  • Erena A

    what happens if you cheat on Dr. Berstein’s diet? how long do you stop burnig?

  • Jane

    Hi everyone
    I am looking into the Dr. B, I have done it and lose the weight but don’t want to pay 600+, and I have a couple of questions.
    1)I am not sure about the supplements, can we replace the injections B6 & B12 with pill format?

    2) I have K-Lyte potassium supplements, but not sure how much to take and how often?

    Thank you for your help

  • vivian

    Going to join Bernstein’s tomorrow. And it’s going to work for me, I know. Accountability is the key.

    • Sheila

      I am doing diet right now. I am going by the book but calculated calories and it’s only 615 a day. I’m not really hungry but know this can’t be great. Is it just using my body fat?

  • ted

    I’m reposting this which was shared earlier in the comments.

    Just moving this up for everyone! (not my post I’m just reposting it)

    I’ve read 95% of the posts on this diet and I decided to document all that you need to know and where to buy and how much it cost in this one post.

    Background: I did the Dr. B diet few years ago. Folks, there’s no doubt about it; if you stick to the steps you will lose weight.

    *** The reality of the program;

    *** If you do it at the clinic, you will pay $315.65 for Initial Consultation and then $600 per month for 24 Shots + $35 vitamin bills = $635 ever month.

    1. One B6: 02245215 — 3000 mcg / 30ml = $37 (If you cant get it, get NeoBex: 00147680 price is about $45) (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)
    2. One B12: 00521515 — 1000 mcg / 10ml = $7.95 (Rexall)
    3. Thirty BD Ultra-fine II Insulin Syringe for U-100 insulin 1cc, 8mm, 30 Gauge needles (Will last for 2 and one half months) = $8.97 (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)
    4. One Ketostix (Regent Strips Urinalyis) DIN:2880U for urine test to check fat-burning level (Comes with 50 sticks will last for 4 months) =$8.59 (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)
    5. One APO-K (DIN 00602884) – 600mg for potassium (1 per day) (100 Tablets will last you for 3 months) = $12.99 (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)
    6. One Swiss “Swiss One” 50 Multi-Vitamins and Minerals. (2 per day) (72 Tablets will last you for 1 month) = $21.99 (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)
    7. One BD Alcohol Swabs (100 swabs will last you for 8 months) = $2.39 (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy)

    *** Cost for the above 7 items = $99.88 + 13% Tax = $112.87

    *** If you do it at home, you will pay $52.55 + 13% Tax = $59.30 a month. ($0.30 BD Alcohol Swabs + $21.99 swiss one + $4.33 APO-K + $2.15 Ketostix + $3.50 needles + $7.98 B12 + $12.30 B6)

    (Rexall & DIA Pharmacy) 1015 Golflinks road, Ancaster, Ontario (905) 304. 8833
    (Rexall) Stone church Rd and Upper Paradise Rd, Hamilton, Ontario (In Plaza)

    *** The program and the shots;

    Each injection will require .35cc of B6 + .35cc of B12 = .70cc – mix in same needle – Don’t mess around and increase the dosage, stick to these measurements and shoot 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and don’t cheat; stick to the program.

    *** Motivate yourself;

    Change your eating habits and adopt sensible meal portions. Always check yourself in the mirror; it will help you stick to the program. Go to department stores each week you shed lbs and try one smaller size cloths. Continue the program and go and try the same cloth on again, it will motivate you in achieving your short and long term goals.

    *** What is cc? cc stands for cubic centimeter.

    The B6 30ml vial will give you 75 shots. (3 month supply)
    The B12 10m lvial will give you 25 shots. (1 month supplly)

    *** The Injection process;

    1. Mix .35cc of B6 + .35cc of B12 in same needle;
    2. Get all the air out from needle first;
    3. Wipe area with 1 BD Alcohol Swab;
    4. Inject below the bellybutton” to the right or left;
    5. Dispose the needle in safe manners. If you collect used ones, you can return to any pharmacy, they will dispose of it for free.

    The B6 only thing that had to be ordered. Takes 1 day.

    *** I’m starting my diet this Wednesday.

    My food intake for 1 day will be;

    A) 300 grams of Protein; Choices of chicken, steak, fish, tuna, shrimp, turkey, fat-free cold cuts, fat-free cheese, .. etc. (Spread over 3 meals)
    B) 300 grams of Vegetable. (Can go as high as 500 if needed). (Spread over 2 meals)
    C) 2 Fruit – Orange, apple, or grapefruit.
    D) 8 full size cups of COLD WATER (Body needs to burn fat to warm water in take). (Anything diet and sugar and acid free is good.)
    E) Sleep 8 hours a day; Sleep less and you will not burn fat. You gain weight if you don’t sleep.

    THE BOTTOM LINE IS PAY Dr. Bernstein $630 a month or spend $711.60 for one year by doing it at home! SAVE $6848.40 dollars. Spend that money on new cloth and even a trip for the new you!

    • Kelly

      Hi Ted,

      I am currently on diet – I started Jan 7th 2014 and as of today (2 months) I have lost 40 lbs. You are correct about the cost. It is very expensive – but I must say it works (if you stick to it).
      I have a question – can you purchase the items listed at Rexall without any prescriptions? (over the counter).

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • Tom

      I have read al ot about this diet and pretty much every other diet out there. I am also a certified pt with over 30 years experience. I do not and will not ever support any so called “diet”. I believe in diet as defined not as made up to make money. I will tell you this, if you are consuming 300 grams of protein per day you must be a body builder and you must use some form of digestive aids, the jury is out on the exact protein requirements but in general it is somewhere between .5 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight depending on your activity level. Another thing (of the many) to consider is the extremely low calorie counts and the fact that exercise is rarely if ever mentioned. Too little calories and you will lose muscle tissue and very little fat (contrary to what the good doc says)! There will be a crash at some point, our bodies are designed to slow metabolism in times of low calorie intake and you will be fighting an uphill battle. When will people learn that there are no quick fix, lasting “diet” programs that are healthy and improve physical health. Lose the quick weight, lose the muscle, and enjoy that fat skinny body….later in life you will need someone to change your diapers because your health will be gone. Herbal magic is another that doesn’t mention exercise, have people become so lazy and gluttonous that they have to go to this shit? Seriously, our bodies are designed to move and be nourished not punished by the poisonous crap we eat.

    • Sheila

      I did the diet a few years ago and it works. I restarted a month ago and have dropped 17 lbs. it is tough and I suspect that it is about 600 calories per day. If you stop burning they take away the 2 fruit servings which worries me as I believe this falls well below adequate nutrition. Anyway the cost is outrageous. Thanks for this post as I am now an old hand at the diet and am going to continue on but without the high cost of the clinic. I plan to see my MD monthly and have blood pressure and blood work done as they do at the clinic for safety’s sake.
      When I get close to my goal weight, or when I feel I am where I need to be, I will do Weight Watchers Maintenance. They have my goal weight too low I think but I will consult with my MD as I go and she will help me decide when the time is right to switch to Weight Watchers. I may even go on Maintenance for a couple of months halfway to goal and then resume for the last half of my weight loss…I need to lose fifty lbs.
      I have to share that the staff this time have not been very helpful and their attitude reminds me of being sent to the principal’s office three times a week. I feel that I am paying a lot for the service and am not treated with the respect and dignity I deserve. Not sure if they are not trained very well but I agree with another post on this site…they discourage questions and are evasive. And they rush you out the door when you want to discuss foods and plateaus etc. seems success has brought arrogance and complacency to this business. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone…

    • Lynn

      I’m in USA right now. Can I purchase same items here without a prescription

    • DB

      Hi Ted!

      thanks for all the info

      I’ve been doing 1ml of B12 injection every 2nd day for a couple of weeks …I didn’t know about B6 …is it necessary? I also take a multi vita vim twice a day … I’m watching what I eat but not down to list …I just eat very sensibly and healthy low fat meals …I’ve also started hitting the gym every 2nd day and do 45mins on the treadmill …hoping to see results soon

      anything I should change or will this work? ….I guess my real question is do I need the B6 and am I doing the right dosage even though it doesn’t jive with your list?

      thanks so much


      • ted

        Hi DB, This isn’t my list, but I just reposted it from earlier comments. I’ve never done the diet personally, so I can’t comment. I’m the site editor and comment moderator. Perhaps post your question for others to answer? Wish you all the best :-)

    • Angie

      Hey Ted, Thank you for sharing your Dr. B diet information. Could you please send me the food list please. I tried using your link for the food list but it is not available. Thank you!

      • ted

        Sorry, but I don’t have the food list. As I said I just reposted that from an earlier comment.

  • Carol T G

    Hello to All! I was on this program twice over the past 18 years, initially I lost 50 lbs. and kept it off for a number of years. Than a crises hit and menopause, I gradually put the weight back on. I have lost the initial list of foods and wondering if someone can email it to me. I can do the injections myself as I am a retired nurse. You don’t need a prescription for Micro K extend tabs- potassium 600 mg. over the counter. I found the staff and Bernstein to be rude, arrogant and pushy and none of them deal with the psychological aspects of dieting. I would never go to any of their clinics again
    The similar program by his cousin- Dr. Ezrin , called the Endocrine Control Diet is very close to the Bernstein program. Thanks for sending the list of foods. Carol G.

    • Jessica

      Hello to all! I have tried this diet a few years ago and had great success. However, being a single mom of 2, and working insane hours has helped the weight all creep back. I emailed the clinic, and they would not help me at all considering I live in Saskatchewan. (That is really frustrating considering the hundreds I have spent on the website). I was hoping someone could email me an updated food list (Mine is VERY outdated) as well as a meal plan. I really want to get my weight back under control, and be a better roll model for my daughter who is also struggling with her weight. I would really appreciate any help I could get! Thanks!!

      • Dione

        Just google dr Bernstein acceptable food list alberta

  • Sue

    I’m struggling with my weight and cannot afford to join the clinic. May I trouble you to send me the plan?

    • Kath

      I really wanted to do Dr Bernstein. I just phoned them and the closest clinic to me is over two hours away! They also close before I finish work.

      I would love a copy of the meal plan and tabs that are needed. I think someone mentioned that the shots could be purchased at the pharmacy, I have friends who are nurses who could give them to me.

      Any help appreciated. I just wish they were closer.

    • Lisa

      Yes I am not near a clinic could someone please share
      The diet plan. Thanks.

      • ted

        Hi Lisa, this has already been shared in previous comments.

  • mariam

    hi… impressed with everyone’s good feedback about this diet…
    can anyone send me a meal plan, please, as I’m not able to come up with one.. I’m fighting my weight for a long time, and I really -really need to loose some asap..
    thank you sooo much, I appreciate…
    good luck to everyone … cheers..

  • ashley

    I attended the Bernstein clinic for about 2 months and saw good results..I know want to do the diet without spending all that money,and without giving myself injections…Any one know how many B6 & b12 pills I should be taking..and what brand is good?

    • Supernu

      You don’t take pills, it’s an injection.

  • barb

    Does anyone have a written “meal plan” …I have done this diet a few times and IT WORKS! I just don’t have the time to meal plan and would love to simply follow someone elses…thanks :)


      You can follow mine if you want.

      • brenda

        would love to see dr. b’s diet plan.
        am starting the optifast weight loss plan the 1st of nov

      • Beauty&brains

        may I know your plan too

      • Krista

        I would love to follow you plan too. Could you please send it to me?

      • deb

        I would love a copy of yours please need to lose weight fast before they will give me a new hip .. thanks Debra

      • Amanda

        I’d love to follow ur meal plan please send to me thanks

      • Linda

        Can you share your meal plan with me as well, I can’t afford the costs of Dr. B’s clinics thanks a lot

      • ted

        If you look through past comments, I’m pretty sure the meal plans have already been shared. :-)

      • mariam

        hi.. can you please share your meal plan with me as well, I’m not able to come up with one.. I would really appreciate..
        thanks a lot..

  • Shelby

    I spent two months on the official Dr B diet, then did it myself including the shots. I bought syringes, B6 and B12 from the pharmacist (exactly same stuff used at Dr B’s); there are no prescriptions needed in Canada. Potassium, however, must be prescribed. Please note I have blood tests done and am monitored by a regular doctor for an unrelated condition. He is aware of what I do and says he’d rather see me do the diet than carry my previous weight. It worked because I stayed motivated. This all started five years ago; I’ve gained a bit, lost it again a few times, and overall I’m holding my own.

    • Connie

      You can buy the fizzy potassium tablets over the counter at your pharmacy here in Canada. Alternately you can use “No Salt” salt substitute. Each quarter tsp provides 650mg potassium

    • Neena

      How much did you lose in the first two months of going to the clinic?

    • Ruth

      I did the diet and lost over 50 lbs on my own as well, I purchased the Potassium at my local drug store or at Costco, I was told to use MICRO-K Extencaps 600mg, 2 – 3 per day , they are about $10 for 100 caps ( made by Paladin )

  • Athena

    Did the diet three (3) times in the past 10 years. I lost 35 lbs this time in about 3 months. Went into clinic this morning and quit, because they are unreasonable. According to the charts I should be about 120 to 130 lbs. I weighed in at 147 today. I had been thinking to start the maintenance program for several weeks when I was 155lbs, because I was looking and feeling good and my clothes all fit. Mostly size 6, some 4 and 8 eight on top ( I am bigger on top ) My age is 55. I do not want to have a boy figure.( flat ass and nothing on top.)
    I thought I might sign up and commit for the maintenance program for one (1) year, but I am actually two (2) lbs away from my goal weight at 145 lbs. that I signed up for. 145lbs was a random guess for me when I started because I know it is unrealistic for me to weigh less and to maintain a low weight. I was told it was against the protocol and I must do the strict diet until I reach “my goal. weight”
    In the last few weeks I have started getting back pain. I have no history of back problems and have googled and discovered hundreds of comments with the same thing happening to people, who lose weight quickly. It is also alarming that the number of people having to have their gall badders removed also. ( attributed to fast weight loss ) It has totally been scaring me to think it could happen to me. I think it is extremely important to do the maintenance to help get my metabolism back in line. I have been calorie counting the last few weeks and discovered I am consuming less than 800 calories. I should be eating 1200 to 1400 calories per day. I have actually been fudging my actual calories ( adding) because I did not believe the low numbers.
    I plan to do calorie counting now and work my calorie count back up to where it should be 1200 to 1400 cal/day. I will also be embracing exercise which definitely makes me feel fantastic afterwards.
    Comments or suggestion are welcomed. one thing that I would like to add with those kind of calories everyone is guaranteed to lose weigh unless you have some kind of medical problem.

    I will also say I had mostly good to great experiences with the clinics until today. Then again I followed the program to a T. ( do not post my address )

    • Bianca

      I also had extremely negative experiences with Dr. B staff. They kicked me out and kept the money, so now it will be a small claim court judge to decide it. My ‘fault’ was that I asked too many question, one also regarding VLCD as I was calorie counting and was averaging between 400 and 500 per day. I was belittled by saying ‘not possible’. When said ok humour me, lets hit a dart to any combination of 2P, 2V, 2F & 2B and see, so I was gone :)

      Disgusting business. To do it on your own costs about $50 per month. The rest is theft.

  • Cat Lover

    I lost 52 pounds on the Dr. Bernstein Diet almost 2 years ago…. quickly in about 2 1/2 months!! I worked out the entire time and afterward as well. I kept the weight off by working out and really watching what i ate, but over Christmas and a Caribbean Holiday have recently regained about 15 pounds. There is no where else for me to go that can give me the kind of success that Dr. Bernstein offers. Expensive? Definitely!! but I will only be there for 2, 3 weeks, maximum and i find that I really need the accountability of weighing in every two days!! It keeps me on the straight and narrow as well as the ketostix!! I agree that Weight Watchers is a wonderful diet, but the results are S L O W and I have gained back weight just as quickly after losing it there!! This time I am going to try going on maintenance while attending Weight Watchers and perhaps losing another 5 pounds! It is definitely a more realisitc diet! If you want results FAST, Dr. Bernstein is the one!!
    Good Luck!!

  • Connie

    I did a similar diet 6 years ago and lost all the weight I needed to; and kept it off till I turned 52…menopause kicked in and not realizing it I gained it back; now I am 55 and will re-do similar diet as the dr. B; and am doing well, 14 days into it; I do feel lighter on my feet and can bend down easily to zip my boots; wow; just 14 days into it; I need to lose 50 pds and I know I will do it in 3 moths on my own, I did it before, I will do it again; similar type of foods & I take my B12 & B6 in pill forms along with one-a-day women viatamin ; I save money not spend it to lose weight and look great & lean in 2013!! Good luck to all !

    • ashley

      Hey There..I was going to the clinic for about 2 months and lost about 30 pounds…I recently just stopped going and am attempting the diet on my own. Was just wondering how your progress is going? Any tips?

    • sharon

      hi Connie; Great to hear your doing well on dr b diet,I am also 54 and was on dr b back in 2000, I was wondering how much B12 AND B6 do you take in pill form daily, would love to hear from you thanks sharon

    • free2dis3bute

      Could you please email me the plan, I already tried different diet plans and I didn’t see any results, hope this one works on me, pls. do help me:)) Thanks!!,

    • bernice

      Hi Connie

      Can you email the meal plan to me, I have had my overies removed and am also struggling with the weight gain. would appreciate all the help I can get.



        Would someone please email me the meal plan. I am way over weight and cannot afford his clinic. I have picked up the vitamins and now ready to begin but I really don’t know where to start. Thankyou so much

      • ted

        Hi Rose, most aspects of this diet including the B vitamin amounts are found by reading earlier comments. :-)

      • AMANDA

        please forward me the meal plans as well.

    • Brenda

      How do you know how much B12 & B6 to take ? They come in so many strengths – how did you decide which ones are the best.

      • ted

        If you look through previous comments this has been listed. :-)

    • Amanda


      I am interested in what you have done. May I have your email address?

      • ted

        Please note that we do not publish email addresses on this website. – admin

  • jill

    this diet helped me go from 140 to 120 in less than 2 months but it is so hard you can hardly eat anything and to keep weight off is hard after you get to goal weight but maybe that was my own fault going back to old habits just follow the meal plan and take vitamins it should work for you

    • Cece

      I’ve been on and off this diet about five times in the past 10 years. I’m not very heavy (the most was 150 lbs, I’m 5’2″), but hate it when I’m over 130 lbs. Anyway, the diet works but any diet would work when you are eating about 800 calories a day. It is impossible to maintain the weight loss because people cannot deprive themselves of delicious tasting foods forever.

      It is also very expensive. I paid approximately $330 every three weeks. The needles are also very painful when you don’t have a lot of fat to cushion the blow. I read the comments on here and went out and bought the injectable vitamins and for awhile I was doing the injections myself. But like I said the injections are painful. I’m not sure if it works…. in seem there may be something else in the injections you receive from the clinic.

      In Sept 2012, I started Weight Watchers. I’ve lost the 15 lbs I wanted to lose in about 16 weeks. During that 16 weeks I went on a cruise and I had alcohol and desserts… I did work out while I was on the ship. Anyway, Weigh Watchers works. You get a certain number of points per day and you can choose whatever you want to eat. You also get 49 weekly points that you can use for special occasions or spread them out over the week. I use my 49 points for the weekends, when I go clubbing or out with friends. I am not deprived of anything. I’ve learned to make healthy choices and eat in moderation. I can eat that cookie…. just can’t eat the whole bag.

      I personally would never go back to Dr B. I could not maintain the weight loss and I found it too expensive and restrictive. I work for the government and have a very good benefits package and the injections are not covered. Most drug plans have de-listed vitamin injections.

      If you want to lose weight quickly join Dr B. If you want to lose weight and be able to maintain the weight loss without depriving yourself of every delicious then join Weight Watchers.

      P.S. I am not being paid by Weight Watchers

  • sheri thomson

    I did this diet in 2005 and lost 40lbs in 2 months. it was really hard because the food was very bland and i was eating like 600 calories a day. i paid about 600$ per month not including food. Now years and 3 children later, I’m headed back. Reason being is, I KNOW this works. Its hard, but I got the most results from this program and it was too hard to keep off until having 3 pregnancies in 3 years….

    • Kathy

      I am in the same boat – did this diet in 2004 and had great success – I have now had 2 children and am A LOT heavier and have more to lose then ever before. I hate this diet, but it works and I need to get this weight off to feel confident in myself and comfortable enough to do the exercise that will be required to keep it off. You went back did you have success? Have you kept it off so far?

    • JR

      I also did this diet. I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for over 30 years. Dr. B. diet is the ONLY diet that EVER WORKED for me and believe me I have tried pretty much everything. I lost 25 lb in 3 months and when you are taking insulin that is a tough thing to do. I love the accountability and vit B shots gave me energy. My cost was 165/week which is a hefty price but seriously, it works. I moved to the States and now am no longer on Bernstein but trying to follow the principles at home. I cannot stress enough that most of us need that accountability and it is WELL worth the investment if you are willing to sacrifice.

    • trisha


      I just read your comment and was wondering if the $600 was just for the doctors time or did it include the cost of the vitamins and injections? Sounds pretty expensive but is worth it if it works. I have a decent drug plan so hopefully it will cover some of the expenses. Good luck with your weight loss.


      • Janisss

        I have been on the diet for 5 weeks and am down 28 lbs, I feel amazing.. It is very expensive but well worth it.

        Good Luck

      • David

        Hi there, I am currently on the diet and have been extremely successful. I’m in BC in Canada and find that it costs roughly $100 a week, and this includes bi-weekly visits with their doctor, three times a week visits to the clinic and the vitamin shots.

        It doesn’t include the other supplements that they need you to take, but these are cheap at about $20 for a bottle that lasts a month or more.

        But I can tell you that if you’re serious and you do what they tell you to do you WILL lose the weight. The ads that you hear are absolutely right. It’s also hard, not because you’re hungry, I’m not hungry at all, but all the foods I love to eat I cannot eat. I chose to be on it over Christmas too which made it harder but that’s ok, I’m probably finished next week anyway.

  • ruth bell

    I need this diet in London England asap

    • Marc

      I know people who have formally done the diet ie: paid the cash and went into the clinic for the evaluation. Really, all they are doing is providing a diet book and giving you B6 and B12 injections. You can do the same thing yourself (I’ve done it) with B6 and B12 in pill form and following his strict diet regimen.

      What does help motivate people however is knowing you’ve paid $600+ to walk in the door so you’re darn tootin’ you’re going to stick to the plan.

      • Cheryl

        What was the pill form amount that you took, I don’t live close to the clinic so I am very interested doing the diet from home thanks

        And do you have the meal plan as well.
        Thanks so much

      • Carol

        So how much B6 and B12 did you take?

      • fernando

        it sounds great, please let me know the amount of vitamin b6 and b12, and how you did.

      • MILENA

        Sorry Marc

      • MILENA

        Hi Mark
        Please tell me more about how you did it
        Thank you so much!

  • ann

    i only have 25 pounds to lose is this diet right for me?

    really just looking for something supervised so i can stay on track.

    • ted

      No, this is really for people with a lot of weight to lose, check out the Fat Loss Factor instead.

  • Roadtoskinny;)

    So I have been on the Dr. B diet since August 21, 2012 and I was one of those people who was very skecptical about the diet. Everyone saying yea you lose weight but it came back and all that stuff. Well its the best thing I have done! I have tried EVERY diet out and EVERY diet pill as well. Herbal Magic, Jenny Criag(use to work there), weight watchers and lots of diet pills.

    I use to eat junk all the time and in 5 years I went from 169lbs to 250lbs!! Gross I know, especiailly for someone who is 5’5 and 27 years old.

    Since starting Dr.B, in 2 weeks I have lost 11lbs. I love all the food you can eat, and I think their food list is huge with so many options. I dont even find myself craving the junk i use to have all time or find myself hungry.

    Dr.b is not just a diet for me its a lifestyle change and thats how people should look at it. Just because your doing the diet and you lose 50, 60 or 100lbs doesnt mean when your done you can go back to eating junk!!

    For me this is teaching me how to eat healthy and not eat just because Im bored, which i did alot.

    The nurses are amazing and they are so kind to me and listen and help me with anything i ask them. I just went away for the long weekend on a house boat and it was so hard for me. My friends love to drink and party….Well I asked the nurses what I could drink if anything, they gave me options and told me what do.

    I can back after 4 days and yes I did gain 1lb because of the alcohol I drank. The nurse DID NOT get mad or make me feel like i did something wrong. They even told me I did well for my first long weekend away with friends and got me right back on the wagon.

    Yes Dr.B is expensive but so is eating out all the time……

  • Marie

    I have the diet as I joined a few yrs back..paid $155.00 for the initial consultation was given the book but decided not to join because of the cost of $3500.00. I was afraid I would not stick with it and at thaat time I needed to lose 100lbs now I need to lose about 120lbs. I am going crazy. I am not a big eater but do to circumstances beyond my control exercise and walking is out of the question. I only gained this weight about 10 yrs ago when I moved to Ottawa. I AM 56 and I have other options like herbal magic…slim fast.. I have a tendancy to retain fluids as I joined weight watchers and I was up and down all the time,,,that was due to water retention..that discouraged me. My job is to sit 8 hours a day and I am trying to drink fluids but I do not go to the washroom much…I also have high blood pressure… am taking meds for that but I noticed lately my top number is dr is aware of this so I am at a loss…anyone with suggestions or even an email to help me would be kindly appreciated.

    • Triska

      HI Marie,

      I hope this message finds you well. I moved in Ottawa about 10 years as well from Vancouver and have put on a lot of weight. I have finaly found a diet that actually work and remove the hunger pain i had during the day and I have lost about a pound a day and I feel so much better in my skin. What i like about it is that compare to a lot of expensive diet i have done this one is more cost friendly and the great thing is that i do not see it as a diet anymore. Its now part of my routine.

      If you would be open for more information please do not hesitate of contacting me and it will be my pleasure to share it with you.

      Take care and you luck,


      • MILENA

        Triska please send me the name of the diet I need the help
        Thank you so much

      • Joan

        Triska can you please post the information here….I am sure alot of people are curious :)

        Can u tell me the name of the diet?

      • Carolyn Mason

        Concerned that I will starve to death. Also is the couselling effective? I need to lose about 40lbs, what might the cost be just for the program?


      • Sue

        Triska, I would love to hear more information about whatever diet you are using to lose a pound a day–unless it’s HCG. Not really interested in doing that again. Thanks!

    • Terri


      I can promise you that if you do join, you will not regret it.
      It will be one of the hardest thing you might ever do, but I can promise you the first week is very hardest week,after that you will want to”run” to the clinic to get weighed, thats how much energy you will have.
      do not ever cheat , its not worth it. get through it and stick to maintenance

  • ed

    wow. people take a moment and proofread what your write. use a spellchecker.

    • Ash

      Ha! You should talk! It’s “what YOU write” and not “what your write. So before you act all high and mighty, make sure you can’t be found at fault.

    • Christie

      Your a jerk.

    • yulia

      doesn’t look like you proofread what you wrote

  • Ribregexsig

    This can be the most effective helpful such a data. Many thanks for working to maintain this specific current! We have researched everywhere in the to get a internet site this way. Thanks again, and that we I am checking again regularly for brand new revisions and also wonderful data.

  • lucy

    I was on this diet a few times. I gained all my weight back plus more. Truthfully I eat very litte althougth usually the “wrong foods”. From eating so little for so long and yo yoing with this diet, my metabolism is SHOT…I have tried aother diets and stuck to them to the letter and lost very little weight even the week. I think this is a great diet to get you motivated or for short term results, maintaining this is very difficult. I would recommend anyone to start exercising ASAP after stopping the diet to helo increase their metabolism. I don’t not believe claims that it does not reduce lean body mass. I was seeing a trainer at the gym and had my lean body mass measured before and after the diet…..I had alot less lean body mass immediately after finished the diet. Btw even this diet doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. I can burn a plus 3 ketones and still only lose about 1-2 pounds per week. This isn’t enough weight considering how very restrictive this diet is.

    • Jason

      Lucy hold on! 1 – 2 pounds a week is great. consider this. 2 lbs of fat contains 7000 calories. if you normally need 1800 calories a day and the diet has you eating 800 calories a day thats 1000 calories a day you are deficient. 1000 X 7 = 7000 calories = 2lbs. Right on track. you would need to eat virtually nothing to lose more, then you would get organ failure. The reason why you lose more at the beginning is due to water and cleansing. So just be patient and stick with it.

  • Tasha

    I have lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of April on Bernsteins. You are not encouraged to buy anything but the vitamins the first trip you are there. If you want to try something you ask, otherwise I don’t find the nurses pushy or mean at all.

    The diet is pretty restrictive but once you get the hang of it, you’re golden. The first two weeks will show the most rapid weight loss, after that you are expected to lose at least 2lbs per week. You meet with a doctor at the clinic every two weeks. Your measurements are taken every few weeks as well and noted (which is a nice encouragement!). Bloodwork is taken and monitored and can be sent to your doctors office as well if requested.

    From my experience and many others I have spoken with on the program, the bars tend to have higher sodium levels and a lot of people find they are a trigger food for binging or causing cravings.

    Really look over the list, purchase low carb items online. Prepare meals ahead and drink the suggested 10 waters per day. It really does help.

    This diet can be difficult, I don’t recommend starting until you are really fed up and willing to do anything. You will want to quit, but the results are worth it. I went on vacation and maintained by exercising and being careful about portion sizes.

    Any diet program can be what you make it. I had seen a lot of bad press about Bernstein but people I spoke with had great results and loved the program. Everyone maintained their weight.

    In the first two weeks, if you are hungry they tell you to have an extra protein. If you exercise, they advise you add an extra protein. Some clinics will suggest cutting out fruit if your ketones aren’t burning. Some will say fruit and bread. Others won’t bother – it depends where you attend. I’ve had fruit taken away a couple of times but it worked and I had it back into my diet within a few days.

    I try to make interesting salads, if I exercise I add a little extra protein and some healthy fat/via nuts/seeds to my salads. If you have a food item that you think might qualify all you do is take it in and they will tell you if it’s approved or not.

    It works but you have to be willing to do the work like anything else. If you do this and then go back to eating out every day and eating the same old garbage you did before, of course you will gain it back. You must adapt a healthy lifestyle for long term results.

  • Just wondering

    What is the reason for the fast weight loss in the first few weeks and why does it slow down?

    • kordie

      Most if the time with any Diet, its “water weight” that comes off due to the lack of salt not being retained. this is pretty much standard. Once most of the “water weight” is gone then you are in fat buring which takes a bit longer to break down.

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