By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed childhood mental conditions. Most symptoms generally occur before 7 years of age. Symptoms include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. The condition can continue into adulthood – however adults exhibit a better ability to control impulsive responses.

Causes of ADHD

adhd-dietADHD has no known cause – although many feel that it is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain caused either by environmental or genetic factors. Some environmental factors include; toxin exposure during pregnancy, food additives and allergies, sugar, caffeine, and food coloring – however much of this is theory.


There is considerable difference of opinion has to how refined sugar affects a child’s behavior. Many studies have found no evidence that refined sugar affects behavior of children. Some feel that a typical celebration (such as a child’s birthday party) is linked to high sugar intake and therefore excitable behavior can be linked to the celebration.

Allergies, Additives, and Food Coloring

The Feingold diet was proposed in the 1970s and linked behavior with diet. However, once again, a number of scientists feel that there has not been enough objective research to concluded that additives are linked with ADHD.


Caffeine is a stimulant and it’s effect is different for different people. Some develop more of a tolerance for caffeine than others. It is not advisable for a child to consume caffeinated drinks (such as Coke or Pepsi, or other “energy” drinks). Especially if a Caffeine Allergy is suspected.

Anecdotal Evidence

However, anecdotally, there is evidence that processed foods can be linked with hyperactive behavior. As a parent you can try to remove as many high-sugar, and colored foods as possible. Juices should be diluted, and sodas, candy, and cookies should be avoided altogether.

Omega-3 and ADHD

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (i.e. a form of polyunsaturated fat) found in certain fish, and in vegetable sources (such as flax, hemp, and walnuts). There has been a considerable body of research showing that omega-3 (or more specifically the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats) is essential for correct brain function. There is even evidence showing that a pregnant mother who is low in omega-3 can affect the brain develop of the baby during the 3rd trimester.

Sources of Omega-3

  • 100g Salmon (provides 230mg omega-3)
  • 100g Sardines (provides 220mg omega-3)
  • 100g Herring (provides 160mg omega-3)
  • 100g Tuna (provides 160mg omega-3). The tuna must be fresh or frozen – as canned tuna usually has the oil drained (and is often replaced with omega-6 oils).

ADHD Children and Omega-3

If your child will not eat fish, try mixing in flaxseed oil into certain foods, or look for “enriched” products (such as milks or breads) that have omega-3 added.

Can Diet Make a Difference to ADHD?

Most current scientific research indicates that only a small percentage of children will respond to a diet free of additives. However don’t let this stop you from experimenting with dietary changes.

At the very minimum an ADHD child should be eating 2 fish meals per week.

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Van Guard

    A few helpful facts guys:

    There’s evidence suggesting that gluten sensitivity may be at the root of many neurological and psychiatric conditions, including ADHD.

    Research has confirmed that animal-based omega-3 fat can improve the symptoms of ADHD more effectively than drugs.

    Celiac disease or gluten intolerance appears to cause ADHD symptoms in some children and adults.

    Minimize your use of nearly all processed fats, especially trans fats as they disrupt nerve cell intercommunication.

    Many children with ADHD do not respond well to most grains, especially wheat.

    Avoid all processed foods, especially those containing fructose, artificial colors & flavors, which may trigger or worsen ADHD symptoms.

    Replace soft drinks, fruit juices, and pasteurized milk with pure, clean non-fluoridated water when suffering from ADHD.

  • Daniel Bellmore

    I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was about 7 years old. I am also diagnosed with celiac disease. I have been living a gluten free life style for since diagnosed and after years of great professionals and support groups.Im also a chef, nationally and interantionally certified fitness professional/personal trainer. I have my bachelors degree in business and have decided to continue my education to be a registered dietician. I am absolutely interested in this subject and looking forward to researching it for my thesis statement for my masters and doctoral degree. Who can I directly contact to recieve information, strong statistically significant correlations between diet and ADHD and ADD?

    • La-La

      I am in my 30’s and have recently been diagosed with severe ADHD. So I am interested in the dietary measures being considered. I lived my whole life as being “one of those kids who has to be doing something all the time”. Plus if it helps to keep the med intake to a minium I am all for it! because I would rather eat good– then take any more meds than I have too! I have always been a fish eater and fresh veggie eater — thanks to a dad who figured it was better to run his kids energy out in the back yard then anywhere else. But I have always been on the “heavy side” so this is an interesting concept to me.

    • elmo o grady

      i am 63 with adhd/add still.
      diet does make a difference in me and my students. i haven’t had a twinkie in 30 years because of the way they (and their yellow dye) light me up.
      being gluten free puts me very close to normal. i have other dietary issues but excluding wheat/gluten makes all the diofference in the world.

      share (y)our dietary tips get with me
      i am especially interested in finding “hidden” sources of allergens.


    • Leo

      Again, in that book you will find how a gluten free diet is not enough to deal with celiacs or ADHD. One of the harmful compounds from the gluten that affects suffers is called gluteomorphins, but just avoiding that one compound will never let your body recover and heal from the problem.

    • Leo

      Hello. The solution to ADD/ADHD is called the GAPS diet.

      Buy the GAPS diet book and read it. You’ll be amazed by the vast amounts of research in that book, written by Dr. Natasha Campbell, MD. She also has a masters in nutrition, and another masters in neurology.

  • Jasmine

    I have a 2 almost 3 year old that I think may have ADHD I would like to know if there is a basic meal plan that i can follow to get a head start on it thanks

    • elmo o grady

      with little children it is very hard ot do a total elimination diet. to remedy this start looking at the dark circles under their eyes. then think of what they ate the day before. for at least 3 day remove the item they crave or seem to insist on.

      reintroduce the food then watch for black circles and behaviour changes.

      wheat, peanut/butter and other nuts, eggs, sugar, citrus, shellfish, chocolate, dried fruit with sulfites, food dyes, are all common issues. the only one i dont have in this list is eggs.

      read food labels. sugar is hidden in all sorts of places. breads, ketsup, drinks, and others.

      wheat/gluten is in beer, (i’m over 21) and most alcoholic drinks, licorice, many candies, breading, gravy and other thickeners, meatballs/meatoaf…..

      good luck.
      yoiu see the importance of reading labels.

    • Shula Edelkind

      For Jasmine – Yes – that’s what we do at the Feingold Association. We make life easier for you by hunting down the ingredients (including the many hidden ones) and we provide a Handbook (including meal plans and recipes) and a Foodlist specifically for your area of the US or for Canada.

  • Samantha

    I am a step mom to two boys my oldest has adhd and his dad won’t help he is having problems in school and at home i can not put up with his behavior i need help with what i should feed him i took sugar away and it helped a bit but not enough . what meat is ok to feed him chicken and pork ok ? please email me.

    • elmo o grady

      most meat except processed meat is fine for me.

      the chemicals in processed meats effect me

    • Shula

      Samantha — any fresh or frozen chicken, beef, or pork are fine if they are NOT injected with broths which contain chemicals. Try to get the best quality meat you can, and stay away from deli meats or any processed meats like bacon unless it’s on the Feingold Foodlist.
      While the better quality meats may cost more per pound, think of it this way – at least you are paying for chicken or pork or beef — not for water & chemicals. Note that anything with added phosphates …. what phosphate does is to make the meat hold water (LOTS of water) without looking wet. The companies convinced the FDA that this was important because Americans like their meat “juicy” … but the whole thing is simply a scam to make you pay meat prices for salt-water. Ugh.

    • Mirmontelia

      ADHD and Autism can definitely be helped by diet.
      Look at Nourishing Hope
      and GAPS diet for two starters.
      In general, go with whole foods (nothing processed). Get rid of dairy, wheat (maybe all grains but quinoa and rice). Lots of bone broths.
      Juicing with organic vegetable (a little fruit OK to sweeten) FRESHLY juiced (homemade).
      No sugar, dyes.
      Add fermented vegetables.
      Some supplements will be needed for a while.
      Look up a DAN! doctor (they are called something else now) or contact Julie Matthews on her Nourishing Hope website for referrals.

    • Cathy

      My 11 yr old has a less severe case of ADHD but giving him an Omega 3-6-9 supplement for kids and eliminating artificial colors, sweetners, and flavors has helped immensely. Now his super-high IQ is not outshined by his impulsivity & squirmy seat! I suggest you do some research on the Feingold diet (it is a little more strict than just what I eliminated but not too hard at all to follow) and just google ADHD DIETS there is a ton of info out there.

  • Parvinder Kaur

    I have 12 years old son ADHD, need help if someone can advise diet chart

    • Shula

      See the Feingold diet where you can become a member (if you live in the US or Canada) and get the Handbook, Foodlist books, and even Fast Food Guide (U.S.). You can also read the first 50 pages or Jane Hersey’s book, “Why Can’t My Child Behave?” for free on the website.

  • antonette

    i would like to get a diet that can help my 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter they both have adhd need help..

  • vv.ramakrishna

    I want to know south Indian diet for my 6 years old Adhd kid

    • Tarsem kumar

      from where u belong to ? i have also daughter of 6 yrs with adhd.

    • amanda

      I have tryed this with my adhd combined child who is now 7 and i works for him giving him the omega 3,6, and 9 helps slow him down long enought that he can focus and stay on a task alittle longer than with out and i have also found that a cup of coffee in the morning is a great start for him as that is his hardest time and i have been doing this with him for 3years now and it works great he has made great progress in his learning and is able to focus more he is still not doing what other kids his age are doing but he is learning and not as hyper

      • Semon

        Just found out my son shows moderate signs of ADHD and looking for any help as to diet and extramural activitys, problem is, he is 3 and I don’t want to medicate him at this age, so what can I do from now until he is 5 to improve things for him, and what medication do you think I should try if you think I should try, desperate

  • Janie

    Thank you Christine! Maybe that is what I need to try with my son. He’s 12 and he’s out of control!! He has shoved me against a dresser, raised his hand to me and flat out tells me NO! when I ask him to do anything – even if it’s to pick up his wet towel that he left in the floor. I think he’s making a mess on purpose just to get to me because he’s laughing. He doesn’t even eat his food in the kitchen – he insist on eating in the bedroom and leaving the dishes in there. Me and his dad have been separated for almost 2 years and I dont think is it because he says since his dad won’t stop drinking he knows that he cant live with us anymore. BUT he is constantly saying he wants to live with his dad ;( At first, I said NO way afraid that my ex wouldn’t let me have him back. He says I’m too mean and his dad is fun! But now I’m thinking I might let him go so he can see that dad isn’t all fun and games and maybe my ex will see some of the behaviors I’m having. We’ve been taking vyvanse only during school because it seems that’s the only thing that worked (although he still barely passes but he acts better in the classroom) and he liked. I’m desperate now so I’m going to find those books – Thank you!

    • Patricia

      I have a 13 year old daughter who is ADD and has been on meds since 2nd grade. We had her tested for food allergies and it came back that she is allergic to gluten,dairy,eggs, and oats. We eliminated those foods as well as anything processed as well as artificial colors,favors or preservatives. She is on an all natural, organic diet and it has made a big difference for her. Her ADD behavior has almost disappeared , she is a much more pleasent child to be around, she is happier and says she really likes the way the diet help her feel she is in control not the meds. We also had her adrenal gland tested bc she has always had a hard time sleeping and it was off balance, she was put on a cream to balance it out and she now sleeps good and gets up in a happy mood instead of all moody and irritable.

  • Kaldea17

    I have a big problem when I see a can dated 2012 and the food expires in 2015. OMG what did they put in there to make it last so long? Yuk!! I alway check the dates on food I buy. Sometimes depending on the type of food I still won’t buy it. Makes me wonder how long it’s been in the store. Natrual is the best way to go if at all possible. My kids at school love fruit.

    • Nessa

      My son is ADHD as well. I only by fresh or frozen. He is on adderall and tenex. He was very active from the time he woke up in the morning until he went to sleep at night. He had difficulty focusing in class and would throw chairs and hide under the table, with his back to the class. I researched information, go him a counselor and psychiatrist, and informed the school he was ADHD. The school gave him the extra help he needs and he has been on the honor roll ever since.

  • Kaldea17

    I agree with all of the posts that say food is a big factor with ADHD. As a special needs teacher, I see it all the time, that’s why I am careful about the snacks I give. I too am ADD/ADHD, and I know that a change in the foods you eat make a difference. It worked for me.

    • kori

      I am 14 and i have been diagnosed as long as i can remember, have you been diagnosed for a long time i am currently on clonodine(working to ge off it slowly with my pediatrition) and straterah.. I know i need the straterah (it helps so much without it i am grumpy, oversensitive, and don’t do as well at school) i was just wondering if there is anything you take being an adult with it?

  • Millicent Makhubo

    I would like adhd diets for my six year old

  • Wayne Osborne


  • laurel steele

    all of this is very true. i am a child with adhd and add and i think that the food i eat has reall made a difference in my mood, when i eat healthy i am a lot happier and more energetic. if you are a parent with a child with adhd or add just make sure to feed them healthy food and keep them on their best behavior

  • Britny

    Pills never helped me. They have too many side effects. I have adhd. I ate more fish, avoided artificial colors and dyes, high ammounts of starch and carbs, and artificial fats. (Trans fats… Omega-3s help ppl w/ adhd… but Trans-fats block the body’s absorbtion of omegas… Trans fats gave me memory issues…) I also found out I had many food intolerances my whole life. I had bathroom issues, but I associated it w/ something else… If you have a chronic runny nose, chronic yeast, and constipation or diarrhea, u should get tested… But if u don’t, don’t bother. Just go organic, and avoid high ammounts of starch and grains. Eat more healthy meats and fruits and veggies. U might even lose a little weight!! ;) (Make sure that the few times a day, maximum is 2, u DO eat grain is whole. U shouldn’t eat bread for breakfast. Just fruit and nuts or meat. Its all about SUGAR absorbtion, and kids w/ adhd are sensitive to sugar. More than most ppl. ) Exercising and meditating also helped me.

  • mervat

    I loveto havemore information about kids with the ADHD diet

  • Christine

    Hi. I don’t understand the info given here. The real ADHD diet is gfcf of gluten free dairy free. It helps for Asperger and autism also. You don’t have to go 100% to get benefits. For a long time I didn’t want my daughter to have sleepovers because of a major emotional breakdown that would follow. We thought she went to bed too late but then realized she has a lot more casein, dairy which we don’t do in our house. The more I paid attention, the more I noticed that if she gets two meals in a row that have gluten or casein, she gets a breakdown. My daughter has ADD and ODD. anyways there is a GREAT book in Amazon the kid friendly autism ADHD diet cookbook. It also explains the research and findings. It is co authored by a doctor. Read it! try it! It really helps in about 70% of the kids. Good luck. PS For defiant behavior i recommend Russell Barkley: your defiant child, 8 steps to better behavior and to help your child with ADHD Sandra Rief: How to reach and teach children with ADD ADHD.

  • aleisha

    Reading all these posts is very heart wrenching, i have many cousins who are ADHD among other things, I have no real personal experience of dealing with ADHD children myself but in many discussions with my aunties re their children it always amazed me how little the role of diet came into the equation.
    I am not a human doctor but a vet and the FIRST thing we analyze when confronted with an animal with behavioural changes is diet – be it deficiencies in some trace mineral, access to toxins/contaminates or imbalances of nutrients.
    I definately think medicine has a place in properly diagnosed mental disturbances and parents who have tried it all im sure hold themselves in much guilt over having to resort to medication when they shouldn’t, but how much of a normal childs so called ‘acting out’ could be modified by making sure their diet is complete and contains all the required trace minerals and is void of artificial colors/flavors, and excess sugars etc. ??

    I always wondered this and it would be good if there were some serious long term studies that could shed some more light on it.

  • Jennifer

    Sorry yall 3 Year old

  • Jennifer

    My # year old is about to make me nuts. He doesnt listen to anything I say and its like nothing clicks with him. He is still not potty trained but poops in his pants and comes tot ell me he needs a new diaper and says please dont whip me………why is he pooping in his diaper then? He throws temper fits and I am at my whits end with him. What do I do?

  • Jo

    I have 4 kids and 3 have ADHD and the other has ADD. Two are on Ritalin from the age of 5 and 6yrs old and the oldest is 13 now. I am trying not to put my 6 yr old on Ritalin. Even though I know how much it can help during school hours, it is a nightmare when the tablets stop working. It is very hard to know what is the right thing to do. I know that I myself have ADHD. When I was 12 I was diagnosed as Dyslexic and that was all. I found school very hard and the worst thing for me was I had a high IQ (like most people with ADHD) but couldn’t express myself in the written word nor the spoken. My self essem hit rock bottem. So for me any help I can give my kids (if it be Ritalin) I will do it. My first child was diagnosed at 3yrs!!! Madness. I took him to OT and Speach theropy, every sport under the sun, neurologists,omega 3 oils no sugar diets. You name it I did it. In the end I gave him Ritalin at the age of 6. 6 months later changed the dosage.and again 6 months after that. It has taken us 5 yrs to get to the right dosage and he has just this year moved to a “smaller class”. My 3rd child was alot more “H” than my son and from kidergarten went to a special needs kindergarten. We were told at 5 to put her on Ritalin. My 4th child I hope to try a more natural approach. More options on the market today.
    Sorry for going on it was good to get it off my chest. Just love them even when its hard for us coz if it’s hard for us it’s alot worse for them.

  • kerry

    I knew there was something different about my daughter when she was just a few weeks old but it was a long time before i went to see anyone about it. I hadnt heard about ADHD at the time. In fact it was a co worker of my mum who recognised her symptoms as she has a son and a daughter with it. With her advise and some research in the library things started to change. Doctors and other health professionals were unhelpful, apparently girls are much less likely to suffer. Well when it takes 3 adults to take one 3 year old to the park there is something not quite right, we just couldnt keep up with her. I did change the obvious things such as sweets and additives but she would also go off the wall with fresh strawberries and oranges. I could give her original ribena but none of the other flavours this is due to the original being purer, i’m now very good at reading labels. She takes omega 3 fish oils which really helps, when she lays off them it is obvious. My daughter is 10 now and it really does get better, talking to other parents, reading up on as much as poss and trial & error has been the backbone of my sanity.

  • mike

    Has anyone looked at the possible risk of ” aspartame, and other Sweeteners” when dealing with ADHD and other complaints !!!

  • Malyah

    Hi, I’m 15 years old about to turn 16 I have hadA.D.H.D since I was 3 years old I have been taking medicane since i was in 2nd grade I hated t sooo muchhhh lol but it actually helps me I have been slowly getting off of it every other day, every two day, and once a week just try no soda and not alot of candy or sweet NO SUGAR helps alot!

  • Simonne

    I would like to thank Jasmine (April 4th, 19 years) for coming forward.
    My daughter, also named Jasmine, is 6 and was diagnosed with ADHD half way through her first year of school. I always thought it in the back of my mind and after reading a not-so-helpful book I have been worried for her ever since. I didn’t know if she’d grow up happy and have a job etc. I believe my husband has ADHD and he turned out fine, he’s very clever in fact but growing up he was always in trouble and considered a ‘naughty boy’ I don’t want that for my daughter. She’s funny, very cute, loves to read and is very loving but I know she struggles and doesn’t understand why she “gets in to trouble all the time”. I don’t know any other girls who have ADHD and none that are young.

  • Urhuemu

    My 3 year old son was just recently diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed ritalin which i expressed my concerns about to the doctor, i still havent got the meds becos i wanted to get alternatives, i think im going to try this diet and i had already noticed soft drinks and juices make him hyper. Can i give his soy milk instead?

  • valerie kearney

    Hi my child was diagnosed with A.D.H.D 2 years ago ,in ireland and we have been through tough times.There is’nt any help family would’nt be must supportive.We have little girl aged 3 and boy aged 20 months.We have small house and garden .I have studied special needs A.D.H.D people are ignorant to the fact it is a special need and think with a good slap he will be cured just a bold child.My child had very difficult birth,23hrs in labour ,then used forceps,suction .I blame doctors my homeopath put me in touch with woman that does Bio-energy ,who put me in touch with man Tom Griffin that does plexusbio-energy who after one treatment he I feel after is getting better long road there yet but not putting him on meds just so he will be quiet in school ,relax kids is also very informative.All schools feel child should sit every day not move for 8 hrs ,might be possible on meds as you so doped.In my opinion changes your child’s personality .I have seen witnessed children on Straterra they might be quiet in school ,but after it leaves system they are same again all trial & error been a parent to child with a need!There are not enough groups to help parent’s with need’s met.

  • Cindy

    Wow, great to read everyones comments. My son is 51/2 and I thought he had add when he was around 31/2 but he has only just been given a diagnosis. I have the prescription for Ritalin but am holding off until I do all the other things first. I changes his school as I didn’t think the environment was positive and even if we had the teachers trained in special needs I didn’t think you can buy attitude. His new school is not all singing all dancing, but I truly believe it is what goes on in the classroom that counts. The school also has a special needs department and he attends this centre twice a week to work on academic stuff but some behavioural management techniques.
    The classroom management is key it seems, as is the behavioural management both at home and at school and I am hoping to get a special needs teachers in a couple of hours a week to work on being super nanny ANC help with my parenting style as it is very easy to feel ineffective in your approach. We are also looking at diet, nothing major just no cows milk lactose dairy, supplement tablets, no caffeine, and crap foods, just doing the sensible stuff. OLlie also seems educational psychologist once a week to help with all this.
    I feel very lucky that we have got a diagnosis early before his self esteem is effected and hopefully we can work on helping him find some coping mechanisms. I always feel vey anxious when I read about possible future disorders, oppositional disorder, misconduct disorder, anti social disorder and possible future drug issues. It is all very depressing and quite worrying.

    Just watched a discovery health programme about a family struggling with their 6 year old daughter who has early childhood schonphonia…And you think we have it tough..there is always some else out there who has it worse than us!

  • Natasha

    I have a little boy that will be 10 years old next month. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade. His teacher brought it to my attention and I went through the process of getting him tested. He was put on medication, but I always felt unsure about it. I didn’t like the thought of my child’s personality and thinking being altered by a medication at such a young age. After a few months I noticed many changes. He was quiet and sometimes depressed. I also started to notice a “tic” which is associated with Turret Syndrome. He had never had symptoms before so this was very scary. I took him back to the doctor and he was put on a different medication (non-stimulant). This was going on for about a year and finally I got the phone call that changed my whole outlook on things. His 3rd grade teacher called me and said “I know he is on medication for ADHD, but I just feel like he is not participating and taking in everything like he should.” She described him as being in a cloud, I described him as being in a zombie state. She asked how I felt about taking him off to see how he reacted. I was all for it! We both knew it would be a process and there wouldn’t be instant results. I would call his teacher everyother day to get an updated on his behavior and participation. While that was going on I did my research and realized that a healthier could also help change things. After about a month of him being off of the medication and eating healthier. He became more active, more social and the best part about it was all of his grades had gone up. He was actually improving while off of the medication. I am not against children being medicated. Some of them may need it, but others just need natural changes and people that are willing to work with the disorder. 64% of children diagnosed are actually just suffering from food allergies. That statistic is shocking to me! I think that as parents we should do our research and try to go the natural route as much as possible. It will save time, money and most importantly keep our children healthier.

  • yvonne

    if anything, please read this article about the relation between ADHD and food allergys

  • Sylvia

    Hi,this is my first time ever reading anything like this & not feeling left out or alone..I have 2 beautiful boys 15&10 & they were both diagnosed with ADHD & ADD.It’s been a very tricky few years that we’ve finally came to an agreement where we as in parents,child,school,athletics & lets not forget counseling that our oldest is doing very well in school & daily social life.yes..he is a teen & I expect some misbehaving (gum under chair,called brother a brat)small things, but he has done such a turn around that even family or friends we hadn’t seen in months even years have noticed what a BIG change he has done.He takes stratera 100mg 1x a day have him on a diet & into (sports just this year).He had tried ritalin & 2 years ago switched to stratera (at a low dose)it took awhile & yes we had the calls from school & parents about his behavior & attitude &&&&&&…you know, everything. I would sometimes cry & think was it me & my parenting skills, or my mom saying (when you have kids they’re going to be 10 times worse).It was hard but we all got through that together as a family & sometimes not all kids do well with meds. like my youngest which was weened off & trying diets & excercise & counseling & working close with our Dr.(let’s not forget TLC)!!!It might work for some kids and not others, but the reason for my comment is to let parents or even family & friends know that it’s o.k,it’s o.k when you have someone you love or know with ADHD,ADD to feel confused at times because it’ll just make you more stronger & learn more everyday about that person to help keep them on the right path to a success story like mine.IT JUST TAKES TIME.

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