80 10 10 Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

The 80 10 10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham is a raw food version of a low fat plant based diet, similar to that popularized by Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall.

80-10-10-dietGraham, who is a lifetime athlete, has been eating a raw food diet for almost thirty years and raves about the health benefits from eating according to his method.

He has acted as dietary adviser to world-class athletes and celebrities including Martina Navratilova and Demi Moore.

Those new to raw foods may struggle with this diet as raw food takes a bit of getting used to.

Going Raw is a great introduction to raw foods and could be completed prior to 80 10 10.

80 10 10 Diet Basics

Graham proposes that the ideal ratio of nutrients to support health is:

  • 80% carbohydrates
  • 10% protein
  • 10% fat

Other low fat vegan diets rely on cooked starches such as rice, bread, and potatoes as the main source of calories.

Dr. Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham

Starches and grains are low in nutrients and because they taste bland we usually add sugar, salt, and fats which compromises their potential health value.

Graham overcomes this problem by basing his program entirely on raw foods with fruit forming the foundation of the diet. He states that fruit is the ideal food for humans and supports his claims with convincing arguments and scientific research.

Dieters are encouraged to eat mono meals of fruit where a single fruit is eaten in large quantities.

For example breakfast might consist of 4 pounds of watermelon. Graham explains that it is necessary to eat fruit in such amounts in order to obtain adequate calories, which is necessary to thrive on this diet.

Graham also advises dieters to consume approximately a pound of leafy greens each day such as lettuce, spinach, and celery. Foods high in fat such as avocado and nuts are generally limited to a small serving every second day or so.

Although the diet is the foundation of the program Graham emphasizes the importance of addressing other lifestyle factors, which include exercise, sunlight, adequate sleep, and emotional balance.

Recommended Foods

Fruit, vegetables, avocado, raw nuts and seeds, young coconut.

Sample 1 Day Meal Plan



3 lbs cantaloupe


1 lb bananas

1 lb mangoes

Course 1

1 lb apricots

Course 2

Orange Pepper Tomato Soup

(8 oz romaine lettuce

8 oz tomatoes

8 oz orange or yellow pepper

Parsley sprig)

Course 3

Heirloom Avocado Salad

(8 oz romaine lettuce

8 oz cucumber

12 oz tomatoes

6 oz avocado

¼ cup cilantro)

Try other vegetarian recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

An important aspect of the program is regular daily exercise. Graham advises dieters to aim to do some aerobic exercise every day and to engage in strength training three times a week.

Graham states that if you are not exercising on a regular basis then you are not following the program.

Costs and Expenses

The 80 10 10 Diet retails at $29.95.

There will be an increase in the cost of groceries due to the need for a large amount of fresh produce.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.

Raw Food Benefits and Recipes


  • Many athletes have reported improved performance on this diet.
  • Good for dieters who like eating fruit.
  • Low fat diets are associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Higher in nutrients than low fat vegan diets that include cooked foods.
  • Encourages the intake of fruit and vegetables.
  • Encourages a physically active lifestyle.
  • Provides suggestions to gradually transition into the full diet plan.
  • Beneficial as a short term cleansing diet.
  • Food preparation is easy.


  • Highly restrictive. Difficult to eat out and in social situations.
  • Requires a complete overhaul of eating habits.
  • Many dieters will not enjoy eating this way.
  • Some dieters may have difficulty maintaining the recommended exercise guidelines.
  • Dieters will undergo withdrawal and detoxification symptoms in the initial stages especially if they are regular users of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Risk of nutritional deficiency especially if intake of leafy green vegetables is not adequate.
  • May be too low in protein, essential fatty acids and minerals including zinc and selenium.
  • May require the use of vitamin B12 supplements.

Too Extreme for Most

The 80 10 10 diet is an extreme approach to dieting that will not appeal to everyone. It is probably most suitable for individuals who are highly committed, such as professional athletes, or dieters who have a specific goal that they hope to achieve by following this plan.

Graham improves on many of the nutritional inadequacies of other low fat vegan diets and the intake of vitamins and minerals is much higher due to the inclusion of an abundant amount of fruit and leafy green vegetables.

However many people have reported problems following a raw vegan diet and it may be difficult to support optimal health without guidance or supervision from a qualified health professional who has experience with this approach to dieting.

80 10 10 Diet
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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Andrea Lee

    Hi. I’ve read all the comments and I don’t really see one similar to mine. I want to start this diet because I believe it is one I can maintain. Love fruits and veggies. My question: the day plans in the book are between 1900 and 2050 calories a day. I need to lose weight and I’m concerned that this many calories will add weight. I am not very active (yoga once a week) because I am overweight and have back issues. I need to lose weight before I can exercise more so I don’t hurt my back. Should I reduce the number of calories per day?

  • Cassandra Poulos

    is 8oz = 8 ounces in weight? or 8 ounces in Volume? aka fluid ounces?

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      In this case it is referring to weight. You will really need a food scale to use with this diet.

      • Cassandra Poulos

        Awesome- I just bought one!
        Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

  • smartgirlwee

    I am not a training for a marathon, but everything Dr. Graham says has been proven. I feel like I can run miles. I do a little biking and have gained more endurance. Currently, I have added legumes, beans, and a little fish every other week. I only eat a little cooked food every so often. I am a advocate of barley green, wheatgrass, and alfalfa sprouts. I am noticing a big difference. I drink 16 ounces of fresh vegetable juices every morning followed by a huge selection of fresh fruit in the form of a mono meal. I then eat a handful of nuts for a snack. Followed by a big huge salad or a tiny serving of a yellow and green steamed vegetables. I take vitamins and though my lifestyle is not exactly tailored to the 80/10/10 the weight continues to fall off. I could not be more happier. I wish everyone well in attempting this lifestyle. Again, it is not 100% Dr. Graham’s way but I strongly believe that he was right on about a lot of things especially eating bread and pastries the moment I gave bread up my breathing improved.

  • Tasha

    I am currently on a mix of raw and the Thrive vegan diet by Brenden Brazier. I am attempting to go 100%, but find that it is easier for me to digest broccoli if I steam it (for as little as five minutes in a steamer) and other cruciferous vegetables. I also cook my quinoa, though I am interesting in sprouting. The main issue that I have had is with beans. I have soaked them in plain water, seltzer water and even added a recommended pinch of baking soda. This still did not derail their enzyme content that left me bloated for hours (though those babies were practically mash by the time they came out of the crockpot). I strive to do have a high veggie, minimal fruit smoothie, twice a day, and adding more to my pea protein powder smoothie. I figure that I will try that for a little while, and see how well it goes. If not, then I will attempt 80-10-10. I am horrible at math and I don’t understand how to properly calculate my needs. I weigh 280 lbs. I am 5’6 and the online calculators tell me that I have 53.5% body fat. I lost forty five pounds by having one green and fruit smoothie a day, a pea protein shake and forty minutes of Tae bo, quinoa and steamed broccoli and vegan chili, between November and February. I am also starting the candida cleanse (benonite clay and psyllium, husks with a probiotic). Maybe doing 80-10-10 will help during the cleanse, despite what the candida diets say about sugar in fruit and candida. Any advice other than what the books says?

    • Jessica

      The cause of Candida is the combining of sugars and fats. The body runs on glucose, and when we consume fats, the fat coats the cells, receptors, insulin and glucose molecules, as well as depletes oxygen in the blood, so that sugar cannot be delivered into the cells properly and thus candida blooms to eat the sugar and balance the blood. Fruit sugar/glucose alone is what the body thrives on, every cell, including the brain.

      • Geeta

        Hi Jessica, I’d like to hear more about your thoughts, can you DM me on @noshdetox?

  • sara

    I have issue eating all of the food and I have celiac disease. I have a Vegan Proteins+ shake day, take vitamin, multi vitamin, l-glutamine, and probiotics daily.

  • Amanda

    Hello all – like most diets, may work for some, not sure yet if I will try this. For people with weak pancreas, so much fruit may not be a good idea. I have no weight to lose, in fact I am underweight with hardly any muscles or muscle tone. Also, as most Ayurvedic doctors would know, this diet could be too drying for a ‘vata’ body/mind type of person especially one with vata imbalances or health problems, thereby also causing drying of the nervous system and serious symptoms which has happened when I eat too much raw veg or fruit. At present, I do better with cooked/stewed fruit in the morning and grain/dates/raw honey, almonds/pine nuts as need a lot of fat and protein. A raw juice around 11am works best, then a small salad, then stir fried veg with rice and either chicken or fish or hummus or basil pesto. A little fresh fruit and oily nuts around 4pm, and dinner is Indian style daal soup with low starch cooked green veg and one or two popadums. this keeps intestines moist and works in with my body’s and the daily circadian rythyms, this way of eating also recommended for me by an Ayurvedic practitioner, as we are all individuals. I recommend the book, ‘The Ageless Woman’ by Nancy Lonsdorf, MD – USA.

  • Cheri

    I am just wondering, how does this diet work for someone that does not have an active profession? I work in a school setting so there is quite a bit of sitting or just standing involved.
    I love raw fruits and veggies! This diet is appealing to me, but it keeps talking about athletes and carbs….
    Any thoughts?

    • Jessica

      Just get in some exercise when you can. Walking, jogging, biking, morning yoga~ whatever you are able to do. While his speciality is athletes, this diet is not *just* for athletes~ it is for humans. Activity is an important aspect of overall health though, so try to implement some sort of daily workout. Yoga and squats are a great full-body workout.

  • seanop

    I knoe how so much weight is lost on this diet. I just carried two days of bannanas from the market and am sweating like a pig

    • Natasha Kaylee

      That’s hilarious. My kind of exercise ; ) Think I’ll try it. A bit more weight loss if I add a watermelon or two.

  • albert

    Reading all comments from 811 users and others, has certainly given me pause to think..and maybe experiment a bit more, especially with high water content fruits…..but I want to caution everyone that for many I believe the 811 diet will not provide sufficient nutrition long term…I eliminated severe hay fever allergies 40 years ago by implementing a raw vegan diet…and I felt like a superman..but after 5 yrs or so I had to admit that I didn’t anymore….I believe, as others have expressed, that for the majority of people the 811 diet is an excellent short or maybe medium term diet…..combining an 811 diet with quarterly fasting for a couple years would be fantastic…but after that I think most people should start to eat some more nutrient dense food…like butter, egg yolks, fish oil…..and find a balance between the raw hi water content fruits/veggies and the raw nutrient dense food….good luck!

  • Maki75

    I was super sceptic about all diets especially vegan stuff. I wanted to loose some weight and I started this one a yaer ago. And this is working nicely. I have more energy and I got back my shabe. I am doing 5-10 km jogging 2-3 times a week and attending gym 2 times. before the diet my activity was the same but was not able to loose any grams. It is a great thing for me.

    • Jordan

      I will be starting the 80/10/10 lifestyle once I have my baby in September. The way I look at it is, once you understand how much you should eat daily, and educate yourself on what foods have the nutrients that your body needs, this lifestyle shouldn’t be that difficult other than overcoming bad eating habits and fighting cravings. Vitamin deficiencies can be taken care of by supplements and as long as you are smart with taking care of your body and eating enough, I don’t think deficiencies will be an issue unless you already have problems. I can’t wait!!

      • Tammy

        Obviously if you need to take vitamin supplements and have to rely on any form of man made pills then the diet is unhealthy. You need to have a lifestyle where you get all the needed vitamins, minerals and proteins from the intake of natural foods not supplements…

      • Liana Cavalcanti

        I’ve used to eat “normal foodt” that everyone eats and found myself vit deficient. To be honest with you, the way our food is produced nowadays, all the nutrients are left behind and what we get is very poor, due to NPK soil, we need MUCH MORE than only NPK on our soil if we want to have really healthy food. I take supplements because “the normal balanced diet food” didn’t supply me with the minimum I needed for my health.

      • Tamara

        Well Said Jordan, And a congrats on your new baby :) Hope you are feeling great being raw! :)

  • Matt Maro

    this diet is a joke. their is no way you can gett all the nutrients you need to be HEALTHY with this diet. not only that, guys on this diet look anorexic

    • Andrew Pegram

      Matt, I’d advise first checking online nutritional trackers, such as CRON-O-Meter. A quick input of a mock day’s diet (for example, 20 bananas, 1 watermelon, and 1 head of lettuce) will demonstrate that you get just about all of the nutrients you need. There are a few that are a little under, but can be easily supplemented (such as calcium and B12). Also, before judging too quickly, why not experiment and notice the difference, or at least look in depth at the people who follow such a diet faithfully. There are plenty of examples of guys with nice muscle tone and healthy bodies (that are not anorexic), and the shear fact that numerous athletes eat this way should give you a clue, man. It can be easy to brush off something radically different, but the negative view isn’t always accurate.

  • Cat

    Some questions as this diet seems interesting –

    How do you incorporate foods that are toxic if not cooked, as an example like taro?

    Also how do you compensate for lycopene which is produced x4 when tomatoes are heated?

    • Rachel

      Great questions, Cat! According to Dr. Graham, applying heat to foods provides no nutritional benefit and is detrimental to the person ingesting the cooked food. A few examples exist where, by heating food, certain nutrients are more easily released and more bio-available to our cells. (The lycopene in tomatoes). However, taking this viewpoint ignores the fact that hundreds of thousands of identified and not-yet-identified nutrients in the heated foods are damaged by heat. For every nutrient that becomes more bio-available due to the cooking process, countless other nutrients become less so. We don’t know for certain, however, that even the ones that become more available are doing us any favors once altered by heat. More important, this viewpoint assumes that more of a nutrient is better, instead of trusting that Nature has provided the perfect balance of nutrients we need for optimal health in the fresh, raw plant foods we eat. (The 80/10/10 Diet)

      The whole point of the 80/10/10 diet is to go back to the way nature intended humans to eat. A raw, frugivore lifestyle. I hope this helped!

      • Shawna

        I have to disagree, our organs and teeth are designed to include fresh meat in our diets. Hence, our anatomy gives strong evidence that nature intended us to eat fish, smaller free range wild animals, raw fruits, vegetables and grains…all in moderate portions. That is true healthy eating. I am a diabetic by genetics–as are many type I diabetics–and there is no way I could consume this diet due to the incredible glucose spikes it causes me.

      • Jessica

        Our organs and teeth were not designed to eat meat, lol. We have the same digestive system as chimps, not as a lion’s. A carnivore’s digestive system is very short and smooth, to expel rotting matter asap. Our is extremely long and pocketed to hold onto plant matter and extract optimal nutrients from it. Our HCL is 100X weaker than a carnivores. Our incisors are in no way comparable to that of a true carnivore’s. Facts. Look them up.

      • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

        I hear you, but Chimps also eat some meat.

      • Jessica

        Chimps eat termites during a specific, very short season and very rarely they will kill and eat another in a show of dominance. Their “meat” eating is out of a social conditioning aspect and a like for the taste of termites, not out of any real need. Sound familiar? ;) Again, it’s extraordinarily rare and accounts for less than 2% of their diet, the remaining 98% consisting of fruit, leafy greens and bamboo shoots. :D

      • Jessica

        Perhaps specifying chimps was a poor choice. I should have likely just kept it as a general “primates” classification, as science has now proven that orangutans are our closest relative. Although they also eat a small amount of insects, with 90% of diet from fruit, about 2% from insects and the remaining amount from leaves, shoots and barks.

      • Guest

        Chimps eat termites during a specific, very short season and very rarely they will kill and eat another and eat it in a show of dominance. Their “meat” eating is out of a social conditioning aspect and a like for the taste of termites, not out of any real need. Sound familiar? ;) Again, it’s extraordinarily rare and accounts for less than 2% of their diet, the remaining 98% consisting of fruit, leafy greens and bamboo shoots. :D

  • ABA

    Reply to all with serious health issues/pain etc: detox with coffee enemas – the caffeine will get absorbed directly to the liver through the Porta system ( blood vessels sorrounding bowel connected to the liver ).
    Gall bladder will also get stimulated. When liver expels a lot of toxins it can clean incoming blood a lot more efficiently and youll get a pain relief.
    Healing in the body will also increase since you remove obstacles for what the body always is trying to accomplish – reverse illness into health.

    Coffee enamas are used a lot in the Gerson therapy – a natural way to heal most degenerative diseases.
    I did it myself as pain relief after operations/ healing breast cancer etc.

    Some might say itll ruin the bowel movements but everyone I know who did the Gerson therapy or just coffee enemas for the detox benefit always regain normal bowel movements.

    The herb milk thistle will also stimulate the liver and is a good supplement.

  • Kimberley

    How very interesting to read ALL the above comments..

    I am a clean eater and feel I have reaped all the benefits I could have from that and have hit such a wall seeing no results and find myself just wanting to binge on sugar! I have not been able to shift the stubbornest of fat – around the belly! Can anyone comment further on their results? I am one who bloats easily too.

    I am definitely off to invest in the book and have a good read!
    Honestly the thought to waking up and consuming x-amount of bananas is very appealing! Although I do love my oats.

    Would i still be able to consume a protein supplement on the ‘diet’? Especially after weight training…

    • Jessica

      You won’t need to. Maybe you already read the book and learned that! :D

  • Chris L

    The good. This diet does work. I’m a cyclist trying to stay under 5% bodyfat. Went raw 6 months ago eating unlimited fruit, till I belch food up, always full and kept loosing weight.

    The bad. I can’t do it anymore. I’m so tried of fruit I can’t look at it anymore, no matter what the fruit is and I tried most of them. All I carve is meat and breads and fat. The craving is stronger than hunger.

    The worst. Social Isolation, there is no eating out ever, no daily lunches with co-workers, no going out with wife and kids, no parties. Family think you’re crazy when you show up with your own fruit. Hardest diet by far if you are the only person doing it. Impossible to get others to join.

    • justmythoughts

      Chris, your problem (from my perspective) is that you did this as a diet and not as a lifestyle change.

      But I’m not a purist. Do what works for you. If you’re happy eating meat and cooked food, go for it. If you’re happy eating raw food then go for it. At the end of the day your way of eating shouldn’t have to feel forced and you need to feel refreshed and satisfied after every meal.

  • IY

    A LOT of things should be added to “cons”, like high blood sugar, weak bones and joints. Fat is vital for proper brain function, vitamin absorption, digestion, cell regeneration. This is so far away from healthy..

    • Ebony

      really really ignorant poorly researched response. You got no idea mate!

    • Peter

      I don’t think I’ve seen any evidence for these claims.

    • Alex

      Why would people get high blood sugar from eating fruit? A little avocado and coconut fixes the fat issue. I’m also not sure why you would think it causes weak bones, do you think cows milk makes your bones strong? oh how bout animal protein, that would also make them strong wouldn’t it?

      • Tiny

        Alex, “a little avocado and coconut fixes the fat issue”?? Are you sure? Does 10% of fat from “a little avocado and coconut really satisfy the body’s need for a balance of omega 3-6-9 oils? Is it really possible to get enough calcium along with all of the supporting nutrients needed to make the calcium absorb-able for the body by eating a diet mostly of sugary fruits? We don’t live in the garden of eden where all of the produce is chock full of nutrition and appropriate as to sugar content. I’m always skeptical of nutritional approaches that necessitate the addition of supplements because the diet cannot stand on its own as healthy. I LOVE the idea of greatly limiting meat, especially red meat, and cutting out animal products altogether for purposes of resolving existing health problems, detoxification, weight loss, fasting, etc. But some vegans and raw foodists can be so obsessive and obnoxious about their beliefs and the reasoning behind them. Americans do eat WAY too much meat and this is a problem, but after doing lots of research into different diets, I haven’t found a single one that can actually meet every nutritional need of the human body without major expenditures on supplements, kitchen appliances, the produce itself, and a host of other “suggestions,” like colonics and sometimes excessive exercise. Many of the diets that sound the best on paper will not sustain optimal health over the course of a lifetime. There is no one-diet-fits-all magic bullet. I think it’s safe to say that each persons road map to optimal health will be as unique as the individual him/herself. Diets heavy on fruit have never worked for me or anyone in my family. I guess our bodies metabolize fruits differently. I’ve already learned a lot and will continue my research.

      • Izzy

        *thumbs up* Alex

  • Melissa

    Is there a supplement for b12 that needs to be taken with this diet?

    • CMC

      You can get you Vitamin B12 from Seamoss.

    • Crystal

      Vitamin B12 does not naturally occur in fruits and vegetables, nor does it naturally produce in animals. It is a microorganism that lives in SOIL that turns into Vitamin B12 in your body. That is why other animals do not have this deficiency – they eat grass and foods that have soil on them, which naturally is where we should get it too. Since we humans are so freaking clean to try to get the pesticides and things off of our foods, we wash away the precious vitamins down the drain. Because of this, it is necessary to supplement if you do no eat meat or meat by-products.

      • Andrew Pegram

        There are easy supplements for B12, and you can also incorporate nutritional yeast or chlorella into your diet. You only need a little.

      • Lib

        Or you could eat organic food and don’t wash it or if you have room plant your own garden

  • wendy


  • Liz

    Since trying out a similar diet to the 80-10-10 I have been having bowel problem.. i.e (for lack of better term diarrhea) Is anyone else having these issues? My GI doctor wants to do a colonoscopy because they have checked for everything else.

    • Liana Cavalcanti

      Well with me is the opposite, I’m having hard times at the loo – never had before. funny to think datorades in a daily basis would give you hard time at the loo… so many fiber should be easy to get rid of lol

    • Aly

      The high sugar content in food can cause loose, watery stool!

    • alienambassador

      Ms Liz, I bet you are. Not an 80-10-10 person, but I like to stay fit. You are consuming a very large amount of fiber and a rather extreme adjustment in diet which could put your body into a little bit of stress. Try a more gradual approach if you can. Hope this helps.

  • Chloe

    This “possible lack of nutrients” just isn’t true… If anything, cutting out the bread and crap provides more room for nutrients.
    This isn’t a diet, it is a way of life. Watch Hungry For Change to see the best ways to lose weight & keep it off by following a healthy lifestyle.
    A raw plants diet has made me happier and healthier than I’ve been in years.

  • Shawn

    I did about a week and felt amazing. My energy was great and my mind was so clear. I’m a nurse and I just felt really on my game. I used an app on my phone to count calories to ensure I was consuming enough. The day I didn’t count calories is the day my cravings were out of control and I at a cooked food. It felt so good and warm and comforting going down. But I had reflux, it seem to not want to digest. I felt like I at a very large amount due to the days of eating large quantities of raw food. I think my stomach had expanded so, that the cooked food wasn’t signaling my brain that I’d had enough. I felt horrible the next day, very sluggish. And I woke up to a facial breakout. I definately and praying God keeps me strong to eat the diet he intended for me.

  • Carbo

    The ULTIMATE. The HOLY GRAIL of all diets! I am on and off raw (only cooked plant based dinners) but I still stick to the 80/10/10 ratio and the results have been phenomenal. We were born with a sweet tooth for a reason – to enjoy an abundance of juicy, sweet, beautiful fruit!! Carbs for the win!

  • Fruity

    I’ve been eating 80/10/10 with cooked foods. It’s a great program, and it can be done as described, but it can also work with some adjustments.

  • Greg

    I scrupulously followed this diet for over 2 years. At 47 years old, it gave me six pack abs in 3 months. It is an incredibly high energy and healthy diet, and extremely easy to do. The reason I stopped was because it made socializing around food nearly impossible. I still eat vegan and a tremendous amount of raw fruit and strongly believe the “fruit and shoots” diet is the natural diet of human beings. If you need to improve your health and looks, this diet will do it-in spades!

  • Henry

    I have spent considerable time on some small coral islands in the Philippines and South Pacific where about the only edible vegetation is coconuts from palm trees. How could I have survived if I could not have eaten fish?

  • julia

    I’m 80-10-10 and in my best year opf health and looks at 49! Have been on this for one year and three months, before I ate a mostly fruit anf green raw diet but with too much fat. I started seeing visible results eating very little fat after just two days. My energy level is better, big health problems dissapeared, my body is now lean and muscular, it’s been great for my mood, I’m getting compliments on my skin(!) and I’m outside in the sun 8-10 hours a day – and I used to have acne.

    It’s not always easy to do low fat raw but the results are so so worth it.
    That said, if you don’t want to go raw or vegan at least try Natural Hygiene and food combinnig, this is what I started with 18 years ago and it has been my base.

    • Juliette

      I am worried about the number of calories. Would one gain weight? I can’t afford to, I am overweight as it is!

  • Adam

    Hello everyone,

    Over the past 4 years I tried almost every diet imaginable after suffering from acne, depression, various skin conditions, low energy, drug addiction, and serious digestive problems. Members of my immediate and extended family also suffer from other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc.

    I have read hundreds of hours of material including 80 10 10 Diet. What I have come to believe after my research and my experimentation is that there are two basic factors that cause disease: Deficiency and Toxicity. Deficiency is caused by not enough nutrients, Toxicity is caused by too much of something. Almost everyone suffers from deficiencies and toxemia’s.

    To improve our health one must get more of what is needed and less of what is not.

    Almost everyone needs more fruits and vegetables. Almost everyone needs less exposure to environmental pollutants. STOP EATING JUNKFOOD and start eating RAW PRODUCE.

    Personally, I have found amazing results by consuming mass amounts of sweet fruits and leafy green vegetables. These are by far the best foods for human health. It is my belief that anyone eating most of their diet in fresh produce will thrive as long as they are not using drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, or doing other well-known destructive behaviors.

    As far as other foods like grains, vegetables, meats, dairy, fish, animal products, etc. Find out what works for you. Go as far as you want in removing these foods from your diet. Getting to 50 percent of your diet in raw fruits and vegetables should have amazing health benefits and 75 or 100 could do the same. I don’t know if going 100% 80 10 10 for the rest of your life is the best for you but I do know that I am extremely satisfied with the results I have gotten by going 90-99% for almost a year 4 years ago and again recently for the past 6 months.

    Almost every disease including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, atherosclerosis, etc. can be cured with a low fat vegan or low fat raw vegan diet. This has been proven over and over again by thousands of people. Try it for at least 30 days. You will be amazed.

    • Greg

      One class of diseases that generally can not be cured with diets like 80-10-10 are neuro diseases like Essential Tremor, Parkinsons, etc. This diet may reduce symptoms, but in my experience can not entirely reverse them. If started early enough in life, a diet like this might prevent a neuro disease from occurring or even halt its progression. Unfortunately, most neuro damage, once it occurs, appears to be largely irreversible.

      • Darko


        Hi Laura…..Fibromyalgia is not a inherited disease. It’s a condition brought on by stress or repressed emotions. Read Dr John Sarno’s books or “Pain Free for Life” by Scott Brady and you will change your life. Diet is important but so is the emotional stuff.

      • Laura

        Hello Greg
        I was reading your comments on the 80/10/10 diet.
        It seems that I may be stuck with an inherited mitochondrial disease. I had been diagnosed ten years ago with fibromyalgia and when all my vitals returned to normal, by eating better – I still suffered with extreme pain in my limbs, especially the quads. I also recently recovered from what seemed like a stroke. I am currently on very high amounts of coq10 – 1200mg/day.

        I am curious as to your statement where you say that this diet will not help people with neuro. afflictions.

        I am wondering what type of food program that you know of would help in these type of disease.

        thank you
        Windsor, Ontario

      • Joe

        In reply to Laura and Greg, look up Dr. Robert Morse ND. Check out his videos on youtube and his Fans of dr. morse page on facebook. He has a high amount of success with these cases on a high fruit + herb diet.

  • Angela

    I do agree with the raw, lots of VEGGIES/greens and low fat approach but I still would not be willing to eat that much fruit. I HIGHLY believe in “everything in moderation” but you can definitely afford to splurge on greens and vegetables. Fruit is amazing, with so many benefits but that much sugar CANNOT be good for you even with all the vitamins etc. Even if it’s natural sugars, it’s way too excessive.

    • dennis price

      That much natural is actually that good for you. Fruit is the perfect human food. This diet is awesome. Fat is the problem especially saturated fat because it blocks insulin receptors from absorbing the sugars into the cells. Fiber prevent’s blood sugar spikes.

    • Greg

      ALL food eaten by humans is converted to sugar. The body can not burn anything else. Also, sugar in fruit is buffered by water-fruit averages 80% water by weight-and soluble fiber. A high fresh fruit diet is actually a water diet with some sugar in it. I can tell you from over 2 years of first hand experience, humans thrive on “fruit and shoot” diets!

      • Jen

        Or ketones! Learn a bit of biochem Greg. I actually need to be on a very low carb diet to maintain my health and not be a diabetic. High fat, low carb and mod protein have restored my health after decades of disease! Including trying veganism, raw fooding etc.

    • AutumnSun

      Angela, PLEASE do your research BEFORE you comment. You are 150% WRONG!!!!!!

      • Angela

        How absolute of you to say that of a differing opinion because I believe everything in moderation. I have done my research thank you and there’s two sides to this debate and I fall upon the middle leaning to the other side. I did not say steer away from fruit completely. I just meant that anything in excess is too much and I think the only exception we can make for that are vegetables and leafy greens.

    • Andrea

      Anyone here been eating this way for more than a year or two? Would love to hear from them about their experiences.

  • andre harris

    does this work because it is so low in protein that it gives the body a chance to recover . It might be easier to do this as a forn of ‘alternate day fasting’ then yon might get the benefits without so much of the restriction.

    • jesse

      protein …the raw food diet is rich in protein…..

      • Juan


        Spirulina 60% inmediate absortion protein, packed with almost every mineral known to men, DHA, vitamin A, K

        Hemp 50% protein, full of omegas 3-6-9


        why should I go paleo?

      • Jen

        Hardly!! Go paleo or primal for a diet with adequate protein.

  • Scott

    The 80/10/10 is a fantastic diet short to medium term. I have seen recommendations of between 3 months to 3 years, to be safe. A few very active athletes last moderately longer. Very few people do well on it longer than that. It absolutely is not a life long diet for most unless you want a very short life.

    On the other hand, since most people eat too much meat, too much cooked foods, too much fat etc. Nearly 100% of people will see tremendous even miraculous gains in health on this diet short term. I would recommend it to everyone to restore good health. I have used it myself twice. (I am 50)

    Once balance is restored, then gradually add healthy other foods to your diet to make up for the long term deficiencies common to the 80/10/10. The most common long term deficiencies on 80/10/10 are B-12/DHA/EPA. So foods high in these nutrients are best.

    • Greg

      Total nonsense. Dr Graham has been on this diet over 30 years. Many people have been on it nearly a decade. ALL are thriving.

    • Amanda

      B-12 is a deficiency common in many ppl, including meat eaters. It has a lot more to do with practices that kill the bacteria in the ground, and in our intestines, and less to do with food source. But supplementation with B12 is certainly a wise decision if u are at risk, regardless of whether u eat meat or not. DHA/EPA can be obtained from nuts/seeds and your body’s own production after consuming nuts and seeds. Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, and Flax seeds (ground) are excellent sources. This is 80/10/10 approved as well. I know several ppl who have done 811rv for much longer than 3 yrs and have thrived. It can be a great diet for those who can make the necessary changes in lifestyle. (social, calorie requirement,etc)

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