5-Day Miracle Diet: Blood Sugar Regulating

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

The 5 Day Miracle Diet is a diet based on consuming reduced calories 5 days of each week and moderate calories on 2 days of each week.

Most people choose to practice the 5 day diet Monday through Friday and take Saturday and Sunday off.

This type of diet can be successful for those that don’t do well on overly restrictive diets and who still want to enjoy occasional treats and going out to eat on the weekends.

The 3 Day Diet and The 7 Day Diet are other options and there’s also a specific 5 Day Blood Sugar Diet available.

5 Day Diet Basics

The guidelines of the 5 day diet are pretty simple, but basically revolve around a few must follow rules.

Monday Through Friday


  • Dieters should follow a reduced calorie diet with no fewer than 1200 calories for females and 1500 calories for males. A good calories for weight loss calculator can help dieters set appropriate daily calorie amounts.
  • No refined sugars or carbs.
  • Processed foods should be avoided.
  • Lean meats and healthy oils only.
  • No fried foods.
  • Limit low-fat dairy products.

Saturday and Sunday

During the weekends there are no forbidden foods and calories can be increased, but, within reason. Dieters shouldn’t exceed their weight maintenance calorie levels.

Dieters should enjoy their favorite foods on the weekends BUT still practice portion control as well as discretion when eating out.

Keep Your Metabolism Guessing

One of the benefits of the 5 day diet is that it keeps your metabolism guessing, which is believed to prevent plateaus and prevent your body from going into starvation mode.

By increasing your calories 2 days a week, your body doesn’t adapt to the reduced number of calories consumed 5 days a week.

Recommended Foods

Oatmeal, fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, lentils, black beans, broccoli, carrots, chicken breast, fish, low-fat greek yogurt, brown rice, lean beef, olive oil, eggs, mushrooms, bell peppers, hummus, nuts

Sample Monday Meal Plan


Steel cut oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts, and greek yogurt

Morning snack



Salad with chicken

Afternoon snack

Handful of almonds


Beef stir fry with brown rice

Exercise Recommendations

The 5 Day Miracle Diet recommends moderate exercise 5 days a week. Walking, biking, strength training, weight training, jogging, and swimming are all great ways to burn calories and get fit.

Just be sure the exercise doesn’t put you below your minimum calorie amounts for each of the 5 days.


  • Limits refined carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Addresses some psychological factors involved in overeating.
  • Eating breakfast is associated with improved weight management.
  • The 5 day diet can be adjusted to suit vegetarians and those with insulin resistance and carbohydrate addiction.
  • Helps those that struggle with deprivation.
  • Reduces processed foods in the diet.


  • Restrictive during 5 days a week.
  • Some may struggle with eating too many calories on the weekends.
  • Some may struggle with calorie counting and meal planning.


A 5 Day Blood Sugar Diet

5 day dietThe 5 Day Miracle Diet program is not actually a five-day diet but rather five days is the amount of time it takes in order to stabilize your blood sugar.

Puhn explains in detail exactly what foods you should be eating and at what times. The diet involves three main meals as well as three or four small snacks daily.

There are strict rules regarding the timing of meals.

  • Breakfast should be eaten within thirty minutes of getting out of bed.
  • Lunch must be eaten before 1 pm and dinner should be eaten no later than 7 pm
  • You must eat snacks as often as required between meals so that you never go more than three hours without eating.
  • Breakfast consists of a combination of protein and complex carbohydrate while lunch and dinner includes protein and vegetables.
  • Between meal snacks are low glycemic index fruits and vegetables such as apple, celery and melon.
  • Dieters are advised to avoid certain foods that have a high glycemic index such as yogurt, bananas, grapes and bagels.

All of the rules of the Blood Sugar Regulating Diet must be followed exactly otherwise you will need to start the program from the beginning. Once you have stabilized on the plan occasional indulges are permitted.

The 5-Day Miracle Diet retails at $17.45.

Click Here to purchase the book for a discounted price.

5-Day Miracle Diet: Blood Sugar Regulating
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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Ritu

    I m pure vegetarian .just wanna loose 7kgs

  • mickey

    Sounds well I guess I’ll try it and tell you how it went

  • Harvz

    I have been sugar free for several months now, and apart from losing 13 kilograms (almost 30 pounds) in weight in that time, I feel great. I have also found an all natural alternative to sugar called “Natvia” which just helps add a bit of sweetness back in. Natvia is all natural, has no virtually no calories, and absolutely no Fructose, and is a great natural alternative.

  • Ally

    I used this diet about 10 years ago. It really help me balance my sugar intake. I did not crave sweets once the first 5 days were over. It’s a good program, but it is restrictive. I guess it comes down to how badly you want to loose weight. The many snacks made me fill like I was never hungry, it’s a really good program if you are trying to control diabetes through diet.

  • Shimora Gigi Pasela

    I will try some of your tips and let you know about the out come.

  • Mark N Hopgood

    Great article – balance is the key, I agree. Here’s some useful info I picked up from a sports nutritionist I met once.
    The only way that your body burns fat is through having stable blood sugar (between 80 and 120).
    I’ve helped people do this using blood sugar stability, diet and exercise. If you go for run, do bun exercises when your blood sugar is not stable, then you will simply burn muscle. This is the secret that is taught in high school science, but everyone seems task now.

    It’s important to have a few cheat meals – love that. No one is perfect, that’s what makes us human. I enjoy the odd sausage in batter and my body rewards me by burning it off while I sleep!

    • Erikap

      How can I tell if my blood sugar is stable or unstable?

  • Lisa

    Sounds very similar to the Dr. Bo Diet.. which I tried, didn’t lose an ounce, and was extremely difficult to maintain longer than a few weeks. The CONCEPT is good; low starchy carbs; more veggies, fruits and protein. LOTS of water.

  • Eloise

    I am a vegaterian.. Is there a vegaterian version to this book??

  • karen wagner

    It can be a little complicated since you have to find out if what you are eating is high on the glycemic index. But if you stick to it for at least the five days, your cravings for the high glycemic foods will disappear–that was the greatest thing for me— I really did not crave those things anymore. And I learned a lot on how to eat healthy.

  • karen wagner

    I found this book about 10 years ago. I tried it and loved it! I had more energy and felt really great. For me, stabilizing my blood sugar (and giving up sugar) was the key to feeling good and losing weight. However, I gradually began to backslide because when I would go out to eat, I didn’t stick to the diet.

  • silvia mahoney

    It says nothing about condiments, can you have condiments?

  • lina

    Okay so you guys, I did a diet like this the same exact thing but i use to skip dinnet and drink tea,and that ws for a month . the truth is that i felt dizzy but i really wanted to lose weight and it worked! I lost 9-1o kilos and I made my final exams doing the diet, I felt really good afterwards but i would not advice it more than a month,good luck guys<3

  • carmen

    It’s.Great .it’s the basic sfor a healthy eating !

  • Bonnie

    This diet sounds like you have alot of choices Can you have decaf tea or coffee?

  • Thulisile

    It is actually a full day meal. I am definetly going to do it

  • eve

    wow this sounds awesome!(:

  • ms.red

    It sounds sensible to me. Its just a strict diet to train your intakes

  • noelia

    what is a health concern on this diet

  • sheetal

    would love’to know more about program, specially i am a vegetarian, eat eggs, but wud like to know more practical diets as aroutine

  • AMBA, E

    You meal seems to be for white foreigners only. What of African food. Garri and soup, local dishes etc?

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