3 Apple a Day Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

The 3-Apple-a-Day Plan: Your Foundation for Permanent Fat Loss was created by Tammi Flynn, a registered dietitian and Group Training instructor at Gold’s Gym in Washington.
Flynn discovered that when one of her clients ate an apple before each meal without changing anything else, she was able to break a weight loss plateau.

Flynn experimented with this approach with her other clients and witnessed incredible results, with typical weight losses of seventeen pounds in twelve weeks.

Also included below is the original apple diet.

Three Apple Diet Basics

Just eat an apple prior to each meal

The foundation of the 3-Apple-a-Day Plan involves eating an apple before each main meal. The idea is that the fiber in apples makes you feel full and the sweetness satisfies cravings.

Then follow a low carb eating plan


In addition to eating apples dieters follow a food plan that is very similar to the South Beach Diet with a relatively low intake of carbohydrates and reduction of saturated fats.

Refined sugars are to be eliminated while low glycemic index carbohydrates are emphasized.

Eat 4 to 5 times a day

Dieters are advised to consume 4-5 small meals daily, which should be based on healthy foods that are low in fat. Each meal or snack should also contain a source of lean protein because this has been shown to reduce appetite and improve weight loss.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

In addition to eating three apples a day dieters are advised to include six servings of other fruits and vegetables. This will allow you to reduce your intake of calories without experiencing hunger.

Original Apple Diet

Tammi Flynn’s diet is really just a version of the original apple diet that has been around for decades. The orinal version just has one rule….

Golden Apple Rule: Eat an Apple Before Each Meal.

No other dietary restrictions are required.  The theory is that if dieters eat an apple before each meal, the fiber in the apple will fill them up causing them to eat less during the meal.

This sounds simple and there is some truth to this, but diet should focus on being healthier as well as eating less. People who still eat a lot of processed foods may lose some weight with the apple diet, but they aren’t doing much to increase their overall heath and wellbeing.

Those following the apple diet will have greater results if they also clean up their diet by including a lot of other fresh vegetables and fruit.

Healthy Apple Recipes

Recommended Foods

Apples, low fat cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, turkey, lean beef, salmon, oatmeal, brown rice, broccoli, lettuce.

Sample Diet Plan


Cheese omelet
1 cup cooked oatmeal

Morning Snack

½ cup cottage cheese
½ cup nonfat yogurt


Grilled chicken breast
2 cups steamed broccoli
½ cup brown rice

Afternoon Snack

Cappuccino shake


Grilled salmon
Green salad

Look for other healthy/low carb meal ideas here.

Exercise Recommendations

The 3 Apple a Day Diet recommends a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise is recommended. The book includes a 12 week beginners exercise program.

In the original apple diet no exercise is required.

Costs and Expenses

The 3-Apple-a-Day Plan retails at $14.95.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.

There may also be additional expenses due to the requirement to buy apples, other fresh produce and high protein foods.


  • Eating an apple at the beginning of each meal will promote the feeling of fullness and reduce the tendency toward overeating.
  • Apples contain soluble fiber, which can help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Apples contain flavonoids that help prevent heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.
  • Meals are balanced with a combination of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables.
  • A high intake of lean protein reduces appetite and maintains muscle mass while dieting.
  • Encourages the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Easy to follow. No counting or measuring.
  • Includes over 100 recipes.
  • Encourages exercise.


  • Meal plans are not very exciting and dietary boredom may occur.
  • Dieters may become tired of eating apples with every meal.
  • Eliminates many foods and does not provide any allowances for including favorite foods occasionally.
  • May be difficult for vegetarians to follow the recommended meal plan.

Calorie Restriction and Health are Key

The combination of eating an apple before each meal and the recommended meal plan will reduce appetite which is likely to produce weight loss for the majority of dieters.

Apples are also a great source of fiber, which has many potential health benefits.

Some dieters may become bored with eating apples three times a day. Additionally the meal plan does not allow for cheats, which may make this plan difficult for some dieters to follow as a lifestyle approach to weight loss.

Similar Diets

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The Lemonade Diet

The Oatmeal Diet

3 Apple a Day Diet
Click Here to try
 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • http://batman-news.com love u

    im 5:11 167lbs
    want to lose abt 20lbs. can i still wrk out while on apple diet

  • me

    does this really work

  • Shk Fouz

    I want reduce wgt ..plz gve diet

  • Shk Fouz

    I wana reduce wgt
    Plz tl me da apple diet


    Will start the plan immediately.thks

  • Hina Saleem

    Hi, I have started eating apple since last 1 week and I have lost my 2 kg weight. I think it is a good diet for loosing weight.

    • Shk Fouz

      U eat only apples fr 3 days

  • R Ahmed

    Its my first day on the apple diet. Im only eating 3 apples a day. To be honest i just had my breakfast- which is obviously an apple and i dont feel hungry at all. I watched a video and a lady lost 3lbs on the second day and 2lbs on the third day. Im 17 Years Old and 5″4 with 61kg. My BMI shows im normal weight. I want to bring it down to 47kg because i’ll be putting on 3kg afterwards because of the water fast so it’ll be 50kg. If you want updates on my apple diet feel free to email me.

    • Portmet

      hi sos how did the apple diet go? please,i also wanna start today.

    • Amelia

      Iv just been browsing the apple diet and saw your review if you dont mind answering a few questions that would be great,
      How much did you lose,did you put it back on after a few days and side affects many thanks

      • justsharing97

        Hey! (:
        Im turning 16 in less than 90 days and my height is 168cm and weights 58.8kg.
        I’ve managed to drop about 5kg in less two weeks.
        It started by changing my eating pattern :)
        The first 2-3days doesn’t effect but after that your weight starts dropping.

        In the morning, I eat rice with some meat and soup. *breakfast is really important if you don’t eat*
        Then I go to school from 7.30am to 3.30pm.
        Without eating. (Not exactly) I keep drinking a lot of water because it helps you detox and you’ll pee it out eventually without gaining weight. Snacks like fruit and low fat stuff can be eaten if you’re really hungry. try to restrain yourself if you’re really up to loose weight.

        and for dinner I don’t eat rice but meat and started taking up veggies. Tbt, I hate veggies but the sake of loosing weight, it’s worth it little amount will do. Try to stay about from wheat foods . (Except brown rice, it’s healthy). And drink a lot of water.

        I do little exercise like running for P.E.
        Like 2 times a day all together less than 3 hours a week.

        Cut down or stop eating process food, fast food, chips and especially sodas.

        That’s my eating pattern haha. Do sleep early to get efficient sleep. It helps with loosing weight. Also, drinking lemon water or green tea is also helpful :) cut down the amount you eat, don’t eat until you’re extremely full.

        Lastly, don’t just eat fruits thorougout the whole day. You’ll end up gaining more weight.

        Hope it helps (: just sharing haha

  • samia

    i really want to loose weight!!!!but i don’t know how!!!!pleaaaaaaaaase help me plz.

  • Abbie

    I’m going to try this diet tomorrow, I’m planning on having an apple & scrambled egg for breakfast as that’s quite low in calories but also high in protein, then fruit mid morning, an apple & a grilled chicken salad for lunch, fruit mid afternoon, & then something like grilled salmon with salad and new potatoes for dinner. With plenty of water throughout the day. I know this isn’t exactly how the diet was meant to be done, but as i’m a female student who is quite active during the day (I walk 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon & dance for 30 minutes during the evening) I need a diet that will fill me up but prevent me from binge eating like I am at the moment. Any thoughts? Thanks x

  • jeru

    i want to loose weight so im going to try this one :)

  • katiecastner

    I love this diet

    • gigi

      did it really work

      • bob


  • Nothando

    Eating apples only is a waste of time. The sooner you stop thinking that all kinds of food make you gain weight the better. Too much of Carbs, fats and sugar cause gain weight. And if you follow a “drunk diet” you wont loose weight so follow a proper one. Detox before the diet. It helps

    • mim

      ok well im starting to do this apple diet so i weigh 162.3 pounds im 13 im 5’6 i am over weight so this is wwhy i try this ive never done it and im gonna do a kinda unhealthier way im just gonna eat lettuce and apples all day and drink water now im not gonna do it everyday because then you get bored at it but ill try and post when i get results :)

  • cory

    hey am Cory am 22 am 50 kg am trying to loose wait and i tried all the diets and they won’t work except from the water diet when i tried it i lost 2 pounds from a size 22 to a 18

  • Ian

    I have to say for me (being a 13 year old) to tell you that apples don’t supply several necessary nutrients that your body needs. It world be wise to take a centrum multivitamin. Also go back on your regular home cooked meals, but burn more calories than you consume. If you have a 500 calorie deficit a day, you can lose 1 pound a week. Yes it’s longer than the apple diet. But you are getting the nutrients you need, and it tastes better than apples too. ( No fast food or soda though ;) )

    • Philip Thomas

      OK you didn’t read it correctly, you don’t just eat 3 apples a day. You eat an apple at the beginning of every meal. Then just eat your normal food. it is not replacing food it is adding too it. the premise is that if you eat the apple first then you will not eat as much of the other food.

      • Glad

        i’m gonna try this today,. :) i should slim down before christmas. :)
        Omg. APPLE DIET is very effective. my sister tried it. it worked.
        i know for sure it’ll work for me too. :) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juliana

    I’m starting this from tomorrow hope it gives me results

  • jolene

    How does the apple diet work



    • Sara Scott


      • Dan

        Too Funny!

  • Beatrice

    I heard about this some years ago, but the only change I made was adding four apples a day to my food intake . You eat the apple 30 minutes before the meal. This means your body feels full sooner during your meal so you eat less, whether you follow the diet plan or not. It also adds fibre and vitamins to your diet. I lost 20 pounds & put back three after I cut back on the apples. I now eat only one or two apples most days. I have kept that weight off for about eight years. Yes, you could get tired of apples if you just eat the same kind all the time, but my family explored the full range of apple varieties & found new favourites. The whole family got into the apple habit. I’ve got to say that four family members eating four apples a day means 112 apples a week, which really fills up the fridge! That was the only con we found.

    • Kyle

      how long did it take for you to lose 20 lbs?

  • Anith

    iv have gone on a diet where i only eat apples, 4 a day for 3 weeks. i will lose about 2 and1/4 stone, but about 3 kg is water weight which will come back on after i start eating normally. I am in the second week of my diet, and have lost more than 1 stone. I know that this is a very unhealthy way to lose weight, as you have hardly any protein so you will feel tired, however it is working for me, and i reccomend this diet to anyone who needs a quick weight loss plan, and to stabilise the weight, you must eat a litte for about 3 months after the weight loss.

    • susan wilson

      sounds fab i need to lose 2 stone in under 4 weeks

    • amna

      r u still losing weight with same diet i want to start this next week and want to know if u do some exercise as well.

    • Pavol

      OMG finally soeonme who sees the big picture.It’s an uphill battle with some of my clients because they want to try everything on the market for their weight loss, all I tell them is keep your money and change the way you live your life and what you eat. Food is meant to be enjoyed!It’s all about balance because how you live your life is a direct reflection on what you will eat.Amen for brining it up!

  • Amy

    How long are you supposed to do this for exactly?

  • karla

    Actually…water does the same trick..with fewer calories. Just drink 8 oz of water before you eat anything. It’llfill you up really quick..and you won’t eat nearly as much. Everytime you think about reaching for a snack..drink water first..drink it really fast. The weight will begin to come off in the first few days…and continue, as long as you’re doin this simple..cheap water trick.

  • Blade Manders

    Hi there,
    I am 15, I am 60 Kg, None of it is muscle, I was told too either do this, or the “crushed ice” diet, I am planning on getting to around 50Kg, Is this a good diet? or am I going too do it for a couple weeks and be fatter than what I already am, Thanks guys.

    • jannatkhan


  • Dw

    When I started this diet I gained weight but soon realized I was losing inches. I gained weight because I was gaining lean muscle then I lost weight after I toned up but I did have to exercise and get cardio work… I love salmon and chicken breasts… I also know I drank or at protein within a hour after my workout

  • dan

    there is nothing magical about apples…most people who consume 3 apples a day will cause their blood sugar to soar, which will prevent fat burning, and become even more hungry from the sugar crash

    • Marisa

      This is innacurate. Apples are one of the lowest fruits on the GI index meaning they DO NOT cause a spike in blood sugar. The polyphenols in apples actually help to LOWER blood glucose levels. The only way Dan would be spiking his blood sugar from apples is if he was drinking apple juice from concentrate with added sugar but not ever from eating apples. There is nothing magical about apples but the effects they have on your health is :)

      • charlotte

        it also helps lower the cholesterol along with green veggies. in the apple is the pectin

  • Tracy

    Suggestions on how to eat the chicken noodle soup, I do not dilute the soup with water but open the can and pour it into my coffee cup, throw about 5 shakes of hot sauce on the top and microwave, no joking here. The soup really does taste good, just don’t dilute it with water. Lots of flavor and all.

    I also have tried one can of chili and pouring it into a flat bowl so there is more to see. Throw on some tomato chunks and hot sauce. I replace the two cans of chicken soup with this and just snack on it all day long along with two apples.

  • Tracy

    Try eating one can of chicken noodle soup for lunch, 1 apple for an afternoon snack, then one can of chicken noodle soup for dinner and an apple for a snack before bed. If you get hungry, snack on one can of green beans. Simple. You will lose a ton of weight doing this. 1 can of Cambell’s chicken noodle soup is 150 calories, 1 medium apple is 100 calories, and a can of green beans is about 100 calories. So 300 calories for the soup, 200 for the apples and 100 for the green beans. 600 calories a day does it for me.

  • Amie Elias

    Today is Nov the 27th its my very first day to try ths. I hav tried several diets and failed thm all. Its very depressing to work hard and to not see any results. I will try ths and get bac w/u guys.

  • Lee Aldis

    The Apple Diet has been recommended by Edger Cayce in some of his books and I’d like to know if credit was given to him in the “Three Apple a Day Plan”.

  • Blake

    I have been eating a banana and a glass of skim milk for breakfast, turkey sandwhich, apple, fruit cups, nutri grain bar for lunch, dinner is always home cooked, soups/tacos/brown rice/chicken etc, with all spreads and such NON fat, 100% WHOLE GRAIN for bread/tortilas/etc…and of course an apple.
    I have been losing 1 pound a day. I have been doing it for 9 days. 213lbs > 204lbs, I feel better then ever. obviously no liquid calories. hope this helps.

    No you cant only eat apples, you need other nutrition that apples don’t provide to stay healthy.

  • Lavonda

    Yes, I think I have tried this before. However, I am willing to try it again. The apple does make you full and satisfies your appetite. I just get the notion to eat additional things I shouldn’t; especially when I have them available.

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