17 Day Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

The 17 Day Diet was created by Dr. Mike Moreno, a family practice physician in California.

After being featured on The Doctors TV show and Dr. Phil it has rapidly become one of the hottest weight loss plans for two years running.

The diet involves a series of 17 day cycles with adjustments in the composition of the foods you eat.

Moreno suggests that a weight loss of 10-12 pounds is possible in the first 17 days. He cites recent research showing that rapid weight loss does have long and short-term advantages over the slow weight loss approach.

17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition

Dr. Morano has enhanced his popular 17 Day Diet with some enhanced options that have proven successful for the 1000’s that have completed his program.

Besides what we have outlined below, The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition is supercharged with following:

  • 3 additional chapters covering supplements, new exercises, and many more success stories.
  • 50 additional recipes.
  • An optional “fast day” to accelerate fat loss using Mike Morano’s liquid cleanse.
Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.

17 Day Diet in a Nutshell

In basic terms the 17 Day Diet is a carbohydrate cycling diet whereby you adjust your intake of carbohydrates in accordance with whatever phase of the diet you are in.

At certain times you will follow a very low carbohydrate diet, while at others you can enjoy specific foods that are higher in carbohydrates.

According to Dr. Moreno, this has the effect of confusing your metabolism and enhancing the rate at which you are able to lose weight. It also can help to reduce the frustration and boredom that is generally associated with long-term dieting.

The 17 Day Diet includes four cycles:

  1. Accelerate
    In this initial phase you dramatically reduce your intake of carbohydrates to promote fat burning, cleansing and rapid weight loss.
  2. Activate
    This 17 Day Diet phase involves carbohydrate cycling, which has the purpose of resetting your metabolism to stimulate fat burning and prevent plateaus.
  3. Achieve
    You reintroduce some previously restricted foods and will learn how to develop healthy eating habits.
  4. Arrive
    The final phase allows you to maintain your goal weight by eating a healthy diet during the week and indulging in your favorite foods on the weekends.

During all of the four phases of the 17 day Diet there is an emphasis on clean eating and the avoidance of sugar and all processed foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to drink green tea?
Yes, Dr. Moreno believes green tea helps to speed up the metabolism and give the body a boost of antioxidants. Any brand of green tea is fine and it can be hot or cold, but sugar-free.
Can I use artificial sweeteners?
The book promotes the use of Stevia as an all-natural sweetener, but doesn’t endorse artificial varieties like Sucralose and Aspartame.
I’m diabetic, is the 17 Day Diet for me?
Dr Moreno says that his diet is perfect for type II diabetics, but type I diabetics should be cautious of using his plan. Always consult your physician before beginning any new diet.
Can vegetarians or the gluten intolerant do the diet?
Yes, the book has many alternate suggestions for vegetarians as well as those on the gluten free diet.
Can I drink wine while completing the cycles?
There are provisions for wine in cycle 3, but Dr. Moreno says that the 17 Day Diet isn’t about depriving you. Wine in cycles 1 or 2 will just slow down your progress, but not ruin the diet.
Can I use this diet to get rid of my baby weight?
Dr. Moreno says that since the 17 Day Diet isn’t missing nutrients, it’s fine for woman who are breastfeeding and want to lose the baby weight. He advises mothers to consult with their doctors to be sure it will fit with their particular health histories.

Recommended Foods and Food App


The iPhone App

Eggs, turkey breast, chicken breast, seafood, yogurt, grapefruit, berries, lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, green tea.

There is a helpful iPhone app available that gives dieters 100, 17 day diet recipes at their finger tips.

These recipes are formulated to be tasty yet easy to prepare. This is helpful because the app incorporates all of the recommended foods into the recipes, while eliminating all of the restricted foods and ingredients.


Sample 1 Day Meal Plan


Scrambled eggs
1 cup green tea


2 boiled eggs
Large salad with lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onion, tomato

Afternoon Snack

Yogurt with fresh berries


Turkey breast
Steamed carrots and asparagus

Exercise Recommendations

The 17 Day Diet involves a 17-minute exercise routine that should be performed six days a week. An exercise DVD is available of the 17-minute workout program for $15.

Costs and Expenses

The 17 Day Diet retails for $25.00 and the workbook is additional.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.

Dr. Moreno Video


  • Encourages the intake of a variety of unprocessed, natural foods.
  • Carbohydrate and calorie cycling may help to accelerate the rate of weight loss.
  • Variety in the 17 Day Diet structure can help to maintain motivation and prevent boredom.
  • Eating plan is simple to understand.
  • Includes meal plans and recipes.
  • Exercise program is short and effective.
  • Home delivery meals are available for an additional cost.
  • Includes tips for avoiding holiday weight gain.


  • Not suitable for type I diabetics.
  • Calorie intake may be too low for physically active dieters.
  • Irregular eating patterns have the potential to trigger disordered eating in susceptible individuals.
  • Does not adequately address the psychological factors required for successful weight loss over the long term.

A Healthy Lower Carb Diet

The 17 Day Diet involves adjusting your intake of carbohydrates, fat, protein and calories over a series of 17 day cycles, which may have the effect of boosting metabolism and preventing the plateaus that are common with most diets.

Even though the plan was created to help dieters avoid holiday weight gain, The 17 Day Diet can be followed at any time when fast and effective weight loss is desired. However dieters must be aware that permanent changes in eating patterns, lifestyle habits, attitudes and beliefs are essential if weight loss is to be maintained.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Danae Robbins

    Can you eat nuts and beans in the diet

  • Marianne Ferguson-Bennett

    Is this diet OK for a sixty year old woman.

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      I wouldn’t see why not. Do you have any health concerns?

  • Deborah

    Can you use honey on this diet

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      I think as long as it fits within your max amount of allowed daily carbs it fine.

  • Casey Harvey

    I noticed someone asked if they could take a viactiv calcium chew, Is that acceptable to continue taking in cycle 1?

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      How much sugar are in them? You have to keep your sugar grams in check during cycle one.

  • Doris Tomljenovich

    I am 79 yrs. old. Started the diet in May and lost 30 lbs. Have been taken off my high blood pressure meds that I have been on for 30 years.Feel like my old self again. I have baked the power cookies and last summer my 3 adult children rode motor cycles from Florida to Montana and took some with them.They said the cookies really gave them the energy they needed.I have maintained my goal for about six weeks. Thank you for the book it has changed my life.

  • nakeisha moona

    hi i am 24yrs old .I am from trinidad,1 i have 3 wonderful sons. but my last is still breastfeeding at the age of 2yrs.and i would like to no if i can do the 17days diet plan. i am 166cm in height and i am 181 in pound.i would like to lose 40 pound. my husband keeps on telling me i am fine just the way i am , but i do not feel fine.when we go out together i see him looking at other women who is much smaller than i am.could u help me?

  • mary

    i would love to be added to your facebook page :)

  • Lauri Howard

    Teri, I’d like to join your fb page. Can you invite me?

  • Rose

    Getting ready to start. Have 40 to loose. At 60 it slips up on you. Will let you know in 7 days how I feel about it. It sounds like people are having great results.

  • Silviaaa@

    Hi.. I’m italian girl so sorry for my bad english!! I’ d like to begin this diet tomorrow!! margaret in italian version you can eat orange, apple, peach, pear during cycle 1. So you can substitute grapefruit with one of them!! (sorry for the bad english and rectify my mistakes please!)

  • margaret

    I am on cholestrol medication, notice one of the menu included grapefruit juice, my doctor restricted me from drinking or eating grapefruit, can I replace this with another fruit such as orange or ???

  • Tammy

    I am interested in doing this diet. I have heard good reviews about it. What type of Green tea do you reccomend? I’m not really a tea drinker, so just wanted your thoughts.

    • Cindy Wagner

      I am currently doing cycle 1 and we are drinking the Lipton Green Tea Superfruits and love them. YUMMY!

  • Gloria

    Im 5″1 and weigh 100 pounds. This diet has helped me to loose 5.pounds.in a week along with daily excersise. I plan to stay.on the diet once i reach 85 pounds. But excersise less. Of course ill have to cut calories. i wish my sister would join me. Shes unfortulanty 190 pounds but shr thinks that looks dont matter. Its for her own good.

    • emily

      The lowest healthy weight recommended for 5″1 is 105 pounds. 85 pounds is clinically starved and considered anorexia.

    • Terri

      Hi Gloria….I have a FB site with a private board for people on the plan. We are starting a “lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks” program next Monday (we do this every few weeks and it’s very successful) and I wanted to invite you to join us!

      You can email me if you’d like….I worked WITH Dr. Moreno as a participant on The Drs TV show! I hope to see you!


      • Brooke

        Terri, Did you really ask Gloria to join your “20 pounds in 8 weeks” program?! That’s great you were a participant on show, but you should not encourage someone that clearly does not need to lose weight with a FB invite. Shame on you! Instead of referring Dr. Moreno refer her to a Doctor of psychology.

      • lori mccomb

        I would love to join! I did this april of 2011 lost 50lbs. Total lose 166. I maintained my weight for 2 yrs. Now I want to loose more but having trouble any suggestions? I am also thrilled about the new book coming out in dec 2013! Email if u like! Lori

      • Jeanette

        I’ve been on the 17 day diet for a month and would love to join your Facebook page. Please send me an invite. Thank you!

      • Jayne

        I’m on day 8, I’d love to join your FB group!

      • Eva

        Hi Terri, I’d love to join your Facebook group. I have followed the 17 day diet excactly for 17 days (acceleration) and I have nog begun activation. BUT – apart from losing 2,5 kg the first week absolutely nothing has happened. I love the food, My digestions is better and I sleep better, but I don’t lose weight!!!
        Have you any idea what I’m doing wrong? I am 60 years old and started on 70 kg, hoping to reach 63.

      • kara

        Hi Terri!
        I too am beginning the 17 day diet. I am looking to lose around 20 pounds. Would love to join your group!


    • Beth

      Gloria, you should look up what the healthy weight is for your height. It’s great you want to eat healthy, but 100 pounds is tiny, let alone 85 pounds! Your bones will become too brittle and fragile if you lose any more. Don’t focus on losing any more. I’m sure you look wonderful and should be happy with being healthy- don’t focus on the numbers.

    • Rebecca

      Please seek counseling. 85 pounds is not an appropriate weight for you. That is too thin. Please seek help.

  • Dolly konstantinopoulou

    Hello, i am Dolly, i am from Greece. 30 years ago i had lost 25 kilos and then i had worked for WW for 7 years as a leader. I believe in WW and i think that is the most healthy program diet. Since 1990 until now i gained some extra weight and i couldnt find a healthier diet. The WW came in Greece in 1984 from an American Lady Sophie Branof and many women and men succeded loosing many kilos. Now i am a pernament member in WW, and i am gonna visit them again in brussels in order to loose same kilos again thanks a lot.

  • jennie

    I absolutely loved this diet. To date I have lost 41 lbs and have kept the weight off for more then a year. I want to lose another few pounds so have just started cycle 1 again (after 6 days I have 5lbs gone). This diet totally changed my life. I have more energy then I have ever had and have been able to transform my body completely. I totally recommend this diet to anyone who wants to see results quickly. The only drawback is that it really requires will power, and you have to be ready to make a big change in the way you eat and view food. if you have the drive to succeed then I say “DO IT”!

  • sara

    hi. I am Iranian and I want tack this diet. but I dont know what should I do and eat. I see just one day of 17 days plans in this page. every the seem? or deferent? thanks for answer and excuse me for my missteks in righting.

    • Patti

      Hi, Sara. I bought the book and am starting it today. There are meal plans for each of the days – at least for the first 2 phases I’ve read. There is also a food list for each phase to help direct you if you want to make your own meal decisions. Interestingly, there is additional information specific to some cultures, including Persian, which gives you additional food choices. Good luck.

  • Patti

    If you have lots of weight to loose (40-50 lbs.) do you just rotate the cycles? Which cycles: 1-2-3-1-2-3, etc. until goal? Or 1-2-1-2-1-2, etc. until goal? (It seems cycle 3 is preparation for the maintenance cycle.)

    • ANNA


  • susu

    I was beginning to get quite excited about this diet. Had done a fair bit of research and was literally just about to go and buy the book when I stumbled on this site.
    Now I am going to keep my $$$ in my pocket as I totally refuse to put a single cent into Dr M’s wallet. The diet may be great and I may use it, but will I support in any way someone who is so totally ignorant and rude. Errr no. I will search the internet and find everything I need to know and leave the book on the shelf. Sir if you were a cashier in Walmart yu would be fired, being a doctor does not in any way absolve you from having basic manners.

  • Iris Marquez

    can anyone tell me, My daughters and I just started this 17 day diet and we have been drinking the green tea, but I bought truvia for the tea and I do see that this diet says to use Stevia can anyone tell me if this is ok to use? also on Phase 1 it states to drink 3 cups of green tea a day is it ok to drink more? cause I have to say I love this stuff.

    • jen

      truvia is actually made from stevia, so it is ok to use.

    • Donna

      I use Truvia and it works fine for me. If you look at the sample menu it does mention using Truvia.

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Hi Iris, Truvia should be fine, it’s a blend of stevia and a sugar alcohol, it’s also fine to drink more than 3 cups of green tea daily. All the best and fill us in on your progress.

      • Deb

        I am on the 17-day diet and love it! I was wondering if I can take my Viactiv soft chocolate calcium chews. One piece contains 20 calories, 0.5 g of fat (0 trans fat), 3 carbs, and 2 sugars. Also is there anything I can eat for an afternoon snack. I don’t like yogurt.

  • KayeLa Marsh

    You know I want to do this diet, but you would think the author of the book would be a little nicer to people even if their questions are self explanatory. It’s supposed to be support not time to be rude to the people that need the most help. I am an active duty Army soldier who just had a baby and is looking for a way to lose weight but I don’t know about all of the negativity on this website. Promote good things and nicely and maybe you’ll change the lives of the people who really need the help. But for all of you who are doubting yourselves. You can do it, with ot without the support. It’s a plus to work out but everyone’s bodies are different.Some of my friends went right back to being skinny after having their babies, me on the other hand….I have struggled. I work out twice a day and eat less than 1200 calories a day and just doing this in the last week I have lost 5 lbs. Don’t let anyone kill your motivation because you can’t feel comfortable enough to ask questions.

  • Pam

    Michael you are soooo rude!!!!!

  • Kay

    Weightloss isnt complicated…Eat less, eat healthy..workout!

    These ppl asking if you need to work out on this diet, are the ones who get bored too fast and are lazy. Get off the couch!
    It can be fun, and you are able to achieve anything you put your mind to…remember that.

  • steph

    Wow! Sounds like you’ve been successful. Do you think it’d be okay for me to substitute nonfat cottage cheese in place of yogurt (in cycle 1)? I really dislike yogurt.

    • Donna

      I’ve never been a yogurt eater in the past but I love the Activia vanilla flavored one especially when mixed up with Grape Nut granola cereral. yummy!


    this book changed my life. I started this diet on 06/03/2012, to date i have lost 65 pounds!!!!

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Can you send me your story? I would love to feature it in the above review as an inspiration to others. email it to diets@everydiet.org Thank you :-)

  • Heather Worner

    This Diet DOES work. My Mom, Sister and I did it and we all lost 25+ lbs. It is hard at first but well worth it!!

    • Donna

      It’s especially worth it when you get to the 4th cycle.

  • Gabby

    I would like to start this, Can you guys tell me where i can find this book ?

    • Randi

      You can find the book at WalMart. They do not have the workout DVD, though. I’ve been using a Jillian Michaels “Shred It” DVD instead. The 17 Day Diet DVD doesn’t give much instruction and I got frustrated trying to use it.

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      I believe the review told you where to get the book.. Otherwise check you local library.

  • Rosa

    I am in my 16th day now. In my 12 day I had lost 10 pounds. I am no drinkin the green tea and some times, I take a bit of some foods that are not in the diet, but I still loosing weight. I drink more than 8 glases of water every day. Also, I walk about 30 minutes every day. I love this diet, it is easy and you can see results in three days, Loosing weight fast, keeps you motivated. Good luck everybody ;)

  • CHEL

    i am now at the end of 2nd cycle, doing great w a total loss of 22lbs. this really surprised me. maybe bec i have a lot to loose but entering the 2nd cycle makes unstable loss weight sometimes.. i did not follow it strictly by the book there are times where in i ate unhealthy food but it doesnt make me break the diet totally however i keep track of my daily exercise and calorie intake all day for the pass 30days i try to incorporate new exercise as this was advise at the book!

  • Sahr

    Love the 17 day diet

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