Subway Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

subway-dietOver the last 15 years, fast food vendors have been criticized for contributing to the so-called obesity epidemic. Serving cheap foods – often high in fat, salt, and sugar – it is no surprise that takeaway foods are cause for concern.

Subway has responded by branding themselves as a healthier choice for takeaway foods. Nutritional information is abundant and with Subway it is easy to make healthier choices (however some Subway sandwiches are much higher in calories than others).

The Jared Fogle Story

Part of Subway’s positive message comes from a devoted fan – Jared Fogle. Over a period of years Mr Fogle lost a huge amount of weight, while surviving on predominantly Subway foods. He also walked daily.

His dramatic success has been celebrated by the Subway brand, and is the driving force behind the so-called “Subway Diet”

What is the Subway Diet?

There is no ‘official’ Subway diet. Most people refer to the diet that Jared Fogle used as he was losing weight. Much of it is hearsay and urban myth.

Here are two versions of the Subway Diet. The first meal plan is the most likely one.

Note that the sandwiches were served with no mayonnaise, and no cheese.

Subway Diet Version 1

Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Black coffee with sweetener.
Lunch: Turkey Subway Sandwich. Diet Pepsi.
Dinner: Vegetarian Subway Sandwich. Water.
Snacks: Apple, orange, water.

Version 2

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: A 6 inch Turkey Sub + potato chips (baked)
Dinner: A 12 inch veggie Sub

Can you lose weight on a Fast Food Diet?

The answer is yes – provided good choices are made. Jared Fogle was simply following a low-calorie diet. However some fast food vendors offer little in the way of “healthy” choices.

Subway is certainly a good choice if choosing to eat takeaway food, but just make sure to choose your sub wisely, load up on the veggies, and take caution when choosing the dressings and condiments.

The Subway diet helps you practice portion control and this is a key factor of successful weight loss.

Jared the Subway Guy is available on Amazon.


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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
Last Reviewed: December 24, 2014. Disclaimer


  1. David

    I just got done eating a 12″ roast beef, omega bread, loaded veggie mustard black pepper Subway sandwich. Tea to drink…

    I am going back on my “subway diet” as I stopped eating it a while back and instead have consumed drive thru hamburgers galore. I went from 190 to 215…and decided this is not good.

    3 years ago I was 225 and wanted to lose weight. I love being behind a computer and watching TV. I am basically lazy when it comes to working out. I deciced back then to lose weight and did the same thing as Jared. I weened myself off fatty foods with mostly the roast beef 12″ and eating less over all per day. Then I restricted myself to a 6″ sub two times a day.

    In 3 months, no sodas, ZERO take out food except subaway and my only exercise was a 2 mile walk when I ran out of gas when I borrowed my friends old international SCout to move some stuff (gas gauge did not work) I went from 225 to 187.

    If you stick to this…dont starve yourself, but do cut proportions down, cut the calories and crap, imo refuse to eat sweets or sodas (stopping sodas ALONE will let you lose weight) you will lose weight.

    AND I have to say…if I eat like CArles Jr, McDonalds, Wendys from their crap menu I feel meh…when I eat the Subway (its the veggies man) I always feel light, energetic, confident (cause I KNOW for a fact I will lose weight) and overall I am in a better mood.

    Just be persistent and you can make this happen, no matter how much you weight.

    And, I dont really like to call this a diet, but simply a change in eating habits.

  2. Sara Maria

    I’ve tried so many diets out there. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on “healthy food” to make at home, tried Dr. Berstein, Weight Watchers… etc. None of them worked for me as I couldn’t stick to the tight restrictions. I am a sandwich kinda girl. I could eat them every day. I started eating subway on the first of this month (August 2010). I eat oatmeal for breakfast, strawberries for a snack and for lunch I have a 6 inch ham sub (cheap) loaded with veggies and plain white bread. I eat another 6 inch one after work for dinner. I don’t get the cravings for other foods like I did on the more restricted diets because I like my carbs and with subway I can have the best of both worlds. Low cal and enjoy carbs. I don’t drink pop and don’t eat the chips or cookies though. So far this month I have lost 14 lbs and that is only eating subway for 12 days now. Pretty good I’d say. I don’t excersize at all. I began weighing 240 lbs and am now 226. I’m very happy and NO I AM NOT sick of subway yet. Most of my weight is probably water weight but once I reach 220 lbs I will be adding in some walking and excersize. Hopefully I can continue to lose 🙂

    Good Luck to all!!!!!!!

  3. mr cool

    people who are doing this good luck 🙂

  4. I work at Subway

    Subway is a great way to diet, I work there. But not everything there is healthy.
    Here are ways to order a healthy sandwich!
    Choose one of the 9 grain wheat breads. Stay away from the meatball, bacon, and the steak! High in calories, Other than that u can pretty much order any of the meats. Next pass on the cheese, u really dont get that much cheese on the sandwich anyways, only 4 slices per footlong. Now the fun part, Have your way with the veggies! The more the merrier. your sauces are limited to the low calories ones, which are mustard, honey mustard, or sweet onion. Dont be fooled the “light mayo” is still loaded with calories. Next choose a yogurt or apple chips as a side, and for ur drink, unsweetened tea, water, or lemonade.

    Hope this helps

    Your Courteous Subway Employee

  5. jw_mem

    I am about to try the subway diet. I weigh 400 pounds and have never been the one to eat a lot… just the wrong types of loaded foods. So, I am going to stick to the turkey, or turkey and ham and try to eat one footlong per day. I had them cut it up into four sections this morning. I ate one section for breakfast. I will eat another for lunch. Another for snack. Another for Dinner. I drink lots of water (2-3 gallons) daily anyway, so hunger isnt really the issue. I’ll just up my water intake inbetween sections. Hope it works… giving it my all.

  6. jelo

    Not to be a spelling nazi or anything but ‘loose’ means ‘not tight’…I think ‘lose’ is the word most of y’all are looking for!

  7. (=^.^=)

    I used to work at a subway, and wasn’t even TRYING to diet, but I was seriously losing weight by just eating there. Had all my meals there. =)(I mostly just ate the tuna and turkey sandwiches though. Occasionally the others, never ate the cold cut, it’s just 3 types of bologna, and that scared me off. *shrug*)
    One tip I have is to lay off the extra dressings and oils, the mayo they use is light (even though it really doesn’t taste like it), but even then you might want to go easy on it, or not at all. Also…add extra veggies. 😀 They don’t charge you for the extra veggies, only extra meat. So pile them on! haha. Good luck

  8. marnisha white

    subway has been a great help for me i have lost alot of weight on this diet. it has really helped me with my personal lifestyle. i have lost 40 pounds on the die. thanks jared.