Medifast Investigated

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

medifastMedifast is a low calorie diet that will bring about rapid weight loss – in the region of 2-5 pounds per week for the 1st two weeks and then about 1-2 pounds/week after.

The diet is undertaken by purchasing meal replacement products from Medifast that will provide an optimal calorie and nutrient amount for both men and women.

The 5 and 1 Plan

The most popular Medifast diet plan is “5 and 1”. This plan comprises up to 5 meal replacements per day (generally shakes, but there are also soups, stew, chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot drinks, bars and puddings).

In addition to the meal replacements, 1 meal per day is a “lean and green” meal – a small portion of lean meat, and generally up to 2 cups of salad or vegetables.

medifast 5 and 1

  • The lean meat must be grilled, poached, or baked (but not fried).
  • You eat every 2-3 hours.
  • You must drink a minimum of 64oz of fluid (water) per day.

Caloric intake is between 800-1000 calories per day. Medifast recommend having supervision from a physician – however you can order the food without this.

While there are many different pre-packaged foods, the most popular items are the 70 shake varieties – made up of differing proportions of protein.

Medifast has optimized vitamins and minerals to ensure there will be no deficiencies while reducing calories.

Medifast Advantage

If dieters sign up for Medifast’s membership program, they receive significant savings and benefits as opposed to their standard plan.

Medifast are currently offering the following incentives with Advantage membership.

  • Free standard shipping on qualifying orders
  • Free 56 Medifast Meals – 28 with this order, and 28 with your second order ($132.00 value!)
  • Free BlenderBottle® – a must-have for mixing your Medifast Meals
  • Free Online meal planner and support community.

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Take Shape For Life

Medifast’s Take Shape For Life program is designed to create health instead of reacting to illness. As part of membership dieters can be assigned to a personal health coach. This coach will help members throughout every step towards their journey to better health by:

  • Offering one-on-one support and encouragement.
  • Answering meal and eating questions.
  • Offering exercise advice.
  • Some one to lean on during the difficult days.

“A Take Shape For Life health coach is there to ensure that the user of Medifast products and program does so safely, effectively, and without risking their health.”

Maintenance Plan

Once the desired weight is reached, the Medifast plan involves a gradual transition back to ‘normal’ meals over a period of about 16 days. Beyond this, Medifast recommend 1-3 Medifast meals daily and a moderately intense exercise routine (e.g. 30-45 minutes 5 days per week). This is essential to keep the weight off.

Successful Weight Loss?

Medifast is one of the more successful and balanced low-calorie diets – it has been trialled successfully at John Hopkins Weight Management Center, among other places.

There are numerous success stories from overweight people who have successfully used Medifast to drop their weight down to manageable levels.

Proof and Research

A number of clinical trials and studies have been conducted on Medifast. Here are a few of the latest:

  • 2009 – Showed that the 5 & 1 program out performed other programs with similar calorie levels. At 4 months weight loss and body composition was more improved than other programs, and retention rates were higher.  (link)
  • 2008 – Looked at a 52 week impact of Medifast Meal Replacements. Results showed that retention was better than other weight loss programs, and significant and sustained weight loss was the outcome. (link)

Things to Be Aware of

This weight loss program is generally only used by the very overweight (BMI >= 30). It will only suit some people, and partnership with a doctor would be helpful. One of the primary criticisms aimed at these kind of programs is when the client returns to “normal” food. This is why the maintenance phase is very important and this process should be followed for as long as possible.

Costs can vary, but the typical cost is around $75 per week. To get the maximum benefits be sure to order to enroll in VIP membership and purchase only 4-week orders (rather than 2 week orders).


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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
Last Reviewed: July 23, 2015. Disclaimer


  1. Izzy

    I am starting Medifast today for the second time.. I ddid meifast last year and was losing the weight but then I found out I was pregnant so I had to discontinue…My son is now 7 months and I am ready to get my body back.. I need to drop 40-50lbs..right now I am at 215…I was 248 when I had him in January…I know for a fact that it works if stuck to, it just takes dedication..and of course sucks when you cant go out with friends for drinks, etc..but it is worth it…I do find that motivation and support is important.I really hope I can stick to it this time around.

  2. kevin marshall

    This plan is so easy and it works IF you do NOT cheat! it is a no brainer diet that yields results. good luck to all.

  3. Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

    No ready-made diet can have the same nutritional value than a home-cooked meal.

    Counting calories is not all that helps weight loss.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  4. Renee

    I love Medifast. I am actually doing it through Take Shape for Life. I am just starting week 7 and have lost 28 pounds and 23 inches! I still have 50 more to go but I feel so much better! It is so worth it. I have tried so many things that failed. I get so excited everytime that scale moves! If I can do this anyone can

  5. Lotus


  6. Kelly

    This is my 2nd time on Medifast. After successfully losing 74lbs in 2006, sadly I’ve regained it all in 4 years. I’m optimistic this time will be as successful and began the program on Wednesday, May 25. I’m feeling good, drinking lots of water, 120 oz /day, and would like to lose 45lbs by the end of July. Wish me luck!

  7. Daisy

    It is working for me! I have lost 66lbs in 13 weeks! I am so excited. I love the food! I started at 282lbs! I have a whole new life! I never realized what the extra weight was doing to me emotionally. I took a slightly different route. I decided to go through Take Shape For Life. They are a division of Medifast. With them I get a little better deal on my food plus I have a FREE Health Coach! I am in it for a lifestyle change and it is wonderful! I love the Chocolate and Swiss Mocha shakes as well as almost every Bar they have! I never knew ‘good for you’ food could also taste great! Also, I have friends on the program that only had 15 lbs to loose, they went with a maintenance program instead of the 5 & 1.

  8. Miranda

    Hi everyone! I am considering trying Medifast for the very first time. I would just like to hear any advice/ pros and cons you had with this diet. It’s more expensive than I thought it would be, just wondering if it’s worth it? If it’s something I can stick with and lose the weight! Thanks!