The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

The brain child of up-and-coming fat loss expert Leigh Peele, the Fat Loss Troubleshoot takes us through the science and intricacies of fat loss. Many claim to hold the keys to fat loss success, but not many deliver the goods when it comes to both practicality and sound science. Let’s take a look at whether the Fat Loss Troubleshoot makes the grade.

  • Leigh Peele tackles the issues of fat loss head on in a matter-of-fact, scientific and yet simplistic way. The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is as comprehensive a manual as you will find on the subject – tackling a myriad of issues that are stand in the way of you and the body and health that you want.
  • Leigh is not going to tell you what you want to hear. Leigh is not going to put her hands on your shoulders and say “it’s not your fault”. Leigh doesn’t want to hear excuses and she probably has an answer for every perceived reason why you can’t lose weight.
  • Peele is about precision. She goes into details about calories and macronutrients, pre and post workout nutrition, and gives some striking examples of how easy it is to miscalculate caloric intake. (Check out this fantastic video demonstration – click on the first video).
  • Place Leigh Peele on the “calories do count” side of the ledger on this continuously debated issue. She advises knowing your caloric needs and keeping in a deficit to lose.
  • The secret to fat loss, according to Peele? Cooking. Making meals that taste good and taking control of your eating is where the war on fat is won. Says Leigh “If you don’t take charge and become the boss of your food, it will boss you”. She gives some very savvy tips on how to become a master of your own food domain, including navigating the “sneaky” grocery stores, preparing and packing.

Some other tidbits from the book…

  • She allows for cheat meals, as long as it fits within caloric intake needs.
  • She advises on the different types of hunger and how to conquer it (she notes that you will feel hungry sometimes).
  • In terms of exercise, Peele gives some sound general advice and helps readers choose the right types of programs to suit their needs. With resistance training, she gives a solid overview of the basics but doesn’t go too far beyond that in terms of specific programs.
  • In terms of aerobic exercise, she isn’t on the bandwagon of anti-cardio zealots. Again, she gives basic guidelines and options, touching also on how to include HIIT training (if at all).
  • She doesn’t recommend training aerobically for over an hour unless you are an athlete.
  • Peele is very adamant about proper rest and recovery. She also gives tips on training for postural deficits – which many pre-designed programs tend to overlook.
  • There is a good section on how to chart progress and the reality of weight loss trends – that is how much it fluctuates over the course of a loss.
  • The book features a section on supplements that may be helpful, but she does not explicitly recommend anything.
  • The book also features a “myths and tips” section which has some great insight as to how to apply most of the principles laid out in the book. There is also a pretty concise psychology section to round out the physiological side of fat loss. This section really hits home.

Who this book will benefit

I would class this book as a “teach you how to fish” book, rather than a “giving you the fish”. What I mean by that is that this book truly teaches you skills and gives you the right tools to succeed. Her methods will take a lot of diligence and practice from the individual, but make no mistake, the philosophies will be successful. Leigh will be the first to tell you that it isn’t going to be easy. She’ll give you the best resources not covered by her book but you have to really become adept and meticulous at things like weighing and learning portions.

For those who are motivated and have tried other methods of fat loss, I honestly can’t think of a more appropriate book.

Who this Book may NOT be suited to

The fat loss newbie with average motivation would likely benefit from something more simplified and generalized – at least in the early stages of their journey. This book may be a logical “next step”. The amount of precision required may not sit well with many, however it is a “troubleshoot”, which implies that whatever you are doing currently isn’t working.

Overall Impression

Leigh Peele gets it, plain and simple. She is really dialed in to the latest research and has clearly submerged herself in the trenches to put the research into practice. The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is an outstanding resource that really covers every conceivable factor when it comes to the science and common sense of fat loss.

My opinion differs from Leigh only when it comes to the cross-over benefit of different types of lifting. It may be a little too generalized for example to say that “powerlifting will make you look like a powerlifter”. I think you can incorporate many forms of lifting to achieve the same goal.

Also, I would love to see this in an actual paperback or hardcover (this is an e-book). That may just be the technologically stunted side of me talking, though.

In any case, this book is really a gem – head and shoulders above the vast majority of other books out there on the subject. I predict that we’ll see great things from Leigh Peele for years to come.

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