Online Diets

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

These diets have an online subscription service. This gives you access to features like:

  • community message boards
  • recipes
  • shopping lists
  • personalized meal plans

There is a much better chance of success when there is peer support.

Recommended On-line Diet Programs

Diet to GoDelivered meals, online tracking tools, and support to help dieters lose weight.
Weight Loss Village DietAn online diet with over 46 different meal plans to follow plus motivational support.
Fat Loss Factor Diet PlanA 12-week online weight loss program that involves a comprehensive diet and exercise regime in combination with supportive activities such as goal-setting and stress management.
Holy Grail Body TransformationThe program is based around losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time
I Love This DietUses soups and frozen meals along with fresh vegetables.
Jillian MichaelsThe Trainer from The Biggest Loser offers her weight loss plan.
Vida180 Family DietThis is a plan designed for the whole family and is fully customizable.
Joy’s LIFE DietJoy from The Today Show teaches how to overcome negative lifestyle habits in order to loose weight.
NutriSystemDespite starting as a weight loss center – NutriSystem is now only available on-line.
South Beach Diet The basis of the diet is a book, but they also run an on-line program (particularly good for vegetarians).
SparkPeople LiveA new paid feature of SparkPeople. This feature offers 24/7 live support for those following the Spark diet.
Weight WatchersWeight Watchers have a number of options on-line – both for those going to a regular meeting-based program, or for those who want on-line access only.
7 Day Fitness Fat Loss Program7 Day Fitness is an online weight loss community, created by Wesley Virgin, a trainer and motivation specialist.

Other Popular On-line Diets

Beyond DietAn online weight loss program based on eating for your metabolic type and monitoring your caloric intake, with an emphasis on organic food.
Honeycutt DietAn online weight loss, fitness, and motivational program by bodybuilder, Warren Honeycutt.
17 Day DietThe 17 Day Diet involves adjusting your intake of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calories over a series of 17 day cycles.
Anne Collins Weight Loss ProgramMembership of & access to 9 complete Diet Plans, On-line Forum, 365-day email support, 600+ pages of weight loss information, motivation advice articles, etc.
Awareness DietWill benefit dieters where emotional or mindless eating is a major factor influencing their ability to lose weight.
Change OneThe Reader’s Digest diet has a complete on-line program.
DietWatchDietWatch is one of the original on-line diets offering balanced weight loss diets.
Fat Loss Target ProgramAn online weight loss program that apparently was developed over a four-year research period by a team of nutrition and fitness experts that specialize in weight loss.
Flat Abs Formula: Get a Flat StomachA method to help you attain the flat stomach you have always wanted, but more importantly to maintain flat abs once you have achieved them.
Gluten Free DailyOffers education in how to eat a gluten free diet combined with a holistic approach to health and weight management. It will appeal to dieters who have been diagnosed with celiac disease or have chronic health problems and would also like to eliminate excess weight.
Man DietA commonsense approach to dieting that will appeal to men and dieters who don’t want to follow a structured weight loss plan.
Models DietThis ebook gives the dieter secrets and tips about how models keep their great shape.
Sainsburys DietsAn online weight loss program that gives dieters the choice of following a structured meal plan or a more flexible approach. It will appeal to dieters who would like some support in losing weight but either don’t have the time or prefer not to visit a weight loss center.
Strip The FatAn online program using a low Calorie approach to weight loss.
Truth About DietsTwin brothers Bill and Jim Germanakos are the creators of and the Rapid Action Metabolism Fat Loss System
Weight Loss GrailThe Weight Loss Grail is a simple weight loss plan that can help you to lose 28 pounds in 28 days without ever feeling hungry or giving up your favorite foods.
Zone Diet There are a number of options for following the Zone on-line.
By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)