Wheat Belly: A Wheat Free Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Wheat Belly by preventive cardiologist William Davis, MD, explains how eliminating wheat from our diets is the key to achieving permanent weight loss and relief from a wide range of health issues including digestive disorders and immune problems.

Davis says that excess fat is not related to inactivity or high-fat diets, but instead is due to our love of foods like bread, pasta, muffins and cakes.

In this book he offers dieters a step-by-step plan to creating a wheat free diet lifestyle so as to achieve dramatic weight loss and optimal health.

Wheat Belly Basics

William Davis explains that there are many dangers associated with a diet containing wheat.

Insulin Response

He states that wheat has a unique composition of complex carbohydrates – 75% amylopectin and 25% amylose – that has an especially negative effect on the regulation of blood sugar.

While all carbohydrate foods have an influence on our blood sugar levels, our response to wheat is more severe due to its composition.

William Davis, MD

William Davis, MD


Fat Storage

He also says that when we eat wheat it not only triggers an insulin response that promotes the storage of fat – especially belly fat – but due to the presence of compounds called endorphins, it also increases your appetite so that you eat more calories.


Wheat also contains a protein called gluten that causes celiac disease, a condition that Dr. Davis describes in detail, as it is the most commonly diagnosed wheat allergy.

However, gluten has also been implicated in many other disorders including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis, neurological conditions, Candidiasis and gastrointestinal cancer.

6 Possible Benefits to Following the Wheat Belly Diet

  • Weight loss of up to fifty pounds within the first few months.
  • Alleviation of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Recovery from ulcerative colitis and celiac disease.
  • Improvement in blood cholesterol levels.
  • Reduced inflammation and pain in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Alleviation of hair loss and psoriasis.

Most dieters experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms when they first eliminate wheat from the diet but you can soften the blow by gradually tapering off your wheat intake over a week.

Wheat Alternatives Not Recommended

Wheat Belly advises dieters that many of the wheat free foods available on the market are not truly healthy foods because they contain ingredients like cornstarch that will make you fat and diabetic.

Because Davis believes that a low carbohydrate diet is healthier for us he advises limiting gluten-free grains like…

  • oats
  • quinoa
  • millet
  • amaranth

coconut-flourHe says they are best restricted to ½ cup servings and only consumed once used the wheat withdrawal process is over and ideal weight has been achieved. This holds true for legumes as well.

Good Wheat Flour Alternatives

The recipes in Wheat Belly replace wheat flour with ingredients like coconut flour, ground flaxseed and nut meals because these are nutritious foods that don’t produce abnormal responses similar to those of wheat.

Even fruit is limited on this program because it is high in sugar but small servings are permitted such as two strawberries, ten blueberries or a few wedges of apple.

Gluten Free Recipes

Recommended Foods

Chicken, turkey, beef, buffalo, ostrich, salmon, eggs, cheese, spinach, tomato, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, oranges, avocado, raw nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, coconut flour, Shirataki noodles, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, red wine.

Sample Wheat Free Diet Meal Plan


Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese
Coffee or tea

Morning Snack

Handful of raw almonds, pecans or pistachios


Turkey avocado flaxseed wrap

Afternoon Snack

Berry coconut smoothie


Wheat-free pizza
Mixed green salad
1 glass red wine


Chocolate peanut-butter fudge

Costs and Expenses

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health retails at $15.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price. You can also buy the Wheat Belly Cookbook directly from Rodale (with free shipping).


  • Provides unique information about the potentially negative health effects of wheat.
  • Encourages the consumption of vegetables, raw nuts and seeds.
  • May assist with the alleviation of a wide variety of chronic health conditions.
  • Includes a seven-day meal plan with wheat free recipes.


  • Most dieters experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms when they first eliminate wheat from the diet.
  • Limits the consumption of many healthy foods including fruit, legumes and gluten-free grains.
  • Encourages the consumption of artificial sweeteners.
  • The Wheat Belly Meal plan is relatively high in fat.

Less Wheat Certainly Can’t Hurt

Wheat Belly explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can be the key to achieving permanent weight loss and the alleviation of a wide range of chronic health conditions.

This book includes detailed information about the potentially negative effects of wheat and offers guidance on how to get started with a wheat free diet.

Most people would benefit from eating less wheat-based products because they usually calorie dense and processed.

Other Gluten Free Diets

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Gluten Free DailyAn online program that offers education about how to eat a gluten free diet combined with a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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Specific Carb DietA diet designed to help those suffering from digestive disorders such as Crohn’s and Irritable Bowel
 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Ramona

    Rick…I would love to see that spreadsheet

  • Paula

    Traci, a pesco pollo vegetarian eats seafood and chicken….knowledge is power…lol

  • Terri

    I posted a comment last night about smoothies being ok and now can’t find it and don’t know if I will get a confirmation email

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Hi Terri, your previous comment didn’t come through for some reason. Can you post it again? Sorry :-)

  • Kristina

    Does anybody know if wheat free diet can help with skin issues? I have irritated lesions on my upper eye lids. They will not go away. The dermatologist told me that it is a mechanical irritation, but I don’t touch them or scratch them. Any experience how wheat free diet can help with skin conditions? Thank you

    • robert

      This past summer, I broke out in hives, rashes and boils, only on my left fore arm… I had “crusty” eyes too, especially in the morning… Terrible itch… then rash… Two doctors later… numerous spripts… little improvement…. I went gluten free… also lactose free….. Rapid improvement….. eye itch and crust gone…. sleeping much better.. overall skin looks better… got one last arm spot left that is clearing….

      One cream that seems best for me is triamcinolone acetonide…. need script… i have used around the eyelids… carefully,,, (needs script)

      Doctors thought it was scabies, or staph, or eczema, or dermatitis… maybe more…

      I thought it was bad indigestion and immune system malefunction… I had stomach gas, burping and refllux, distended belly, and swollen ankles….

      I am very much better… I believe the key is a good, healthy diet… avoid wheat… I am not a freaky eater… so I still eat corn chips, salsa, etc.. and some chocolate… raw foods when possible… Bob’s red mill pancakes and corn bread is good and easy…. go ahead and eat meat…

      Weight down about 10 pounds in 4 weeks!! I still eat when hungry… No supplelments….. stopped on those… stopped all other meds… I have more get up and go… much less drowsy and weak… good luck

      • Sara Strong

        I have all those symptoms!!! I feel horrible! Going wheat free today. Glad you can still eat corn chips. I have to have something
        I love!!!!

  • Dee Bishop

    Very informative. Have had weight probs for many years and lots health issues. Will give this a try but will be very hard for me as my husband is a fat girl feeder lol.

    Here we go. Wish me luck.

    • Betty

      Is there a list of foods to avoid. Thanks.

      • http://www.everydiet.org ted

        There are complete lists and guidelines in the book. The above is just an overview to give people a sense of what the diet is about.

  • Micheline

    April 08/2013
    I am starting this healthy eating. I am following the wheat belly regime. I hope it is what I need. I will keep in touch.

    • Louis Profeta

      About 6 years ago I changed my diet, gave up all meats, I noticed that dieting changes gain credit in the strong mind, I reversed and trained my palate and taste buds thinking the control factor for a long diet period was taste!

  • Tina

    I will adopting at ‘wheat free’ lifestyle change. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned…but for those still experiencing issues, you may want to check out Dr. D’Adamo BTD(Blood Type Diet) in combination with this or in place of. His approach is that similiar to paleo, hunter gatherer’s where even things that we may feel are ‘healthy’ for us, are actually foods he consider’s ‘avoids’. The info on his site is free, it provides list of foods by category that are, ‘beneficial, neutral, and avoids’, and recipes.

  • Susan S

    I have been following the Wheat Belly regime for two months now. I am down 26 lbs. Have no cravings! Am a diabetic type 2 and my blood sugars levels are down to a normal range. I no longer experience pain from arthritis in the tops of my feet. I am ecstatic that it could be this easy to lose after trying many expensive diets. I did this not so much to lose weight as to get my diabetes under control. The side effect is weight loss! I am finding also getting full with smaller portions. I try to go at least 3 times a week to the pool for exercise and stretching to keep limber. I view wheat as the enemy and find it easier to avoid every day. It’s best to just go cold turkey off the wheat.

    • angie

      wow that sounds great. im over weight and have diabetes type 2.
      and i have psorisis too
      i knew starches and sugar had something to do psorisis. bc of the flair ups.
      a skin dr. will not tell you these things, the connection between starches and psorisis.
      looks like it all goes hand in hand.
      going to try to find the book and get started .
      id like to get rid of this weight and the diabetes.
      thanks for the imfo.

    • Colleen

      Congratulations! I hope that in 2 months I too am able to say my feet don’t hurt, my knees are happy and my weight is down. I’m on Day 2 and hoping to be down 10 pounds by Christmas. You give me hope!

    • Jill Cunningham

      I want to start the Wheat Belly Diet. I need help in ideas for meal plans. I live by myself and so I don’t need anything fancy. I would like to have ideas to pack in a lunch and specific ideas for each meal. I would love to have a shopping list and meal plans. Is there anywhere that I could find this? Thanks so much!

      • ellen

        There is a Wheat Belly cookbook which not only has the shopping list and recipes, but it gives a lot of technical information about the diet, good and bad foods, etc, so you really don’t need to buy the diet book, just the cookbook. There is also a small paperback book that summarizes each chapter which I bought. But when getting the cookbook, I realized that I didn’t need that either…

  • Taylor

    Just diagnosed with celiac, it was getting to a point where anything I ate would send me into intense stomach pain anywhere from minutes to hours, followed by rushing to the bathroom. I’m glad to know there is gluten free options for almost all of my favorite foods, and while I’ve always tried to buy foods with less or no preservatives or artificial colors for my son I had never realized how much those things affect us as adults as well. My only concern with this diet is the artificial sweetener? I’ve spent my whole life thinking it is very bad for you, aspartame being a scary word associated with cancer and the likes. Is a sweetener like stevia safer for you than say splenda? I’m very against the artificial, and can’t comprehend how cutting out wheat requires adding something so unnatural and as far as I know unhealthy?

    • Denise

      Stevia is absolutely a healthy natural alternative sweetener!! Use as drops and purchase from Vitacost.com, or purchase Truvia (brand name for Stevia) at your local supermarket. Stevia is made from natural leaf extract from the stevia leaf. It does NOT spike your blood glucose, does NOT promote headaches and is natural. Its all we use, stay away from all artificial sweeteners, your brain still ‘reads’ some of them as sugar, and drives your craving further!

    • Marcy

      Dr. Davis does NOT recommend artificial sweeteners. The reviewer is distorting Dr. Davis’ words and manipulating the reading audience with the ‘fear’ of suggesting something is artificial. It is an alternative sweetener that he recommends such as stevia, sucrose, and xylitol. There is nothing artificial about them.
      I started eliminating wheat a little over 2 weeks ago. I use Stevia In The Raw and xylitol as my sugar substitutes. I am not experiencing any hunger pangs for someone who was diagnosed as hypoglycemic nor do I have the gas and bloating issues anymore. I am slowly losing ‘impossible’ to lose weight and I feel so much better.
      It is worth a try to feel better and be in control of your eating habits.

  • angie

    In the article it is stated that “gluten causes celiac disease”. This is not true. People who already have celiac disease have a reaction to gluten, but gluten doesn’t cause the disease.

  • AVHamilton

    I just started the Wheat Belly diet (and bought the book) but I can’t find a comprehensive guide of foods that are “allowed” on this diet. As an example, is Truvia sweetener allowed in coffee? Is Greek Yogurt allowed? Are diet sodas OK?, etc etc. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    • Alisha

      It’s in the back of the book! Look at Appendix B, page 238

    • connie

      I believe it states in the book no pop(it’s not good for you anyway) I have the Wheat Belly Cookbook and the sweeteners allowed are xyitol(not sure of spelling) and Stevia which is a plant extract. I have been following it for almost 3 weeks…9lbs gone and feel great. The cravings for the first 3 days were awful but now none whatsoever.

  • Vanster

    I’m starting this new eating plan. I need to lose 25 lbs by April.
    A friend told me about this so I got the book and very happy I did. I have noticed whenever I have bread I get hiccups which I find very annoying.
    I have stiffness in my joint and am hoping by my elimination wheat I will be relieved from this.

  • Laurel

    Very frustrated. 55 year old female.
    Two and a half weeks ago I began the wheat free, gluten free, added/artificial sugar free diet recommended at Wheat Belly. My daily fat grams increased to 80 per day based on meat, sugar-free salad dressing, peanuts, eggs, etc. I made it a point to walk at least one-half hour to one hour 6x a week. Am drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. I have not lost one pound. This is beyond discouraging when I am trying so hard.

    • Phil

      Eliminating wheat does not remove the obligation to count calories. If you replace wheat with red meats high in fats and other similar foods such as buts without controlling quantities then you will not lose weight. If you eat 3000 calories of a diet without wheat you could still put on weight or not lose. So I recommend keeping a food journal to track your carb, fat and protein intake as well as total calories. If you eliminate wheat and control your calories (which is easy to do on protein and fiber rich veggies and fruits) then the weight almost melts off (but slowly, it is not an overnight action). Also see your Dr. to make sure your thyroid is acting correctly.

    • connie

      Laurel…are the meats and eggs that you are eating free range? If the animals are grain fed then you are still consuming wheat.

    • Denise

      It sounds like you might be sabotaging your diet by eating sugar free salad dressing and peanuts. The sugar substitute in the salad dressing is most likely Splenda or some other really bad for you ingredient. Peanuts are very high in fat. Try walnuts or almonds instead. There are some really tasty salad dressing recipes online that you could search for where you can control what you put into it. I make my own and can’t even eat the store bought kind any more. Good luck to you!

    • Kristine

      Maybe try eating low-fat meats and sticking to egg whites versus whole eggs to lower fat content. That should help – and you’ll need to stick with it for longer than 2 weeks to see weight loss. If not, I would really look at the foods you are eating as well as the amount. Removing sugar, wheat and gluten almost guarantees weight loss! But it needs to be strict and time for it to work. Good luck!

  • AF

    Scanning through the comments section on this article, I have noticed many people with bowel/stomach issues. I started a form of this diet a week ago and feel great. I’ve extended it to not eating anything processed (which virtually eliminates wheat products). I also found I have an allergy to MSG (and the various names it is disguised under). My “guts” have churned sporadically for the last 10 years and progressively got worse. Ironically, symptoms begain about the same time I moved off the family farm to go to college. I now fear going out for a meal at a restaurant because I will need to find a bathroom almost immediately after I eat which is rather embarrassing. I gained almost 70lbs over this time and I am a relatively active person, and I THOUGHT I ate healthy. I made excuses for myself (office job, low metabolism, etc.). Finally I had enough. A couple of months ago, I started experiementing with what I was eating (ingredients) and kept track on how I felt after I ate it. Wheat products and MSG were indeeded the culprits. Since I started eating clean, no more issues. It took about 3 days, but I’ve finally kicked the urge to eat bread, crackers, etc. Stick to veggies, fruit, meat and nuts – the things we are designed to eat. Our bodies know how to process these things. I have cut out everything processed cold turkey. Difficult? Not really, actually. This includes things perceived to be healthy, including tomato sauces (make my own), canned goods (buy fresh or frozen veggies), salad dressings (make my own, spices, olive oil, vinegar), perpared spice/sauce mixes – essentially if it comes in a box, can, bottle or bag and has a long list of ingredients that seem foreign, I just don’t eat it! Processed foods are full of sugar, MSG, wheat derivatives and other additives that iritate my stomach and have caused weight gain. The best part is that it is delicious and EASY! This isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle change. It’s only been a week, but I’m not hungry outside of normal meal times, I’m already losing weight with moderate activity and I have more energy than I have had in years. Eat like you would if you lived on a farm 100 years ago (minus the wheat of course), you won’t regret it.

    • Phil

      We have to realize that when we cut out wheat our fat content goes up considerably. The body often has a hard time initially digesting all this fat so you get a bit of the runs or not so nice movements. Also your body is breaking down fats for energy and the by products are being washed out of your system. Try not to jump too much into saturated fats which can take time for your body to adjust to and make sure you are getting fiber and fluids. All low carb diets have people reported loose bowel movements and in most cases the body adjusts to the higher fat in the diet.

  • Todd

    Just starting. I’m 44 and a former athlete. I’m 6′, 4″ and weigh about 300 pounds. I carry it somewhat well cause I work out a lot. Big shoulders and such. But the gut has won the battle.

  • Megan

    I did this diet for upwards of six months …. It works for about 2 months & then it just stops working. I don’t like it.
    1. It’s really, really hard to keep a celiac diet & it requires so much work (& money) just to maintain it that it doesn’t seem worth it.
    2. There is no motivation. A lot of the food is bad, and cravings are very hard to suppress, no matter how long you’ve done the diet.
    3. Like I said – it just stops working.
    4. It’s close to impossible to eat out & enjoy yourself.
    5. It is not rewarding.

    In those six months I lost about 10 pounds & gained 5 back.
    I don’t recommend this …

    • ClaireB

      After 5 weeks on Wheat Belly ” diet ” have lose 20 lbs. This way of living is SO simple & truly less expensive. Foods in a box, package, bottle, pouch, etc are very expensive when you calculate cost per serving. This ” diet ” just requires a little more thought & preparation time. Eating out IS fun – steak, salad w/olive oil & vinegar or fresh lemon & fresh fruit for desert! Please give it another chance.

    • Phil

      When I eat out I will order a steak, chicken or salmon with grilled vegetables. Almost every restaurant I have been too has something to offer so I have no problem going out to eat, even at wheat-laden Italian restaurants. I still order Veal Piccata even though the veal is dusted with flour before pan-frying because I am choosing to reduce my wheat, not because I am have celiac. It is very easy to enjoy yourself eating out as well as in the house. Weight gain is really something that more has to do with calories in v. calories out and removing wheat does not remove the responsibility to track and control calories.

    • Silfren

      It’s almost certain that you are either doing something wrong–i.e. possibly consuming wheat without realizing it, or have something wrong, like possibly a thyroid issue. Given how many people eliminate wheat from their diet and report positive results, for you to have contrary results suggests looking into it more to see if you’re actually eating as wheat free as you think. Given that wheat is ubiquitous in food nowadays, that’s actually quite likely.

      Especially since you assert that it worked for two months and then stopped. For that matter, since your cravings never went away, that also highly suggests that you’ve been getting SOME kind of wheat in your diet all along, without knowing it.

  • Ari Yoder

    I have been on the wheat belly food plan for 3-1/2 months. I have lost 53 pounds, and the arthritic lower back pain that plagued me is gone. I am walking 3-5 miles without any pain. As thrilled as I am, I read with longing reports of cessation of restless leg syndrome, seborrheic keratosis, finger arthritis and asthma which still plague me. Some of you say these things went away in days. I am still hopeful that they will lessen or abate over time. I feel great and have good energy but want to be free of all ailments.

    • Silfren

      Bear in mind that while wheat may trigger those various ailments, it’s not necessarily the ONLY one. If you haven’t experienced relief from those symptoms, it could very well mean that wheat wasn’t causing them.

  • patty

    its been 5 days i have lost 4 lbs i have noticed decreased back pain getting out of bed i dont get overhungry i think i have found what works for me !!!!!!!

  • adamr00

    I am trying this lifestyle and it appears to be more than wheat free. I am having a hard time finding what to eat 4 breakfast other than eggs an yogert. So can u have potatoes and rice? They have no wheat. Does anyone else have this probe?

    • Db2kp

      Breakfast can be cheesy eggs, mozzarella w/tomato, olive oil and some basil, cream cheese and some gluten free crackers with fresh fruit.

      Potatoes/Rice: If I am served potatoes, I will eat a very small portion if I want them. Same with Rice. But, honestly, I didn’t crave potatoes/rice. Christmas temptations weren’t too bad either-although I DID eat some candy-I didn’t gain back what I lost.

    • Stephanie Reeve

      From what i have heard i believe rice and potatoes are perfectly fine, just as long as you do not eat to much of them, its all portion control.

  • Chonnie

    I am a 57 year young women and have struggled all my life with trying to loose weight. I belong to a TOPS support group and was still struggling with the last 30 pounds. I gave up wheat almost completely and almost effortless this year lost it all in about 5 months. I use brown rice cakes instead of bread or use lettuce leaves like a sandwich. I strongly recommend this new way of eating. I don’t even miss bread any more. I have it once in a while when I am out to eat with friends but I don’t have it in my house to temp me.

  • patty

    just starting wheat free today i am ready for a change i cont to gain weight even though i am dieting and exercising and joint pain is worse and worse im almost 60 yr i have been frantic with the weight gain i believe this change will make a difference

  • Susan

    I just started this new lifestyle of eating a few days ago. I hesitate to call it a “diet” because that to me suggests a quick fix, and I know that I want and need an entire change of eating for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I have been sick with a horrible cold this week; nothing to do with this new eating plan, however, I still feel better physically, and at this point am not craving any empty, unhealthy carbs. I do not have the book, but saw the author on Dr. Oz and was intrigued.

  • jane

    can you have milk or cream in your coffee & tea?

    • Stacia

      My aunt, who also uses this diet, suggests using Half & Half instead. Milk has a a lot of sugar in it, but I guess Half & Half is supposed to be okay. I can’t wait to start! January first!!

  • Naomi

    I want to start this diet but I live with a man that is freakin allergic to all nuts and seeds…is there another route?? Can we still do this?

    • Tracy

      I’ve been on this for one week and am allergic to nuts and seeds too. I’m having a hard time finding snack foods. I’m snacking on a lot of carrots. I definitely feel better though and my blood sugar is much better.

    • Veronica

      Well, will he be starting the diet with you? Its already difficult to change your eating habits let alone consider someone else. But I hear you, I will be starting today and hubby eats big amounts of everything. Lots of bread (white), pastas, rice and many sweets~. And although he is in top shape I have already made a decision I will just have to cook differently for myself and avoid what he will be eating. My plan is to eat before I get too hungry and before he does, to avoid the temptations. And hopefully incorporate some stuff into the cooking. Maybe you can do the same. good luck!

  • marylou

    I’ve never been diagnosed with any disorder but when I eat whole wheat products I feel so much pain in my abdomen and get horrible gas. If you read the first few pages of The Zone by Barry Sears, it explains how Egyptians were the first civilization to grown grains for human consumption and since many Egyptians were mummified they have a record of pre-grain consumption and post-grain consumption. It’s startling how their weight increased and health declined. After I read that I began to cut down on wheat products and my weight started dropping. When I avoid wheat I either maintain my weight or it drops. Wish more people knew about this. Most people believe whole wheat foods are so healthy for them because that’s what we’re told. It’s even recommended in Canada’s Food Guide! It’s so unhealthy for you! Spread the word.

  • Rick

    I have reviewed all the research cited in this book and made a simple spreadsheet explaining exactly what the book claims is true and exactly what the scientific studies cited in the book say are true. The cited research does not even support Dr. Davis’ and the books claims. I will release this document to anyone that requests it and you can draw your own conclusions. These are not my opinions, these are scientific findings from the studies that are in this book. The truth needs to be told and this book is completely full of misleading information and completely false claims.

    • Noel

      Could I get a copy of the spreadsheet?


    • Diana

      I would like a copy of the spreadsheet from Rick dated March 2012.
      Thank you

    • Jenny

      I would like to see this spread sheet as well. There is a lot of talk righ now about the harmful effects of wheat products. Not Just Dr. D. I am really trying to be healthy, smart, and eductated with my choices.

      Thank you for sharing your research.


      • Nancy E

        Hi, just came from the Dr. and he told me to search Wheat Belly, I would love to see your spreadsheet and any hints what to eat…. thanks so much

    • a.

      I would appreciate seeing your spreadsheet, and also knowing your name if you don’t mind disclosing it. Thanks!

    • TheWriterHill

      Hello I would love a copy of the spreadsheet if you are still giving it out. I’ve gone back and forth on this diet for awhile, and while I do feel better when I cut down on the refined carbs, I don’t notice any ill effects from ALL grains, and many of the “no no” ones make me feel pretty darn good (quinoa, for instance).

    • Phil

      I think there are many exaggerated claims linking wheat to various diseases through casual causation. However the basic premis of the book linking the increase in diabetes, obesity and similar diseases and health problems is due to the amount of wheat in our diets. I advise readers to look at the bigger theory and advice being offered and not go claim by claim to disprove. The major finding that the wheat in our diets spikes blood sugars and causes inflammation and metabolic syndrome I believe is proven. However we should still eat fruits and veggies for fiber and vitamins/minerals and balance our diets to limit excessive fats as the body does not have an easy time processing excessive sat fats (i.e. the runs..). So read the book with an open mind and realize that reducing wheat and wheat products in your diet will improve your health with respect to fat loss, improved blood sugar regulation and reduce risks of diabetes and related illnesses. However I am not 100% with respect to rashes, joint pains and mind alterations as claimed.

    • Lory

      Am considering the diet and would love to get a copy of your research spreadsheet. Thanks!

    • chel

      I am writitng a paper on the potentially dangerous effects of the wheat belly diet. (if there are any).I would be very interested in your spread sheet.

    • Penney

      Hi Rick
      I’d love a copy of your spreadsheet. I’ve read the book as I’m obese and my husband is gluten intolerant, I was wondering about joining him as he has lost weight and seems to have more energy than before. The language in the book rang alarm bells for me, the good doctor sounded too evangelical for my liking. Having read the feed back here I’m going to eat less wheat and see how we go. Cheers Penney

      • Silfren

        Problem is, eating LESS wheat won’t necessarily do anything for you. Eating NO wheat is the key here, because the evidence indicates that wheat consumption has similar effects as drug addiction, so having ANY wheat in your body will trigger the detrimental effects of cravings, hunger, etc.

        Seriously, if you want to see if this diet is for you, you’re not going to come to any reliable conclusions if you merely cut down on wheat, since the premise is that ANY ingestion of wheat can/will trigger an autoimmune/inflammatory response.

    • MG

      Please email your spreadsheet. Thanks!

    • Veronica

      I would love to see your spreadsheet. Also, have you tried the diet yourself? Know anyone personally who has and had adverse reactions or did not benefit from it?? tks

      • Rick

        I have tried the diet myself. I don’t know anyone personally who has adverse reactions, but you will see in the spreadsheet several studies that are cited in the book where a majority of subjects actually gained weight on this diet.

        I am a scientific researcher, so I fact check many scientific journal articles and studies prior to being published. I only wish to point out the misleading information in this book.

  • Watson

    Yet another uniformed person : quinoa is a perfect food basically, this should be the staple of any diet. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/cereal-grains-and-pasta/10352/2

    • Barbara

      Quinoa makes me sick. I mean heave. I think it is all the saponins (sp?) in it. So for me it is not the perfect food.

  • cynthia

    Hi my question is can you drink tea or coffee on the wheat belly diet Thanks

    • Marie Wagar

      I have ordered the book and would love to have the spreadsheet as well.

  • Kathe

    Since starting the Wheat Belly diet 6 days ago it seems like I have to go to the bathroom shortly after eating. Is this a part of the diet similar to a detox process?

    • deborah

      I also started this diet 8 days ago and have JUST slowed down on the bathroom visits. I would like to know if this will always be like this?

      • Phil

        Your body is removing fats from your system and also is not used to the increased amount of fat in your diet. Be careful ramping up the sat fats as that is what can cause the runs as your body adjusts. Over time the protein balanced with fruits and vegetables will get you back to a more regular pattern. Take multivitamins and drink lots of fluids to make sure you are not losing out or getting dehydrated.

  • Amanda

    Hi everyone,

    i stopped eating wheatbased foods about a month ago, its been really easy and im so glad that i came across this book and way of living. Ive always had stomach problems for as long as i can remember (im 22) and NOTHING has helped. Doctors back in the day (when i actually had hope in trying to figure out what was wrong with me) couldnt help one bit and always said that it was probably nervousness or stress related. Teachers thought that i was being abused at home as i always had stomach aches. My mom didnt know what was wrong and did her best to try and help. I heard about this book and not too long ago, and thought that what Dr Davis said about wheat made perfect sense. i haven had any cravings since i eliminated wheat (and i have a massive sweet tooth!) i was never able to drink alcohol, coz i would definitaley pay for it the day after. after eliminating wheat ive found myself being able to join my friends for AW without any problems that same day or the day after (never ever happended before!). My stomach issues is not completely resolved but def better. im not bloated any more and i dont have to run to the bathroom every hour.
    But i have to ask all of you reading this, if you’ve tried potatochips after going on a wheatfree diet and started having problems after that? i had some potatochips this sunday and im still not ok, bloated, stomach aches, going to the toilet all the time. is this normal? have you experience this aswell? is it possible that you get more sensitive to starch and wheat products after eliminating it?
    Does anyone get stomach aches after eating rice too?
    ive never been able to pin point whats been wrong with me, so i feel like a freak of nature. doesnt seem like any diet rules apply to me, but this no wheat thing has worked a whole lot more than anything else. thank you mr Davis!
    greetings from Sweden!

    • Marilyn

      I have had stomach troubles since college days, many years ago. Recently my allergy tests showed an allergy to wheat. For two days I have been wheat free and plan to stay that way, but would like to know what short-term side effects to expect. A pharmacist told me that she had flu-like symptoms for a couple of weeks.

    • Candace

      Sound like you have Celiac disease, you should be tested for this. If you have it you must avoid all foods with gluten. Gluten is not only in wheat products, but many other products add it in( and most consumers have no idea). If you have Celiac disease you need to be seen by a registered dietitian, and be educated on how to spot and avoid hidden gluten in food products. This will change your life. I’m a registered nurse.

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