Warrior Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

the-warrior-dietThe Warrior Diet exercise and nutrition program, created by Ori Hofmekler, hinges on a somewhat controversial diet based on a daily cycle of “undereating” during the day and “overeating” at night.

The rationale is that the historic “warrior”, in order to succeed in the environment of the time, had a primal need to cycle between undereating during the day (when physical activity and danger were always present), and overeating at night (when able to rest and eat a good daily meal).

Modern humans in a changed environment can therefore restore health and fitness, by returning to that cycle with the Warrior Diet.

Warrior Diet grounding

The nervous system is the primary focus here, specifically that part called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Body organs such as the heart, stomach and intestines (viscera), and muscles within these organs and other areas like blood vessels, skin, and eyes, as well as the glands of the body, are regulated by the ANS. We are mostly unaware of its workings; for example, when blood vessels change size or when our heart beats faster, these functions are involuntary and reflexive in nature.

The ANS has 3 parts –

  • The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which kicks in when emergencies occur, causing stress and requiring us to “fight” or take “flight” (flee)
  • The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) which operates in normal or nonemergency times, allowing us to “rest” and “digest”
  • The enteric nervous system (ENS), present in all vertebrates, which regulates the normal digestive activity of the digestive system and prepares it for whatever is coming, whether a meal or a frantic energy-sapping physical activity

The undereating phase of the Warrior Diet is supposed to prepare and alert the SNS to potential stress, resulting in the generation of energy and ultimately the burning of fat. While undereating, the body is forced to use fat storage as a source of fuel for maximum metabolic efficiency – thus promoting weight-loss.

The overeating phase of the Warrior Diet recognizes the role of the PSNS in regulating digestion, elimination and other metabolic activities that slow you down. Eating during the day stops this process and blocks the body’s ability to remove toxins and waste from the body. Since detoxification is imperative for health and to delay aging, eating occurs mainly at night.

Warrior Diet program

The program involves a Fat Loss Program and exercise and nutrition regimes.

Fat Loss Program

The Fat Loss program is specifically designed to

  1. Force the body to detoxify
  2. Improve utilization of fat as fuel
  3. Improve utilization of carb as fuel

This process helps to boost overall metabolic rate, thereby enhancing the body’s capacity to maximize fat loss.

Exercise and Nutrition Programs

Exercise and nutrition programs provide short, intense strength and aerobic exercises, along with pre-workout and post-workout meals. This approach intends to reduce fat while maintaining or improving muscle tone.

The emphasis of the Warrior Diet program is on having large evening meals on the one hand, and shedding the “calorie counting” common to most diets on the other.

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Julie

    Hi! Everyone just finish reading the book and been fasting only the weekends because of my work schedule. I am imaging to expand my fasting to other days of the week but I am doing this slowly. I have a question I am not able to workout at night I can only do it before going to work @ 5 am what would you all recommend on eating after working out? Is eating recommended? How much eating? After that I would eat at 12:30 lunch time then 6 pm dinner time. Then I won’t eat anything until 6 am the next day. I know this does not seem lime the warrior diet but I am trying to figure out what to do because of my schedule help please. So I guess you can say I am only doing te warrior diet Saturdays and Sundays.

    • Crap

      What the crap

  • Fishbone

    I’m been on this diet since october 2007. The first few months were rough but i held in there and after that i would notice each day my energy levels rose with the less food i ate during the day and the more i ate at night time. I also noticed that i was healing quicker after them than before. All the experiences i had are true to the book if you follow it and listen to your body. I highly recommend this book and diet. You have to read the book all the way threw before you follow or try the diet or you will gain weight instead of lose it. I’m a lean 155 lbs. and can run a 5k in 20:00 min. with no food all day, and still feel great at the end of the day.

  • sarah smith

    I have been doing this diet for a week and a half, have lost no weight so far. Been eating under 1000 calories for my only meal and only snack on fruit or if I a am at work a small bowl of ceriel. I work nights so have my meal at 5pm before I go in. I have not done any exercise as im getting my body used to this eating patten. What am i doing wrong?

    • J Cartee


      I also work nights, but have yet to start this program. Perhaps if you ate when you got home, and here’s why, that is “your” night time. By eating after you wake up and before work, that is “your” day time, you will be counterproductive to this programs regiment.

      Hope this help, good luck.


    • Debra

      Hi, I have been doing this for about 3wks and am down 1 pant size. I will weigh myself at my dr.’s next week. Last month I was 30 lbs overweight and I know I’ve lost 2″ on my waist so far. I drink Lemon/Lime-ade mixed with a tiny bit of Agave syrup and do occasional shots mixed with Hot Pepper ala “The Master Cleanse,” which kills my hunger pangs immediately, and helps to de-toxify my body. I then eat anything I want for 1hr only. After 1hr, back to the juice and/or water. I also ride my excercise bike 45mins a day and walk my dogs twice a day for 20mins. This is the easiest, cheapest, painless, most effective diet/lifestyle change I have ever tried!

    • Brian Andersen

      @Sarah Smith

      First of all, you’re eating too little. You have to eat enough. What you are doing is starving and your body reacts to that. It is not the proer way to lose weight. You need to follow the warrior diet. You need to start exercising and you need to eat enough in the evenings. The warrior diet is not about calorie counting. When you get to the evening, after your exercise, first eat a good big salad. Then eat food with lots of protein and finally finish with some fruits of sorts.

      Do not, I cannot stress this enough, do not starve yourself. You wil end up miserable, tired and extremely unhealthy and you will not benefit at all from it

      • john

        sorry but that is bull i have been dieting for 6months now i meal a day around 5pm or 6pm most on the time grilled chicken salad and i am down 87pounds so that is bull you are not eating enough and you need to eat 5 small meals a day that is all bull john

  • chris

    Can I play sports after overfeeding, during the summer time, most of my friends play basketball at night from 9 to 1 am. Right now I am starting the Warrior Diet and absolutely love it. Just want to know if it can work.

    • Brian Andersen

      That would be unwise. Don’t eat until after your exercise. Adjust your eating timetable accordingly

  • dina

    I would like more info on warrior diet

  • Autumn

    I’ve experienced first hand, after living with my boyfriend and his family, how much of a life style change this is instead of a diet. They’ve been eating one meal a day for most of their lives and they’re all very lean and healthy people. A few of my friends have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off. Recently I’ve adopted this life style change and been very happy with the results and the way I’m feeling. I don’t feel weighed down during the day and I have more energy! It was hard for the first few days but as humans we’re made to adapt. I’m super excited about this and can’t wait to see where I’m at in a couple weeks!

  • LSH

    I have read many reviews/blogs about the warrior diet and you see either people gain weight, mostly muscle or loose weight. How does this diet do both?

    • James Crews

      You can do both by working out. If you do the warrior diet without working out then yes, you will only lose weight. But if your working out while on the Warrior Diet then you will lose fat burning all the calories or water weight and gain muscle in exchange and muscle weighs more than fat if you didn’t know. A lot of women get mad because their on diets and going to the gym but “gaining weight”, but their actually gaining muscle weight.

  • Jim

    Another Question I have. Since I do work a graveyard shift, On my days off do I go to the more traditional method of eating the big meal at night before going to bed. I would actually be fasting longer on my “friday”, is that okay?

  • Jim

    @Elizabeth, I would like to try this way of eating to. I also work a 12hr graveyard shift. So you eat before you go to work? I have just read comments on where you need to eat 2 hrs before you go to bed and fast during the day. I wonder if eating the BIG meal when I get off or just before getting off work will work? Any input will help from anyone.

  • Jack Ventura

    Ron Griffin, I work as a night porter, and I’m following a regimen similar to the Warrior Diet, albeit with no other snack during they but instead a prolonged fasting. I usually eat at 4 PM when I wake up, and have another small meal (sort of snack) before 8 PM (I’m going to leave this off in time). Working at night and sleeping during most of the day greatly help in following this sort of eating (and fastin habit). So I’m actually fasting from 8 PM to 4 PM next day, that’s 20 hours and makes it more like a complete fasting. Only good results by now, I feel full of energy and with a sharp mind, my nights go straight away with no sleepiness at all and I sleep greatly during the day. Hope this helps.

  • tom

    @jennifer no with the warrior diet you want to do your anaerobic/weight training workouts in the evening and then have your large meal after this. the large amount of carbs will make your insulin spike and you want to have muscles that need feeding to benefit from all the protein and carbs you are eating, that is the whole point of this diet.

    I agree its fine to do some cardio in the mornings, i prefer cardio in the mornings anyhow =)

  • Jennifer

    It is best to exercise in the morning if possible, check out some of Dr. Mercola’s interviews (timing of meals)with Ori at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJFGC4-rQyQ&feature=relmfu

  • Leslie Dominguez

    Today is my first day of the Warrior Diet. I feel great. I did the Master Cleanse for 14 days and lost 17 pounds. So doing this diet as a life style made complete sense to me. I have started working out with Insanity program… My question is, Is it best to workout in the morning or night? I have stopped eating after 6pm and normally I workout between 9 or 10pm. Is it best to change it up for the morning instead?

  • Elizabeth

    I have been on the Warrior Diet for a fw months now. I work in Hospitality,so my eating schedule is the opposite, where I feast befor I start work, which is uaually 4pm. It has been great. More energy, results, and blood sugars stabilised. Definately worth a try, but not for everyone.

  • Delaine Walker

    What do you eat during the day? nothing or can you eat healthy snacks, like nuts and fruit?

  • Jenn

    This is week two for me and I feel great!! More energy and so far I lost about 5 pounds. It is definetly not just a diet, it is a life style change. I get plenty of raw vegetables and water during the day. Night time I still get my vegetables and protein. I make sure not to eat after 7 pm. I love being a warrior and I woul recomend this to anyone who wants real results

  • Dan

    I been on the Warrior diet for about 2 months on intense weightlifting(compound movements)and ZERO cardio. I have gained 12 pounds, i am leaner and getting stronger(solid 150lbs). On this way of life(not diet) it is crucial to eat BIG at night, cause after a longs day training you really need it. Eggs,oatmeal,tuna,potatoes, and steak. good luck

  • Dg

    @Ron Griffin

    you’re supposed to eat before you go to sleep, just cus the diet says “eat at night” – don’t take it literally. They just assume that nights means “before sleep” for most ppl

  • Matt

    I just started this diet and so far I like it, usually after eating lunch I would experience an energy crash and would want to take a nap.

    The great thing that I have noticed is that this diet can be adapted to your lifestyle.

  • Nikki

    Well this is day three for me and I have to say I am pretty excited to see how I feel a few weeks later. So far it’s been hard but rewarding. I was always taught to eat small and frequently so my body still needs to completely adjust. One thing that surprised me was that I normally struggle with blood sugar swings and I certianly thought that by not eating it would be intensified. What I found is completely the opposite and feel quite balanced…. Good luck to whoever tries this diet! It is freeing which is almost worth more than any kind of weight loss.

  • Limana Grace

    This is not a diet, it’s a pure and natural way of life. I would recommend it a hundred times over; I’ve maintained a lean and sinewy figure for a year based on this program. Don’t be dissuaded by those who gained weight. The “overeating” phases encourages the consumption of great food, not copious amounts of processed, trans fatty rubbish. My dinners include home-made chicken and vegetable pie, fresh fries cooked in olive oil, salad and strawberry and yogurt dessert. Yummy right? But if you chuck back a three burgers, fatty fries and a litre of icecream, of course you’re going to pack on the pounds! Short, intense exercise is important too.

  • Ron Griffin

    I work permanent night shift! Should I have my big meal when I get up at 4p.m. or wait until 2a.m. my equivalant of teatime? I don’t think I could manage to eat a big meal as soon as I get up, so maybe this diet can’t work for me.

  • jn

    What about people that work night shifts? or 12/24 hour shifts. shift work??? I dont get how this could work for me.

  • mohan

    dear all,

    I am very interested to try this Warrior diet.I have big belly and hope to vaporise it..LOL…I really hope this diet works….

  • Lane

    Bienda, good luck! Keep us posted.

    This diet REALLY works, and no diet has ever worked for me before. I didn’t actually read about diet until today, but for the last 3 months I have been eating only 1 big meal a day, however much I want. So i’ve been following the diet for about 3 months

    I’ve lost 46 lbs already! And I haven’t even been working out at all.

    After the first couple weeks, it is very easy.. and my stomach doesn’t growl much, because it has learned that it’s OK for it to be EMPTY for a while.

    Think about it, your body won’t ever burn fat if it has calories in your stomach that are easier to burn.

    If your stomach is empty, it must burn fat.

    The best part about this diet plan is after a while, it really does feel more natural. You have more energy during the day because your not wasting it on digesting, and then at night you can eat as much as you want, and feel content, but not guilty.

    For me, a big meal also helps me fall asleep no problem.

    So far this diet has worked wonders for me, I feel so much lighter, and its easier to move and walk. I am going to start working out and continue this diet for as long as I can foresee.

  • Bienda

    I’am desperate to lose weight but really enjoy my food. I’d rather eat a tasty balanced meal of an evening than eat tastless diet food during the course of the day. It also gives me the oppertunity to enjoy an evening meal with my family. So tomorrow is the day. I’am ready for a change, once the first 3-5 days have past I hope my boby will ajust to this new regime. I’ll keep you all posted, wihs me luck!

  • Andy P

    Excellent program! Has enhanced my workout capacity and I sleep better too. I suggest anyone try this as it will change your life. Thanks Ori!!

  • Chris

    I been on warrior diet for almost two months, and will never go back to eating like I did before. So liberating not to have to eat cereals in the morning and processed meats during lunch and all that crap, and then walking around in the supermarket trying to figure out what to eat at dinner .. Hahaha, crappy lifestyle, Warrior diet is teh way to, very liberating and gets you focused towards what you really desire,once you let go off all the crap-food.

  • Cameron

    I lost over 25 pounds 7 years ago, and have kept the weight off. I’ve recently heard of this diet, and I suppose my routine is comaparable with it, although I’ve not researched it.

    I don’t eat breakfast or lunch (although on some days I’ll have a little something to tide me over in the day, but not a full-scale meal). I do NOT consider my routine to be a “diet” – that implies a regimen you impose over what you’d otherwise want. Something that “hangs by a thread,” and at some point comes crashing down to earth (like so many people’s diet plans invariably do).

    I consider that I’ve gravitated into a genuinely beneficial eating pattern, one where I don’t feel deprived. When I used to eat breakfast, that simply “got my juices flowing” so I was in an eating mode throughout the day. When I see people spread their dietary intake over multiple small meals, I have the image of dieters munching carrots and celery from baggies and grumbling that they crave”real food.” Hanging by a thread, indeed.

    Carrots and celery ARE real food, the type of which I include in my one large meal of the day. Beyond that, I’d have to do more research, because I have only a passing familiarity with the Warrior Diet. But my practice seems to be very similar.

  • T

    Done it for years, trained many clients on it, The term undereating is what leads to failure. Ive found NO Intake but No or low calorie drink tea diet etc it what works,during STARVATION phase. And it is STARVATION. Then eat what and as much as you want, IN the eating window.

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