There is a Cure for Diabetes

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


Gabriel Cousens, MD, claims that diabetes is a curable disease that may be reversed through dietary and lifestyle changes. In There is a Cure for Diabetes, Cousens outlines the causes of diabetes as well as a program for eliminating it.

The book was inspired by a movie that was based on documenting the effects on diabetes of eating a raw food diet for thirty days. Five diabetics were involved in the film and by the fourth day, four of them were off their insulin medications. By the end of the month all of the participants had achieved normalization of their blood sugars without medications.

After realizing the powerful effect of this approach Cousens created a program that could be successfully applied to all diabetics.

Diabetes Cure Diet Basics

At the commencement of the program dieters are advised to undertake a seven-day supervised fast on green juices. This greatly accelerates the improvement of the physiological imbalances that occur with diabetes.

Following this dieters undertake a low glycemic index diet that includes a very high proportion of raw foods and a fat intake of 15-20%. Many foods are to be avoided including most fruits, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, refined grains, sugars and natural sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine.

there-is-a-cure-for-diabetesThe basic diet is to be followed for three to six months. When your physiology has stabilized you can adjust the diet to include a slightly higher intake of fruits and grains, however you can stay with the basic diet if you prefer.

Leafy green vegetables are an important component of There is a Cure for Diabetes with 1-2 pounds being the recommended daily intake. Greens can be consumed in salads, blended green soups, green smoothies or as juice.

Other foods that are included in the diet include all vegetables with the exception of cooked starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds, avocado, whole grains and legumes.

Cousens also conducts a 21-day program at the Tree of Life Center, which is designed to introduce dieters to the program and to learn the skills necessary to maintain it as a lifestyle.

Recommended Foods

Green leafy vegetables, tomato, avocado, cucumber, red pepper, sea vegetables, cabbage, bitter melon, nopal cactus, garlic, onion, huckleberry, goji berries, millet, brown rice, oats, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, string beans, olive oil, almond, walnuts, avocado, flaxseed, chia seeds, coconut oil, bee pollen, spirulina, stevia, carob.

Sample Diet Plan


Green smoothie with leafy greens, chia seeds, carob and stevia

Morning Snack

Green vegetable juice


Broccoli with bell pepper and sunflower seed cheese
Flax wraps
Salad with spinach, lettuce, red pepper, avocado, olive oil and lemon juice
Herb tea

Afternoon Snack

Green vegetable juice


Velvety red lentil soup
Seedy tomato herb crackers
Kale salad with chipotle
Herb tea

Dessert (once a week)

Cinnamon bars

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise can be a vital component of a program to address diabetes because it improves insulin sensitivity and assists with weight management. Cousens says that the best exercise is jumping on a rebounder for up to 16 minutes a day, four times a week. Walking, jogging and swimming are also acceptable cardiovascular exercises.

Muscle building exercise is also recommended because the muscle tissue is responsible for 80% of blood sugar uptake following a meal. Muscle tissue also increases the rate of calorie burning.

Costs and Expenses

There is a Cure for Diabetes retails for $19.95.

It may also be necessary to invest in kitchen appliances such as a juicer, high-powered blender and food dehydrator.

Diabetes Cure Pros

  • Program has achieved success in allowing diabetics to achieve balanced blood sugar without using medication.
  • Allows diabetics to take responsibility for their condition and to make dramatic improvements in their health.
  • Based on scientific research as well as practical experience.
  • Addresses lifestyle factors involved in diabetes such as physical activity and stress management.

Diabetes Cure Cons

  • Highly restrictive and requires elimination of many foods.
  • May be socially isolating, as it will be extremely difficult to eat acceptable meals away from home.
  • May be difficult to stick to the program without adequate social support.
  • Requires a large amount of time to be spent on food preparation.
  • Many of the recipes are complicated and contain uncommon ingredients.


Although it requires a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul, There is a Cure for Diabetes has been proven to be highly effective for the treatment of diabetes.

Maintaining adequate support from friends and family is likely to be a vital element in achieving long-term success because the diet is so restrictive and the plan requires a high degree of commitment.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • wezi mkamanga

    kindly avail me the diet to reverse type 2 diabetes. thank you

  • Roselyn

    A teaspoon of aloe vera gel daily help lower blood sugar. Try it. It really works.

  • olayinka

    I was diagnose with type1diabetes and is well manage every day I have three children I am losing too much of weight please help me to gain small weight thanks

  • bronwyn

    You know its all great to help people with Diabetes TYPE 2 …. you need to explain that !! Diabetes TYPE 1 is not curable and needs insulin for life. Diet can help with some sugar levels , but cant cure it !!! Make it clear , people who are not affected don’t know the difference. I have dealt with ignorance since my daughter was diagnosed at 11 . She is now 21 and still people judge her and tell her diet will help her . Its books and promotions like this that mislead and do not inform anyone correctly.

    • kathleen

      In the documentary “Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days ” Two insulin dependant juvenile diabetics were cured on this diet and lifestyle .

  • matthew

    Since it is much more profitable for companies to sell meds and supplies I don’t think a cure will ever be made public.

  • Jessica

    I really wish you and others would post that you are only talking about type 2 diabetes, as there is NO cure for type 1. They have the same name, but completely different causes and treatments. There are way too many misconceptions about type 1, and when articles such as this one don’t clarify which type of diabetes, it just adds to it. Could you please clarify!?

    • barry thomas

      un kill the beta cells in the pancreas, you saying what all the medical mafia say, look at who pays for all the research into diabetes, yes that right the people who make the drugs that diabetics take, there not going to say anything against it.
      you have to look at all things, good or bad.
      has your son kept to the diet that’s recommended?
      meat and dairy free, because since 2009 all animals have to be injected with the growth hormone and they get injected with antibiotics because of this, most animals are fed gm foods.
      if you just go on what is told to you by the media you will always be lost because the same people own it all.
      the only way to ever go forward is to talk about things, but the media don’t.

    • kathleen

      They can both be cured by diets of raw live vegetables,nuts, seeds and fruit .

      • Jessica

        Oh,I didn’t know that eating raw live veggies, nuts and fruit would miraculously ‘un-kill’ the beta cells in the pancreas! In this case,my 3 year old son who has Type 1 should have been ‘cured’ long ago! Please stop making idiotic comments!

  • Yustysya

    Diabetes can be cured for a long time! Any illness is a punishment for our deeds. Diabetes is completely cured in two months. And there is nothing complicated. I can only show you the way, do you have to decide to go or not. If God will allow you to be cured you are healed, and if in your heart there is no God, then you’ll get sick, consoling myself that you have diabetes for a long time and everything is fine. salutem8.weebly.comNo decides our fate one moment, and in a moment, everything can change.

    • matthew


    • Jose Cherian

      Am 63 year old man and a dibaetic for the past 24 years. Was on oral medicines until 1999 and since then on insulin twice a day. My sugars are never in the normal range. Have tried many medicines but nothing has proved good yet. Would you kindly suggest something? Best regards

      • kathleen

        Watch the documentary “Reversing Diabetes in 30 days ” online . Diabetes was cured in the wide range of adults of all ages and severity. It inspired me to change to a raw vegan diet and I’ve never been healthier.

  • Jai mehta

    Can proper diet only cure diabetes?

    • ted

      For some people yes. There have been many documented cases. :-)

  • Frank L. Poe

    I am looking for a cure for diabets. Type 2

  • Ogboloko monday

    The advice is very much good, can somebody use vegetable and avocado and tomato with green beens i need more advice especially for the poor. Thanks.

  • bradley k

    Thanks for advice,I just found out I’m a type 2 diabetic and ill certainly try this diet

  • sara

    thank u

    • Sushan

      Diabetes is stressful. As a dibaetic patient, you have to think about what you eat, how much of a certain food you eat, and you are always worried about how the things that you eat will affect your blood sugar.I have Type 2 Diabetes and this is where our bodies produce some insulin, but it is not enough to do the work that insulin is supposed to do, so therefore, we have to take oral medications or some dibaetics with Type 2 have to take insulin injections.Daily routine: Most Daibetics have a routine that they do follow. My routine is as follows:7:00am fasting check9:00am medication and breakfast1:00pm check glucose level and if low enough eat lunch2:00pm Picking children up from school5:00pm check glucose and if low enough eat, take the pill6:00-8:00pm watching tv, playing with the children, etc.8:00 Bedtime9:00 check glucose and if under 160 eat a snack.So yes, we have a routine to follow.Diabetics have to make sure that if they are on medication that they do not go longer than 5 hours without giving the body some type of food. They say to snack, but in my case, if my sugar levels are low enough I will, but if they are too high, I will skip the snacks.

  • vivian green

    why is there not a cure on the market does drs not know iam type 2 about 2 mos ago i take metfomin 2 a day dont want to be on meds

  • r s sidhu

    very good advise , am trying this diet and my blood sugar fasting value has fallen from 180 mg% to 110 mg% without any medication in three weeks flat. Great advise.Thanx a lot

    • linsudel

      Please tell me more about this diet.

  • Liam

    I think I’ll stick with the diabetes. After a week or so on that diet, I’d wish I was dead.

  • Not an Idiot

    If this is the cure can you let the FDA know so all the IDDM and NIDDM people can get innoculated? I’m tired of being a diabetic so please let me know when this ‘cure’ comes out on the market. This is so idiotic and irresponsible. Like leading the public to believe that being overweight means you’ll be or are diabetic. I was skinny all my life and all that time I was a diabetic. It wasn’t until my disease got worse and more symptomatic that I became 200lbs. So think first before hawking this crap.

  • Gail Hayward

    very interesting diet ill give it a try i was told i have type 2 diabetes only 6 weeks ago i take 3 pills and 4 insulin shots a day i have lost one hundred and twentyIls and still going thank for the good advice

  • M

    I wonder does this work for Type 1 as well or is it just Type 2 Diabetes?

    • Matt

      Type 2 can be reversed with a good strict diet. Type 1 isn’t going to be reversed since there are no live cells in the pancreas. The person on here commenting this can cure type 1 has to be one special idiot.