Subway Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

subway-dietOver the last 5 years, fast food vendors have been criticized for contributing to the so-called obesity epidemic. Serving cheap foods – often high in fat, salt, and sugar – it is no surprise that takeaway foods are cause for concern.

Subway have responded by branding themselves as a healthier choice for takeaway foods. Nutritional information is abundant and with Subway it is easy to make healthier choices (however some Subway rolls are much higher in calories than others).

The Jared Fogle Story

Part of Subway’s positive message comes from a devoted fan – Jared Fogle. Over a period of years Mr Fogle lost a huge amount of weight, while surviving on predominantly Subway foods. He also walked daily.

His dramatic success has been celebrated by the Subway brand, and is the driving force behind the so-called “Subway Diet”

What is the Subway Diet?

There is no ‘official’ Subway diet. Most people refer to the diet that Jared Fogle used as he was losing weight. Much of it is hearsay and urban myth. Here are two versions of the Subway Diet. The first meal plan is the most likely one.

Note that the sandwiches were served with no mayonnaise, and no cheese.

Version 1

Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Black coffee with sweetener.
Lunch: Turkey Subway Sandwich. Diet Pepsi.
Dinner: Vegetarian Subway Sandwich. Water.
Snacks: Apple, orange, water.

Version 2

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: A 6 inch Turkey Sub + potato chips (baked)
Dinner: A 12 inch veggie Sub

Can you lose weight on a Fast Food Diet?

The answer is yes – provided good choices are made. Jared Fogle was simply following a low-calorie diet. However some fast food vendors offer little in the way of “healthy” choices.

Subway is certainly a good choice if choosing to eat takeaway food.

Jared the Subway Guy is available on Amazon.

Use these exercises to increase the effectiveness of the Subway Diet.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • zac

    awesome I don’t think I could do it

  • jhonatanricse

    I started a subway diet a month ad a half and so far ive lost 17 pounds :)
    I buy their breakfast and a footlong that’s all I eat for the day I get any footlong under 6 grams of fat with just a lil mustard and I do add cheese cus the calories I take in are already low sometimes don’t even make it to 1000 calories a day I been drinking about 3 liters of water a day I eat half of my foot long for lunch and the other at dinner that’s all. I hear ppl saying it gets pricey but in my case I work from 9 to 9 so fast food is my only option and a burger combo can cost about the same as a footloong so in my case its a good option. hope to reach my goal in 2 more months :)

    • Tiffany

      I’m a nutritionist and FYI that is not a diet that is starvation. You may be loosing weight but at what cost? Taking in less than 1000 calories a day is very dangerous and can lead to sever health problems, especially for a person working 12 hours a day. On top of that once you reach your goal and change your eating habits you will most likely put the weight right back on. You’ve basically put your body into starvation mode and it will begin to store everything it can, this will cause you to stop loosing weight or start putting it back on and you’ll probably get sick more often as your body is not getting enough nutrients to keep you healthy. The average person looking to loose weight should be consuming between 1200 and 1500 calories and day. you the need to use exercise to reduce your net calories to about 1000 to 1200, this way your body gets all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy, you don’t starve yourself and you’ll shed those unwanted pounds. I would also suggest 4 to 5 liters of water a day.

      • Tom

        Well Ms. Tiffany obvisouly you have never met a wrestler. Wrestlers stave themselves all the time and look fine and other than catching a cold like everyone else feel fantastic.

  • jade

    i started my subway diet yesterday i brought 1 forest ham no cheese and a lot of veg and mustard i ate half and i left half for breakfast can i eat 3 6in subs a day with water and lose weight

  • Jon

    Lots of people think bread is fattening because it is high carb. However, if you reduce calories lower than your energy consumption you will lose weight no matter what you eat (even chocolate) It’s not necessarily healthy though. For instance you can lose weight eating bread but bread is nutritionally empty calories.
    If you only ate meat, fish vegetables and occasional fruit/dairy…and not much else (especially processed foods) and only drank water you would drop to your natural weight and be very much healthier.
    I’m not trying to tell anyone what to eat, i’m just expressing my opinion. These days I only eat natural foods and I feel fantastic.

    • Diana

      What natural foods are you eating?

  • john

    Ii just started 3 days ago the only wory I have is what about all the bread

  • VincentH

    I always have my foot-long divided into three parts instead of two and eat each piece 3 hours apart. Let’s be honest there are least two to three servings in each foot-long sub. Eating the whole thing in one sitting is too much. And if you’re dieting and incorporating subway as your go to place for food on the go ditch the chips and drink and just get the sandwich.

  • Tapestry

    I would say buy rolls at the grocery store, sourdough bagettes are small and can be cut into 6 inch sandwiches. Make sure to add lots of veggies(I hate veggies but I will put them on the sandwich) like lettuce, tomato, avocado, onions and I do put a sprinkleof cheese because I need my daity and a few shaving of cheese isn’t bad its double cheese or lots of mayo that is what gets you! also if you want a great breakfast sandwich add egg white cooked in a non-stick pan. I have been eating those the past 3 days. I will switch around tomorrow and get the turkey breast foot long, or the chicken all of them work you need protein in your diet too.

  • Faith

    How does this diet cause weight loss?

    • ted

      By reducing daily calorie consumption.

      • Jasmine

        Also, Burning equal or more calories than you take in.

  • Jeff

    I lost over 50 pound in three months on subway. I went from 270 to 218 quickly and did no exercise. I ate toast and honey for breakfast. I had a footling sub for lunch just minus mayo. Had baked barbecue lays on the side. At dinner I would get another footlong and that would do it for the night. My cholesterol and blood pressure dropped significantly.

  • misty

    Just want to thank all of you for all your comments and stories..its all good and helpful information!!! I want to loose wieght so bad..i am a mother of 8 and weigh 5″2..36 years tired of being trapped in this fat shell. I plan on trying the subway diet and adding the special k cereal diet as well..just drinking waters, and sobee life waters..veggies, and walking..god bless all of you..good luck with your diets

    • Danny

      Good luck to you I know being a big person that it is hard. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Hang in there and rembrer it takes longer to get rid of the fat. But you can do it.

      • Debbie

        Good luck on your diet. My son and I tried the special K diet for one week. We lost a good amount of weight but also did not feel good, lacked energy, and started hurting. We have been on weight watchers but wanted a kick start fter the holidays. When we counted up the points, we found we were not getting enough nutrition. Be careful and moderate what you do.

  • Sly

    How does eating a 6″ Cold Cut for lunch and dinner each day, 5 days a week, for three weeks sound? Of course there will be occasional snacks. I’m 5’7″ 180lbs. and need some weight curbing. I find it extremely hard to stay on a strict diet.

    Subway 6″ Cold Cut special is only $2 for December, so save money for Xmas gifts!

  • chris

    I have a cup of coffee for breakfast and a six inch for lunch and dinner and lost 20 pounds so far its working for me

    • divyani

      In How Many Days You Lost 20 Pounds?

  • Ally

    I’m sorry but this diet is a load of baloney! You can’t just have coffee for breakfast and expect your body to get by. In order to lose weight, you need to eat a variety of foods in MODERATION! That is the key. Also, breakfast is so important when trying to lose weight, I can’t believe it only calls for coffee or a tiny bowl of cereal. What happends is that by lunch time, you will be so hungry you are going to eat more calories at lunch. Your metabolism will be slow from lack of a good breakfast and will be slow for the rest of the day. People need to stop doing these fad diets and just eat sensibly, eat more vegetables than anything else with every meal and exercise. It’s not rocket science!

    • blake

      if skipping meals makes you eat more at another meal or snack in-between then yes, you are correct.
      However if you are strong enough/lucky enough to have the ability to not over compensate at other meals then it’s a very good diet.
      I Have two pieces of toast for breakfast and either a six inch sub with no sauce, cheese or salt or 2 large sushi roles per meal, 1 can of diet soft drink a day and zero snacks. (5 days a week, the other two I eat healthy but with no fixed eating plan). This has resulted in me losing 10kg (22 pounds?) in 6 weeks. I was not over weight to begin with but need too improve my cholesterol ratio. I exercise, but no more than before I started my diet.
      Its about finding out what works for you.
      Cutting out deep fried and high sugar foods is the most important thing.
      Fruit is good for you….but not great for losing weight as it is (in general terms) high in sugar.
      Careful what you put on your toast or sandwiches….things like peanut butter have surprisingly high fat content ~ 5o%

      • munroe

        I really love your comment and I believe that you are absolutely right..i am on the grounds of right now of loosing some weight and it will be great if I had some pointers on other things that are good to eat while dieting and also,how much is too much,and I have to tell you I drink way more than I eat and I think that is a big problem also…(any comments??!!

  • Ryan

    i way 310…and been needing to diet for a yall think this diet will help me loose some of this weight? over 4 years i want from a waist size of 44 to 46…i want to git back to the old me and maybe even be skinnyer than that….think this is the diet for me…or should i go to something els?

    • robert holland

      Here Is My Story So Far THis Last Sunday June 24th I Weighed Myself And To My Dismay I Tacked On 25 Pounds Since Feb It Kinda Scared Me So I Set Out To Loose The Weight The Next Day I Wne to Subway And Bought A Foot Long Sub Which I Ate Half For Lunch And Half For Dinner Then I Had A Salad For Snack Around 8 oclock I Have Done That Every Day This Week As Well As Worked Out With The Wii Fit Plus And I Am HAppy to Annouce I HAve Lost 19lbs Since last sunday i drink water gatorade nd apple juice as well as i had a v8 twice this week as well as drank some sobe life water so if you are asking if this works it does and is i can button my pants for the first time in 2 months my wife saw what i was doing and joined in on wednesday following my same diet and she has lost 7 lbs since then we walked 3.2 miles today and we feel great so the answer is yes this works

  • Nixon

    Was a big fan of the McDonalds deli choice spicy veg wrap (445 cal) and just found that the 6-inch subway veggie delight has only 220 cal. I could have a FOOTLONG SUB for the same amount of calories as that wrap! =O I was so shocked I didn’t even believe it at first, I checked like 5 different websites…

    • 2Shy

      What do you need TWO sandwiches for? (That’s what you’re getting with a footlong sub).

      Who eats two sandwiches in one sitting?

      • Stephanie

        Hey! This is a judge free zone! A LOT of people eat a 12-inch in one setting… people dont need to diet because they HAVE small appetites and HAVE made healthy food choices their whole lives. –_

      • Chip

        “Who eats two sandwiches in one sitting?”
        Me, that’s who. XD Subway is a very delicious way to diet, if you ask me, not that I’ve ever dieted. But if I were ever to have the need to diet, I would most definitely go with Subway. But that is just my opinion.

      • Laura

        there are about 650 calories in an average meal… the veggie sub has less than that, at 450 calories. Id say eating a footlong isnt necessarily too much food !

      • Ryan

        I actually have eaten a footlong on my own in one whole meal along with finishing the chips drink.

  • lana cole

    Honey, just buy the sandwiches from subway. But don’t throw in mayo and cheese in it.

  • Linn

    You buy it from the subway resturant.

  • thePrincess

    where do i get the sandwiches from? do i do make the sandwiches by myself? or i buy it from the restaurant Subway ?? PLEASE ANSWER

    • nightmare


  • Tyler

    I’ve lost 50lbs and my blood work has improved significantly, but not on this diet. I get 60%+ of my calories from fat. Eggs, bacon, steak, roasts, poultry… The primary difference being that the only animal fats that I eat come from local sources w/ no contamination by antibiotics, hormones, etc. Throw in a lot of vegetables, and some fruits and nuts, and you’ve got a healthy, _delicious_, and easily maintained diet. No low-fat frankenfood for me, thanks!

  • Austin

    subway is good for the body if you know what i mean ;)

  • Jody

    Devon – Skipping breakfast is a bad idea – most important meal of the day. It actually kicks in your metabolism so that you are burning more calories.

  • Eunice

    I’m so excited to try this diet!! Ima go buy whole wheat bread and turkey with a variety of veggies ( especially the greens ) so that I won’t have to pay so much money. For breakfast I will have a meal protein shake from herbalife for lunch a my one sandwich of turkey with veggies (no cheese or dressings) with a side of salad or fruit with water or Orange juice. Then for dinner ill have another meal protein shake followed by a cup of fruit and cubed cheese. I will be drinking water through out the day and one-two hours of excercise a day. I hope this works for me!! I’m weighing at 257 and I’m 5’2″ and I’m 19( female) so u can imagine how fat I am. My ideal weight in the next year is to be 130 or 125. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else!!

    • misty

      Good luck!!!!

  • Devon

    I am starting this diet today. I am 24, I weigh 195 and I want to loose 35 lbs by June. That gives me 6 months to loose the weight. I plan on skipping breakfast, eating a 12″ sub for lunch and IF I do eat dinner, it will be a bowl of Special K with low fat meat…wish me luck…if anyone has any pointers, let me know.

  • Bob

    Small breakfasts and large dinners are not the way to go.If you have a 12″sub for breakfast then two light meals for lunch and dinner you should do much better.
    Diet drinks are trash drink would be amazed how little food the body needs to function perfectly well.Walking to the sub shop will also help.
    As far as cost they have $5 footlongs on special all the time but making it yourself even better.

  • Synthia

    I freakin love this diet yummyyyyyyyy

  • Grace

    I make my own sandwiches and wowowowowowowowow! The results are amazing! Not only am I saving a fortune but I am getting into the habit of making my own food!

    Take-away is good here and there people, but why not make your own sandwiches? .. That is what this diet is… sandwiches.

  • Rasheta

    Hello all i am 23 years old(female) and is looking to join The law enforecement soon. i am now studying criminal justice and soon will go into law enforcement by the end of next year. i am weight 275 and height:5’7. i join a gym and just started the “subway diet”. Hope it works i will keep you posted….

  • Dane

    i am going to start doing the subway diet i drink water most of the time n i walk to work
    i might do the 9grain bread n the turkey sub or the cold cut one n with the baked chips

  • James

    Hey what’s up. I’m a 20 year old future law enforcement officer. Sadly since highschool I have let myself go a bit. I am 5′ 10″ and weight around 220. All though I do not look huge I def feel a difference. I am going to start the subway diet the beginning of September along with a strenuous workout routine. I will keep everyone updated as I try to make my self police academy ready :p any advice would be awesome. I would also like some sandwiches people order from subway that the find delicious!!!!

    Current weight as of 8/23/11—220

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