Special K Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

special k cerealThe Special K Diet was created by the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal company.

Basically it involves eating a bowl (45g) of Special K with ½ cup of low fat milk for breakfast then another for lunch OR dinner for two weeks.

Kellogg’s quotes the results of a scientific study supporting their diet, which showed that 3 out of 4 dieters achieved a slimmer waist and hips and lost up to six pounds over a two-week period.

Scientists at the university reached the conclusion that most of this was due to fat loss.

The diet is recommended for adults with a BMI greater than 25 and is not designed to be followed for any more than two weeks.

Special K Diet Basics


  • Eat two serves of Special K cereal a day and ½ cup low fat milk for breakfast and either lunch or dinner.
  • The third meal should be a low fat and nutritionally balanced meal.
  • Snacks may include fruit, vegetables, low fat yogurt or a Special K bar.
  • Beverages may be consumed as normal with no strict limits required as long as alcohol is avoided. Water and diluted fruit juices are recommended.

Although calorie counting is not required the actual calorie intake is in accordance with requirements for weight loss for most individuals.

The participants in the study mention above consumed an average of 1590 calories per day. This was calculated to be a reduction of their normal calorie intake of 27% and of fat intake by half.

Sample 1 Day Meal Plan


1 bowl of Special K Bliss Strawberry and Chocolate with 125mls skimmed milk
Coffee or tea




Bowl of Special K Red Berries with 125mls skimmed milk


Carrot sticks, sugar snap peas or a Special K Bar


Grilled salmon, boiled new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and peas


Banana and low fat yogurt or
Fresh fruit salad

Find more healthy low calorie meal ideas here.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is mentioned as being important as part of a healthy lifestyle with 30 minutes of daily activity recommended in accordance with government recommendations.

These exercises can be used with The Special K Diet.

Costs and Expenses

There are no costs involved as all the details of the Special K Diet along with menu plans, meal suggestions and recipes are available on the Special K Challenge website.

The Catch? You have to buy plenty of Special K Cereal, bars, and shakes from your grocery store!


Will I Lose Weight With Special K?
Individual results will vary, but this diet works using the meal replacement technique. You’re replacing your usual higher calorie meals with lower calorie ones. There’s nothing magical about the cereal, but it’s all about calorie reduction. This type of diet would work with just about any cereal.
Can I do this plan for more than 2 weeks?

Kelloggs would love that, but hopefully after two weeks you will have learned to eat less and control your portions better. Doing this diet for more than two weeks can lead to boredom and the potential of binge eating. Special K Cereal isn’t exactly the best thing to be putting in your body after all.

How much weight will I lose?

Results will vary and will depend on a number of factors including how well you stick to the plan.

Does it matter which Special K I choose?

Yes and no. The original diet was based on the original cereal. For the chocolate and other sweeter varieties the serving size is smaller. 3/4 cup instead of 1 cup for the calories to be the same. There is also more refined sugars in the sweet varieties which can spike insulin levels.  Dieters would be wise to choose the less dessert-like cereals.

Do I have to use milk?

Milk alternatives are fine, but watch out for the ones that have a lot of added sugar.


  • No calorie counting necessary.
  • Simple and easy to follow.
  • Scientifically proven to be effective for 75% of people.
  • Breakfast has been shown in many studies to produce a wide variety of health benefits including lower cholesterol levels, improved memory and concentration and a higher intake of certain vitamins and minerals.
  • One large study showed that people who ate cereal for breakfast had a lower body mass index than those who skipped breakfast or had eggs for breakfast.


  • The lack of variation in this diet may lead to boredom as well as potentially compromised nutrient intake. Even though the breakfast cereal is fortified with vitamins and minerals it is questionable as to the degree that this can make up for nutrients that would otherwise be obtained from a wider range of whole foods.
  • Special K is not based on whole grains and is not a particularly good source of fiber. It is necessary to consume an abundance of fruit and vegetables during the day as well as to include a source of whole grains such as brown rice or legumes in the other meal in order to meet daily minimum fiber requirements.
  • Hunger is likely to be a problem for most people. Special K is high GI and high sugar which can actually trigger an increased appetite for many individuals.
  • The weight may be regained easily when a normal diet is resumed after the two week period.


This diet is obviously a very clever marketing ploy created by Kellogg’s in order to sell more cereal. However, there is scientific support supporting the benefits associated with consuming breakfast and the reduction of fat intake in the diet.

The Special K Diet may also help people make the adjustment to a healthier eating plan and does promote integration of healthy habits as a lifestyle. It is however very likely that the majority of people will experience hunger due to the high glycemic index content of Special K cereal and there is also a high possibility of weight gain when the diet is concluded.


Hooper R. Body Shape and clothing size changes following Kellogg’s “Slimmer Waist this Summer” (internal report). Dept Human Sciences, 2002. Loughborough University

Ruxton CH, Kirk TR. Breakfast: a review of associations with measures of dietary intake, physiology and biochemistry. Br J Nutr 1997;78(2):199-213

Cho S et al (2003) The effect of breakfast type on total daily energy intake and body mass index: Results from the third national health and nutrition examination survey. J Am Coll Nutr 2003; 22(4):296-302

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Ashfiqa Jannat

    Need to reduce 10 kilo within two month…what should I do?can I replace my breakfast and dinner with keloggs special k ???plz reply

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      Yes, you are supposed to replace 2 meals with Special K and then eat 1 healthy meal. This meal can be at lunch or at dinner.

      • PREETHI


      • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

        That should be fine also.

  • Oliar

    Can I eat special k after 2 weeks?

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      yes and Kelloggs would be happy if you ate it for the rest of your life. This diet works because it is teaching you to consume less calories. Ultimately you would want to start eating a healthy lunch and just one bowl of SK a day.

  • Sukanya Harish

    If I stop dis routine again I vl regain wait!!!!!

    • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

      yes, if you go back to eating the way you were before.

  • Faiza

    I want to use kelloges but I dont like milk then How can be use it?

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Can you use soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk?

  • daniela

    ok, enough with who is starting today I came on this site to read result so do yourself a favor and post the comment after you tried it out. Thank you

  • sharon

    Wow wow I’m so happy special k does work frm 85 to 65 Kg in 2weeks tx kelogs special k

  • bronwyn

    can i drink coffee using sweetner instead of sugar

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Yes, I believe that is acceptable.

  • Tammy

    I have just started this diet on the 5th day going well excited to see the results of it !!

  • Lettie

    I just started today, hoping and praying that I’ll drop a jean size, think positive-you’ll see positive result!

  • belle

    Whatever happerned with trying something without someone spoiling itby overanalysing what should be what I call doing it for a laugh.ivejust looked at the plan andminus thebrand name I’ve got whatsrequired already.sofar its cost me only time and imagination.I went for a run this morning and then had two wheat bix and skim milk. With cocca to liven it up.yum.
    see ya at the finish line.<3.

  • Shivani

    I am a teenager can i use this pls reply

  • syed fouzia

    am starting from tom im getting four months package will it be sufficient for me because my weight is above 48 can i loose my up to 45 rply me soon

  • dikeledi

    thanks for diet plan

  • Berrie

    I am 5’7 222 pounds and need to loose weight at least 22pounds , Special k for breakfast and lunch is fine with a snack of Special k bars later in the day, but dinner time is just difficult specially when fast food is everywhere. any one else having that issue?

  • patty basss

    I lose 10lbs in 2weeks

    • sonia

      it really works or fake

  • Elizabeth

    I m going to start from tom, don’t know whether it will work or not.
    let’s try
    finger crossed.

  • Sony

    What do u mean by special k bar?please tell me.

    • mckenzie

      Its a cereal bar. with anything on it . i eat the ones wit like chocolate && pretzels on it. but it could be different for you

  • yvonne

    I’m starting this diet,have to loose 10 pounds.love that you can drink coffee too.

  • Darshana Singh

    i wish to know after two weeks of diet plan if i wish to continue what do i need to do…?

  • Darshana Singh

    i have started my kellogg’s K diet plan from today continuing for two weeks but if i wish to continue when can i start it again, in how many days….
    likewise a break of 1 week and start the diet again shoud be fine, right ..?

  • Kelz

    My nan told me about this diet think starting from Monday ill b starting this diet bring it on x

  • zabi khan

    why k special is not applicable for people having age below 18 and also why people having BMI less than 25 cant eat k spl if dey are having BMI 23 or 24 and then to they want to lose wait then why cart dey i wnt the reason…. i mean what will happen if they eat k spl in these situations …..

  • Rita

    I liked this diet, even though I did it with Weetabix cereals. I have a IMC of 21,5 and lost 2 pounds in only 3 days, so I was quite happy, I found it cheap and it was also easy to do portion control. I did not feel the monotonoy, and only started feeling hungry in the afternoon of the second day. I will do it as a detox when I need to.

  • megan

    im going to try this diet starting today, and fingers crossed it works…

  • Kate Middleupton

    This diet is absolutly marvelous! I adore eating Special K Biscuit Moments for my tea. I just had a baby and I needed to lose weight as I was 20 stones and 5’2″.

  • trajayjay

    Also, I think that it should take more than being low calorie to classify their diet food as being healthy. Sure they’re fortified, but nothing beats good ole vitamins in minerals in veggies, fruits, grains, meats, and oils the way nature intended. Plus, their foods are often filled with high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and hydrogenated oils.

  • trajayjay

    I don’t get how this “diet” is so successful. First of all, there’s very little (unsaturated) fat in this diet to absorb essential vitamins and trigger the satiety hormones. Next, a lot of Special K products have at least 10g of sugar, and sugar is pretty counterproductive when it comes to weight loss, as it provides no feeling of satiety.

  • Monique

    I’m starting tomorrow. I’m not to big on working out because I get so lazy and sometimes just forget. My mom is going to let me do this for 2 weeks and if it works then she will let me keep on doing and leave me alone.
    Breakfast: 1 bowl of special k and 1 oz of granola

    Snack:100 calorie snack

    Lunch bowl of special k

    Snack:100 calorie snack or fruit

    Dinner: frozen food or cook stay under 700 calories
    Start weight is around 325 will check in tomorrow.

    • christine

      Work out!!! You need to workout!!! And eat LOT’S of veggies! Frozen food is NOT good for you either! A home cooked healthy meal OR JUST VEGGIES!!! Make sure to take your vitamins!

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