Suzanne Somers Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


The Suzanne Somers Diet or Somersizing is the creation of television celebrity Suzanne Somers who has outlined her approach to dieting in a series of books.

The Somersize Diet is basically a reduced carbohydrate diet with an additional emphasis on food combining.

At 66 years old and counting Suzanne still looks amazing, which she attributes to her way of eating and lifestyle.

She has become quite the self-taught health guru over the years and besides her many books on weight loss, she also focuses on hormone replacement, anti-aging, and even curing cancer.

Here are her most popular books.

Suzanne’s BookProblem It Addresses
Eat Great Lose WeightWeight loss through food combining, the original Somersize plan.
Get SkinnyWeight loss
Eat CheatWeight loss
Fast & EasyWeight loss
The Sexy YearsBioidentical hormone replacement
Slim and Sexy ForeverHormones and weight loss
AgelessAnti-aging and bioidentical hormones
BreakthroughOverall wellness
KnockoutCuring and Preventing Cancer
Sexy ForeverWeight loss for women over 40
I’m Too Young For ThisHormone replacement for perimenopause

Suzanne Somers Diet Basics

As far as weight loss is concerned, there are two phases to the Somersize Diet.

Funky Foods

In phase one, which is focused on weight loss, dieters are advised to eliminate what Somers refers to as “funky foods”.

“Funky foods” include sugar, white flour, honey, maple syrup, carrot, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes and more which are outlined in her books. Nuts, whole milk and whole yogurt are also to be avoided.

Many of the foods to be eliminated are high glycemic index and the idea is that by avoiding these foods the blood glucose levels will remain more stable which allows the body to burn fat more easily.

In addition, food combining principles are incorporated into the diet plan. Foods are divided into four food groups which are proteins/fats, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit.

The rules for combining these foods are as follows:

  • Always eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach.
  • Combine vegetables with fats and proteins (no carbohydrates).
  • Combine carbohydrates with vegetables (no fats).
  • Wait 3 hours between meals of different combinations.

Dieters are also advised to consume frequent small meals and to eat at least three meals per day with no precise guidelines provided for serving sizes.

Caffeine and alcohol are to be avoided in phase one.


Phase two of the diet is aimed at maintaining weight loss.

Dieters are allowed to include red wine and chocolate in the diet in moderation and more leniency is allowed regarding food combining. Dieters are allowed to deviate from perfect food combining occasionally such as by adding some olive oil or cheese to a pasta dish.

Sample Somersize Meal Plan

Phase 1
Fruit Salad
Herb Tea
Grilled salmon
Large green salad
Piece of string cheese
Steak with mushroom cream sauce
Steamed broccoli
Phase 2
Herb fried eggs
Spinach and mushrooms
1 cup coffee
Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Strawberries with nonfat yogurt
Whole-wheat pasta with pesto primavera
Green salad
Crème brulee

More healthy recipes can be found here.

No Gym Required

The Somersize Diet downplays the importance of exercise for weight loss stating the she personally never goes to the gym.

However she does advocate aerobic exercises three times a week and is known for her home fitness equipment such as the thigh master.

Look here for other exercises that can be down at home.

Costs and Expenses

The Suzanne Somers Diet  is found in at least four books related to her Somersizing Diet Plan. The fourth and most updated book is called Fast and Easy and retails at $24.95.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price. Suzanne Somers has also published a collection of recipe books, which average at $16.95 each.

Suzanne Somers also has an online weight loss plan designed for woman over 40.


  • No calorie counting or portion control.
  • Good variety of foods will reduce risk of dietary boredom.
  • Emphasizes fruit and vegetables.
  • Includes high quality protein for muscle maintenance and metabolism.
  • Many dieters report improvement of gastrointestinal problems and better digestion.
  • Somersize Diet offers online community with free access.


  • Highly restrictive in terms of food selection and meal timing.
  • Lack of guidance regarding meal planning.
  • Lack of scientific evidence to support the idea of food combining for weight loss.
  • Eliminates many highly nutritious foods such as nuts, yogurt, banana, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and avocado.
  • Calcium intake may possibly become inadequate.
  • Does not adequately address the importance of exercise as well as psychosocial factors involved in weight management.
  • Dieters may experience rebound weight gain when they go back to eating higher carbohydrate foods.

A Low GI Diet

The Suzanne Somers Diet in regard to eliminating foods with a high glycemic index does have some foundation, however her approach is overly simplistic, and in failing to consider the effect of the entire meal on glycemic load, many potentially nutritious foods are eliminated from the diet.

It is highly possible that dieters will have success with weight loss on the Suzanne Somers diet.  This is because limiting amounts of different foods in a meal can reduce the tendency to overeat.

Although there is no scientific research to support the role of food combining for weight loss, many dieters have reported success with the Somersize Diet and in particular an additional benefit with improvement of digestive function.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • nona

    Can you use coconut flour as a substitute for flour? From what I can tell the GI of coconut flour is 30% lower than flour and you can use it for pancakes, muffins, tortillas and breading for deep frying vegies and fish.

  • Julie

    Are wheat thins allowed?

    • Shauna

      Nope – those are carb/fat which is a no no. essentially anything processed is gone :)

      I will say, that I had tremendous success on this way of eating for nearly a year and it took about 8-9 to gain it back eating like a starved trucker and having two kids. Starting over now and already I feel better.

  • lori

    Get the book! read it the book she wrote in the 90s! its great it works and it is a great lifestyle change. you can loose the weight and then incorporate her diet into your life you can chat a little and you will not gain wait if you stick to the basic and seperate foods groups most of the time! You can do Atkins for a short period but then switch over to suzannes diet adding the fruit in the morning or a little for a snack in the eve makes the diet work because you do not feel deprived! the less the sugar the faster you will loose the weight! lori

  • sarah

    I found this site by accident….so glad I did. Would like to switch to Somerizing from Atkins. Any advice? I have done this Somerize before, but never found an active site like this. Really liked Suzanne’s plan.

  • Sarah


    • Melany S

      You can have Cheerios with non-fat milk and sprinkle of Somersweet or Truvia. I like to add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardomon or pumkin pie spice sometimes to change it up.

  • Linda

    Can you have whole wheat toast and cream cheese spread for breakfast, non fat cream cheese?

    • Rae

      Yes… but watch that the whole wheat bread doesn’t have any hidden sugar/honey/etc. I found WW pita bread and WW sourdough are the only breads I can buy at my local supermarket.

  • Catherine

    I have been on every diet offered (including being a life time member of Weight Watchers) This is my first time with combining foods and I am excited about being able to eat so much more than ever before. I have yo-yo’d from a loss of 80# to anywhere in between for years only staying at my goal for one to two years at a time. Thank You Suzanne… I think I can actually have a life style change with your program!

    • Rae

      If you want to team up with me (and Suzanne) think about joining Weight Loss Buddy. I’m the only member on my team :) Here is the link.. and I am a real person, not selling something. Just looking to find friends and dropping 35lbs :)

      • Lisa

        Yes, I’d like to team up with a buddy to lose weight, I too need to lose 35 to 40 lbs. I am a week in on Somersizing and I love this program. I refuse to use the “D” word because it is a ugly 4-letter word, if you know what I mean. I have seen some results on my scales at home, I have already lost 7 or 8 lbs. I had to turn down offers of brownies and apple pie at work today, (homemade). Tough day for craving sweets. I think I’ll made me some decaf and add a smidge of dark cocoa and splenda. Good luck.

  • Jamie

    Can someone please tell me which book has the diet information on what to eat and what to avoid. I went to the library to check out a few and it was mostly stories and some recipes. Looking for the actual plan first and then ill go check out the other books. Please let me know. Had a baby and can’t seem to loose this weight ):

    • Mimi

      Hi Jamie,
      Get her earlier versions of the book. Try the Eat Great, Lose Weight one. Less recipes, more description of the plan.

  • Maribel Zamora

    Plain Greek yogurt is it fine?

    • Cindi H.

      I believe that non fat plain Greek yogurt would be a carb, and a full fat plain Greek yogurt would be a pro/fat, just like sour cream.

  • Maribel Zamora

    Can we eat Greek yogurt plain?

  • Monique Glandon

    I followed the diet years ago and I’ve been successful…I am on my way to be back on it! This is the only diet that i have been able to stick to…I hope it will help me now because I am plegged with arthritis and I think this is probably due to me being owverweight.
    When I sticked to the diet I lost 80 pounds over a period of 7 months and I had lots of energy. I should have sticked to it for a lifetime!

  • Selena

    I did thisdiet 5 years ago, and had amazing results. Fell off the Somersize wagon and have been up and down in my weight since. It was the only way of eating that worked to get to my goal weight. Starting again tomorrow ;)

  • San-dee

    The summary of the rules in this article is not correct. You absolutely can add veggies to your carbs as well. On Level 1 (the weight-losing phase) it’s the carbs that you keep separate from the protein/fat group; but you can add veggies to either one of these groups.

    Also incorrect is that you can’t have whole milk or cheese. Not true! If you eat non-fat cheese or milk, it falls under the carb category but if you eat whole milk or cheese you put it together with the protein/fat group.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    I first tried Sommersizing back in 2003 just before I turned 30. I couldn’t lose weight with exercise or diet (or meal replacements). Something changed in me at that time. When I started Sommersizing I was desperate & thought I’d humor the GUY who recommended it to me. I started the first day of September and by Thanksgiving had lost 25lbs. (I know that’s a lot.) During my 1st month, on the 3rd week, I lost 8lbs in ONE week. At that point I questions the safety of this diet; but that was the only week it came off like that. From then on it was 0.5 – 3lbs/week.

    I’m 5’7″ and weighed 183lbs when I started. By the end of March 2004 I weight 137lbs (7 months into the diet); which was a total of 46lbs lost. I stopped there and maintained it for years (Sommersizing on level 2) until I was diagnosed with a Thyroid condition that blew me up to over 200lbs. (The thyroid condition was due to a wrist surgery procedure that involved injecting Iodine into my system, which caused my thryoid gland to go haywire.)

    Now that my thyroid condition is remission I’m going to attempt what worked for me before — Sommersizing! I have a MUCH longer way to go than the 1st time since I’m starting out so much heavier. I’m also 10 yrs older (39 yrs old)… so it should be interesting to see if Sommersizing works for me again this time around. My starting weight is 206. Let’s see what happens! Good luck to all of you just starting, or hoping to start, Sommersizing.

    • Laura

      We are the same age and same weight. You posted this in Jan….How are you doing on it now? Were you able to stick with it?

    • Cindi H.

      Actually the only milk we can have is non fat or skim milk…used as a carb. Other than that, no milk is allowed, even whole milk. You’d need to use cream instead (for a pro/fat meal). This is how the program worked when I did back in the early 2000’s…unless things have changed since then.

      • Rae

        Agreed! NF milk only used as in a carb meal combo.

    • Heather

      Hi San-dee,

      I also did the Somersizing years ago & it of course worked well! Now, at 38, I find I need the structure once again to lose some weight and I’m planning to get back on this diet this week! It’s nice to hear about someone else getting back on the diet as well. I’m sorry to hear about your thyroid condition but sounds like you are doing better ~ good luck with everything!

    • margo

      your comments were very helpful and insightful…i think ill buy one of her books. thanks for sharing, and best of luck

    • deb

      to San-dee,

      how’s it going so far?

  • Colleen Anderson

    For lunch I want to try a rotini pasta salad with broccoli, peas, lemon
    juice and olive oil. Is it safe to add feta cheese to it as well??

    • Cindi H.

      Rotini pasta is funky…all pasta’s are funky because they have flour in them. You’d have to use something like spaghetti squash. Your peas need to be snow peas or sugar snap peas, and yes…feta cheese would be legal to add to it. Good luck!

      • Cindi H.

        I’m back to specify that all pastas are funky unless they are 100% whole wheat. In that case, it would be a carb meal, and you cannot add the olive oil (or any oil) you mentioned for the dressing. The only cheese that could be used would be a fat-free cheese. The veggies would be fine to add to it, along with lemon juice.

    • Alicia

      If you are doing level 1 you are not supposed to have olive oil with carbs (no fats with carbs) and no cheeses with carbs unless its fat free cheeses. ALSO, in the article it says you can have fruit and yogurt together, but technically you are supposed to have fruit alone on an empty stomach. ALSO, in a previous comment, they said you can have whole milk with protien and fats, and thats NOT true! whole milk is a funky food!! Ive done somersozing many times in my life and its my defaut diet. I love it. I lost 100 lbs doing it in one year. I have mentored many others who did it too!

      • Alex

        Hi Alicia, Im starting the diet soon an would love to get help from you.

  • Rae

    If you have to diet and you’re a mom, kids LOVE this diet! My daughter still remembers the wonderful chocolate puddings I used to make when I was on this diet and lost 10 pounds in a month, while eating vast amounts of delicious food and never being hungry or deprived. She is older now, and about to begin the diet herself, wanting to lose 5 or 10 lbs.
    I love this as a kids’ diet since it doesn’t really demonize food too much. Sugars, yes, but then, sugar is pretty damaging. If you have kids who are at an unhealthy weight, this is a good positive, non-stressful way to help them with that.
    My daughter loved learning to make the parmesan bowl to put ceasar salad in….it was a crispy, savory, yummy replacement for croutons. This was truly an easy diet. If you chose clean hormone free meat (preferably grassfed) and organic eggs from free-range, pastured hens, it will be all the better.
    Also, if I missed a “funky” food, I find that if I ate it singly, and allowed time for it to digest, I would do fine on the once in while basis. Really, you can use the diet to get to your goal weight, then bring back in healthful funky foods like avocados and carrots and full-fat dairy, then just use the diet for a week or so to get you back in line if the scale begins to creep back up.

  • E. Rankin

    I have ordered the book, but meantime, would I need to omit the one natural remedy that has really worked for me to eliminate hot flashes, which is a glass of non-flavoured soy milk mixed with 2 tblsps. of ground flax per day? Experienced dieters please comment. Thanks.

    • Jeri

      Absolutely not….if you have something nutritious that works….then work it in. Flexibility..moderation…wisdom go a long way. I am 70 years old…good nutrition has literally been a God send. We were old in our 30’s…now young at 70.

  • Isolda

    This diet works if you can stand to eliminate the intake of sugar and the white (carbohydrate) foods. If you’re interested in knowing why this diet works, read The Montignac Diet by Michel Montignac, a chemist who actually did the research and explains such in his book. I am sure Suzanne Somers took her information from him. He also slightly varies the diet, permitting a few low-insulin producing carbyhydrates with fat.

  • Laura S

    Hi, this diet definitely works. Suzanne Somers is my hero. You don’t have to buy the books in order to do the plan, but I highly recommend buying the books. I actually bought my books at thrift stores. I have at least 2 copies of each of the 4 books. I like to keep them in different parts of the house, or take them with me in the car. The inspirational stories from other somersizers and Suzanne’s own family stories really help you understand all the ins and outs of the diet. Plus, about 2/3’s of each book is recipes, many of which I have used and addapted. They are all great. Especially eating Zucchini noodles instead of pasta. So far, I have lost 35 lbs. I plan to lose about 50 more. It’s easy. And, by the way, you can eat yogurt. It must be eaten as a carb, so therefore it must be plain nonfat yogurt. Which is great with some cinnamon, somersweet, a splash of vanilla extract, and some grapenuts for crunch. That’s what I had for breakfast this morning.

  • Karen

    What cheeses are approved with Protien & Veggies? Also is regular cream cheese allowed with Pro/Veg?

    • Annique

      All full-fat cheeses are approved with protein/fats meals. Non-fat cheese and dairy products count as carbs, so they can be eaten with whole wheat toast and pasta. Low-fat cheese is not allowed though. Regular cream cheese is definitely allowed with Pro/veg. Please know that the things you are cutting out of your diet, like nuts and avocados, are only temporary restrictions; you can have them again on level 2, which will come faster than you will expect if you do not cheat. I somersized for 3 months – with a few cheats in the last month – and lost 45lbs. Then I loosened the reins a bit, and added in some sugar and improperly combined foods, and maintained my new weight easily for 10 months. I’m now back on level one to lose the last 50lbs.
      This is a safe and effective way of losing weight, and my doctor said that my blood pressure, digestion and cholesterol were all vastly improved. Additionally, she told me that I had so far added 15 quality years to my life and reduced my risk of diabetes, which runs in my immediate family. My advice? Stick to the plan with no cheats for 1 month, and if you hate it at the end of the month, stop. However, I lost 17lbs in my first 30 days, and I guarantee you will never look back.

    • Laura S

      you can eat any kind of full fat cheese with a protein/fat meal, including cream cheese.

    • Laura S

      you can have regular cream cheese. You can really have any full fat cheese (even American) according to the food list in the book. But I don’t like american. We eat Cheddar, blue, feta, cream cheese, parmesan. It’s all good with protein/fat/veggie meals. Grilled beef tenderloin topped with feta cheese is so good you don’t even need the steak sauce!

    • tricia ellis

      would love to know about yogurt on the diet

    • Vickie

      Can I eat zero fat greek yogurt that has fruit in it? Carbs are listed at about 22 grams. Specifically looking at Chobani Greek yogurt with fruit. Does that fit into any time of the day – a carb meal or possibly a snack instead of fruit?

      • Cindi H.

        I’m pretty sure yogurt that comes with added fruit in it also has added sugar. Suzanne said years ago that berries like strawberries, blueberries & raspberries could be added to yogurt as an “almost level one”, and if your weight loss was already underway.

      • nancy

        No. Fruits are to be eaten alone.

      • Laura S

        No. You can’t mix fruit with any other food, including yogurt. This is for the first level of the diet. Once you are doing well and steadily losing weight, you may add fresh berries to your yogurt. Make sure to add berries, they cause less of an imbalance than other fruits. Also, you really need to look for hidden sugars in yogurt. I just buy the dannon plain nonfat. It has only 2 or 3 ingredients, so you can’t be tricked.

  • Wendy

    My hubby and I have gone on and off of Somersize for over 10yrs. We’ve tried every kind of diet or food lifestyle, if you will, including trying Caveman, Vegan, WW, portion control, slimfast, as well as my personally having been on Jenny Craig, and other paid diets. Somersize is the ONLY plan we’ve ever been on that always works for us and our kids LOVE it. We just started again on Monday and as of today I’ve lost 6lbs by eating Cheese and Bacon soup, Cobb Salad, Bunless Cheeseburgers with all the fixins, Steak and veggies, and fruit smoothies every morning and…my black regular coffee! Try it for 1 week and follow the plan completely and you will lose weight!

    • Jake

      Why not just eat low carb as a lifestyle? When you say you and your husband have been going on and off the diet for 10 years I’m left to wonder about it’s efficacy. Shouldn’t a successful diet include a lifestyle change, which in turn leads to better health and weight management?

      • Annique

        Hey Jake: It’s not the carbs, but the sugar that you are eliminating. You can eat whole wheat bread and pasta on the plan, and there are no portion sizes. The deal is that in cutting out all refined sugar, as well as honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, and things made from white flour (refined carbs) you stop you insulin spikes and balance your hormones. When i shop, i never read the nutritional panel on the package; instead I read the ingredients, and if there is sugar, “wheat flour” (aka white flour), glucose fructose, corn starch, or something i can’t pronounce, I do not buy it. Somersizing teaches you to eat REAL food, and eliminate processed foods. That is the real lifestyle change.

    • catherine

      Would you mind sending me the receipt for smoothies.

      • tricia ellis

        would love the smoothie receipe

    • Terri Granot

      She says not to drink caffeinated coffee. It didn’t affect you?

    • Peggy

      @Wendy….why do you go off and on Somersize if it works so well for you? Is it not a lifestyle change kind of eating plan?

    • Mary

      Can you please tell me if its true the more fat ie.mayo & olive oil you eat the more you lose???

    • Tdot

      Hi Wendy
      That’s great news, I agree Sommersizing really works.
      Can please tell me how u make your soomthies, do u use cream
      or just fruit and ice??

      • Laura S

        Fruit smoothies don’t really have a recipe. Just take what fruit you like, a handful of icecubes, just a little bit of unsweetened orange juice and some somersweet or stevia. Mix it in the blender until desired consistency is reached. I like to mix perfectly ripe blueberries and strawberries together. But you could also do mango and pineapple. or maybe watermelon. Pick what is in season, that turns out the best. And if you have time a freshly juiced orange instead of bottled orange juice really sweetens it up.

      • Tdot

        Sorry one more question, Are u taking a multi vitamin and calcium supplements

  • Tracey

    It has been suggested that I take a fiber product such as Metamucil (sugar free) each day to help reduce my cholesterol, but I am not sure where to fit it in. As a carbo or alone? Any suggestions?

    • Laura

      All of these questions are answered in her books. It’s best if you read them than if you just get tidbits of info here and there. I’ve been somersizing for years, and, yes, you can eat the bacon, eggs, cheese, cream and lose weight. Not only that, my cholesterol came down 16 points eating like this! Eating the fat (minus the carbs) does not cause you to have higher cholesterol levels. If you eat lots of veggies and the fruit, you’ll get plenty of fiber. And, by the way, I never stopped drinking my caffeinated coffee–and I still lost the weight.

    • torrie

      i can help with the cholesterol & fiber. contact me. torrie

  • Tdot

    My Friend lost 60 lbs ….in a year and never was hungry.
    She ate so much…….more than not being on a diet.

    I am starting tomorrow…….200 lbs less here i come!!
    Good luck it defiently works :)

    • Annique

      You can do it! At the end of this I will have lost 125lbs. Am down 70 in total so far! The first 2 weeks are hard because of sugar withdrawl, but you can push past it!! GOOD LUCK!! and don’t worry when it says no caffeine: switch to decaf, you will never miss it.

  • Tdot

    I am so excited to start, can someone please tell me if I eat fruit , ie.pears as many as 5 for breakfast is that bad……..I need to lose 200 lbs and eat so much I am just worried about the natural sugar in the fruit

    • Suzanne

      5 maybe a bit much at once. Try having one or two, then waiting 20-30 minutes and having some oatmeal. If you just LOVE pears, have one or two in the morning and wait a little bit to have a meal, then have one or two for a snack in the afternoon an hour or two before dinner. The secret is all in the timing of the meals.

      • Darlene

        I do not think you can have oatmeal that soon, You have to wait 3 hours before eating from a different food group.

      • Carol Borg

        carbs 20 minutes after fruit and protein 60 minutes after fruit.. you must wait 3 hours to switch from a carb meal to a protein meal or vise versa…. Also I don’t thinking have 5 pears is good as they do contain sugar…I would go for a fruit in the morning and one for a late snack.. Eat more vegies..

      • Tdot

        Thank you very much:)

    • KB

      In one of her books, Somers discusses this. She said her husband was eating around 15 servings of fruit a day and wasn’t losing any weight. I would think it depends on a number of factors, but yes, the natural sugar in fruit in that high of a serving may not be the best idea. Try an omelette for breakfast – I find that eggs with some veggies really fill me up and keep up my energy in the morning :)

      • Annique

        Here are the rules as I understand them:

        Eat fruit on an empty stomach. Wait 20 minutes from when you finish, then you can have a carbs meal (because fruits are carbs, technically). If you want to follow with a protein/fats meal, wait 1 hour. You can also have fruit 2 hours after your last meal if you are hungry again: and you will be, because this program jacks your metabolism. Wait 3 hours before switching from protein/fats to a carbs meal. Do not skip meals: I keep hard-boiled eggs and pieces of cheese in my purse to stave off hunger – I’m not kidding. I also tend to only eat my carbs meals in the morning, as I tend to lose more weight that way. I also take a multivitamin in the morning, just to cover all my bases.

      • Tdot

        Sorry KB i have one more question in between meals can I eat legal vegetables for snacking….like celery sticks, I won’t have u think its okay?

      • Tdot

        Thank you so much KB!! :)

  • Deb

    So how many phases are in the SS diet plan? How do I get started? Do I have to buy books to read or is there a simpler plan? Thanks!!

    • Annique

      Just the 2: weight loss and maintenance.

    • ted

      Hi Deb, I think buying a book or two would be the route to take.. I’m sure you can get some used ones for cheap or see if your library has them.

  • maria

    Hi! I have low thyroid and is hard for me to lose weight
    any advise thank

    • Annique

      Just give it a shot for a month and see how you feel: there is nothing unsafe about this plan, so you will need to listen to your body and see how you feel.

  • shoshana

    Can I eat whole grain bread that was made with honey instead of sugar?

    • ted

      Honey = Sugar… same thing

  • Audrey Kornelson Kornelson

    I do not have a thyroid and am unable to lose weight with any diet. Has anyone with the same situation as me been able to lose weight on the Susanne Summers Diet? I would like to know what the success rate is. Thank you, A.K.

  • Angie Carpenter

    I got on board back in 2004 just to get into my wedding dress, but my life has not gone without Suzanne being in it. It completely changed the way I look at food and my body! My daughter after years of being a big girl, she decided to do it and has followed it pretty well, she has lost over 50 lbs and is now a slender healthy happy mommy! :) Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!!!!

  • Patsy Rodgers

    I am not sure why Suzanne suggests omitting caffeine, except that she believes it hinders overall health. I believe I read that in her first book. I never omitted diet sodas or tea, and I have been very successful in both losing and maintaining my weight.

    • Laura

      Supposedly, the caffeine stimulates insulin secretion which sends that meal straight to the fat cells. However, I’ve taken my blood sugar levels after having strong coffe and they were not elevated. However, everyone is different. I’ve been able to lose weight perfectly fine having caffeinated with cream every day.

  • Sunday Mae

    Hello everyone! I’m excited to begin this amazing new chapter of my life; losing weight and maintaining it is going to provide the desired joy and excitement that I crave! If you have any tips on the diet, especially going through day 2 in phase 1, please let me know. I miss my morning, black coffee though.
    Good luck to all of you guys and girls! :)

    • Suzanne

      For Protein/Fats meals:
      There are a ton of ways that you can imitate ‘regular’ meals and still stay in the Somersize plan. For example, serve spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash or strips of zucchini instead of noodles. Cauliflower makes excellent mock mashed potatoes, and you can grate it for mock steamed/fried rice. You can make sugarless crepes with cream and eggs, and use them in place of noodles in lasagna, or other dishes. Although I haven’t tried it, portabello mushrooms can replace the bun in a hamburger or sandwich. Xanthum gum (available at a healthfood store) can replace cornstarch or flour as a thickener in soups or sauces.

      Suzanne Somers has a recipe for cheesecake that is pretty good, and you can make a creme brulee that is quite nice. Dessert definitely makes a meal feel less restrictive, and there’s no reason you can’t have it on the Somersize plan.

      For Carb meals:
      You can easily make oatmeal in the microwave with oats, skim milk, and cinnamon or nutmeg. It’s pretty good. If you soften fat-free creme cheese, you can mix it with some Splenda and cinnamon for a spread to put on your toast instead of butter.

      You’re only limited by your imagination. Good luck!

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