Protein Power

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

protein-powerProtein Power was first published in 1996 by authors Michael and Mary Eades. The diet is a weight loss diet similar to the popular Atkins Diet – but with MANY differences. This is essentially a diet that is low in carbohydrates, and high in proteins and fats. The book has been popular, and (like most other diet books) has been followed a line of products, kits, and books.

Update: This year (2009) The authors have published an updated version of  Protein Power.

High Protein or Not?

The Protein Power plan has more protein than the average Western diet. It also has fairly restricted levels of carbohydrate. But it does not have the induction phase to bring about ketosis (such as Atkins). Like so many dietary regimens they work for some but not for others.

Like many low-er carb diets they always attract controversy – due to the fact that they go against the predominant high-carb food pyramid that has been taught by health authorities. This does not mean that they are bad – but it pays to know what you are doing when making significant changes to your diet.

Health Benefits

The authors of Protein Power claim the diet will reduce insulin levels, and general health will improve due to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. There is some wisdom in this – perhaps not so much from the quantity of carbs, but due to the quality (or lack of it) – that is present in so many modern processed foods.

Many people do find some benefit in reducing carbohydrate input. However the exact portions and percentages will vary from person to person – making it difficult to prescribe a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan.

The good thing about Protein Power is that it is not extreme. It does not prescribe very low calories (see Zone)- and neither does it totally knock out most carbs (see Atkins)


Protein Power: The High-Protein/Low-Carbohydrate Way to Lose Weight, Feel Fit, and Boost Your Health–in Just Weeks! retails for $16.

High Protein Recipes

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Larry B.

    I’ve been on Protein Power since ’97. I lost 22% of my body weight, all fat, in the first year and have held that weight on their Maintenance plan ever since. I weigh the same as I did at HS graduation 45 years ago, and fluctuate from 11%-14% body fat; I started around 30% in ’97. 2 things: I find their original book much simpler and more usable than the subsequent ones; and, unfortunately calories do make a difference.

  • krishna

    it’s very good diet for under weight person to gain weight.

  • Mike Evers

    I swore by Power Protein for a year; lost weight, felt great. I exercise regularly. Then, I woke up last week with horrible pain in my left foot, thought it was broken. Turns out I have Gout! Now I am a young man with old man Ben Franklin’s disease. The main cause of Gout: diet. What kind of diet. Follow “Protein Power” if you would like a lifelong bout with Gout. Thanks a lot, docs.

    • valerie

      too bad about the gout. but you dont have to have it for life. eat the black cherries ( frozen ) and the drink the black cherry juice. my husband had gout then after a short cycle with the cherries it was gone , and hasn’t returned.

  • Leroy

    I have been following their regimen for four months. It’s not just the weight loss of 25 lbs. It’s the reduction of cholesterol level and also reduction in blood pressure from a high of 160/99 to now about 130/80. It works and I am never hungry.
    If the high carb/low calorie diets are so good how oome we have more people today that are obese than ever before. The high carb/low cal diet doesn’t work, not for anyone I know.

  • catherine

    I did the protein power last year and lost 13 lbs. Still maintaining and if I do gain I lose it right away by going back. Need to lose 10 more will be starting again soon. Take potassium or lite salt to avoid fatigue and tiredness and vitamins very important

  • G-string

    I did this diet when it first came out in the mid-90s and I lost 35 pounds; super easy to do! I kept it off for years. Then I quit smoking and gained weight. Need to go back on it again. I recommend this diet, BUT YOU MUST TAKE THE POTASSIUM !!!! IT IS CRUCIAL! Follow it by the book!!! If you don’t, then you will most definitely be “trashing” the program and people don’t need to hear that.

  • delphina

    Read about your programme. Give more info pls.

  • Unka Dave

    I’ve been doing Protein Power for 9 weeks today, and I’ve lost 30 pounds – 12-1/2% total weight loss. Some little bumps along the way… but generally I’m very happy with the progress. Gold Star Whey Powder (highly recommended) is a tasty way to start the morning and give the proteins a boost… and sensible eating the rest of the day isn’t too difficult. I don’t often miss the carbs that used to be such a ‘natural’ part of my diet! With the emphasis on no sugar and no refined carbohydrates at all, it’s certainly a large step in the right direction to re-training this old dog to eat better!

  • sanda w.

    I ate a protein ice cream called Arctic Zero that tastes really good. It’s 136 calories for the entire pint, and it’s got 20 grams of whey protein concentrate in it.

  • Bruce B.

    I followed this diet for about 8 months… I lost about 70 pounds, because I was very strict about quantity of food intake, but not about food type. Because of that, I took in too many meats that promote gout, and developed that condition along the way, including swollen knees, and a cyst on my hand. If you decide to follow this diet, do it by the book, and don’t ‘wing it’. Follow food recommendations, and especially supplement recommendations; that is critical, and not stressed enough in the book. It does what they claim; weight loss, lower blood pressure and triglycerides, etc. However, your life style must change forever. I rebounded, and put all my weight back on. I find I cannot go back onto the diet now; it seems too extreme. If you follow this diet, choose from a balanced protein/vegetable menu that takes into consideration all the recommended carbohydrate restrictions. I enjoyed it, and wish I could use it as my lifestyle…

  • Jerry Catania

    It works. The body is a protein producing machine. Hormones, new skin cells, etc. are made by the body from amino acids (proteins).

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