P90X Nutrition Plan

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

The P90X Nutrition Plan is a 13-week program that is designed to assist dieters to lose weight and build muscle.

It is used in conjunction with the P90X Workout Program that includes intensive resistance training routines.

Recently P90X revamped their whole program and it’s now called P90X2.

P90X2 Diet Basics


P90X Founder, Tony Horton

The P90X2 Nutrition Plan includes three phases:

Phase 1: Fat Shredder

This phase is the lowest in calories to help kick start weight loss and is followed for the first four weeks.

Carbohydrates are almost completely eliminated while protein intake is kept high to help with building muscle and burning fat.

Phase 2: Energy Booster

In phase two complex carbohydrates are added back into the diet to allow you to train harder and keep up with the intense workouts during this phase.

Dieters are permitted to eat three serves of complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, pasta or oatmeal as well as one piece of low glycemic index fruit daily.

Protein intake also remains high so as to aid in muscle recovery.

You can stick with this phase as long as it is working for you and only need to progress to phase 3 if you want to increase muscular endurance and gain more muscle.

Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer

Carbohydrates are increased further to give you the stamina necessary to get through the high intensity workouts of this phase.

In All Phases

In all of the phases eating frequent small meals and drinking lots of water are emphasized.

Dieters have two options for each phase; either follow the meal plan or the portion plan. The meal plan includes sample menus with recipes.

With the portion plan you are given a list of how many serves of each food type you are allowed so you can devise your own meal plans.

Before you start the program you will need to calculate your recommended calorie intake, which is based on your activity level and resting metabolic rate.

Recommended Foods

Lean meat, eggs, low fat milk and cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, flax seeds, wholegrain bread and pasta, dried fruit, soy nuts, protein bars, mustard, salsa, fat free salad dressing.

Sample P90X Meal Plan



Morning Snack

Scrambled eggs


Chicken breast
Green salad

Afternoon Snack

Protein bar
1 apple


Grilled fish
Steamed vegetables

Evening Snack

Protein shake

Look for other low carb meal ideas here.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is the foundation of the P90X2 plan and the program includes 12 DVD’s that demonstrate weight training, cardio and yoga exercise routines.

The workouts are based on the principle of ‘muscle confusion’, which accelerates results by constantly introducing new moves and routines so that your body doesn’t have time to adapt.

Costs and Expenses


P90X2 Ultimate

The P90X2 Program is available in three levels; for

  • 3 payments of $39.50 for the basic version.
  • 3 payments of $79.90 for the deluxe.
  • 3 payments of $109.85 for the ultimate kit.

It’s available on Blu-ray disc and in Spanish also.

P90X comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and is currently offering a free Ab Ripper workout.

iPhone App

iPhone App

iPhone App

P90X2 also has an iPhone app available to assist people who are working through the program.

It shows you how to perform the exercises as well as allows you to keep track of your nutrition and record your progress.

This is handy because you can easily take your smartphone to the gym and still have access to the P90X system with the ability to record your progess on the go. There are several other apps available that go into the development of each muscle group more extensively as well.


Sample Whole Body Workout Video


  • Less expensive than gym membership or hiring a personal trainer.
  • Does not require purchase of expensive home exercise equipment.
  • High protein diet reduces appetite and promotes muscle recovery.
  • Includes recipes with nutritional information.
  • Online support has been shown to increase likelihood of success.
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Many dieters experience fatigue in phase one due to the very low intake of carbohydrates.
  • Very restrictive and difficult to eat out.
  • Limits the intake of fresh fruits.
  • The high level of physical activity will not be suitable for all dieters.
  • Requires meal planning and preparation in advance.


Dieters may struggle with low energy levels during the first phase of P90X2 due to the very low intake of carbohydrates and calories.

It may be necessary to adjust your daily routines and limit physical activity other than the prescribed workouts. Once dieters reach phase two it will generally be much easier to maintain energy levels.

P90X will most appeal to the highly motivated dieter who enjoys intense physical activity. It will require a lot of discipline to stick to the program, however dieters will likely be rewarded with positive results.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • baxter

    I bought this system 2 years ago and im finally able to do this the only problem is i dont understand the diet plan id be on phase one level 2 and they have a protein shake for breakfast that consisted of 1 1/2 protein 1 dairy and 2 fruit but im only alloted 1 fruit anyone have an answer

  • Sir Smith

    I’m starting P90X Monday & need a little advice. I’ve went grocery, supplement (100% Whey/Protein) & exercise equipment (resistance bands, perfect push ups, yoga mat & door pull up bar) so in my mind I’m ready to get going but when it comes to food, I’m a Snacker. I eat healthy but the proportions are sometimes bigger, I’m constantly snacking on nuts, cliff bar or a sandwich & not eating after 9pm I think will kill me. Any advice on how to stick to nutrition plan without feeling like my stomach is eating my insides because I’m so hungry, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! X

    • zul

      drink up to 2 glass of
      water before eating any meal really works for me.

    • Yune

      I think they mention that if phase 1 doesn’t provide enough calories then to start at phase 2 diet, ESP if you are not looking to drop too much weight… And vice versa, you can stay at phase 1 into the 2nd month if you are doing fine and wish to have greater weight loss.

    • Katharine in Brussels

      I’m also a snacker and portion sizes… but to keep your energy level high, are you sleeping enough and getting enough water? Lack of either can kickstart appetite. You already know the standard line about choosing healthier foods, so if you subbed celery for nuts your calories would go way down. That is hard to do at first, but over time it gets easier once you change your tastes. I’m on day 2 of a fat loss program and decided the first week was like the fist week of training: warm-up. Just like you don’t use heavy weights when you start lifting, I’m not trying to break the back of my snack attack so far. Awareness and accountability are the goals. The fat will come off if you make consistent healthy choices. HTH.

      • Sir Smith

        Thanks Katharine in Brussels. I purchased more fruits & a little vegetables, well really only celery so I can eat with peanut butter. I’m on week 2 & feeling great. I even did the Stretch X on Sunday when it’s normally a rest day. After the 1st month is over, I’m going to do the P90X Doubles. Cardio in the morning & weight/resistance training in the afternoon. Keep up the good & hard work, it will pay off. BRING IT!!!!

  • Kim Wysong

    I was googling beginner fitness plan and this site came up…having done P90X, I can say that it really isn’t for beginners. 6 days a week of intense workouts will frustrate most beginners. Slim in 6, the other recommended program is much much MUCH better for those that want to try a beachbody program to start off with. Thanks for the helpful website…there are lots of options here.

  • kat

    everyone is so supportive on here def can rely on this to help me through need to drop 20lbs and gain confidence

  • jose

    okay, im fat 260 pounds i want too burn most of fat and turn the rest into muscle someone pleasee help tell me what to do what to eat ,!

    • Karina

      If you eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet the weight will melt right off. I lost 20lbs and was doing power walks for about an hour a day. You will feel really good after the first month and notice how much energy you have just by eliminating something so simple. Eat fresh foods only, reduce eating out to once a month, avoid white breads and pastas. As long as what you cook is fresh food you will see a difference.

    • Mike Matheson

      Get motivated. Move. Start right now. Just get up and go for a walk. You’ll be tired, but you have to start somewhere. Write down your goal and work towards it everyday. Take stairs instead of elevators, park far away from the mall and walk there..things like this are small but will add up.

      P90x is hard to do. It’s challenging even for very fit people. If you’re going to try it, do what you can and write it down. If it’s 1 pushup…it’s 1. Next day try to squeak out 2. If you can’t do pullups yet, it’s common. When you shred some fat and gain some muscle, they’ll become easier.

      Don’t eat after 8PM. Nothing. If you need something, have water or a handful of almonds. You’ll survive.

      Lastly, take a picture of yourself now. With just underwear on. Hide it so no one can see it but you. Look at it everyday that you wake up and decide if that’s what you want to look like at the end of the day, or if you want to do thing throughout the day to improve your life and health.

      Good luck. Write it down. Look at your picture. Be motivated.

      • Shauna

        that was the best advice! thank you for commenting!!!

  • Logan

    Last week i celebrated my one year anniversary for my second heart surgery six weeks after my first one i am excited to try to get into the best shape of my life with p90x

  • craig

    I had gastric sleeve done (weight loss surgery) 8 months ago. I want to do this program to gain muscle back that I lost. I am not restricted in my diet however I can only eat 1 cup of food at a sitting. Will I be able to follow this plan?

  • ivan

    hey i weighed 227 and now im down to 167 pounds but all i did was cardio so i lost muscle mass how do i gain muscle mass while continuing to lose my belly fat that was left?

    • Karina

      You have to do strength training. You can add 3 days a week into your normal workout regimen. Or just do the P90x program in its complete 90 days. And congratulations on the weight loss! That is fantastic!

  • Siobhan

    Could I ask for a little help? I’m all for the meal plan, but I’m on a restrictive one because I have IBD.
    I can’t have whole grains, bread, wheat, gluten, pasta, processed foods and a few fruits and veggies (e.g. leafy greens). So how can I balance out my diet with the things I’ve taken out and work with the meal plan?
    I can have chicken, turkey, bananas, eggs, grapes, sometimes apples, potatoes, brown rice, peanut butter. All the good stuff, but I do have to look out for my illness.
    Any advice is great. I just don’t know what to add for complex carbs.

    • cima

      im doing it without eating grains
      . great result

  • Blake

    Can someone help me out? I’m 17, 225lbs. I was a wrestler in highschool, but now that i’m out of highschool I don’t wrestle anymore. So I’ve gained some weight. I’m starting P90x tomorrow, but I’m allergic to fish… What is a good substitute for fish that I can eat instead?

    • J

      avacado’s are a good alt. to fish lots of good fats and omega’s best of luck to you!

  • Irod7


    Ive always been committed on working out I use to weigh 140 and now I weigh 224 I’m 18 trying to find a way back to my normal self… by reading the comments and responds it seems to me this is the real thing I like the motivation I’m going to need a lot of that but the thing is im really dedicated to lose weight and try to eat healthy but I’m Berly healing from a fractured out of placed wrist any cardio I can do? And work outs That can help me lose weight till my wrist is 100%

  • Justin

    I am starting the P90X challenge, and I am a teenager. I don’t need to lose any weight, only for gaining muscle. Is there a specific diet plan for this?

  • Zach

    Starting P90X Monday, July 23rd when my summer wrestling is over. Hoping to shed some pounds!

  • Michael b

    I’m gearing up to give this a go today.
    Weighing in at 152 pounds, After plateauing
    ovee that month, I’m looking to rid myself of
    the last ten of fat that’s been hardest to shed.

    I run 30 miles a week & bike around a 100,
    Crosstraining with yoga and trx. Can I still
    Run and bike while I px90?

    • Max B

      It will be difficult. I don’t know your work schedule but the videos range from a 1hr:15min to 1:45 six days a week with one meant for recovery and I think most people will agree that you usually need that extra day if you’ve really been giving it your all during the week. And I couldn’t imagine personally trying to do the physical activity your talking about in conjunction with this program. But if you can your a super stud.

  • kenneth

    I was wondering if I would be able to use the p90x nutritional plan with my martial arts workout. It is pretty much the same since I do 5 intense training sessions a week.

  • David Futral

    I am 15 years old i weigh almost 250 pounds at the current time
    I am starting the p90x program today wish me luck ill need it

    • shirin

      Good luck ;) You can lose like 100 pound soo easy over 3,4months by first restricting your diet especially Carbs and then working out everyday 30min weight training 30min cardio! Add some fun outdoor exercises like swimming gulf just to be active! and try to learn how to cook for yourself so u wont eat garbage fastfoods! buy a george foreman grill and grill your chicken turkey breast and steaks and just steam vegetables in microwave! so easy once u get committed

    • Jeremy

      Good luck, buddy. Remember to just keep hitting play. It’s super easy to be discouraged as you do 8 pushups while Tony is on his 32nd, but you’ll get better and better. Be sure to watch your calories and carbs at first, it’s much more motivating to continue if you start seeing results earlier rather than later.

      • Erik

        Agreed. Good luck my friend. I was once in that boat as well. I started exercising and dropped a ton of weight and I just recently started the P90x program to try to get some muscle definition.

        Jeremy is right. Don’t base your success on how many moves you can do compared to Tony. He will smoke you every time! haha base your success on if you’re sore afterwards and if you got through it, even if by the end you’re only doing 1 push-up per exercise. If you’re sore by the end of it, you did a good job. No, you did a great job!

  • Dallas

    I recently bought the P90x program. My only concern is the nutrition plan, some of the foods seem a little complex and not sure I want to take the time to prepare and cook them. Would I be ok with just watching calorie intake, sticking to fresh fruits/vegs. (basically eating right), Or do I have to follow word for word every recipe? Also kind of worried about losing focus/motivation, dont have much of support group.
    Right in the middle of a move so sweating enough from that for now but excited to start, ready for a change!

    • Jeremy

      Follow it exactly? Nah.

      The diet plan is there to allow some people who need absolute direction follow it to a T. If you can walk away with the basic underlying goals of each plan, like low intake of carbs in the first phase, you should be ok. I just eat a balanced died (lot of fruits/veges, lean meats) and my p90x progress has been very good so far.

    • Dallas

      Also I had a pretty serious knee injury last year, ruptured quad tendon ,surgery in July. Was told I wouldn’t walk “right” for about a year. Stubborn enough that I was walking and back to work by first of December, about 5 months. In the time i was off i gained almost 70 lbs. Worried about reinjuring my knee. Any thoughts or help?

  • Joshua

    Unfortunately I am very over weight. I weigh as of now 321 lbs. It has affected me in many aspects that I don’t care to continue. I want to lose weight but due to my weight it has caused me to not be able to work such physically demanding jobs. I am currently unemployed and living off of my mother and I can’t stand that. She is on disability for weight related reasons as well. I really want to try it and my main question is does p90x offer some sort of interest in life changing results as a testimonial for their commercials? Something like a exception to try and prove that it can change a life not only physically but financially. I wish there was a way to actually talk with someone to explain my current situation and try to let me promote their program. I really need help p90x or I’m afraid I won’t live to see my children grow. I am 25 yrs old, and worried that tomorrow could be the day my heart gives out and I don’t have the system nor encouragement to fix this. Please give me the will power to fix my life. Thank you for reading and I hope this reaches the right person.

    • Hunter

      The good thing is you relize you need to do something. That is a great start. I am going to start on p90x soon. Im also afraid of some thinngs. I wish i could get back to my old self. I am addicted to food and people dont take me seriously but i am and that scares me. But i am trying to get the right mind set. You already have that and im proud of you and i dont even know you but i hope i can have the mind set you have and not give up. Im glad your trying to help yourself. Maybe more people can learn from you and help themselves to. thank you so much and if you need to talk just reply to me again thanks. AND DONT GIVE UP KEEP TRYING I HOPE YOU REACH YOUR GOAL

    • Dee

      Joshua, join myfitnesspal.com there are alot of people going through your same trials and are willing to help every step of the way

    • Akemi

      Good for you for wanting to make a positive change in your life. I have done P90x twice now. The program is very intense, even if you are in moderate to good shape. There is a fitness challenge that they recommend taking prior to starting the program. If you are very overweight or inactive and unable to complete the fitness challenge, they recommend starting a lower intensity program before attempting p90x. You may want to consider walking to drop a few pounds and then start gradually increasing your activity until you can complete the program.

    • David Futral

      Good luck man we can do this

    • john

      I was about 400 pounds and I decided enough was enough and I started to walked around my neigherborhood. I cut my calories by 2/3 and I lost 20 in a month. I ate salads and protein. when I wanted to eat I would go out and take a walk and then eat what I wanted and then after I would walk again. I got a bike and I would start to ride for about 10 mins to 20 then that turned into about a 1 hour bike ride and the 1 hour turned into 2. just go out and go for that first walk right now after u read this. and change ur life. I am now 185

    • Tommy

      Yo man, all you have to do is press play! Thats all I did. p90x works and it is great. I found myself in a major time crunch to actually find time during the day, but you know what, if you miss a day here and there or even two days its not the end of the world. you will find a routine and you will see results! once you start to see results its like crack, you become addicted, you will loose the weight. I also found that eliminating all sugar in my diet increased my results 10x faster. no bread, no soda, no Gatorade, stay as close to 0g of sugar as possible and you will piss your fat away. eat and drink the shat out of protein right when you wake up and before you go to bed, protein will knock the snot out of fat. Keep your heart rate up during your work outs for best results. Your only 25 years old, you can do this easy, simply just push play and follow along, you will see every day gets easier. I am on my second round of P90x, you will love it…JUST PUSH PLAY AND EAT PROTEIN AND APPLES, CHICKEN AND VEGGIES. BOOM YOUR A SKINNY RIPPED 25 YEAR OLD WITH ENERGY AND BABES! YOU GOT THIS MAN!!

    • HeavenSent

      Buy P90x and commit yourself to doing it. It will be the best investment you ever made for your family.

    • Bert

      Joshua check out the p90x website they have all kinds of info and a blog for people to write on.
      I have done 1 round of p90x sofar and results where great.
      I believe you can do it to and just start on your own pace and slowly get used to it.

    • Liz

      Joshua, I think reaching out for help is the first step, you can change your life if you want it badly enough… Anything is possible!! I had a baby 20 months ago and I used weightwatchers to take off the extra weight but now I’m moving on to p90x because my fitness level is more advanced.. Maybe you could try ww until I lose the first few pounds? It’s easier to follow and when u have a lot of weight to lose it comes off pretty easily, just a suggestion, good luck ;)

  • kadu sena

    ola gostaria de saber se tem versão em português do Brasil ? (hello I would like to know if you have a Portuguese version of Brazil?)

    • ted

      I’m pretty sure they just have a Spanish Version. (Tenho certeza que eles só têm uma versão em espanhol.)

  • Gavin

    I am very interested in trying the p90x2, however, I am an extremely picky eater. I’m worried I would not be able to keep up with diet being I do not eat or drink any of the following: eggs, milk, and beans. Thanks !

    • amy

      try egg whites in the carton & I use the vanilla Almond milk, It is very tasty

    • HeavenSent

      You can replace those with other things. Milk? How about Rice or Almond milk?

      • Tony

        Tofu and soy can also be substitute for milk, egg.

  • mike

    Michael P90x is a great program for building mass. If you want to build mass. Add protein to you diet and eat more often. Don’t load up on fatty foods. Eat nice balance meals with portion control.

  • Anonymous

    How should I change my diet if I am running 3-4 miles a day on top of P90x?

    • HeavenSent

      more complex carbs.

  • Michael

    I want to start the P90x challenge but the thing is I dont need to lose weight I am only interested in gaining muscle mass. Losing weight could actually be hazardous to my health as I am already under weight, and this is not because I dont eat I just have a very fast metabolism. Is this an issue, should I be concerned, will I just need and increased diet plan or what?

    • Tony

      Have you look into the fitness program: Insanity?

    • Barnett

      I know how it feels. I have a very high metabolism as well, but I was able to pack on 20+ lbs in 2 months. The key is to eat more fatty foods with carbs and consume more protein. This will make it easier to gain mass and turn it into muscle. And of course you’ll need to do short but high intensity workouts with weights.
      My Insanity Workout Review

    • ted

      Hi Michael you need a program focused on building mass, that’s not P90X Check out Muscles for Wimps.

      • HeavenSent

        What? Sure, you won’t gain muscle mass if you’re already a body builder, but I doubt this guy is such. I’m assuming this is a skinny guy looking to build some muscle mass. P90x will do that.

        I’m an instructor for special op students and I watch them use the same type of program as p90x. Skinny kids when they get here, and 3-5 months later they leave stacked. (Not lifting any weights)

  • Cindy

    Sabrina… If you have a condition (as you do in your case) it is always a good idea to have a complete physical and make sure that you are medically cleared to participate in an exercise program. Once cleared, you may want to seek out the services of a good personal trainer and nutritionist to put together a well balanced yet achievable program for you. One that will work within any limitations you may have, but still be effective in obtaining your goals and maintaining the.

    Remember… diets only work in the short term. Make the commitment to make it a lifestyle change and you will be a happier and healthier person for it. Good Luck !!!

  • sonu prakash

    Very good for health

  • sabrina

    I love the P90X but would you recommend the same type of diet for me. I suffer with Anemia but would love to lose some weight desperately. I did try the excercise program and found it great but I had a few bouts of lightheadness. Can you advise. Thanks

  • Cindy

    Delilah… Diets don’t work. You have to make sure you are taking in the correct percentage of macro-nutrients daily (that’s carbs, protein, fats and of course water) and eat five to six times a day. This will ensure you will be properly nourished and that your metabolism is working harder. If you have questions about what specific foods you should be eating consult a nutritionist or registered dietician. As for workouts… keep it simple, more is not necessarily better. Do what works for you and don’t push too hard, you don’t want to injure yourself. Working with a good, experienced personal trainer may help. Hope this helps, Good Luck!!

  • Ray K

    Hi there, iam a bit of a socialite and enjoy my weekends and drinking, what alchohol can i drink ( only once per week of course) and if not, whats an alternative?? As i am really interested in doing P90x, just bought the dvd and weight bands and now looking towards the dieting side of things..


  • Meranda

    Hey there Delilah! (just like the song-that’s cute!) As stated above, you can do the portion control part of the diet instead of following the meal plan. If the diet you are currently on is helping you and you are seeing results, I would say stick to it. However, think about the fact that the people whom created the PX90 workouts did work closely with dieticians so that you can get maximum results quickly. Your body may need to follow their meal plan or portion plan because the exercises that you will be doing may require your body additional fuel from certain food groups. Such as taking in more protein to help your muscles recover and indeed be able to physically keep up with the types of exercises you will be doing. Atkins may not be thinking about increasing or decreasing certain foods based on this fact. If you do not feed your body the proper things needed to have the stamina, energy, and recovery that it needs, you could become weak and give up the exercise portion of it quickly. So please read and decided what is best for you or consult your doctor. I personally would say stick with their meal plans or even check out the “Body for Life” meal plans, which is a diet also devised for people that are entering into a very serious workout regimine that want to see serious results fast! Good Luck and God Bless!

  • Delilah

    When I first lost my weight after I had my son, I used Power 90, then gained so much weight when I got pregnant with my daughter. I started with Power 90 again. My weight was 200lbs and I am now 154lbs. I’ve hit a plateau and decided to buy P90X and give it a try. My question is…I been doing the atkins diet…which I love. Now that I’m doing the P90X can I continue with my own diet or do I have to do the P90x Diet?

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