No Flour, No Sugar Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

no-flour-no-sugar-dietDr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet is a weight-loss program developed by medical practitioner and health columnist Dr Peter Gott.

His best-selling book of the same name shows how to reduce calories in your diet by eliminating flour-based and added-sugar foods.

He believes that these highly processed foods are the primary reason Americans are so overweight and so unhealthy. By eliminating foods filled with flour and sugar, dramatic weight loss results can be realized.

No Flour No Sugar Diet Basics

Foods containing added sugar and refined flour are nutrient-poor, unlike foods containing whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The No Flour, No Sugar Diet reduces the so-called ‘empty’ calories of refined carbohydrate-based foods, also frequently high in fat (such as pizza and donuts).

The No Flour, No Sugar lifestyle encourages selection of foods without significant sugar and refined flour content, based on interpretation of food labels.

Exercise 30 Minutes a Day

Exercise is also mentioned (half an hour a day). No counting of calories is suggested, however the book does list foods to major on and foods to avoid.

Sample Meal Plans

The No Flour, No Sugar Diet book includes meal plans for 14 days, and no less than 75 pages of recipes (in a 186-page book!). Here are a few examples from the Meal Plans section:

Meal Plan 1

  • Breakfast: Omelet muffin, sliced fresh strawberries
  • Morning Snack: Diced cantaloupe
  • Lunch: Greek salad
  • Afternoon: No-sugar-added yogurt
  • Dinner: Chicken breasts in Rosemary-Dijon sauce, spinach salad with tomato vinaigrette, steamed brown rice

Meal Plan 2

  • Breakfast: Whole-grain cereal (with no flour or added sugar), nonfat milk, fresh peach
  • Morning Snack: Diced pineapple
  • Lunch: Green salad with water-packed tuna, sliced tomato, shredded carrot, and no-sugar-added vinaigrette
  • Afternoon: Spiced Edamame (Soy beans in the pod)
  • Dinner: Meatballs in tomoto sauce and baked polenta with fresh corn

Meal Plan 3

  • Breakfast: Basic Crepe filled with sliced lean ham and reduced-fat cheese; sliced apple
  • Morning Snack: 1 stalk celery fille with reduced-fat, no-sugar-added peanut butter
  • Lunch: Taco salad with spiced prawns
  • Afternoon: Spiced Edamame
  • Dinner: Curry yogurt chicken, steamed or sauteed zucchini, steamed brown rice

Diet Costs?

The No Flour, No Sugar diet retails for $14.99.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price. Dr Gott also has a No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook.

Eliminating Refined Carbs Causes Weight Loss

Most people who eliminate from their diet foods containing refined flour and sugar will lose weight. A No Flour, No Sugar Diet works, especially if part of a healthy lifestyle.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Helen

    I avoid fast food restaurants, but they do have salads, cheese and meat/seafood, to options are available with out resorting to flour and/or sugar products.

  • Cheryl

    I am glad I have found this site. I have been sugar free, sweetener free, flour free , preservative free, caffeine free, since October 2012. I eat only fresh foods, and try to eat organic when I can. I suffered chronic severe migraine, with the help of a Dr. Who started me on this strict diet plus homeopathic meds I no longer suffer from the headaches. I lost weight starting the first week , and continued losing for several weeks. I’m a 56 year old female, very active , and also have bad thyroid. And the last couple months I have started gaining weight. Hope this diet can give me a new outlook on changing my patterns for weight loss.

  • Lane wright

    Hi! Im 30 years old and I’ve had 3 children. Since my last two children I haven’t been able to stay at normal weight range. I’m close to 50 pounds overweight and I’ve been swapping from diet to diet. I haven’t found one I can stick to long term. I sure hope this one works for me. Is Stevia allowed in place of sugar? It’s all natural and made from a plant.

  • Ruth Merrill

    Started no flour no sugar 6 weeks ago. I’m down 20 lbs, and full of energy! So much more natural energy, I needed to cut out all caffiene. Loving it!

  • Paul Summers

    I had all my teeth pulled and lost 90 pounds in 12 months. As it turns out, when you have no teeth, this is the diet you naturally fall into.

  • kay wilson

    I allways wanted to try this diet would like to know how to get the book. thanks

  • Rebecca

    I started this diet on July 1, 2012, and as of today I have lost 48 pounds and plan to lose 25 more. I feel GREAT – all that bloat and heartburn gone, no food cravings, no binges. I don’t feel deprived at all. I feel that I am giving my body the best gift ever when I say no to desert, the gift of health and wellness! I am 50 years old and have been overweight my entire life. I will never go back. People ask me what my secret is, and I tell them it’s no secret! It’s no sugar, no flour, and they say, “I could never do that.” Yes You Can!!!

  • Dean Allen Voghi

    I’m having my annual physical today, January 8, 2013, and I have chosen Dr. Gott’s food plan as my vehicle for weight loss this year. I will commit this plan to my doctor and check back with him in 6 months or so to see my progress. I have tried every possible approach to weight loss including every commercial diet, every diet book, every Internet article on dieting-everything except surgery. I have been in Overeaters anonymous for over 40 years, so by the program’s own defintion of insanity, I can’t keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. I am about 100 pounds overweight again in this curent period of “relapse”, but by the grace of God I do not have any obesity related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. I am 62 and have hypothyroidism for which I take Synthroid daily. I walk about 30 minutes daily, but I am otherwise mostly sedentary. This program has got to work- I have nowhere else to turn. I am isolating too much and deferring my social life to a time when I look and feel better about myself. I pray it’s not too late and that I don’t continue fighting a losing battle. Wish me well as I do all of you. Let this be a year of triumph for all of us who have resolved to improve our health and longevity.

    • Rebecca

      Update us! How are you doing?

    • christina

      I feel your pain. Not because im overweight but my mom passed away from heart disease and diabetes related issues when I was 18. She had a stroke. I miss her so much. I have had problems with my ovaries for the last couple years and with no help from doctors I made an appointment to see a naturopath in my community. I cant even begin to describe the difference in my motivation to change my diet because of the information she gave me. Basically she told me that for the first month I cant have any flour sugar or any type of vegetable oil. Even though I know some oils are good for you she said they are too processed and my liver isnt able to break them down properly. I think the diets she suggests are different for every person based on what she finds your body can handle and also I am taking supplements to cleanse my liver, balance my hormones and give me more energy. If I could send everyone I know to see this woman I would. She knew things about my personality, my stress levels. It was like someone finally understood me and told me they could help. If you do some research im sure you could find a good naturopath in your area. Also, I know it sounds scary but if you would like a great article to read of a friend of mine who lost a hundred pounds doing bikram yoga id be more than happy to send it to you. I wish you luck I know an addiction to food can be debilitating, and heartbreaking. listen to your body and try to be happy. :) all teh best

    • Noona

      I know how you feel. I’ve also been staying away from friends and social gatherings due to my weight gain. I’ve been mostly off of sugar, but I started cutting all white flour 2 days ago– I already feel “lighter.” And you know what, controling proportions and eating only when I’m hungry didn’t feel so bad. Good luck. My prayers are with you.

  • Koren

    Great info and meal plans. I love the “paste” example!

  • Alexis

    After about 10 years of yo yoing with my weight and bingeing on sugary foods,wine,and just junk I decided to go to OA. I know what your thinking , this is suppose to be about Dr.Gotts diet and it is. In OA or over eaters anonymous you get put on a program where you eliminate wheat,flour and sugar. My first thoughts were skeptical and it felt like a diet, it’s not though its a lifestyle. I’ve only been on this eating program for less then 2 weeks and I feel mentally better like the fog is being lifted, i don’t really have the cravings for sugar since its been out of my system. Does it mean I’ll never have these foods again of course not but for awhile I won’t. If your like me I can’t have one cookie or one glass of wine, these foods are extremely addictive and makes you crave more. I find the more I eliminate the sugar and flour the less I crave it and the better I look and feel. Our bodies were not meant to consume flour and added sugar. A naturopathic Dr told me years ago who also advised me to stick to this eating plan of no flour no sugar, he said think about taking flour and mixing it with water and it makes a paste . Everytime you eat bread,pasta or anything made with flour you consume that. Im excited for my future weight loss but AIRFARE again want to treat this as a lifestyle and not just a way to shed my 25 pounds. Love the comments keep them coming. Thanks for letting me share

  • Ita

    I see people on blog who lose a pound per week but I do not. I lost one kg (2 pounds) first week and thats it. No more now and its demoralising me, I will stick with it tho for the health benefits tho a weight loss will be a plus

    • Noona

      Try drinking 10 glasses of water throughout the day and see how that goes. :)

  • janet

    I’ve been following this eating plan for just about a month now and must say i FEEL better but get on the scale and nothing! My ‘spare tire’ area has definitely gone down and i feel leaner, but no, not any weight. While it is discouraging, i feel as though the cravings have just about diminished, i can make deserts for dinner parties and not even be tempted at all, this makes it pretty easy to continue.

  • caroline gainsborough

    I am a diobetic and have been struggling with my weight for 8 years and I think that this diet could help me .

  • Angela Davis

    I’ve been on this diet since January 1, 2012, as losing weight was one of my New Years resolutions. Prior to starting this diet I had been struggling to lose the baby weight that I’ve gained while pregnant with my beautiful daughter over 6 years ago. Nothing ever worked for me until a few months ago when I started the No Flour No Sugar diet. In less than 7 months I’ve lost 53 Ibs! I starting weight was 177, today it is 124 Ibs. My goal is to get down to 117 Ibs, then I don’t want to lose another pound more. I have more energy now, can move faster, I feel more intelligent; I definately think more clearly now, and I actually enjoy intimacy now and have more energy for it. For the second time in the past six weeks, a man has told me that I have “the perfect female shape”. As good as their comments made me feel, the real iceing on the cake is how I feel about myself when I look into the mirrow. I can’t help but say ‘wow’! My fiance is also very pleased with the results. Now it’s only fair that I also keep it real by mentioning the negative aspects that I’ve experienced while on the diet. This diet is so effective and I’ve lost weight so fast that a relative of mine actually accused me of being on ‘that stuff’. Also because I was eating so many steamed and fresh fruits and veggies, I had a bout with loose bowls in the beginning. Those two things were a small price to pay when conpared to all the positive ways this diet has changed my life. The diet was a little difficult at first because after having terrible eating habits my entire life, I wasnt really sure what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. In the beginning my diet was pretty much restricted to salads, fresh fruits, and brown rice. It seemed like everything I looked at while grocery shopping contained flour and/or added sugar. It has gotten much easier as time went on. I try to stay away from wheat, flour, and added sugar 90 percent of the time. I would recommend this diet to anyone. My quality of life is much better.

    • Noona

      So you mean you did not eat whole wheat or whole grain bread??? Your story is motivating me!!!

    • Clara

      Did you exercise? BC my weight is similar but my goal weight isnt to lose as much BC ive never weight that little as an adult but I just wanted to know if u had an exercise route to coincide?

  • Ben

    I just completed one year of being sugar/sweetener free. And, I might ingest some flour once a month, at the most. First, getting rid of the sugar is almost impossible, unless you have a plan to replace it with good food. Because I have studied anthropology, I am aware of how other peoples have eaten for millenia. One of the best things to eat, everyday, is baked sweet potatoes. I am eating one right now. Cook eight or ten sweet potatoes at a time, in the oven, for an hour and a half. Take them out, let them cool, and put them in the fridge. Then, eat them cold anytime, by peeling off the black outer skin, and eating with a spoon. Sweet potatoes contain all essential amino acids. Check out the health of the people in Papa New Guinea who eat several pounds of sweet potatoes per day. Also, drinking milk sparingly will help defeat the sugar cravings. I am 5 ft. 10 inches, and my weight dropped from 195 lbs. to 169 lbs, simply by changing my diet, and only eating healthy non-processed, sugar free foods. Also, after five days of no sugar, I began to experience the greatest resurgence of my short term memory, that I have ever experienced in my life. After getting off sugar, I actually learned how one’s memory is supposed to work. No more criss crossing the parking lot, looking for my car. Yeah, it got that bad. Also, I experienced a remarkable physical resurgence in some other areas. But, I won’t go into the details. By the way, the temptation to eat sugar is always there. But, once a person experiences the types of benefits that I have experienced, the temptation to eat sugar will never be worth it. Also, once you get off of sugar, your whole sense of taste adjusts over time. I absolutely love the taste of ripe Mexican ataulfo mango, or the bright orange honey pinneapple. You can never really appreciate how food actually tastes until you get off the sugar, because consuming sugar is “cheating”, and it cheats your sense of taste. Also, if you try and give up a few times (as I did) here is a tip. Prepare a good load of healthy food, such as baked chicken with garlic salt seasoning, etc. Then, fast while only drinking water, through the morning, and until the appetite really kicks in. Hold off on eating until the last minute. Then, eat to your hearts content – but only eat healthy food – baked meat, fresh fruit, avocados, milk, veggies. Then, hold off on eating until late at night, and eat another healthy meal, that is not as large. By creating these cycles, you can coax your body into eating almost anything, because of the degree of hunger that build up. Also, if you are accustomed to eating sugar, you will become extremely hungry, because your body is used to sugar short circuiting the appetite mechanism. For this reason, when you get off of sugar, you will have to eat more than before, until your body becomes accustomed to the new diet. Afterwards, you will be able to readjust how much you eat. Also, if you crave chocolate – which happens to be very healthy – simply throw bananas and milk, and raw cocoa powder into a blender, and make a shake. Use the bananas as a sweetener. Don’t be afraid of eating too much. You will have to eat more while your body adjusts. Also, more than likely, even though you will be eating more, you will probably lose weight. The reason why is because during the hunger cycles, between eating, the body has to tap into natural reserves, such as fat. Also, you will notice that in the mornings, after not eating for eight hours, you will frequently lose one to two pounds. My thought is that this weight loss occurs, because during the hunger cycles – or times of not eating – the body has to tap into it’s natural reserves, since there is not an abundance of high calorie sugars, and such, still in the system. So, once a person gets his or her body into a rythm of hunger-eating-hunger eating, while eating healthy food, the body can cycle down, and burn off fat, during the times of hunger. And, one of the biggest times of non-eating is during the night, when one is asleep. Good luck everyone. I hope that you find this diet to be better than a “shot in the arm”.

    • Julie

      Thank you for all the information – this was very interesting to me, especially sugar and memory connection.

    • Janice

      I’ve made the decision to follow the NF/NS diet & esp. found your comments helpful. I was wondering if you are still comfortable with this diet since your last post was June of 2012.

  • apk

    I switched from white to wheat flour a long time ago, and it has definitely helped with digestive issues. I haven’t been able to kick the sugar habit, especially with baked goods though. Honey, because it’s a liquid, doesn’t create the same texture in cookies, muffins and other baked goods….which I should probably be giving up too. Good luck to you! I’m interested to hear about the differences in the way you feel.

    • Scott

      That’s your problem right there, wheat flour and white flour are the same thing, which is why you still have cravings. Don’t be fooled. Don’t take my word for it, do your research. There are other breads and pastas made of whole grains that you can eat.

  • trobinson

    Me & my husband are starting this diet as of May 1 looking to loose ten pounds by May 30 we are ready and motivated

  • Sharon

    This diet rocks! I feel sooooooooooo much better now that I have control over my sugar intake. It’s a detox at first, but after that, it’s eating like a normal person. Anyone who wants to feel better, get healthy, and lose excess pounds, this is the diet for you!

  • Helen

    This is the best diet ever. Read the book. There is so much food to choose from. I do not need to lose weight, I just love this way of eating and even though I am not overweight, I often used to get a pot belly. Eliminating the flour and sugar eliminated the pot belly.

  • sandy garrett

    what do you order when eating out at fast food restaurants

    • Helen

      I seldom eat in a fast food restaurant, but salads, cheese, meat would be a good option.

    • Angela


      Fast food is a lot harder to find any good in but if you try hard you might be able to find something. Most places have salads but avoid the extra toppings and know what’s in the dressings. Most dressings have a lot of calories and sugar in them. You can also try getting a grilled chicken breast without the bun and eating that with the salad.

      It’s best to do your research first and check for any nutrition information the place has. In the long run it’s healthier just to avoid fast food entirely but I understand that’s doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Amber

    Can you eat fruit on this diet? How about white rice or pinto beans?

  • henry

    i need to lose 20lbs of my post pregnancy weight so im excited to try it. also i started running 30min 6 days a week. i hope this works

  • sorhaimi

    such a good diet…11 Ibs within 3 weeks…forget about wasting money using fat i feel more active and younger..

  • Grc

    I’m excited to try this. I work out 6 days a week and can’t seem to get the layer of fat off my tummy!:)) hoping this will help! Then gonna get my hubby to do it as well. He works out everyday and has the same issue with the tummy

  • angela davis

    i have been on this diet since January 1, 2012 because my New Years resolution was to lose weight and get healthy. i have lupus and was tired of suffering from sore swollen joints everyday. i read Dr. Gott’s “No Flour No Sugar diet and my life has started to change for the better. it hasnt even been 2 months since i started the diet and already ive lost 19 pounds. the swelling and soreness has gone away 85% and i have much more energy. before i started this diet i was a chronic over-eater. i was controlled by my gut for many many years. DR. Gott’s book was the beginning of my new lifestyle. i love that the book is very easy and simple to read. i dont crave food anymore and i dont even feel like im on a diet. thank you, Dr. Gott.

  • Sinda

    I started this “new way of eating” on Jan. 2, 2012. After 1 week…I got off blood pressure medicine…that I had been on for 14 years!!! My doctor is still in shock!! My cholesterol has dropped from 261 to 201. I lost 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks. I’m still on a diuretic, because my body still wants to hold fluids. ugh!! I have so much more energy!! Praising YHVH for giving me the desire to stop eating sugar and flour!!! Losing a few lbs is a bonus…but getting off BP medicine is AWESOME!!!! You can do it….

  • Lisa

    i really want to try this diet… best friend told me about this diet ….

  • Lester

    I agree no bread and no sugar will help you lose lots of weight i use to do that diet before and eat whatever i wanted just no sugar and no bread and i didn’t have a problem with my clothings at all. Good and healthy diet. Be careful for those people who need sugar because of diabetes or low sugar go see a doctor.

  • Christin

    I stuck to this diet for a month and a half last year and lost 25 pounds in that time period. I never felt hungry or deprived of what my body needed. I have three children under the age of 5 and am starting it again today attempting to lose another 10-20 pounds. This diet changed my life! The food choices and portions I eat now are because of this diet. It changed my life. I’ve lost a totall of 57 pounds in the last year. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the No Flour No Sugar diet.

  • Kathy

    I want to do this diet, but I am concerned about how to take care of my hypoglicemic problem…it usually happens before lunch time.

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