Mucusless Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


The Mucusless Diet Healing System was written by Arnold Ehret, who at the age of 31 was pronounced incurable of Bright’s disease. His major symptoms were mucus and albumin in the urine with kidney pain. Thus he concluded that the best diet for healing should be free from both mucus and albumin and he later went on to study vegetarianism, naturopathy, medicine, and physiology.

He tried various dietary approaches with limited success until he embarked on short fasts while on a fruit diet in Northern Africa, and began gradually to experience a major increase in vitality. He then undertook longer fasts in conjunction with what he termed a mucusless diet and was able to completely cure himself. Following this he began lecturing and writing about his discoveries.

Mucusless Diet Healing System Basics

mucusless-dietEhret’s basic philosophy was that every disease is related to a mucus-clogged system that is the result of the accumulation of undigested and unnatural food substances, commencing in childhood. He believed that vitality depends on removing these obstructions.

Ehret stated that there is only one cause of disease which is overeating and eating the wrong kind of food. He thought that fruit was the perfect food and along with some green leafy vegetables was all that was required in order to attain optimal health.

Ehret devised a mucus-free transition diet for dieters who would like to follow his approach in order to reagin their health and vitality, but find the strict diet too limiting, he actually warns dieters against sudden dietary changes because this can lead to an excessive release of toxins that the body will not be able to eliminate effectively. He recommended two meals daily that should be based primarily on fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked or raw as well as small amounts of raw nuts.

Ehret was convinced that fasting is the key to attaining optimal health and recommended starting his program with a two or three day fast. He also advocated undertaking longer fasts of up to forty days once the dieter has gone through the transition diet. He believed that the first meal of the day should be delayed as much as possible because this extends the short daily overnight fast.

Recommended Foods

Fruit and green leafy vegetables; cooked or raw.

Sample Diet Plan


Fresh fruit (only if necessary)


Vegetable broth
Steamed vegetables
Baked sweet potato

Afternoon snack

Carrot juice


Large mixed salad

Look for other vegetarian recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

Ehret says that the most natural exercises are walking, dancing and singing and he suggests these forms of activity for dieters who wish to remain physically fit. He reminds dieters that extremes of any kind are harmful and this also applies to excessive exercise.

Costs and Expenses

The Mucusless Diet Healing System retails at $4.95.


  • Good as a short term cleansing diet.
  • Beneficial for dieters with digestive problems.
  • Good for people who like to eat fruit.
  • Offers suggestions for a transition diet.


  • Extremely strict and difficult to adhere to.
  • Recommends long fasts which may be very dangerous without medical supervision.
  • Dieters will probably experience uncomfortable detox symptoms, especially in the initial stages of the diet.
  • Socially disruptive and very difficult to eat out.
  • Very low in protein, essential fats and certain minerals.
  • Many dieters have reported negative effects such as dental problems and fatigue on this program.
  • Some readers may be offended by some of the author’s politically incorrect statements.
  • This book is outdated as it was written in 1922.


The Mucusless Diet will most appeal to dieters who have a chronic health problem that has not improved by following standard treatment methods. It is quite an extreme approach that has produced good results for many people, especially in the short term, however it is lacking in many vital nutrients, which will produce health problems and nutritional deficiencies if this diet is followed for any length of time.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Cheryl


  • Louise

    If you ad 2 tbs. of Braggs Organic apple cider vinegar 3 times a day, you will have no pain anywhere it gets rid of all the deposits that cause arthritis and puts them in solution they leave the body, get the book on apple cider vinegar by paul bragg, VERY good for you while you do the mucus free diet

  • David R. Filbey-Haywood

    I am drowning in mucus. Condition is getting worse. An allergy doctor is now trying to see how he can help me but says my allergic reaction to foods is not normal.

    • Katia Cristiani

      Have you checked the eosinophilic level in your blood?
      There’s a rare illness, called “hypereosinophilia”, which causes mucus excesses. Ask your doctor to help you checking it out.

  • Tevita saalea

    i was introduced to thr muccussless diet when i was twenty one in the late 1980s i went from twenty six stone to thirteen in three months and stayed on the diet for three yewars i have maintained my weight loss for thirty and a bit more years i was the original big boy and now people who teased me and gave me grief about being overweight are now overweight themselves. i turned 50 this year and befor i went on the diet i was told by my family doctor at that time i wouldnt see 40 so thankyou for your time have a nice day.

  • Prof. Spira

    Greetings! I’ve practiced the Mucusless Diet Healing System for 10 years and was introduced to it by someone who has practiced it for 30+ years. I was a 280 lb. former high school football player who suffered multiple ailments such as daily migraine headaches, sleep apnea, almost daily heartburn, allergies and regular bouts of bronchitis. On the diet I lost 110 pounds and overcame all of these illnesses, and since have had the privilage of helping others do so as well.
    There are a few inaccuracies in the write up above. First, Ehret does NOT recommend long fasts. In Rational Fasting Ehret writes: “as I have stated before, I am no longer in favor of long fasts. In fact it may become criminal to let a patient fast 30 or 40 days on water — contracting the avenues of circulation—which are continually filling up more and more with mucus, and by dangerous old drugs and poisons, and at the same time rotten blood from his old “stock” — in fact, actually starving from necessary vital food elements. No one can stand a fast of that kind without disadvantage or without harming his vitality.” Although Ehret is known for his long fasting, including a government monitored 49 day fast, he did not recommend others do the same. “Rational” fasting consists of short fasts interspersed systematically with a mucus-free or mucus-lean diet.

    Also, the sample menu is a bit problematic. One of the keys to the system is how the fruit/lunch meal and veg/supper meal switches after a couple weeks. This is a huge systematic application that is key for cleansing. Also, vegetable broth is not to be combined with meals. Ehret explains that soups should be avoided, in general, because they do not eliminate well. However, he recommends vegetable broth as a possible fasting drink during a longer, or winter, fasting period.

    I will mention that in order to adopt the diet long-term, the practitioner must learn to artfully transition. There is no set time when ‘mucuslean’ (basically vegan) menus need to be eliminated. The key is that mucuslessness by ‘practiced’ when it feels natural, and as cleansing progresses being mucus-free is prefered.

    Peace, Love, and Breath!

    Prof. Spira
    Author of “Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System”

    • Judith

      I have a condition called Paradoxical Vocal Cord Motion Abnormality. My vocal cords slam shut on the intake breath. I suffocate either to passing out or by my airway slowing beginning to struggle to open after a period of no air. I strongly am convinced mucus and allergies- like mold-are greatly part of the problem and so after the medics left last night I went on line and found your site. I need to quickly start a mucus free diet and need advice and to start am looking for a place to buy organic truly organic coconut water and milk and even real coconuts to make my own. Do you know of any place I can order or buy, and do you have any thoughts on coconut and mucus free diet? Desperate to just breathe, Judith

  • HJ

    have this re-reading it,and YES! you need the right mindset in order to do some of what he says, or it will just be another fad you venture into then quit hours later. And no, it’s not meant as a short term diet,if you want total cleansing,which as Ehret states, will take a few years of his diet to obtain. It is rather, a new healthier system of right eating.

  • River Grace

    Haven’t tried yet. Chiropractor encouraged me to read the book then talk with her about it. A major concern is that I have lots of food allergies, and an open bite (my back teeth don’t meet) which makes adequate chewing of raw veggies a challenge at best. I also seem to have a constitution that requires animal protein. This is based on work with holistic and acupuncture physicians. Their question after taking my pulses: What are you EATING? followed by directions to add moderate amounts of fish chicken and even red meat (organic). I will finish reading, then at least try the cleanse. Thank you

  • Karen

    I would like to try this, for both my husband and i, i suffer from sinus issues, and my husband suffers from body aches all the time. Gonna try this, but must start slowly, in the process of reading the book, he does say to start slowly.

  • linda nicholson

    I am starting this way of eating today as I have suffered with my sinuses for over 20 years cronicaly.

    kind regards and thankyou


    • Andy Cash

      I also had sinus problems many years ago when I was 28. Extreme pain forced me to look for relief from doctors who gave me pills and injections which didn’t help. After 2 years of suffering I came upon the Ehret Mucusless diet book. After only 3 days on the diet I found relief and I have not had any discomfort for the last 42 years – I’m now 70 and having some arthritic stiffness in my hands. Guess its time to revisit my old friend’s diet to see it will help me once again.

      • gill

        Dear Andy
        I am very interested in doing this as I am suffering from accute mucus /sinus . The pro’s and con’s are listed as a short term diet – what is short term – would like to try for 3 months , would this be considered short term ?

  • Azis Lihawa

    i already prove it !

    i feel stronger and very energetic. it reminds me when i was a kid.

    many thanks to Prof Ehret !

  • Nancy

    good for detox, need it!!

  • Dee

    This is a great diet for those not taken to temptation.It really does heal. My father was diagnosed with cripling arthritis 35 years ago. he began Prof. Eherts diet because he did not want to take all the medications the Dr. said he would need the rest of his life. Well he is 87 and has been in wonderful health since he started. the first month he lost 40 lbs and has kept himself very trim since. No arthritis has ever showed it’s ugly face and we thank Dr. Ehret ever since for his sharing of the truth to great living.

  • Wanda Greenwood

    I have renal disease and would like to get off dialysis

  • john rives


  • René

    Sounds like fun! I am definitely going to try it. I’m not a meat – eater; so it sounds like ABC to me.

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