Metabolic Balance Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

metabolic-balanceMetabolic Balance® was created 11 years ago in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack, M.D who is a physician that specializes in nutritional medicine.

Funfack states that Metabolic Balance® is different than other diet plans because it involves a holistic approach that will balance your metabolism so that you can achieve and maintain your ideal body weight.

Metabolic balance is designed to not be a weight loss program but a life style change.

Metabolic Balance® Diet Basics

The program is based on creating stable insulin levels through a healthy diet so that you will feel satisfied after meals and balance your body’s metabolism.

Metabolic Balance® is based on two major concepts:

  1. Every body has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. However to support this process we need to supply the body with adequate nutrients, which are obtained from food.
  2. Our body has the ability to develop an appetite for foods containing the nutrients it needs. However, instead of listening to internal messages most people select foods based on external stimuli.

Funfack says that we need to stop paying attention to advertising, which manipulates us to believe we are eating something healthy and to start listening to our bodies. He claims that it doesn’t matter how much we eat but rather what we eat and dieters are encouraged to select wholesome and unprocessed foods.

The foundation of the plan is a personalized nutrition program that is based on your body’s metabolism. This is created for you after a thorough blood analysis, personal information, personal goals, and medical history. You then meet with a certified Metabolic Balance® coach so as to clear up questions and help you with the practical matters of implementing the program.

There are four phases to the program:

Phase 1Two day preparation to cleanse your body of waste by purging.
Phase 2Strict phase where you adjust your metabolism according to your personalized plan.
Phase 3Relaxed phase where you experience the natural taste of food and can begin to incorporate more treats
Phase 4 Perpetuation phase where you stick to your newly acquired eating habits so as to maintain weight loss.

The personalized nutritional plan not only tells you what your body needs but you also will learn which foods are not good for you and should be avoided. It includes three meals daily and snacking is strongly discouraged. Dieters are advised to leave five hours between meals because this is necessary to stimulate fat burning.

Simple sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates are to be eliminated because they disturb the balance of sugar and insulin in the body and stimulate the accumulation of body fat. Foods that help to keep the insulin levels low are preferred, which are those with a low glycemic load.

Dr. Funfack says that the body has a ‘protein memory’ and this is one of the causes of cravings and overeating with low calorie dieting. For this reason high protein foods play an important part in this plan.

The basic idea is to start every meal with foods that contain protein. The macronutrient ratio is approximately 45% carbohydrates, 20 % protein and 35% fats.

Recommended Foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, legumes, eggs, goat and sheep cheese, yogurt, rye bread, sprouts.

Possible Day’s Meal Plan

BreakfastMushroom omelet
Rye Toast
LunchSalad with goat cheese
Rye bread
DinnerTuna steak Provencal
Roast eggplant, zucchini and tomato
Rye Bread

Look for more healthy recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is regarded as essential because it helps to keep the muscles fit and can accelerate fat loss. Recommendations for exercise may be offered in personalized consultations, however exercise guidelines are lacking in the guidebook for the program.

Costs and Expenses

The Metabolic Balance® program costs $899.00 or more. Services can also vary, but generally include blood tests, meal plan generation, and six hours of consultation.


  • Personalized plan designed to suit each individual.
  • The first phase can cause rapid weight loss, which can be highly motivating for dieters.
  • Encourages awareness of psychological factors involved in eating and weight management.
  • Personal consultations can provide encouragement, support and feedback, which may increase the chance of success.
  • Does not eliminate entire food groups.
  • Encourages the intake of a wide variety of fresh and unprocessed foods.
  • Helps with management of blood glucose levels.


  • Requires exact and measured portion sizes for every meal in the beginning stages of the program.
  • May be difficult to eat out and stay on the program.

A Personalized Plan

The strength of the Metabolic Balance® program is with the personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on blood tests and the individual’s medical history. This increases the likelihood of specific nutritional needs being met, which may not occur when following a standard diet plan.

See Also: The Official Site of the Metabolic Balance Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Maria

    I did this diet 4 years ago with great results, I want to start again, do I need new blood test since my nutrition plan is based on the results I got back then?

  • Zehra Kachelo

    I am very impressed by your personalised diet plan thru blood evaluation and medical history . I have seen a lot of Women and men in Hanoi [including my family] lose weight in the past few months ,and inspite of them going on vacations and cheating on their diet ,they have gained very little weight.
    I have started the diet plan recently and hope to make it my life style.

  • catalina

    It sounds like a sensible diet, but, unfortunately, diets work for a short period of time and if you’re not consistent, there is always the bounce back effect, so the whole effort is in vain. My advice is eat 3 meals a day, drink plenty of water, eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, grains and try to stick your plan. Work out for about 15′ a day, try good quality dark chocolate if you have a sweet tooth and your life will definitely improve. Good luck if you have started the diet, but don’t forget to turn it into a lifestyle!

  • Maria

    I started this diet 3 days ago .it is very strict and hard !
    measeuring food has to be accurate , 125 g 130 , 80 grams .you need a digital weighing scale .have ben having headaches for 3 days and I am constantly hungry .
    I hope I can stick to it “!!!!!!!!

    • Vera

      Hello Maria,

      Your body id going through a major detoxing process… Headaches are normal! You will feel better soon. Please drink the calculated amount of water!!

  • Heba

    Hello, i want to folow this Diet program but do not know who can be my coach and how !???? i live in norway. and what kind of blood tests needed ?

  • Aydah Merza

    It is great

  • Aydah Merza

    Do you sale any book ?

  • suzan biçmen

    I have been on the MB programme for over a year now. But the last 6 months I have gained over half the weight I lost. Even though I am still following the MB programme I can’t seem to lose the weight I have gained. Please can you advise me. Thank you.

    • Wendy

      It sounds like you need to talk to your coach. Without knowing your personal issues it would be impossible for anyone to comment.


    i m very interested …. where can i find metabolic balance ? now i stay in jakarta .. indonesia ….
    if you dont have any office here .. can i contact singapore ? and please give me phone number and contact person

  • Sina

    Sounds great where can I join???

  • Ute Seebauer

    Anyone can participate in the program that does not suffer from kidney disease (Because the detoxing effect is so severe that only healthy kidneys can handle it), that isn’t pregnant and that is over 12 years of age (Because children rarely stick to the rules). There are absolutely no snacks between the meals. From my experience as a coach, diabetes type 2 medication becomes unnecessary after 2, max 3 days. All my cleints have been taken off their meds in within that time frame, so sugar levels need to be closely monitored in order not to overdose. hope that helps.

    • Marie Hofbauer

      are you a choach in Singapore? found your comment when putting in ‘metabolic balance in singapore’.

  • Pat Knippers

    can this program be used by a 75 year old person with Type II diabetes? does it allow for snacks if blood sugar goes low in the 5 hours between meals and will the meal program regulate blood sugar of a brittle diabetic?

  • katia

    I am in the 4th week and I have lost 8 kilos so far. It is not easy but it’s worth it.

  • Barbara

    Where can I find a doctor in Australia, that is specialising in metabolic balance and whom I could consult? Thanks!

  • claudette

    i would like to find a coach and get started

  • Faten Ifram

    i have been on this diet for the past 10 months i have Fibromalagia but this diet is helping in many things – Pain is less – my mood is better – i feel good about my self i lost 5KG but i have to admit it i travelled a lot during my diet so i couldnot but eat when i was invited – i will be starting all over agin in January – but i dont eat between meals and this is perfect i dont feel hungry too.
    i also have to thank my Dr. in Vienna she is my angle

  • Karin de Beer


  • Alta

    can you end up with metabolic alkalosis?

  • Margaret shanahan

    I started this diet and after 2 day’s my doctor told me i could not do it !!!! Now i have a bill for 850 Fr for nothing …… The person first of all never told me about the price !!! Only the blood test was 100 fr. I think this is not wright. What can i do about this i am so up set !!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Hill

    I am looking for Laure (or Lori) Cassidy in San Diego, CA. I was told she was a teacher of this program.

  • Leonard Tuccelli

    The founder of metabolic balance, Dr. Funfack, will be personally holding a special seminar in Orlando,Fl this coming September 30 – October 02. If you are interested in attending or learning more about this fantastic all-natural solution to weight loss, call: (619) 894-7893 or visit:

  • Chris

    I have been diagnosed with hypo thyroidism approximately 4 years ago and am on 150mcg of Synthroid ever since. I am probably a good 40 pounds overweight and can’t seem to lose it, even after attempting to eat healthy and exercising.
    Does the Metabolic Balance method work for people who have hypo thyroidism or does the medication interfere with the diet?

  • mustafa kurtar

    harika bir sistem ben 9 ayda 22 kg verdim Dr wolf ve ekibine teşekkur ederim istanbul turkey (22 kg in 9 months I gave a great system, I thank Dr. Wolf and his team teşekkur istanbul turkey)

  • MBAsia

    For Indonesia or ASIA you can go to

  • erna tjajadi

    where can i get info about MB diet in jakarta indonesia?

  • Leonard Tuccelli

    For those who are interested in becoming a coach, metabolic balance is increasing their presence in the U.S. market and will be holding their next certification course April 20-22 in San Diego. Call their office 619-894-7893 or visit their site.

  • Rita

    what is the difference between Metablolic Balance Diet by Dr. Funfack and Metabolic Research by Dr. DiPasquale of Toronto Canada?

  • Carrie McPeak

    I have been on a personalized version of this diet since the end of July, 2010, under the supervision of my naturopath. I have lost 50 pounds, don’t feel hunger between meals like I did prior to the diet, have been healthier than I have been in years, have higher energy level, and look great. I am asked almost daily about my “secret.” At first I thought that weighing everything out would be onerous, but at this point I can slice off 140 grams of vegetable within 2 or 3 grams, no problem! LOL. Try this. It’s good and solid, nutritionally, and it works. Seriously. (I wasn’t a true believer at the outset!)

  • Carolyn

    I am interrested in some meal plans for the metabolic type A, only I can’t afford to buy the package. Is there anyway to get just the diet plan, or is there any way to get say a weeks worth of meal plans just to get an idea of how to eat healthy to burn fat?

  • ramayanti bintang

    Please give me information where can I find MB @ Jakarta Indonesia

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