LA Weight Loss

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

LA Weight Loss used to be a center-based weight loss program with over 650 centers worldwide.

Over recent years LA Weight Loss clinics have been closing down, and the franchise company closed down at the beginning of 2010. There are now just a few centers located in North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Canada. LA Weight Loss is transitioning from a center based program into one that is totally online based.

The LA Weight Loss clinics attracted some controversy. This was often due to the significant costs involved with the program and the hard selling practices of some sales staff. However, with the new online LA Weight Loss program, dieters have access to LA’s effective plans but with less cost involved.

Most of the LA Weight Loss products are available from their new website and they are trying to restore their reputation after they received such bad press as the result of many people losing money when the centers closed.

LAWL Purple, Gold, Red, Green, and Blue Plans

Purple Plan
Consume the following foods each day.

  • 2.5 protein
  • 3 vegetables
  • 2 fruits
  • 3 starches
  • 2 dairy
  • 2 Fat
  • 2 LA lites
  • 64 oz water
Gold Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Red Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 4 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Green Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 2 Vegetables
  • 2 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Blue Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results Diet

No Longer does LAWL use the colored plans, but has implemented a new weigh loss technique.

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results uses the Transmetabolic Factor which is supposed to help the body to continuously burn calories throughout the day, boost energy, and help control appetite for maximum weight loss. They believe it’s the key to permanent weight loss primarily because it works with the body, not against it.

The New LA Weight Loss Diet consists of 5 steps.

Step 1: 2-Day KickStart Plan featuring LA Weight Loss TakeOFF™ Juice.
This step is to be completed for the first 2 days and then every 14 days of the program. This is similar to detox and is supposed to prepare the body for weight loss.

la-weight-loss-support-packageStep 2: The LA Rapid Results Diet System.
Dieters are to use The Rapid Results Diet System until they lose 20 pounds or reach their goal weight. Dieters use the LA Rapid Results Food Guide to plan meals and it consists of nine main categories: Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, LA Lites Bars, Dairy, Fats, Beverages and Extras.

Each day dieters are to consume a specific number of servings allotted based on individual needs.

Step 3: Transitional Phase using LA My Way Food Guide until goal weight is reached.
This stage is started after 20 pounds are lost and continues until the dieter reaches their goal weight. It is designed to transition dieters into eating a wider variety of foods while still controlling calories.

Step 4: Use two LA Lites™ Bars every day throughout the program.
LA Lite bars are designed to help with cravings and control in between meal hunger.

Step 5: Use the LA SmartTrim Nutritionals™ along with the diet program daily.
This is a supplement line designed by LA to supply dieters’ bodies with the vitamins and minerals that support weight loss.


LA Weight Loss recommends that dieters exercise at least 3 times a week to achieve maximum results on the Rapid Results Program.

LA Weight Loss Costs

The LA Complete Success System, which includes all products and guides as well as online support, costs $289.99 a month if automatic rebilling is selected or $419.99 if one month is purchased at a time.

Click here to purchase the system including LA Lites and Take-off Juice for a discount.

All products and program parts are available separately and vary in price.

Expensive and Relies on Supplements

LA Weight Loss has worked for many people and people keep coming back to them as the program is straight forward and easy to follow. However, this program relies heavily on the use of prepackaged processed food, special juices, and supplements.

While people may indeed lose weight using the LA Weight Loss Rapid results program, it isn’t exactly teaching dieters how to eat healthy and get the vital nutrients they need from fresh whole foods.

For dieters who aren’t concerned about eating processed food then LA Weight Loss could be a good option, but for those that want to lose weight in a healthier way, then there are certainly cheaper and better diet plans available.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • Betty Davenport Beck

    Does any one have or know of a updated frozen meal menu for L.A.

  • Shelia

    Power Bar Harvest Energy Pure and Simple Energy Bars only in roasted peanut butter OR cranberry oatmeal cookie are very close to LA Lites bars in calories & sodium & protein.

  • Amber S

    Can anyone recommend a good substitute for the LA bars? I was thinking the Luna bars but, I’m not sure. Thank you. This is my last resort before considering lap band surgery.

  • Annie

    I also was a client and used the old program to get my weight down and where I was very comfortable. The food was real. The bars were not a requirement but really helped to take the edge off if hunger pains struck and fruit wouldn’t cut it.

    I noticed that many people in this thread wanted to find where they could get the plans. Yeah, on-line has the new plan but honestly, part of the problem with LA centers wasn’t just the staff but that they changed their program to “improve” it. Unfortunately, the improvement caused many uses to go from 3 lbs a week to maybe one doing the same things as on the original plans. The original ones worked.

    I wanted to get back on it but of course, they are gone now and their on-line store is convenient but the “new” plan didn’t work for me. So, I wanted to go back to what did work.

    Last night I stumbled across a site that has the old plan with measurements and information regarding how to follow their plan. While it does not have the Quick start using the 6 real oranges over the 2 days (it says to use the juice which didn’t ever work for me), the rest of the plan is here, in detailed version.

    I found it at While I have all of my materials somewhere, it was nice to have everything I needed in their download.

    I’m excited to get back on track. I’m combining this with fitness buddy and my sister and I will support each other. While it isn’t the twice weekly weigh-ins, it is better than doing nothing. Today, I’m getting the foods and prepping them so this first week will be easier.

    Wishing you luck on your journey! :)

  • Jerri Bradshaw

    I fe.el u Jen, I too lost 30 lbs. on LAWL
    Later on got married, 3 kids and its back with more. I have the take off juice, doing it today. I miss going into the office. Something about the accountabllity.. I would go twice a week and then get a joy of trying on clothes just to see my new size.. I went to WW just to sit on a meeting for support. as u go. There program is okay. but when u are over 200 lbs. and can t move a lot, LAWLis the answer. Leslie Sansome , lets get started is a easy start for exercise. When I first joined LAWL they suggested the tape.

  • Dee

    Can anyone tell me what the portion sizes are for the old color plans with LAWL?


  • Rhonda

    Instead of the takeoff drink eat two oranges per day for the first two days with unlimited protein. I did this in 1999 .It works.

    • LauraA.

      In 2001, the Take-Off phase was unlimited lean protein, unlimited raw green vegetables, and two oranges (I believe the red and purple plans needed three oranges). I was a counselor and lost 20 lbs. in six weeks. (I am now trying to do it again.)

    • Maribeth

      I did the plan about 10 yrs ago. I loved the Take Off and thought it was worth it. We only have 2 oranges for the day and that’s it!!

    • Maribeth

      You drank 1/2 the bottle one day and the other 1/2 the next day. So you only eat 2 oranges a day or 3xs a day?

  • Rhonda

    Did the plan in 1999 and instead of the juice was told then to have two oranges each day for the first two days
    they didn’t have the drink back then. Unlimited protein also. This is only the first two days. It works as well as the drink.

  • Gerri

    Does anyone know if you can have the 2 LA bars per day on the 2 day Take Off phase of the program? Thanks!

    • Laurie

      Sorry, no bars until the takeoff phase is over.

  • Michele

    Thank you to everyone!!! This is helped me to get back to this diet. I am tired of feeling sluggish and ready to get me energy back.

  • sara

    I used to work for LA. The different colored plans and the one in which you should be on is based on how much weight you need to lose and if you are a cardiac client. Red plus is for the heaviest and then on down.

  • belinda

    I loved la weight loss the company closed here in my but I lose 40 pounds on it in 03-04 n this year 2012 I gain all back so ya I want to lose it again asp this was the only easy diet that worked for me ,

    • jaydar

      I used the la weight loss program back in 2008 & had great results
      .. however I’m looking to do it again, I’ve gained it back and then some. Does anyone have a actual food list or menu? And what about substitutes for the detox juice and the protein bars?

      • Betty

        Does anyone have the original food guide for the gold program?
        I used la in 2008 and very happy with the results til they went out of business here.

      • Melissa

        I use a juice from Knudsen (morning blend) which tastes exactly like take off.

        Protein bars- I use Luna.

    • aj

      I use to work for them for years and had lots of successful clients , I am in a different industry now, however I still counsel friends to help them get to their goal weight. I am available to help if you would like to lose weight again.

      • Michele

        AJ – like many others, this plan was very successful in my wt loss journey. I wanted to see if you have the serving sizes for the purple book ex. – 2 eggs = 1 protein.

        Thanks so much

      • Rachel Scipio

        can you help me pick out the right color code for la weight loss

      • Whit

        AJ, i used to follow LA weightloss, a few years ago, and I lost a lot of weight, but I recently had a baby, and I would like to lose this weight before my trip to Mexico this summer, I still have my books and some bars from LA, but I was 18 then, would I be on a different plan now that I am 23? If so, how do i figure out what I should be following

      • ET

        How can I find the purple or gold menu plan. Those books helped a lot.

  • liz

    i see the plans, however how do you know the startand progression of the plans…, gold, red?

  • Desiree Martinez

    I used this weight loss plan a while back and like to start again. However, I don’t want to pay the outrageous prices. Can any one tell me how the colored plans were decided for the clients? I can’t reneged what plan I was on.

  • Marion Woolford


    • ted

      Marion, this website is not monitored by LA Weight loss, You’ll need to contact them directly.

  • Tarnjit Chakal

    Looking for la lites only

  • LaRae

    I would love the Gold plan if you have it. In 2003, I started the plan in preparation for my 2005 wedding. I was able to lose 57 lbs. I went from a 18 to a size 10 and several inches. Since then, I have gained it all back with the help of 3 pregnancies. I thank you in advance.

  • Michelle Ziemer


    Can you send me the gold and blue plans please?

    Thank you so much!

    • ted

      The plans are in the review above, why do you need them sent to you?

  • Michelle

    I would love a copy of the plans if you wouldn’t mind emailing them to me.

    • ted

      The plans are listed above in the review.

  • ted

    We don’t publish email addresses, but if you post the plans here, we will publish them.

    • Sherry

      What is the address for the LA Weight Loss website? Can I purchase these products in Canada. LA Weight Loss was the ONLY plan that ever worked for me!

  • Cathy

    Would love to get the gold and purple plan if possible. Lost close to 50 lbs about 10 yrs ago on the gold but need to lose a little more than that now and did not like doing the bars. Thanks so much!

  • Kristin

    Need gold plan I lost mine

  • Melissa

    I loved the bars…wish I could still get those! All the rest of the foods I ate were fresh …no prepackaged and no frozen. They must have changed a lot since then. Never felt better in my life!

    • Michele

      I would also like to get the bars, does anyone know of another brand of bars that are equivalent to LAWL bars?

      • Allyson

        Zone perfect bars are VERY comparable. Target makes a knock off version of them too. Need to be 12g of protein or more and less then 200 calories a bar .

  • Kim

    I believe its the gold and purple plans! thanks again!

  • Lorina Rose

    I remember doing this back in 2002 when they were in town and in the past 10 years every other diet I have tried has not worked or come even close to the results I saw back then. I wish they were still here.

  • stacy

    i am a jamaican and whomever knows anything about the jamaican culture knows that our diet is very rich, because of this i was very aprehensive when i decided to do LAWL 5 yrs ago. i thought i was gonna have to eat pre-packaged food and i wouldnt be able to eat what i was accustomed to. i was dead wrong LAWL worked like a charm for me and i didnt have to give up the foods i grew up enjoying i lost 30lbs and was on cloud nine. over the yrs i put on back some of the weight and then decided to try jenny craige as LAWL had closed there doors, OMG… what a trip…. talked about pre packed foods its a rip off all you eat are frozen meals that u can buy in the grocery store and here they where selling them for a arm an a leg. did i lose any weight 6lbs after 1 month… to make matters worse i realized that nestle was the company that owns jenny craig… LAWL is the best diet out there.

    • Marie Ealey

      In 2002 I was in complelete denial of my weight gain.I am 5’1 and I was 146 lbs wich put me in a size10 (not big) but for my height and age at the time (39) it was the heaviest i had ever been beside pregnant. I was weraing a lot of sweat pants..elastic waist band to feel comfortable..again denial. If the sweats fit around my waist no matter how tight I was content physically but not mentally. I watched a show called “How stella got her grove back” (Angela Bassset) and decided no longer was I going to just settle for sweats and be in denial.The very next day I viewed a commericial advertising LA Weight loss. Didn’t know about the company but jumped in my car and drove fast…lol. I met with a counselor and purchased the gold plan(quite expensive). I almost became discourged after the the 3 days becasue I only los 2 lbs
      the counelor asked me At wereyou eating? After I conveyed to her that I really didn”t eat the amounts that was required..( I though It was too much food..honestly) She said you basically have to gorge yourself with protein the first 3 days. Fast foward…in 30 days I lost 20 lbs and 15 inches. I was a tooth pick in a size 4…loving it. The plan works, but you have to BELEIVE, VISUALIZE YOURSELF in the size you choose. I have given this plan to so many women including my adult daughters for their wedding dresses. I paid quite a bit of money at the time, however I have benefited tremendously the last 10 years. I am now in a size (8) and knocking on the door to double digits. I haven’t had a problem with too much weight gain since I have had the plan. I have essentially kept it off(I always do the plan for two weeks..when needed). However with a new mangerial postion the stress drove me wine…the culprit for weight gain.I have put on about 13 lbs and plan to have them all gone with by Dec 5th. I started after thankggiving 2012. I am know 49 and the motovation was a little tougher. I can only say get through the first 3 day(Rapid weight loss period) and your good to go.To keep my weight stable i do 4 days on and 3 days off. This plan is the best and quickest way for you to look and feel faboulous…I have giv en this plan to over 6 of my friends one lost 50 in 3 months. I should really open my own LA weight loss center. to keep women encourged and motavated! I hoped my story resontaed with someone and encourged you to not think about it, but just DO IT!

      • Lhay

        Hi Marie, would you be able to share the plan to the T. Thanks

      • Marisa

        I need to get a copy of the jump start plan, and some ideas from you if I can. I need to get rid of 20 lbs, I want to feel better :0( I am 44 yrs old, 5’8 and I weigh 176. I have lower back problems, and this extra weight is just awful to carry around. Plus I want to feel young again.
        I did the LAWL plan 8 yrs ago and felt so amazing, this is why I need to do this again. It does work!!!
        Thank you so much for your help :0)
        Have a blessed day,

      • brenna

        Do u have the portion sizes still??? I was on the blue plan and I’ve gained a lot of weight and need to get it off. I know how many veggies,fruit,protien ect I need to eat I just don’t have the book to help me with the weight of the chicken,steak,shrimp ect.. if you do I would appeciate it soooo much! Thanks brenna :)

      • Jen

        Wow Marie, you are definitely an inspiration. You really should host your own center, you are the kind of person I need. I did LAWL about 6 years ago and at one point they were trying to slow me down because I was losing 4 lbs a week without even exercising and they said that was too much. The thing that made it work for me was knowing I had to go in to the center every week to weight in. I am looking for the plan info so I can get on it again because I know it will work!

  • Jessica Herzer

    Looks like the purple and gold might be my best bet, thanks!

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