Karl Lagerfeld Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

karl-lagerfeld-dietWhen fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was experiencing challenges with his weight, he sought the advice of Dr. Jean Claude Houdret, a doctor that specializes in nutrition.

They worked together to create the celebrity diet plan that helped Lagerfeld to lose 92 pounds in just over a year so that he was able to achieve his goal of being able to fit into clothes that were designed for younger and slimmer men.

The book commences by outlining the various psychological and behavioral causes of obesity.

Dieters are then provided with advice on how to mentally prepare for the diet and develop will power.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet is also known as the Spoonlight program.

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Basics (Spoonlight)

The basic principles of the Karl Lagerfeld diet are simple and involve:

  • Limiting calorie and fat intake.
  • Avoiding refined and fried foods.
  • Increasing the intake of lean proteins and vegetables.


Karl Lagerfeld Before/After

Protein is included in every meal to reduce the risk of unhealthy loss of muscle mass that is common while dieting. Fats are limited as much as possible and carbohydrates are obtained almost exclusively from vegetables especially in the early phases of the diet.

The Karl Lagerfeld Spoonlight Diet Involves 3 Phases.

Phase One: VLCD

Phase one involves consuming only 800-900 calories per day and this phase is advised to be undertaken only for two weeks. Dieters are allowed three meals daily that consist of a protein food supplement and vegetables.

This phase should only be used while under medical supervision!

Phase Two: Low Calorie

Dieters may choose to skip this phase and commence their diet at phase two which involves 1000-1200 calories per day and allows the substitution of the evening protein supplement with a lean protein choice such as chicken breast, fish or meat.

A serving of low fat yogurt or cheese is also allowed at the end of the meal.

Phase Three: Less Restrictive

In phase three the calorie allowance is increased up to 1200-1600 per day and dieters are permitted to add whole-wheat toast to their breakfast as well as fruit after the evening meal.

Other Safer Low Calorie Diets to Consider

  1. Weight Watchers
  2. Fat Loss Factor
  3. I Love This Diet
  4. Medifast

Recommended Foods

The diet involves substituting meals with a protein supplement designed by Dr. Houdret for at least one meal each day. Flavors include chocolate, fish soup, egg based custard, and ham & cheese omelet.

Lean proteins, low fat dairy products and vegetables form the basis of the diet in addition to the protein supplements.

Fruit and whole wheat bread are allowed in limited quantities in the later stages of the diet.

Sample Meal Plan


1 grapefruit
1 low fat yogurt
2 slices whole-wheat toast
Coffee or tea


Protein supplement with vegetables

Afternoon Snack

Protein supplement and an apple


Vegetable broth
Chicken breast and vegetables
Low fat yogurt
Fresh fruit

Look for low Calorie and low fat recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is recommended however its importance is downplayed while the diet is given a much greater emphasis.

Try these exercises with the Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

Costs and Expenses

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet retails for $19.95.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.


  • The initial phases of the diet are likely to give quick weight loss, which will increase motivation to stick with the program.
  • Realistic time frame for expected long term weight loss results with dieters advised that it may take a year to reach their goals.
  • Addresses psychological factors involved in weight control.
  • Does not require much time to be spent on food preparation.


  • Initial phases of the diet are very low calorie and dieters will likely experience hunger and feelings of deprivation.
  • Most dieters will not find a protein shake meal to be very satisfying.
  • Many recipes include foods that may be expensive, unfamiliar or difficult to find.
  • Lacking in essential fats.
  • Encourages the use of artificial sweeteners.
  • Gives some potentially dangerous advice such as chewing food and spitting it out which is known to be a trigger for eating disorders.
  • Emphasizes appearance as the major reason to embark on a weight loss plan.
  • Promotes cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction ( Vaser, Smart, and Tumescent).
  • Many readers will not relate to Lagerfeld’s attitudes and lifestyle.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet Could Be Dangerous

Unlike most modern approaches to dieting Lagerfeld views hunger and deprivation as a part of weight loss and Lagerfeld even goes so far as to state that dieting has to be a form of punishment. He goes on to say that those who do not have enough determination and will power are destined for failure.

Apart from the obvious experience of deprivation that will occur on this diet, the nutritional intake of the dieter will be compromised, especially in the initial phases, and this is bound to have negative effects on the long-term health of the dieter. Perhaps most notable is the almost complete absence of fats, which will lead to an essential fatty acid deficiency.

Restricting calories and limiting food variety to such a degree is bound to produce results but dieters must be aware that this will not occur without a serious risk to both physical and psychological well being.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Em

    If you’re American and looking at Karl Lagerfeld’s diet You must remember that KL was brought up with French morals and ways of doing things, not American ones, therefore his view on certain things, such as weight loss, may be different to what you’re used to.

    I am half French and half American, and have lived in Europe for most of my life, and I can tell you right now that KL’s views on dieting are not strange at all in Europe and Asia.
    France especially has specific views on dieting- such as restriction and viewing hunger as a positive thing- engrained in the culture due to the large role food plays in French society. Also, physical image is a great motivator in France when it comes to dieting, and the French strongly believe in harsh, drill-sargent like behaviour with regards to dieting.

    I personally agree wholeheartedly with what KL is saying, and like Suzie has said, dieting is not for the undetermined or faint-hearted. It is an arduous process that demands severe changes to your lifestyle –especially if you start the diet as obese- but will ultimately bring success and happiness your way.

    So good luck to all of you, but remember, KL does not lead the same lifestyle as many of us do, so although you should stay true to the diet aspect written by Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret you may want to take some of Langerfeld’s comments with a grain of salt.
    Designers will be designers, after all. :)

    • Jane

      Karl is German not French. (yes, I know he moved to Paris as a young adult, but that doesn’t mean he was brought up with “French morals”)

      • sonia

        Like the comment you have replied to he clearly states that European and even Asian countries have strict views and behaviour applications in regards to dieting, and German y and France are not much different on body image, my boyfriend is our Parisian and has also lived and regularly visits Germany they are very critical of people who are overweight because it’s not accepted in their cultures. And lastly, Karl was raised with Parisian Morals because they is where he spent most of his life, and still does as of now. So sure he was born in Hamburg, he nonetheless relates himself to Parisian roots and lifestyle. And i agree with his diet pal n and he is right when he states it is not for the determined. I am currently on a 600 cal daily intake of food. And i feel great!

  • CE Group

    Everything Karl does is fabulous. However, you can’t be an expert in ALL things. As his spoonlight program is a great initiative, each person has restrictions and limitations of what their body is able to handle. Working with KLs program and in your parameters will give you the greatest outcome. I’ve tried and I’ve won. Thanks KL.

  • MCP

    Whatever happened to eat healthy, eat sensibly and exercise? It doesn’t take willpower to starve yourself, it takes idiocy, willpower and self-discipline means change your HABITS, your LIFESTYLE and workout and eat right…..this is from a woman who is far from young, I am 49, have a myriad of health problems yet manage to find the time and determination to exercise so I don’t NEED drastic, extreme diets…I would much rather maintain my size 2 in a healthy manner than starve, deprive and damage my body for vanity’s sake…insane to follow this ” plan”

    • MiC

      but let us also keep in mind that there is a vast difference between weight maintenance and losing weight. In your case since you are just maintaining your current weight your regime doesn’t have to be as stringent.

  • paula

    I think also we should get ALCAT testing which tests for subtle food allergies, per your specific blood type. I was allergic to oranges and egg, whic I eat almost every day.

  • paula

    Hi Stan
    Thanks for your comments. Did you also exercise to loose weight? and if so how much? what was your pre and post weight. COngratulations!

  • Stan

    Special Diets have one thing in common…they don’t work so don’t buy any diet books…the $$$ you save can be spent on food. All the info you need is online and free. I lost 100 lbs in a year and kept it off by changing a FEW things. Small changes we can live for a long time; radical changes are drastic and we will eventually revert to our lifelong habits.

    My “plan” was simple..bake instead of fry and eat more fish,fruits, vegetables, and don’t deprive yourself of a small treat. Trust me, it’s not that hard to do; if I can do it anyone can.

    Best wishes finding what works for you

  • Suzie

    Sorry for all my spelling errors below.. Damn!

  • Suzie

    Dear “far”,
    Size 14 is fat, I agree and I was a size 18.. Even
    Worse, yuck! No wonder I have a problem with food now.. I eat yogurt in the
    And tuna at lunch! I do my treadmill six days a week & weights.
    I’m gonna by his book because Karl was once wearing women’s
    Jeans not too long ago.. He looks good! Gotta get to size 4!!

  • far

    “A” says “Not impressed at all. Id rather be a size 14 and happy albeit a bit heavy “….
    DEAR being a sizd 14 IS NOT a bit heavy…it is being FAT, do not try to change reality to make yourself feel better, also Karl is saying himself this diet is not for lazy A**es and ppl with no will power…so being a size 14 and seeing it as a bit heavy!!!! makes you an ignorant person without a will power, so forget about dieting all together and grab a hambourger…

    • Big

      You are FAR too unkind!

  • Suzie

    I’m a size 6 and I need to lose ten pounds
    I can be a size 4! I use to be size 18 three years ago!
    I’m never satisfied though , it’s frustrating!

  • Billy Di lieto

    So many stars are coming out with all these new diet plans etc and a lot of them don’t live in the same world we do but it has to be said after looking at the way Karl use to look you have to take your hat off to him he does look tremendous and has achieved his goal

  • ej

    I am going to buy this book and begin. I am going to follow it but use my own protein supplement (pure protein shakes) and do more fresh raw vegetables and juicing. I am so ready to lose the extra 25lbs I have gained. I enjoyed being between 105-115lbs. I now have low confidence when wearing clothes. I love Karl Lagerfelds take on being skinny, it’s true!!!

  • Jessica

    This book is a great read. Understanding one’s journey whatever the path maybe is always interesting. I applaude Karl Lagerfelds honesty to admit that he wanted to lose weight and change his lifestyle inorder to recreate his image to fit those suits and these were the steps he took in doing so.

    It’s evident those who added typical comments, branding the designer as “douchey” or “stuck up” have not read the book. Perhaps they should exercise (no pund intended) “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or who’s on the cover.

  • lauren

    This looks like a great book. Definitely not for those who have no self control tho..

  • MA


  • Justin

    This definitely won’t be for everybody, as it’s approach is quite extreme in many respects. I’ve long admired Lagerfeld, and in my teens & 20’s was the height of fashion myself ;-) But for one reason and another I lost it in my mid 30’s and now at 40 I’m a good 3-4 stone over weight – not huge, but enough to make me quite unhappy with how I look, and certainly not able to dress the way I used to; as a man, it’s very difficult to hide weight, as even I’m not brave enough to wear an empire line dress! I’ve had this book for about 4 months, but have only just been brave enough to look at it – I hate being hungry, and so the thought of dieting is pretty awful. About 3 months ago I happened to buy a jacket from Karls ‘KL’ range (on sale I must add), it’s formal but very stylish, and it fitted perfectly. So I was horrified when I wore it for the first time last week, and it was quite tight, ‘oh no’I thought, I’ve put on more weight in just 3 months, and I was already big when I bought it!!! I think this snapped something in me, and I went to get Karls book out. Well, I’m not a great reader, but within an hour or so I’d read half the book, I was interested in him anyway, but Karls attitudes, although extreme, really spoke to me; and I’m afraid I am more interested in looking better, than worried about my health, but as one will lead to the other in any good diet, that’s OK. As to the practicality of it, I wouldn’t dream of eating 800 calories, I’d be delighted with around 1500, if I could keep that up for just a month that would be great, and then just soften off from there; I am 6.2″ you know ;-) I have pretty much started cutting back from today, and have just bought things like ‘spread’ & skimmed milk, neither of which I ever have in the house, so I seem to be serious about it all. I will use Dr Houdret’s diet as an inspiration, rather than to the letter, I simply don’t think Veal Chop, or Guinea Fowl will be entering my diet, things like this will simply become Chicken or Turkey etc.

    This is one of the diets main draw backs, it was written for a man who has certainly many millions in the bank, and who has an army of people to look after his every whim at Chanel – I DON’T!! I’m not saying that the recipes will take ages to make, but the costs will mount up if you eat exactly what he suggests everyday, which I won’t be, but I will try to approximate it in my own way. I also think the more extreme elements would be easier to follow, if the worlds press & fashion photographers where aimed at me every where I went, which they are for Mssr Karl; where as for me I have my Granny telling me that a little piece of cake won’t hurt, so everyday life isn’t good for such an extreme diet.

    However, the main inspiration to follow this plan is Karl himself, for whatever you think about it, there he stands, a lissome & lithe slip of a lad, a pale shadow of the former be-kaftaned man mountain of not so long ago. But if his rather outré & eccentric ideas are not your cup of tea (with sweetener of course), then this book is probably not for you.

    As for me however, yes I’m going to be hungry, and yes, I’ll want sweets, chocolate, cake & biscuits, but I have Karl, constantly hovering over my shoulder, with his jaundiced, disapproving, couture God scowl – “Yes Monsieur Karl, I know, nothing tastes as good as thin feels” – and it would be such a shame to not fit into the jacket he so kindly made for me!

    Merci Karl x

  • Ssart

    A tasty treat is not so bad

  • A

    Not impressed at all. Id rather be a size 14 and happy albeit a bit heavy than follow the rules of some stuck up snob whos head is so far up his ass that hes lost touch with reality. Sorry if you wanna try it go for it, I just think not only is it unhealthy but the whole thinking behind it is unhealthy. He did it so he could wear clothes made for young skinny boys. Not the best reason to lose weight.

  • k

    actually the quote is “nothing tastes as good as thin feels”

  • Uganda

    The quote is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

  • Courtini

    I am going to have to buy his book. I agree with him to some degree. I think society is changing back to where skinny is in. I have a lot of work to do (I need to lose about 120lbs).

  • Dre

    LOVES it! I love how the motivation is to look good more than it is to be healthy. haha. I heard a quote from model Kate Moss, “Skinny feels better than food tastes”. That’s it….I’m sold!

  • anonymous

    Wow I like this diet plan. It says here that it may take a whole year to get to your goal. With Atkins I think I can lose a lot faster and without being soo hungry. But im like, which is better…stay 250lbs?? or lose weight not so healthy but greatly reduce my risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc?? Ive definitely have to pick one!

  • rommane

    don’t agree with everything but i will try some of his tips !

  • Splash!

    He’s right. Those who do not have enough determination and will power are destined for failure. And not just in dieting. Although probably especially in dieting.

  • juzzz

    shame his diet didn’t help him lose his douchey-ness

  • Jaz

    Thank you for posting this article. I saw a short version of Lagerfeld’s weightloss story on television and wanted a few more details. I agree with him on some of his quotes and look forward to buying his book and following his lead in a successful weightloss journey. Thanks again for the info. Great article!!!

  • Jezz

    yeah, good article. very interesting. thanks.

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