The Gabriel Method

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Jon Gabriel struggled with obesity for many years and although he tried numerous different weight loss methods he was still unable to lose weight. Gabriel followed a wide variety of dietary approaches including Atkins and low fat diets. He consulted with naturopaths, acupuncturists and personal trainers but none of these systems worked for him.

Finally he was able to succeed when he learned about the deep underlying reasons why he was having difficulty losing weight. Gabriel lost 225 pounds when he gave up dieting for good and addressed the areas of his life that were a source of mental and emotional stress.

Through his studies of biochemistry Gabriel learned that the body has an internal logic that determines how much you will weigh at any given time. He says that the secret is not to fight against this logic but to work with it.

When your body wants to be thinner weight loss becomes easy. You will crave healthier foods, eat less and your metabolism will speed up. Gabriel says that by using his method you can learn to transform yourself into a naturally thin person who can eat whatever they want and still be fit and healthy.

The Gabriel Diet Basics

the-gabgriel-methodOne of the major principles of Gabriel’s plan is that you should stop crash dieting and start eating what you want when you want it. Gabriel explains that the body interprets dieting as a famine so in order to protect itself it slows down the metabolism.

He also tells dieters that the body perceives chronic stress of any kind in the same way as dieting or starvation as something that is threatening its survival.

Gabriel introduces dieters to the concept that mental or emotional starvation may potentially hinder weight loss by sending a similar message to the body. As such he encourages dieters to find their true purpose in life by listening to their heart and pursuing the activities that provide a sense of fulfillment.

An important part of the program is the use of visualization techniques and learning to effectively manage stress. Dieters are provided with practical tools that will help to eliminate emotional blockages and nurture a positive outlook so as to properly deal with the obstacles to successful weight loss.

Although there is no strict eating plan Gabriel emphasizes that it is important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. He says that most overweight people are actually undernourished because the foods they are eating are not high in vitamins and minerals.

Gabriel is a strong advocate of raw foods and he states that they contain a life force energy that is an important aspect of nourishing the body. He advises dieters to include raw food, protein, and omega 3 in every meal because these factors help to stabilize blood sugar levels and optimize nutritional balance.

Recommended Foods

Ground flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, salmon, sardines, mackerel, organic grass fed beef and dairy products, omega 3 enriched eggs, organic free range chicken, whey protein, raw nuts and seeds, salads, fruit.

Sample Diet Plan


Omega 3 eggs
Fresh tomato and spinach

Morning Snack

Fresh peach


Lasagna with green salad

Afternoon Snack

Apple and raw almonds


Grilled salmon
Large mixed salad

Evening Snack

Fresh papaya

Look for other healthy recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is recommended not only because it burns calories but also because if done correctly it makes your body want to be thin.

Gabriel encourages dieters to perform interval training where periods of sprinting are alternated with walking. He says that this mimics what would happen in nature if a wild animal were chasing us and it makes our body want to be thin because it would increase our chance of survival in these circumstances.

Costs and Expenses

The Gabriel Method retails at $15.

Alternatively if you purchase the book from Gabriel’s website you receive a hard copy of the book in the mail plus 11 hours of digital downloads including a visualization CD for $39.95.


  • May help to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting.
  • Concentrated on long-term results rather than a quick fix.
  • Encourages the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Strongly addresses psychological issues that may affect weight management.
  • Encourages exercise.
  • Free recipes are provided on the author’s website.


  • Will not appeal to dieters who prefer a more structured diet plan.
  • Results may be very slow.


The Gabriel Method is a well-rounded approach to weight loss that gets to the core issues of why many dieters have difficulty losing weight. It will appeal to dieters who have tried many different weight loss approaches without achieving long-term results especially where psychological factors are suspected to be an important factor.

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Hannah

    Wonderful book.

    We all know by now that to lose weight you must cut the crap – this method allows you to eat through your cravings until you no longer want them. His evening visualization helps tremendously. I genuinely couldn’t care less about the rubbish foods anymore. Honestly. I actually crave healthy meals – all the time. Connecting to my animal brain has been a wonderful technique I use every single day. Thank you Jobn!

  • Trish

    I just wanted to throw my two cents into the pot here. I started the Gabriel Method around 4/11 I have lost down from 289lbs to 233lbs. I fell off the wagon for a few months and am now getting back into the swing of things. Thankfully I have not gained the weight back, but I know that I will if I don’t start implementing the things that I know to do. The things that Jon spells out in his book. I have never felt better, my diabetes was never in better control, and I have never looked better in my life. If you are thinking about purchasing the Gabriel Method, stop thinking and do it! It will literally change your life. When Jon says that you can eat anything you want, he is being deadly serious. What I found after the first two weeks (and now sense I am starting over again) is that the only thing I WANT TO EAT is the good stuff. I no longer want the sweet/salty/high fat foods. I would rather have a nice green salad with berries and melon pieces and some raw walnuts instead of fried eggs, flap jacks and bacon. About exercise: I want to exercise now. I have more energy and I just want to get up and do something. When I first started this last year, I was determined to learn how to rock climb. I hope that desire comes back along with many other exercises that I have never tried before. I can honestly say that the 40 bucks I paid for the Gabriel Method was the best 40.00 I have ever spent.

  • Danielle

    i weighed about 45kg until i had my son and i ballooned to about 70kg. it may not sound like much but i am a very short girl and any weight looks like a lot. i boarder the obese range on a BMI test. my boy is now 6 and i still can’t manage to get rid of those kgs. I have tried every diet under the sun. Eating nothing but soup. starvation, counting points drinking shakes. you name it I’ve tried it. I have read this book twice. First time it was amazing! i began to love my body and felt great! Stress seemed to all but go. But then I stopped listening to the CD and started watching model shows and got conned back into the dieting. feeling sick all the time and lethargic. Im 22 and literally feel like an elderly person. after doing a massive clean up i found my Gabriel method book again! I’ve just finished reading it and boy am i motivated!! i started yesterday just by drinking water! I’m out to go and get my omega 3 supplements and digestive enzymes today. Jon gabriel focuses on changing the way your mind sees food and visualisations to reduce stress and focus on nutrition and not calories. i found myself craving salads! thats a big thing for a chocolate addict who loves take away chinese food and pasta (so much so that my partner affectionately calls me “Chitalian”). i have read a lot of these posts and it seems to be only negative posts come from those who have not tried his method. Its logical it makes sense and when you follow his method you may not lose weight straight away but you feel comfortable in your own skin and I literally feel like energy is pouring back into me. I look forward to getting back into dancing like I used to before my precious boy!

  • Carolyn

    I started this program in June 2011 and it is now October and I have lost over 23kg my new partner is not looking at starting this for himself, we are both type 2 diabetics and I no longer take anywhere near the amount of insulin I used to have too thank you Jon

  • Jade

    Well, here I am again and I want to add a bit more. Yes, Jon’s book and cd are great, but … here comes the but … the cd is really pushing you to eat healthy foods. Now whilst I am in total agreement with healthy foods and I can see the value of Jon encouraging this, the message that first came to me from reading about him was that it was about eating anything. Yes, Jon does say that you can eat anything, but to also eat good stuff. This too is good, but I was looking for something that allowed you to be free to choose without pushing the good stuff. I have always eaten good food with an occasional bad food. So, although what Jon says is excellent, if you are looking just to eat whatever you want it isn’t exactly this. I personally think it is better to eat healthy food so I am not faulting Jon on this. I still think Jon is absolutely genuine and his work is excellent.

    • Dan Wood

      John doesn’t state that you can eat anything. He says you can “eat anything you want”. What he means is that if you do his visualization, etc., you will not WANT anything but healthful, vibrant foods.

  • Jade

    Hi again. Well Jon’s book arrived and I read a few pages. What I read was nothing new to me because I have studied weight loss and my own body for many years. Our bodies are wonderful at telling us what is wrong if we listen to them. I knew that stress caused me to put on weight because I would always feel very fat when I was stressed. I knew all about healthy food and additives etc. I knew that I could lose weight on what I called Nature’s food. I also knew all about fat programmes keeping you fat, although I didn’t call them fat programmes I simply referred to them as any stress. I also referred to happy chemicals and unhappy chemicals. Believe me I worked on all my stresses and released loads of pent-up emotions. I thought I had cleared them all. My job involved helping people to release their negative emotions and change the pattern within them. I helped people to lose weight without dieting. In fact I advised them to listen to their own body, to eat when hungry and stop when they had had sufficient. So, why couldn’t I permanently lose my excess weight? Quite simply I had one of those fat programmes still running. Yes, I had looked at the very thing that was still running and I thought I had dealt with it sufficiently, but I hadn’t. A few pages into Jon’s book I decided to go into theta and chose some music from e-bay. Whilst in this relaxed state I asked my body why it was fat in the first place and the answer came loud and clear. I had been there before, but not released it enough. This time I did and I changed the patterns within my mind. I had also written a book on being slim, but never had the courage to even try to have it published. I could have done this easily during my very slim times, but I didn’t. The day after I had gone back to the fat programme I had been holding onto, I was just thinking about things and the answer to why I had never tried to have my book published came up loud and clear. This exactly matched the fat programmes holding me back. Now back to Jon’s book … IT IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL as is his CD. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I don’t actually need to read any more of the book or listen to the CD. Before buying Jon’s book I had asked myself why I was still holding onto some excess weight and I believe I was pointed in the direction of Jon’s book. I only needed to read a few pages and I knew I must still be holding onto a fat programme. Because I knew how to deal with it, it was very easy for me. Some people might need professional help with this, but the answers will certainly come if you ask. Anyway, Jon Gabriel is absolutely genuine and his book and CD are excellent. You won’t find better anywhere. Fully recommend it. Thank you Jon.

  • Jade

    I am waiting for the book, but have read many articles regarding this method of weight loss. I have listened to the visualisation CD which is excellent. I tend to agree with Mike in that there is no possible way that one can eat whatever you want when you want it. At least most people cannot eat whatever they want. As far as the CD goes it is a form of hypnosis which encourages you to visualise yourself slim, eat healthily and stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied. I am not criticising this because it will certainly work if you continue to visualise and take the whole message on board. I lost tons of weight following what I called Nature’s food. I later discovered it is similar to the Paleolithic diet, but not exactly as I included dairy and potatoes. I stopped eating this way and put the weight back on again. If you go back to eating what made you fat in the first place you will put the weight back on. I have tried to get back to this way of eating, but find I can only do it for a short time because after a while I eat some bread. It doesn’t take much bread to make me overweight. Jon says that he doesn’t eat bread now because it tastes like cardboard. The healthy foods he mentions such as live foods, protein and omega 3, plus other nutrients is absolutely sound. There is plenty of information regarding these good foods. There is plenty of information regarding visualisation. The law of attract is very well incorporated into Jon’s method. I know the CD together with the healthy food Jon mentions will enable most people to get slim if they stick with it. I am not so sure about eating whatever you want, whenever you want. I would love to find this to be true. This does not mean that I want to eat junk food because I have always leaned towards healthy food. I do not want to eat huge amounts. However, it would be nice to not have to watch what I eat. At one time I lost weight on 1250 calories a day. As per usual as soon as I increased the amount, back went the weight. Now I find that I cannot lose weight on 1200-1400 calories a day. So, I guess dieting has messed about with my body. I knew many moons ago that stress made me fat and went back in my mind to sort this out. Finally, I feel absolutely sure that Jon’s method will work if I listen to his CD every day and eat all the healthy foods he mentions. What I am not sure about is that I will lose weight eating whatever I want. Although it is not meant to be a diet, is it really about changing one’s diet as well as one’s mindset. I am not sure that it will work if I don’t listen to the CD. The CD is crucial to the change in one’s beliefs and the visualisation. This in no way is a criticism of Jon because I know that this method works if everything is followed to the letter. I, personally, want to see if it works if I eat what and when I want. Believe me, that will not be loads of sweets, chocolates and rubbish. I absolutely KNOW and UNDERSTAND these methods which Jon uses and I have used them in the past. I know that diets don’t work for the reasons stated. I said many years ago that diets didn’t work and that I wished I had never gone on one. I wasn’t even very fat at that time either. Just a few pounds, but that diet pushed me into years of gaining and losing the same few pounds. Now, I will wait and see.


    I started the method two 1/2 weeks ago, right before that magical time of month, a time where I’ve always been ravenous. I would down a bag of gummy bears and jelly beans during work and then crave more junk at night for at least two weeks before. Well, this two weeks came and went and I didn’t crave anything. After seeing in print what all that junk was doing to my body, my frame of mind totally changed. I’ve only lost two pounds, but don’t worry about my weight loss any more and actually do look forward to having salad for dinner. Thank you Gabriel for adding a few years onto my life!

  • Monique

    What ever a person want to do in life, body mind and soul are in one level, when losing weight it should be the same,there is no other way.

  • edward beyer

    looks like a fantastic program I will try this


    I’ve only just heard about Jon Gabriel he seems to know what his talking about,I think it’s brilliant what his achieved with his weight loss. And now his helping the rest of the world to be kind to ourselfs. I’m waiting for my copy book and CD to arrive.I can’t wait to start and meet the thin me.CONGRETULATIONS JON GABRIEL! I really need you in my life. Titilia.

  • yvonne ziesing

    Hello all
    I am 62 yo have ostio arthritis knees & shoulders, am inside the BMI recommended weight (although some fat on my body is collected in an area where I do not want !)

    My husband is 54yo and has a low heart rate & injuries from playing hockey & uses food as tired/bordom prop, he is usually about 10kg over weight

    My 23yo daughter DOES NOT have a weight problem, has an issue with weight but works out at the gym

    Myself; physcial restrictions to being active, eating more fuel than my body needs
    My husband; physical restrictions to being active, underdeveloped taste buds, using food to cope with physcial needs other than hunger

    My daughter; eating more fuel than her body needs, using food to cope with physical/emotional needs & social ritual

    A FACT; some/most people crave sweet, salty & fatty foods
    (usually because those type of foods represented rewards/were attached to love/aceptance, in childhood)


    When you eat more than your body can burn, it is those foods that cause the weight gain
    You crave those any/foods;
    your body is now lacking nutrients
    to self gratify, the physical & emotional needs are more powerful than your concerns about the way your body looks
    The vicious cycle continues -the weight gain continues

    Food is being used as just another quick method of reaching out to gain help for body
    Look at yourself & the real reasons why this cycle is happening and get help -not from diets or weight loss plans
    but to address the underlying problems
    I have the confidence you can do this for yourself
    Love Yvonne Ziesing
    Adelaide South Australia

  • mike

    I like the anology about the interval training but how does someone who is 400lbs sprint without having a heart attack?
    Another thing is what qualifies someone who let themself get way out for shape all of a sudden become a guru because they lost what they should have never gained in the first instance!

    If you truly want to help people just offer the program for free don’t try and cash in on the fact that you blew out and then lost the weight you should have never had in the first place.

    The fact remains there is no possible way of eating whatever you like and still losing weight, its goes against human physiology. Praying on people’s laziness is not a good approach and will only lead to even more frustration.

    Stick with the basics that have always worked.

    High protein ( its very hard for your body to convert to fat)

    Moderate carbs: Slow burning carbs for the first 3 meals of the day combined with protein.

    After mid afternoon: stick with protein and fibrous vegetables.

    Avoid fruit: fructose is the worst sugar you can possible ingest. It enters the blood stream as triglycerides not glucose. Hence why it appears low on the glycemic index.
    Just do a google search for “fructose and glycation” this will show you the truth about how fructose ages and body and causes a host of other problems.

    Exercise: yes short intense bursts of exercise are best.
    Preferably weight training with a circuit style of workout.
    If you are going to sprint make sure you are fit, otherwise you will only suffer major injuries.

    3x 30 minute weight training circuits per week.
    Powerwalk for 30 minutes per day.

    Stop searching for some miracle plan that allows you to eat whatever you feel like and still lose weight, its does not exist. Eating whatever we want is the reason why we have such a massive obesity epidemic.

    • Scott Miller

      Mike, I know this is an old post but obviously you do not have any weight issues. It’s nice to know that you have the answers to all that is wrong with the world. Maybe you should take your expertise to a higher level and really make a difference.

      Admittedly the “Eat whatever, whenever you want” may be a ploy to get somebody to read a little into his method, but if you actually read the text you will note that the purpose is to not deny yourself of something you think you want but to add the healthy foods in with them and over time you will naturally veer to the healthy choices.

      As to your asinine assumption that anybody that is not as fit as you will have a heart attack upon exercise tells just how much of an expert you are. Since your so fond of Google as a research tool, take a look at how many “fit” people fall over dead of heart attacks and such every year while exercising. Obviously you have to listen to your body and take signals seriously. Interesting I think I was just recently reading a book that made that point, wish I could remember what book it was.

      Thanks for wasting my time reading your post, hope I returned the favor.

      If your going to criticize something have a little more than “Google”.

    • Fran

      You’re pretty hard on all of us who are overweight. Have you even read the book? No one just “lets themselves do what they were never supposed to do in the first place.” That’s just not how it works. The body makes its own decisions about how much you will weigh until you finally listen to it and change yourself. But we are not taught that as we grow up, certainly not when I grew up back in the 40’s and 50’s. And as far as Jon making money with this, I have no problems with it since he is sharing what actually and finally worked for him, and if you read what others here say, it is what works for them as well. I can guarantee that I have tried them all, but my body’s demands were just stronger than I was, even though I have often been called strong-minded and strong-willed. I suggest YOU go do what you’ve always done, and leave the rest of us to do what is best for us. And above all, stop being a nay-sayer who is attempting to put blame on people who already feel guilty enough. This is the first time I have ever read anything that even remotely tells me the truth about my weight. You sure don’t. All you can do is to spout the stuff that has never worked for many of us. Your attitude reminds me of my ex-husband’s, and his negative and cocksure attitude is why he’s my ex. Like you, he knew everything–everything except what was best for me.

  • Sam J.

    Just wanted to add my own experience with the Gabriel Method. This has worked for me really well, but you need to stick with the plan folks. This is not a diet, but a method that can and will bring results if you do it as suggested by Jon Gabriel. There’s no quick fix in losing weight, you need to change your eating AND thinking methods, that’s all. It can be hard for a few days, but your body will quickly adapt and when it happens, fat will just melt off your body and when that starts to happen, you will be proud of yourself.

  • Sal

    Makes perfect sense,but I’m not so sure how practical it is.What is the likelyhood of finding freerange chicken,and grassfed beef.In the 1930’s congress was told that America’s soil was depleted of minerals.Congress declined to do anything about it,because,quote “It’s too expensive to correct the problem”.Now,that healthcare has become a big problem,we still haven’t corrected the problem of demineralization of America’s soil.Maybe some orgabic farmers have addressed the prolem locally,but nationally?

    Now I hear, that a bill is circulating in congress to make organic farnming more difficult,not ,less.Can anyone reading this spell conspiracy? Because that is exactly what it appears to be.A conspiracy to keep America unhealthy as possible.Why? Is,it too expensive to eat healthy?It,will be if,they get their way!

  • debbie hissett

    I weigh 385 and have tried every diet with some or no success and read this and want to try it but i have no charge card so how can i order the book? I need all the help i can ge tin loosing this weight befor i die.

    • Fran

      If you have a bank account, then check with your bank to see if you can get a debit card. I am probably telling you what you already know, however. Perhaps you can use a check at his website. Or can you get to a bookstore? Call first to make sure they have the book, and if not, you can order it so it will be there when you get there. I hope this helps. Best regards, Fran

      • Michael


        Debbie wrote that question in 2009. You replied in 2012. By all calculations, she is now long dead. Sorry.

  • mel

    I have started this last month and its great. I havnt lost any weight yet but i can feel the change inside of me so I know its coming. I have tried them all, WW, jenny, atkins and everything in between, all of them tell me to weigh, measure or count. This is something I know i will stick with because… well its just not hard and NOTHING is forbidden, I eat what, when and how much I want, because for once its not about what I can and cant eat

  • sonam

    I am very impressed with your method. It is really helping me go thin.

  • steph

    something i have noticed on just about every diet is the lack of grains/dairy…not really low carb but most menus look like this with meat and veggies and some fruit maybe eggs/nut/seeds and healthy oils water, basically paleo!!

  • Patricia

    I’ve just started. How liberating to be free of diets forevermore. The evening visualization CD seems to be working: Unlike most of the time when I’m “dieting,” I find myself enthused about finding healthful, delicious things to eat (and drawn to raw food diet in the process), enthused about fixing them for myself, and not craving anything I really shouldn’t have. The CD keeps putting me to sleep, so I don’t really know what’s on it, but I find myself reminding myself to choose the most healthful options to eat, while still eating what I want (that is, not forcing myself to have a carrot juice smoothie if what I really want is leftovers from last night’s reasonably healthy dinner).

    I have exactly half of me to lose — all precisely due to dieting. I’d go off a diet (fail) and then bounce back adding all I lost and more. The last time I lost 30, gained back 60. ENOUGH! Gabriel is right about that part, if he’s also right about how to get thin (and plenty of people have provided testimonials, so it’s working for some of them), then this is the ONLY way to do it.

  • charles williams

    will try

  • Lars

    I just started listening to the audio book while I’m waiting for the actual book to arrive. There seems to be allot of common sense here, and already there have been a few thought provoking concepts that gave me one of those Eureka! moments of “that’s me”.

    The mind can do amazing things. If it can make me thin then I’m going to help it all that I can.

  • Lisa

    Makes sense… Our brains are the thing that need to be programmed not our bodies. I feel the strength is in your mind.

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