Fruit Flush

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

fruit flushClinical nutritionist Jay Robb created the 3 day Fruit Flush Plan for people who feel they are in need of a detox and are showing signs that may include bloating, fatigue, irritability and carbohydrate addiction.

Robb says that by eating specific foods dieters can remove toxins and flush away extra pounds in just three days. He claims that the key to maintaining health and long-term weight loss is to eat a balanced healthy diet with periodic cleanses with fresh raw fruit.

This is a 48-page book that gives instructions for a 3-day cleansing diet based on protein powder and fruit.

Fruit Flush Diet Basics

Fruit forms the basis of this diet and it’s high content of water, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and low glycemic index carbohydrates are said to help dissolve toxins, improve liver function and increase energy levels.

The first day involves protein drinks that are taken five times a day at two hourly intervals. Dinner is a large raw vegetable salad with lean protein and olive oil or avocado.

Days two and three involve a serving of fresh fruit in place of the protein drinks and dinner is a large raw vegetable salad with olive oil or avocado and a protein drink.

Recommended Foods

Whey protein
Fresh fruits of choice
Raw salad vegetables (variety is important)
Avocado (if used as a salad topping)
Olive oil (for salad dressing)
Lemons or limes
Pure water
Chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef or egg whites

Sample Diet Plan

Day 1
8 am – Protein drink
10 am – Protein drink
12 pm – Protein drink
2 pm – Protein drink
4 pm – Protein drink
6 pm- 3 to 6 cups raw vegetable salad, 3-6 oz lean chicken and 1 tablespoon olive oil

Days 2 & 3

Days 2 and 3
8 am – 2 cups cantaloupe
10 am – 2 cups strawberries
12 pm – 1 medium banana
2 pm – 2 medium apples
4 pm – 1 large mango
6 pm- 3 to 6 cups raw vegetable salad, ½ avocado and a protein drink

Exercise Recommendations

Robb advises dieters to avoid cardio and weight training exercises for the duration of the plan.

Costs and Expenses

Fruit Flush costs $5 and is available in both hard copy and e-book format.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.

It is also necessary to purchase whey protein powder and a large amount of fruit.


  • Can increase motivation to stay with a longer-term weight loss plan.
  • Good to neutralize the effects of overindulgence prior to commencement of a healthy lifestyle eating program.
  • Can help reset the appetite in favor of healthier foods.
  • Most people enjoy eating fruit.


  • May be difficult for those with hypoglycemia and blood glucose imbalances to follow.
  • Hunger and fatigue may be a problem for many dieters.
  • May interfere with ability to carry out normal daily activities.
  • Promises quick results that may not reflect a true weight loss.


While diets that overemphasize one food group to the exclusion of others are usually not recommended as a healthy approach to dieting, Robb avoids most of these problems by advising that the diet is only continued for 3 days and by including adequate amounts of protein and healthy fats in his plan.

His claims that dieters can lose 9 pounds in 3 days may be seen as misleading as it is not physically possible to lose this amount of fat in such a short time, so it is important to bear in mind that most of the weight lost on this plan is likely to be water.

Nonetheless this plan will be safer than many other detox plans for the majority of dieters, and will likely give a boost to motivation and energy that can kick start a lifestyle healthy weight loss program.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Silvia

    For the protein shake, is it just the protein powder and milk or water? Or can you add half a banana?


    • ted

      yes, you can incorporate some of your daily fruit into a protein smoothie

  • Kim Mays

    Amazing! I gaines 30lbs after knee surg and Im over 40..weight loss does not come easy as I cannot exercise..I was not hungry…lost 6lbs by day 2 of water, but I don’t care what it was, its out of me.I have taken water pills lasix and not peed this much!..starting day 3 I have lost another 2! I an extremely impressed as I just done lié carb and gaines weight! Will do again..dont want it to end….may continue! Ladies this is the truth.I dont review tthings online but I want others to feel this great, Its so misérable being unable to lose when you really try hard! This one works Ill update soon…great! Kimmy

  • Kathy

    I started yesterday and lost 3 lbs but I also worked out.

  • Sam cole

    Hi I have just completed the 3 day detox, my eating was out of control and I have put on 3 & half stone since Aug 2012 (this is after losing 2 & half stone) I was comfort eating due to giving up smoking. I lost ten pound In the three days (bearing in mind I am a big women and a lot of it will be water) and feel fantastic the other benifits I noticed was my skin has gone lovely nice and soft and smooth I can no longer have two sugars in my coffee as too sweet, and it has got me out of the cycle I was in because I want to continue losing weight now. It was hard (I missed my coffee), I found the second day the hardest and I had a headache for day 1&2 but it was not unbearable so I did not take anything, I was also tired and did not have a lot of energy until the third day, but today (the day after) I feel great.
    I am going to do it again next week but I do not expect to lose as much, but even if I lose another 4 pound that’s a stone.x So good luck and I will let you know how I get on next week when I do it again.

    • Nae

      Great Job! How Inspiring!

  • Amy

    I’m going to go on this plan, and then see the results!

  • patsy roberts

    The show is very educational and I will try the diets

  • patsy roberts

    I would like to get the 3 day detox smoothie shown on the monday 13th november

  • Paty

    This cleanse really work…you will lose 5-10 pounds for sure. You will feel so much better and healthier..its also really good for your skin. Its great when you want to get rid of all the bad food youve been eating in the last few weeks. Or a last minute result before a nice trip….very safe also. It maybe a little hard the first day but easy after that.

  • Arpege

    I started yesterday and so far so good. I was a little hungry in the day but just as I started to get hungry it was time for another shake. I didn’t eat dinner until 7:30pm so I was really hungry by then. This morninig I got up and see that I have lost 2.5 lbs!! On day 2, will keep u posted!

  • Heather

    Im gonna try this tomorrow.. I’ll let you guys know how it goes! Some diets work and some don’t I love love the cabbage soup diet but looking for different options do I’m not doing the cabbage all the time it’s kinda boring to eat it everyday but it works so I’m hoping this works too cuz I Love me some fruit :p

  • Becky santos

    I really need to do this detox I am sooooo overweight And I hope this can help me!! My question is “how often can I do this”??? If I do make it through the first detox when should I take a break?? Thank you

    • Ivy

      The last time I went on this diet I did it once a week and I had great results. For the other 4 days of the week you need to still eat healthy and exercise though and then on the 3 days of diet no exercise and no cheating! I did this for 5 weeks and lost almost 20 pounds (160lbs to almost 140lbs) and kept it off for a year (I had some life changes that were stressful and gained the weight back). Keep your water intake very high everyday because the detox diet can dehydrate you and on the off days make sure to eat lots of fiber because the protein in the diet will constipate you. Hope that helps, good luck!

  • jackie

    feel less bloated and lighter

  • Georgia

    can you drink coffee on this 3 day diet?

    • Ivy

      The point of the diet is to detox your body of toxins. Also, caffeine can dehydrate you. If you do drink coffee and do the diet make sure to drink your 8 cups of water a day and an extra 1-2 cups of water per every cup of coffee. My coffee drinking family said that is what they did. (almost a year later response :D) Update the room about your experience if you did do this diet with the coffee drinking please, Thanks.

  • ursula

    Hi what type of protein shakes is the right ones and what xactly
    Should the salad contain?

    • Ivy

      The last time I did this type of diet I used whey protein powder. Basically what your looking for though is a protein powder that does not have artificial sugars and it needs to have a high protein content. The salad can contain any vegetables that you like but limit the sugary ones like carrots.Cucumbers, celery, peppers, carrots, onions, and tomatoes are usually what I put in my salad for vegetable and then of course the half avocado.

  • noorin

    Hey, I want to go on the 3 day detox diet, if I don’t want to have protein shakes, what can I have instead? I can do the fruits all day, and jogging on track and yoga? Kindly advise! Thanx.

  • Jenean

    I did the detox diet during Spring Break 2011. I followed the diet to a tee EXCEPT, I drank alcohol on the second day. However, I lost 7 pounds. I had no problems except on the last day I experienced a slight headache and lightheadedness (which I believe was a result of the alcohol.) This was a great jump start to my working out and eating better. I will do the detox a few more times before Summer.

  • Zana

    I am on it now, though a diffrent way of Fruit Flesh for a weak and today teh first is very hard…..Hoping for the best!

  • Marisa

    Does anyone know what size the Protien Shakes have to be like? Like 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, ect?

  • Melanie

    i’m 18 and streesed out alot and this actually made me feel relaxed!

  • Tracy

    I am a very fat woman and this diet made my breasts hurt

  • Julie

    Is a GREAT!!! programme. My husband and i have been on this 2 days and feeling a huge difference already. Will comment again in 5 days time

  • Kat

    I’ve consumed 5 protien drinks today and I worked out for one hour of spinning. I did have a headache due to caffiene withdrawls, and I feel a little tired (probably due to working out.)I am looking forward to a big salad.

  • Geoff Coates

    my diabetis is out of cotrol, my levels are alway mid 20, what fruit should i not eat????

    • Renee

      You want to eat high fiber fruits like apples and berries. Avoid high carb fruits like bananas and melons. HTH!

  • tony

    can i do simple workouts such as push-ups sit -ups and pull-ups during the diet?

  • sam

    do you have to eat the exact fruit that the diet lists or can you eat any fruit? for example , can i sub blueberries for strawberries, etc.?

  • Bev

    I’ve tried this diet over a month ago it was very hard but worth it. Day one still the worst, day two and three was ok becuase I love fruits…. I lost 7.5 lbs. I am doing this again with a co-worker who does not like the protein drinks hopefully it pays off

  • Roben

    I am at the end of my third day. I stuck with the program exactly. First day was hard as I was tired, second day I had a headache and third day not so bad. I drank a ton of water, too. My issue is that there has been no flush. I hate that the flush did not work for me, but at least I have not had sugar or caffeine for three days.

  • Shawn

    I have a heart condition and I did do the diet, however on day 3 (today) I was not feeling well at all so I stopped. I think that this diet will effect each person differently.

    The great thing is I lost 6 lbs in 2 days and my system really flushed out. I did not do the protein drinks just fruit only. I at apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, pears, strawberries & melons. I drank a lot of water. I ate when I was hungry and and stopped when I was full, so it didn’t matter wether it was lunch, supper or breakfast.

    I highly recommend this diet to everyone, however make sure you are careful. You all know your own body and how it feels etc.

  • felica

    im starting mi diet tommorrw and i want to know will i lose more weight if i cut out the protein part and just use peanut butter for mi protein

  • tami

    No coffee or tea!

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