Fruit Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

fruit-dietFruitarians (or ‘fructarians’) are a subgroup of vegans, who are in turn a subgroup of vegetarians, most of whom adopt their particular dietary preference for reasons of health, ecological/environmental responsibility, or ethics.

A Vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish, and products derived from them (such as cochineal, lard, tallow, gelatin), although it can include honey, milk and other dairy products, and eggs.

A Vegan diet goes further by excluding dairy and egg products – only vegetables are eaten.

A Fruitarian (fructarian) diet goes further again by excluding all parts of all ‘vegetables’ (that is, plants and trees) except the fruit of the plant.

Fruitarian Diet

In a fruitarian diet, the only parts of plants used are the fruit, nuts, seeds and other plant matter that can be gathered without harming the plant. In other words, ‘culinary’ fruit (apples, oranges, pears etc) and ‘botanical’ fruit or seed-containing reproductive parts of flowering plants (beans, berries, capsicums, cucumbers, grains, nuts, peas, pumpkins, seeds, squash, tomatoes, and the like), can be eaten, but not carrots, potatoes or spinach etc., which require destruction of the plant.

A true fruitarian believes that removal of a vegetable from its roots (say a potato or a lettuce leaf) injures it, which is against the fruitarian concept of causing no death or injury to anything in order to consume part of it (the tomato and avocado are considered either fruit or vegetable, and thus are exceptions to this rule).

The fruitarian diet may appear to be limited in variety and in nutrition, but nuts of any type provide a protein source, and grains and pasta are suggested for a balanced diet. Eggs may also be eaten if from organically grown chickens.

Fruit Recipes

Negative factors

A fruitarian diet is difficult to follow, and long-term fruitarians can develop health problems, such as:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency – B12 is essential for normal nervous system function and the production of blood cells. To be absorbed by the body, B12 must bind to a protein (secreted by glands in the stomach lining) called ‘intrinsic factor’. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is produced exclusively by microorganisms (bacteria), and the main sources of vitamin B12 are meat, eggs, and dairy products, all absent in the fruitarian diet. B12 is not present in any fruit, and even if found on the fruit’s surface due to bacterial action, there will be nothing left after cleaning/preparing the fruit. Of course, there are other causes of B12 deficiency apart from it being low in the diet, such as:
    • Abdominal/intestinal surgery or disorders affecting the production or absorption of intrinsic factor
    • Chronic alcoholism
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Fish tape worm
    • Pernicious anemia, due to a lack of intrinsic factor
  • Diabetic or hypoglycemic-type symptoms, due to the high sugar content of the fruitarian diet, which also lacks protein, minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Eating disorder symptoms – long-term fruitarians are prone to food cravings and consequent binge-eating of either ‘allowed’ or ‘illegal’ foods, and often become addicted to dates (for their high sugar content) and avocados (for their high fat content). Some may develop a type of eating disorder for which a name has been coined, “orthorexia nervosa”
    (“ortho” meaning straight, correct, and true), which has similarities to “anorexia nervosa”. Orthorexia nervosa refers to a pathological fixation on eating so-called ‘proper’ food.

Maintaining nutrient levels

Care should be taken with a fruitarian diet to ensure sufficient consumption of certain nutrients, by identifying and including the appropriate sources of:

Look for healthy vegetarian  and fruit recipes here.

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

    I changed my lifestyle drastically by only eating fruit and vegetables. I have lost 12kg in 2 months. I struggled with a spur in my right foot but it is now a thing of the past.

    I do not eat anything “man-made”. We are designed by God to eat fruit off trees.

    I feel cleansed, full of energy, depression has disappeared and my skin tone as improved. Need I say more………?

  • Amily

    Not a single comment below me is free of major grammatical errors / spelling mistakes. You are all either complete morons or 12 year olds.

    • Andy

      No one asked you to be the grammar police. is this all you do is troll peoples comments and look for spelling and grammar errors? sad!

  • Tomislav

    I think that dark leafy greens and wild plants is essential in raw food diet, and dr. Gabriel Cousens years of working with raw foods and fruitarianism itself is showing that the problems can (will?) occurred after several years of pure fruitarianism. You can take the leafy greens from plant without destroying it, just don’t pick up all the leafs.

    • Kimberly

      I think that rather misses the point of NOT injuring things for the purpose of eating them.

  • DePaw


    Breast milk is 1% protein, 6.9% carbohydrate and 4.4% fat by weight, or 5.6% protein, 38.8% carbohydrate and 55.6% fat by calories. So breast milk is anything but low-fat!

    An infant weighing 5kg/11lbs needs 700 calories; this is ~64 calories per pound. A 150lb adult may need 2000 calories, or ~13 calories per pound. The infant’s energy requirements are almost five times that of an adult’s on a per weight basis, so the 5.6% percentage calories as protein is deceptive.

    700 calories at 5.6% protein = 39.2 calories from protein, which is 9.8g protein per 11 pounds, this is 0.89g protein/lbs. In an adult weighing 150lb, this would be 134 grams of protein! So actually infants get a huge amount of protein for their size.

    Also that 700 calories of breast milk has 140mg of cholesterol, and using our 11lb infant versus our 150lb adult, this is 1909mg of cholesterol on a per weight basis! So babies get a lot of dietary cholesterol too.

    Conclusion: fruit only looks like breast milk if you don’t factor in the size of who’s eating it.

  • dvd

    The question of sufficient protein in the diet being percent verses grams can be confusing. The major problem with specifying or seeking sufficient as a percent of diet is that most people are unable to effectively understand or calculate percent. The major problem in specifying gram is that it should really relate to the the size of a person (e.g. so many grams of protein are supposedly needed per kilogram of body weight), and that kind of calculation is also a challenge for too many people (resulting in an inappropriate generic “you need xx grams of protein” because it is simple).

    I for one, discard much of the “science” behind the amount of “protein” needed because of the many conflicts and errors in thinking. Among other things, protein is too often thought of as a “meat” source, but what do the cows and fowls eat to “put on muscle” and otherwise develop the protein they supposedly provide to humans? Via grasses, grains, small insects, and other sources that really have protein as a small percentage of their diet. So if they can be healthy by eating a primarily non-meat diet to obtain the protein and nutrients they need, why can’t humans?

    If humans are related to apes, which can be fairly muscular (one of the supposed needs for extra protein in the diet of athletes, for example), how do they obtain it on a most fruit diet (supplemented with some vegetable and small amounts of insects)?

    Considering the “perfect food” for a developing human baby (that should be fairly exclusively nursed on human breast milk for at least six months, during critical brain, muscle, and other development), what percentage of that is protein/fat/etc.? Would that not be a clue as to what kind of dietary nutrients are needed or sufficient for humans?

    Consider the societies which have experienced great longevity with excellent health (such as the Hunza) and the limited meat (or typical sources and amounts of protein as espoused by modern science as critical for health). Do you want to live on theory or what has been proven to provide strong, healthy lives of greater than 90 years?

    • Ahmed

      It’s also important to note that the meat on this diet must have been rsaied and fed in as close to natural environment as possible. This means they must be pastured and exclusively grass-fed, slaughtered right out of the pasture. Most food animals in the USA are finished with grains and soy and cooped up in small spaces with hundreds of other animals the last few weeks before slaughter.poultry should also be pastured and allow to roam about eating bugs and worms as they would if they were allowed to be wild. It’s really hard to find poultry rsaied this way, as even the organic crowd feeds them soy and grain.I’ve been eating this way since the summer and lost weight as well as feel better. I have hashimoto’s and RA, both autoimmune diseases which have been linked with gluten intolerance. I’ve been off RA meds for 2 years hoping to stay that way, and working on getting hashi under control.

  • Noella


    • Yo

      Did it worked for you??

  • Shalinee

    Shannon did you really lose 10 kgs?

  • Bex

    (Hopefully you didn’t take the name of the website as a literal command. Maybe you did. who knows?)

  • Bex

    Bananas are one of the few fruits used to put on weight for vegans/ fruitarians alongside dried out fruits,oils, and nuts. Having 30 a day would probably give you constipation and potassium overdose. Fruitarianism is about balance and being sensible with the types of fruit you eat. Maybe you should have researched bananas more Bob.

  • Bob

    I did the fruit thing off 30 bananas a day website, hoping to look as skinny as the girl who runs the site. I gained 12 pounds of fat from eating all that fruit. She has never answered my emails and doesn’t seem to care that I am now more overweight than when I started the diet. She just wants to take your money. Her mentoring is a waste of time and money.

    • ted

      Bob this isn’t about the 30 bananas a day website…..

  • Sane

    Hey there Gina.
    First of all, calling somebody “mentally handicapped” is not nice. Congenital cognitive development disorders are a serious condition that you shouldn’t use as an insult.
    Secondly, for someone who is old enough to use the internet, you really need to go back to grade school and learn some maths. Like multiplication. 10% = 1/10 a certain amount. 10% of your DAILY CALORIE intake means 1/10th of what you’re TOTAL calorie intake. Percentage = gram/ total gram. Seriously…have some protein. You’re brain cells are dying.

  • Paul

    When people want to start a diet to lose weight, they immediately think of a fruit and salad diet. The reason behind this is that fruits and vegetables have plenty of vitamins and minerals, but very few calories.

    I will try to underline here some of the positive reasons, and why should you follow a fruit diet.

    •They strengthen your immune system;
    •Fight against aging;
    •Help you lose weight without starving yourself;
    •Fruits play a great role in the detoxification of your organism.

  • Gina

    Wow, this Robert person might be mentally handicapped. He just said percentage of daily calories doesn’t matter, and grams do. I don’t think he knows anything about nutrition. If humans need 10% of their calories from protein, and they are consuming enough calories, they are consuming enough protein. Protein deficiencies only exist when not enough overall calories are consumed.

    • jason

      you are stupid, protein deficiencies exist when obviously there is not enough protein! if u just ate sugar all day to get all ur calories for the dayu wouldn’t be getting enough protein, which in turn would cause a PROTEIN DEFICIENCY! Heres an idea why dont u go do some reading!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donis Fylaktou

    I have had gout for years, and tried just about everything without success.I reduced meat to, minimum once
    a week, stopped alcohol altogether.I was having LOTS of fruit and vegetables and my gout was worsening.
    Finally I have read something about Excessive fructose increasing uric acid.I experimented reducing my fruit
    intake to 2 a day, and bingo within days I saw a dramatic improvement

  • Fat Fudge

    “Eggs may also be eaten if from organically grown chickens.”

    Who said you can eat eggs on a fruitarian diet?!?

  • Keira Tansey

    I think a fruitarian would be a good diet to follow especially if you do it properly. Eating the fruit along with nuts, seeds etc. I am going to do it for a while to see how I feel with it.

  • naomi

    i love this diet :) i’ve lost like 18 lbs and its only been a week, i just eat fruit when im hungry and drink lots of water. i don’t really excerise, i walk to places i go, but not like power walking just laid back walking from my different classes around campus. this diet shows me to be aware of what i’m putting into my body, its not bad to have sweets and processed food every once in awhile, just be aware of how much and what you’re eating. i got three more weeks to go! :) i plan to try and keep this weight off as well. soo wish me luck! ;)

    • Anna

      Hi Naomi I’m on day 3 of a fruit fast and want to go 30 days. Just wondering how much weight you lost on just fruit and in how many days. Also how did you do keeping it off after the fast as in the past I gained it all back and don’t want to go through that again.

  • Robert


    Fruits and vegetables may be 10% protein but the percentage is meaningless. How many GRAMS of protein are provided in a piece of fruit or vegetable? Perhaps 1 gram, 2 grams if you’re lucky. You would have to eat a truckload of fruits and vegetables to meet your requirements. So you eat an apple and get 1 gram of protein and I’ll eat 3 ouces of sardines and get 18 grams.

  • esther

    on this fruit diet, can i replace fresh fruit with canned fruit?

    • ted

      @Esther, I would think not because a lot of the benefit would be lost in the canning process and fruit skins are highly nutritious.. Frozen berries would be fine.

  • Livia

    Fruitarian, my boss is a the fruitarian and has the most unbelievable mood swings, he is hyper, runs aeound trying to do everything and gets nothing done, I am sure he is high on sugar and gets really nasty to all the staff when his sugar is low, he goes thru staff like a person deficating twice and hour. What a horror, a better human being he is shot, or should be, after the holidays most of us are getting out of here…he can eat his fruit and graze all day by himself.

  • Kieran

    I have taken to fruitarianism, it is easy here in the tropics near Goa, India. What I have found is that it is impossible to starve on this diet as there are nearly 20 major fruiting seasons of different local fruit as well as some brought from further north like apples, cherries, etc. Plus there are some fruit available throughout the year that pack a lot of calories like bananas, dates, coconuts.

    Now for the effect this fruit diet had on me.
    Firstly, my skin cleared and improved to the extent I have a sort of smooth sheen that was never there before.

    My winter respiratory problems (bronchitis, asthma) have all but disappeared and the rest of the year, summer and rainy season my breathing is perfect.

    Exercise which used to be a chore is now routine and does not seem to take much effort unlike earlier on an omnivore diet.

    Work is a breeze and I can do a full day’s work compressed into almost half a day with no strain on eyes or any other faculty like hands, wrist etc

    Personal hygiene is much improved. Sweat is odorless, motions are regular, breath is fresh.

    I had thought of trying this diet for a limited period. But I think i will stick. I don’t take the B12 vitamin issue too seriously. I get enough vitamin D by sunbathing an hour daily BTW

    • Simona

      wish I could be in Goa!! U still there..???

    • Manasee

      That’s inspiring. I am born vegetarian Indian. I am willing to be fruitarian for life long. It’ has been 3 days I am on fruits and felt no craving. But I am obsessed how it will be in long run!

  • Veggie Lover

    How ignorant can people get? Sure this may provide excellent results for weight loss, but c’mon a long-term fruit diet? Anyone who decides to live their life this way for the sake of not harming anything, is just making an excuse for an eating disorder. How ridiculous!

  • Shannon

    oh i LOVE the fruit diet. i went on it for 30 days, and i had lost 10kg. for me, that was a huge acomplishment, as i didnt really have much weight to lose in the first place. but my eyes were clearer, skin was perfect and i was always happy. i always suggest it to people. and to add to all this, i didnt exercise at all while i was on it. so if i had exercised, i would have lost a lot more.
    go ahead and try it!

  • kate Florio

    i eat mainly fruit and some nuts. it is a deep seeded belief system that we do better on fruit; i know it has changed my self esteem from a 2 to an 8, it has improved aches and pains (there ARE none), it has improved my quality of life from a 2 to a 6, i enjoy people more than before, etc etc etc. maybe i have orthorexia, but it works for ME!!!! i’ll take it any day – over conventional food – if i can have the discipline to stay on it!!!!

  • EA

    You know the fruit diet does work and it is not a sin not to eat meat once and a while if so then all of rome is sinning because easter is apon us. I took the fruit diet for one month and lost 25 lbs that stayed off. It works and my doctor is the one that told me about it. Friut will help you lose wieght if you need weight loss and if you are to underwieght it will help you gain back.

    • Mikail

      I understand you cmoelptely because both my mother and my sister have quite eating meat for 10 years and they are probably eating a lot healthier than all the rest of us, carnivores.When I do not feel like having any meat, I like to focus on cheese of any kind and on milk and sometimes eggs.Congratulations for a wonderful website !

  • anonymous

    to those who think that eating only fruit will cause a ‘protein deficiency': The recommended daily intake of protein is 10% of daily caloric intake. Pretty much all fruits and vegetables have about 10% protein in them… and many have much more. Plus its the most efficient protein for our bodies, much more complete than animal products.

    On a side not, nearly every food we eat has enough protein anyway so its impossible to have a protein deficiency. Even if we only at rice we would still be getting 8% of our daily caloric intake from protein. Read the 80/10/10 book and get informed!!

  • Luke

    Just try it for a few weeks and then see how you feel. Definitely clears your mind. You can think about it philosophically all day but you’ll never really know until you try it. It won’t kill you. Mind what you are truly craving, is unseasoned meat or bread appealing to your tastes? Also, try and realize when you are really truly hungry, not just craving, because when you are truly hungry even raw carrots and lettuce are appetizing. Eat to live

  • lavi

    but isn’t this diet a bit out there? dont you get a protein deficiency? (as well as other deficiencies)

  • anonymous

    this actually sounds really great but i’m not quite sure, can someone pls give me a hand here

  • anonymous

    how awesome i’m a childcan i try it

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