Fat Burning Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

fat-burning-dietClinical nutritionist Jay Robb previously suffered from reactive hypoglycemia and developed the Fat Burning Diet as a means to stabilize his own blood sugar levels.

He claims he did not write it as a weight loss book but as a method to increase energy.

Once the dieter’s energy levels increase any excess weight will be lost naturally without even trying he says.

Robb explains that while low carb diets can produce fast results they can often leave dieters feeling tired and in the long run are associated with certain health risks.

The Fat Burning Diet Basics

His solution is to advise dieters to cycle between high carb and low carb days.

Each day he recommends three meals. Once a week dieters have a free meal where they can eat whatever they want but only for one hour.

The diet is based on the concept of making the body burn fat as it’s primary energy source. Robb explains that alternating low and high carb days manipulates glycogen metabolism and this tricks the body so that fat doesn’t get stored.

Robb also gives twelve different variations on the structure of the diet that are designed to suit a range of specific goals.

Recommended Foods

Robb provides dieters with advice on how to select foods that are sources of good carbohydrates. He says that the wrong carbs are a major cause of fatigue and can produce sleepiness after a meal.

Recommended carbohydrate foods include sweet and white potatoes, brown rice, pasta, corn, whole wheat bread and fruit.

He also emphasizes the importance of high quality protein and healthy fats. Supplying protein in each meal is the key to keeping the blood glucose levels stable and will result in a constant supply of energy throughout the day.

Sample Diet Plan

Low Carb Day

Egg white omelet with cheddar cheese and salsa


Large raw vegetable salad with tuna and avocado


Stir-fry lean beef with broccoli and peanut sauce

High Carb Day

Fruit salad and yogurt
Wholegrain toast with honey


Turkey breast with baked sweet potato
Green salad with low fat dressing


Chicken breast, whole grain pasta and zucchini


Fresh fruit

Look for other low carb and high carb recipes here.

Exercise Recommendations

Robb recommends walking and weight training to increase muscle strength and metabolism however he makes the point that dietary changes are the most important factor for those who wish to lose weight.

Try these resistance exercises along with the Fat Burning Diet.

Costs and Expenses

The Fat Burning Diet retails for $12.95.

Click here to purchase this diet for a discounted price.


  • Good for people who don’t want to give up carbs but still would like the benefits of a low carb diet.
  • Can help reduce food cravings and addiction to carbohydrates. May assist with the management of hypoglycemia and other blood glucose imbalances.
  • Once a week ‘cheat meal’ can help reduce the stress of dieting continually and may increase the ability to stick with the diet.
  • Carb and calorie cycling can keep the metabolism running smoothly.
  • Can be adapted to suit vegetarians.
  • Emphasizes high quality nutritious foods.
  • Includes meal plans and recipes.


  • Fairly restrictive plan especially on low carb days.
  • May require more expense and time spent on food preparation as no processed foods are allowed.
  • Some dieters may have difficulty maintaining control after the ‘cheat meal’
  • Robb includes religious references in his book that may be disagreeable to non-Christian readers.

Some Discipline Required

This diet will take a certain degree of discipline to maintain but for dieters who are committed it may provide a solution for the reduction in energy levels and metabolism that can occur with low carb diets.

It is especially recommended for dieters who have trouble sticking to low carbohydrate diets but also do not achieve results on standard dietary approaches. Allowing dieters to eat carbs every other day has psychological and physiological benefits that may increase the likelihood of success.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Sonya

    Hi.. Sir I’m Sony I want to do healthy diet.my weight is 50 and my age is 22 .i want to reduce my weight please advice me healthy weight loss and proper diet instructions.

  • shraddha

    how much weight can u reduce from this diet?
    and what is the duration of this diet to follow up?

  • sonam chopra

    Hi i am vegetarian ..can u suggest me a veg die to lose weight and belly

  • Raj

    I’m 46 my weight is 89 I would like to reduce my! Waist line is 44 please suggest thank you

  • nicole

    I am 34 but I feel 80 nd no energy

  • neetu

    i am 80,my age is 33 what can i do

  • prachi

    hi i am 26 and my wight is 80 what i do

  • Brandon Green

    So on this diet one must restrict both carbs and fats is that correct
    does the high fat diet work as well as this one

    • Steven Lamothe

      I think it depends on what you mean by restriction of carbs and fats.

      First, not all carbs and fats are created equal. There are a lot of bad carbs (whole wheat bread, pastas, white potatoes, white rice) what should be avoided. If you want carbs for for sprouted grain breads (spelt, millet) Foods for Life has a good variety of breads like this. Ezekiel 4:9 is also good, find it in a health food store mostly. Quinoa is also another good grain. Sweet potatoes are best as opposed to white potatoes.

      Fats: avoid hydroganated oils like margarine, fake butter spreads (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, etc). Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil. Basically, cut out all your foods from cans, boxes and bags – so no proecessed foods. They all contain hydroganated fats.

      Good fats: Olive oil, Coconaut oil, eggs, avocado, and unprocessed fats from raw nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.).

  • Brandon Green

    How does your diet compare to the anabolic diet of Mauro Dipasqualie?

  • imran

    hi i am 29 my weight is 75 n my ht is 5 feet 11″.my waist size is 35 ,, advise me the proper diet. i am doing gym for last 2 month 1 day cardio n 1 day hard core…

    • Neetu

      Hi Imran,

      first of all stop counting your days in gym… two months is nothing… and also you should look forward for long term results…… so keep on exercising…..

  • sara

    im 30 years old,my weight is 76 and im 162
    what should i do?

  • barbara

    I iam handicapped to the degree I walk with a cane (sometimes a walker and even sometimes a wheelchair). My problem is what do I doo for exercise oather than walk with a cane, which is not very fast. I will try the diet since I am very hi carb. Since I live alone this is something I can handle.

  • imran

    hi my name is imran i am 38 years old my height is 1,73 and my weight is 85kg and 22% body fat , my main problem is my belly and sides ,iam doing my gym 4 days a week and little diet too but still i want to be in shape so can u tell me how and what fat burner i can use thank you

  • Rihan

    i need workouts of this diet ..

  • Penny

    How often do you have low carb days and high carb days?? Is it just Low carb one day then the next day High carb??

  • kyle

    This diet is excellent. I went on it for about 2 months straight and lost 15 kgs, 9 of which I lost after I had completed the diet by maintaining small meals 3 times a day and no carbs after 2PM.

  • Elaine Dennis

    i need to get looseweight also my belly too also can u send me the adversting supply book and take loose weight and how to eat looseweight thankyou for helping very much

  • khojana

    thanks for advising me

  • arshad

    im 26 my weight is 54kg all the day im very active im student n work also when ever i get time offer namaz prayer that makes me exercise even . do exercise every day.!!!

  • angela

    Love the book…And followed the diet & got soooo lean..Thx



  • Winifred ede

    Pls help me i am 38 and am weighing 130kg what do i do to lose burn the fat as fast as possible thank you

  • angie

    seems good ill be trying it this week

  • ram

    Love some one sincerely you will loose wait ….. for her /him

    if you are married ..try for some one who is married ;)

    this will make you reduce weight ….roam with people who are socially moving with pubs discos and some outings

    then you will get some boost in ur mind and it will hurt you about your weight and starts your mind running about of loosing weight …
    trust me friends…ask your mind and request your

    mind please help me in reducing weight it will listem your pain …. strange ?

    Say suppose when you are hurt your pain reaches brain and that signals will spread allover for your reactions and ,,,,,blow your heart which will be the reul of Blood pressure and makes you cry so ..its all your brain which need to listen

    try this always ….. concentrate on reducing weight when you drink eat and smoke

    ;) simple

  • wendy

    i need help i want to lose weight but eat when bored and tired

  • jessil alexander

    hey i am 266lb and i am 32yrs old, i am confuse because don’t matter what i try i just keep gaining weight

  • Jean

    I’ve been sticking to three meals a day and it has worked beautifully for me. In a month, there have been three or four times where I felt too hungry to make it to the next meal and a small handful of sunflower seeds (about a tablespoon) have gotten me through.

  • alec

    how does this diet make you lose weight

  • natasha

    im currrently weighing 85 kg and want loose weight fast what should i do?? im am exercising everyday but still no change please help…

  • sohail

    hy am really weight loss my age 29 but my weight 100kg plz my dieat plan i want a bodybuilder plz help me

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