eDiets: Review

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


eDiets is one of the largest online weight loss programs.

Founded in 1996, they now boast over 1.3 million members. They have consistently won awards and recommendations from such prestigious publications as Time magazine, and Forbes Best of the Web.

eDiets was once a subscription-based service, where the user payed quarterly for a number of services; customized diet and meal plans, shopping list, recipes, email assistance, and access to online tools and calculators.

However, after a failed attempt at diet delivery, eDiets has just a few options.

eDiets Diet Plans

eDiets Personalized

  • Personalized results-driven meal plan
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 registered dietitian support
  • Custom fitness & personal trainer guidance
  • 1000’s of healthy recipes for losing weight
  • Total social networking community
  • Weight Loss Guarantee

Mediterranean Diet

  • Personalized results-driven Mediterranean meal plan
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 registered dietitian support
  • Custom fitness & personal trainer guidance
  • 1000’s of healthy Mediterranean recipes for losing weight
  • Total social networking community
  • Weight Loss Guarantee

Glycemic Impact Diet

  • Personalized results-driven low GI meal plan
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 registered dietitian support
  • Custom fitness & personal trainer guidance
  • 1000’s of healthy low GI recipes for losing weight
  • Total social networking community
  • Weight Loss Guarantee

Vegetarian Diet

  • Personalized results-driven vegetarian meal plan
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 registered dietitian support
  • Custom fitness & personal trainer guidance
  • 1000’s of healthy vegetarian recipes for losing weight
  • Total social networking community
  • Weight Loss Guarantee

Within these plans you are allowed to change individual food items (for example, if you were allergic to nuts). You are also allowed to change plans at anytime.

Program Costs

eDiets varies in price depending on which level of service chosen.

The membership only plans start at $18.95/month, but are cheaper if 3 months are paid for at once.

Successful Weight Loss?

eDiets has built an enormous brand based on successful weight loss. There are many success stories online and here is one from Brooke who lost 88lbs using their diet food delivery plan.

I started counting calories as a kid packing my lunch. I finally had to ask myself, “Am I always going to be the overweight girl?”

I tried many diets that didn’t work. No mattter what I tried, the weight always came back. (I event tried a whacky Pineapple Diet!) Then I found eDiets. When I first got the food, and it was so great, I knew it was a turning point for me.

I love how simple eDiets has been. It’s so easy! With eDiets there’s no counting points or tracking—no measuring anything. I didn’t have to think about it. No cooking, no embarrassing weigh-ins. You just eat the food and lose weight! It’s fool proof!

I am so proud of myself. I didn’t realize just how unhappy I was until I started losing weight. eDiets really changed my life.

They do advertise extensively, and have a huge opt-in newsletter that they make heavy use of.

However, eDiets has recently been acquired by AsSeenOnTV, so it will be interesting to see if they still remain as an effective way for people to lose weight.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Lisa

    Received first shipment and luckily only order the one week. Advertise fresh but came in soggy and wet. Could not eat any of it except muffin and snacks. Only hire pre meals from local companies. I live in Oregon and their meals shipped from New York.. Do not call ediets !! Call your credit card company and stop any charges they try .. It was a $200 mistake but no cancellation fee :)

  • Candice

    Ted…Emily Ross is correct…as of today, Feb. 4, 2013, I visited the website for the first time and it does present that offer…

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      No, she’s not. The current offer from eDiets is 3 weeks free food. The offer Emily was talking about was 7 days free membership to their non-delivery program which is no longer valid. What you saw was their diet delivery plan, Emily was referring to their basic membership plan

  • Emily Ross

    DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING: They offer 7 day free trial on their website but every time I clicked on the link, it took me to a paid membership. So, I spoke with a representative and they said they don’t offer it anymore. I told them this was false advertising and they didn’t care. This is what is on their website: “You get 7 days of full membership access to eDiets Online weight loss services for free. Your credit card will not be charged during this time. If you don’t cancel before the trial is over, your paid membership will automatically begin on the 8th day at the regular monthly rate of $17.96 until you cancel. To cancel and avoid being charged, please email freetrial@ediets.com or call 1-866-756-1168, before midnight ET on the 7th day of your trial.

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      I don’t see that offer anywhere on their website. It says you can save 25% but that’s all I see. I clicked on the order page and there is no mention of anything you referred to in your comment. They are always rotating offers and they are always only available for a limited time. Sounds like you missed the deadline on that one.

  • http://www.everydiet.org ted

    People looking for Diet food delivery should have a look at Diet to Go, their food and service is much better anyway.

  • Jill Martin

    I tried Ediets back in 2001 and I lost a considerable amount of weight!! However, back then, Ediets did not have a food delivery program. It cost me 25.00 to sign up and I received unlimited access to meal plans, exercise plans, etc. Ediets had a huge substitution list and you could always substitute a food with something else. I don’t even want to try their food delivery program. But I am going to sign up again just to get the food menus!! Try fixing the food yourself, and I promise no one will be disappointed!!

  • amber

    Well I signed up yesterday and was very enthusiastic and optimistic until reading all this. Now I’m upset and afraid I made a huge mistake

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Just give them a try, I’m not sure all of those comments are legit. Often these companies will hire people to leave negative comments on other companies’ reviews. Its a competitive market. I tried their food and didn’t experience any of the problems mentioned here. The food isn’t exactly homemade, but it was good overall.

      • Erica

        You are obviously paid to leave positive comments here! The reason Ediets is sketchy is that you must pay them before you can even look at what foods they offer! They offer no information like their competitors do on their website. They have one page and anything you click on sends you to the payment page! That’s the same as all those other scams on the internet. And, where are these millions of happy customers? It’s a bad idea to give these people your money!

      • http://www.everydiet.org ted

        I can assure you, I’m not paid to leave comments about eDiets. I’m a moderator of this website. Just because you don’t agree with the way eDiets tries to get new business doesn’t make them a scam. A scam is when you pay money and don’t get what is promised.. eDiets is a legit business and has had many happy customers. They have been in business over 10 years. If you sign up for their food, you will get a delivery.. so therefore their service is not a scam. If you don’t like the way eDiets operates, then choose something else, there are many to choose from and we have a whole list here.

  • joyce cahill

    Ediets is a scam. There food is Very bad. They send all the wrong “stuff” I got so sick and had stomach cramps for many days. They DO NOT know anything about food at all. Go to Walmart and buy a frozen dinner. You will be better off and it is much cheaper.

    • ted

      A scam is paying for something and getting nothing in return. You clearly received product. Now poor quality and not liking their food is a legitimate complaint. However, eDiets would not be considered a scam as they would have 1000’s of satisfied customers and deliver food when ordered.

  • Cecilia Giefe

    Wish I had read your reviews before ordering food from E-Diets. Everything bad said above is true. The meals are labeled “Use within 10 days” but there is no date of when E-diets packaged them, and meals were moldy and smelled so bad when heated that my kitchen stunk for days, and, of course, I couldn’t eat the meal. Breakfasts are a joke, broccoli florets ended up being unchewable broccoli stems, most vegies were of the starchy variety, nutrition info on meals did not match the nutrition info given on-line. On-line tracking was impossible. DON’T GO ON THIS DIET.

  • marisol santillan

    I really like this program. Yes some of the food isn´t that great but one the other side if you stick to it you can lose weight. I am on my third week in two weeks i lost 14 lbs. I exercise every day and i eat the meals 7 days a week and follow the instructions word for word. I never cheat. i modify the fruits and yogurt that i have with my lunch and dinners to eat them at different times so i don´t get hungry. I also drink allot of water i mean allot and so far i´m happy. The second week i did have allot of issues with the food going bad 5 meals but i was refunded and i just had chef salads or a subsitute. I guess i´m also very determined to get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daphne Maingot

    I was very disappointed with E Diets. The meals delivered were not what I ordered. The food did not taste good. Watery, rubbery scrambled eggs, anemic chicken meatballs, flavorless food. After suffering through these meals, I have lost very little weight.

  • lumanje

    I cancelled the today, right after my first shipment arrived and before I took one bite! When I opened the cooler I discovered that 4 of my 7 dinner meals were different than what I ordered and 3 out of my 7 desserts were also swapped. I called the Ediet customer service and was told “When an item is in high demand that a substitution will be made with a similar item to what you have ordered”.

    They did offer to refund me for the meals I did not want to eat but to tell everyone the truth… I don’t want to deal with a company that will change my order without notifying me ahead of time and expect me to smile and pay $148.00 a week. And it was a kick to the balls that they charged me a $74 termination fee and I couldn’t cancel the second order that was being processed today.

    If Ediets is reading this take a hint! People want what they paid for and what you have advertised. Not some substitution, that wasn’t picked by them… Its called Customer Service and yes, I’m happy to pay the $74 cancelation fee to be done with this and your crappy service!!

  • Helen L. Fedorak

    Your food is horrible. Soggy and watery ugh. I wasted $149 on 1 week’s worth of food. What a rip-off.

  • Carla Black

    eDiets is horrible diet program. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID!!! i had to quit after two weeks. I willingly paid their $70 early cancellation fee to get out of my membership. They advertise that they will refund the price of food minus shipping charges if you don’t lose at least 8lbs after four weeks. Of course I would lose 8 lbs after four weeks if I stuck to their plan. Who wouldn’t lose at least 8 lbs after spending 4 weeks vomiting after each meal?

    I was rarely able to finish a meal. Most of the time after 1 or 2 bites I had to spit out my food and throw the rest away. Often I couldn’t even take 1 bite because it smelled so bad. When I could finish a meal I would be hungry immediately afterwards. I added the fruit and dairy as they suggest but it didn’t help. I ended up snacking more than I did before joining eDiets.

    I’m find it difficult to believe that people have had success on this program. Please do not waste your money on this diet program like I did.

  • laura

    Ediet is the worst customer service ever !! the delivary of food was late and frozen not fresh and when i got the food the ice packs were all melted that everything was wet and melted . ie food was runny !! what a rip off !!! Buyer BEWARE!! ps i was on hold for an hour !!!

  • Disappointed

    I signed up for the on-line program and am extremely disappointed. I did my research and based on the feedback it was rated very high. After signing up I did go back and review and noticed several of the comments were very out dated so it looks like they’ve went downhill over the years.
    You aren’t able to review the tools so it wasn’t until I signed up I found the tools are ridiculous and cumbersome. The meal planning tool doesn’t populate the nutritional tracker, their food database contains very few items and their fitness tool doesn’t allow you to actual log/track your work out from time, calories burned and role them up into an overview. Stay away from the on-line program you spend more time in the tool and there are much better diets tools that you can use that are free and less frustrating. It’s worth my $25 cancellation fee to find a better plan.

  • B

    I was looking forward to this program.

    I haven’t eaten one food item yet- but I have had so much trouble with this company and I’ve only been with them for a week!

    I just cancelled my account tonight.

    When I joined I was told I would receive my order the next Tuesday. It didn’t arrive- it was scheduled to arrive today, Thursday. I had been given the incorrect information when signing up. I had to call and talk to someone for about 1/2 an hour to straighten that out. I didn’t have any food in my house and was expecting that package on Tuesday! The woman I was speaking to said “well can’t you just eat light until the package arrives?” when I told her I had no food in the house and paid $170 for this and was given the wrong information. She also said that maybe my package would arrive on Tuesday- she said the UPS tracking said it should arrive Thursday, but it could actually arrive Tuesday or Wednesday instead…

    The man who signed me up over the phone talked me into “buy 3 weeks get the 4th free” plan (I was originally just going to sign up for 1 week 1/2 price and go from there.) I looked at my bank account today and saw that I was billed incorrectly for next week, so I had to call again. I asked them about getting my 4th week free and they said that I was signed up for a plan where I get the 8th week free, NOT the 4th week free.
    They said I would get charged for the 4th week and then I could call them and they would look back into the phone records and give me the 4th week free (they’d refund me) if they found out that’s what I was originally told. Is that good customer service- waiting until I’m billed and THEN I have to call when they’re telling me incorrect information multiple times?!

    Like I said, I haven’t tried any food yet, but it sure didn’t look like $170/week quality food.
    I don’t need the stress of a company that is going to give me different information every few days.

    ALSO when I called today the woman I was speaking with said my order would come tomorrow– (it had just arrived today.) She had assumed I hadn’t received my order because supposedly they’ve been having a lot of problems with UPS and people not receiving their deliveries lately……..

    • laura

      i had the same problems i too cancelled !!!

  • unhappy customer

    customer service is awful.the foods is delivered spoiled..I canceled and still some how ended up getting my account debited..customer service even said I needed to either try the food again after it was spoiled 2 Weeks in a roll..hek no i wasn’t gonna try it again..the they said if I didn’t want the foods to donate the spoiled food to the food bank..who would or better yet what kind of person suggest something like that..to give spoiled food to under privileged people..don’t waste your money..Go to weight watcher or JenNY Craig at least food is frozen so isn’t spoiled..

  • kit

    eDiets promised a refund if no weight loss after 1 month. After 6 weeks, I have lost NOTHING. I called for a refund…you guessed it…NO! The food is horrible but I was faithful…plan and simple this is a waste of money!

  • Jenn

    I’m pretty unimpressed. I bought the 7 day package for prepared meals and called to make sure that my account wasn’t automatically recharged for a second week, as I’m sure many online providers do. The representative wasn’t very forth coming explaining how I would cancel the program and I was pretty disappointed with the overall design of the program. Very little upfront information and designed to make it as difficult as possible to cancel the program despite conscious inquiry. The presentative didn’t even mention I had to cancel on Thursday, so I’m very happy I read over these reviews. If the plan had been more flexible, as opposed to feeling like a trap, I would have consider continuing with ediet.

  • kit10z

    ediet is terrible. The food is just horrible! Every order has been wrong. Packages have broken, shipping gel packs have broken and what a mess! Please, please do not waste your money paying for ediets food, nothing, I mean nothing, is good. Oh, the popcorn was good. But, nothing else.

  • sandrabates

    I agree with DAN and Ted you must work for ediet cause you are way too defensive!!! They are a scam…advertise fresh food and you get frozen!!! and at such a high cost!!!!and the food is horrible…my dog would not eat it and he licks his butt!!! that should tell you something plus the added fees and charges if you try to stop the garbage!!!

  • lagunalucy

    I love eDiets. I went on it in 2001 and lost 22 lbs just as they advertised but you do need to stick with it and stay on it. Now 10 yrs later and staring Menopause in the face, I need to revamp and switch the program around. I really learned excellent eating habits while on it in ’01. I have tried WW in the past and hated it. So eDiets I AM BACK!

  • Julia

    I just started it, can’t say as I like the interface. the nutrition tracker is clunky. Now I’m stuck for 3 months. Wish I’d gone with Weight Watchers.

  • Lisa

    I’m just finishing my first week on ediets and while I have lost two pounds I can’t recommend the food. The breakfasts are absolutely terrible and barely able to choke them down. The “eggs” are some sort of runny substance which doesn’t exist in nature! About 1/3 of the meals are palatable, the rest range from blah to horrible. I received my first meals on a Wed, started eating them on Thursday morning and decided to give it a couple of days to really try. On Saturday afternoon I called to cancel and was told that any changes (including cancellation)has to be done by Thursday … the day that I started! Bottom line: you can do the same with better food using healthy choice foods etc from the frozen food section and have better tasting meals by far!

    • ted

      I had the eggs and they were nothing as you described.. they looked like normal scrambled eggs…

  • JollyGreenGiant

    I’m doing eDiets right now, and it’s horrible. The food is bad, which is somewhat to be expected, however for $170 a week, are you kidding? On top of that some of the packaging is not properly sealed, rendering some of the meals inedible. They consistently get the orders wrong, and the worst part is that the customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I strongly recommend you just exercise portion control or buy LeanCuisine or Weight Watchers frozen meals; they are the same size and quality for a fraction of the price.

  • Dan

    STAY AWAY! What they don’t tell you about their meal plans and shopping list is that the recipes don’t work together so you have to buy an ingredient just so you can use a tablespoon of it and never need it again. The meals don’t work together and it will get VERY expensive to follow their recommended meal plans. They also make you sign a 3 month agreement (hidden in the fine print) and charge you a $25 early cancellation fee if you cancel early because you don’t like their service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OPERATION!

    • ted

      @Dan- If you didn’t like the eDiets program that’s one thing but to call it a Scam is a bit far fetched. A scam is something you pay for and then get nothing in return. You paid for eDiets and did have access to all their resources. You just didn’t like their program. You weren’t scammed. eDiets has millions of users and satisfied customers.

  • chitra

    Hi, I put on weight after my third child. Iam 157cm and 80 kg. Can give same tips and diet plan.


    after my delivery my weight increase to 80 kilo and still period not came, i require advice from u end what should be used and when

  • Chipo

    i really need to use weight. Please send me tips?

  • Tamara

    my mom is a diabitic,high Bp. and last week she did intervention ( heart surgiry),, she’s 57 yrs,, wieght 100 kg..

    she’s still recovering from the surgery, plz send me advices and diet


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