Bodytrim Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

Bodytrim is an Australian weight loss program that was created by Geoff Jowett, a recipient of the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award and Dr. Vicky Hillier, a medical doctor who specializes in weight loss. It is targeted towards dieters who want to lose between 5 to 50 kg.

The creators of the Bodytrim program say that it is an education system that was designed to teach people about the 3 W’s of weight loss: what to eat, when to eat and why. They claim that dieters can expect fast and permanent results with minimal exercise and while enjoying all the foods they have always loved.

Bodytrim Diet Basics

The Body Trim program aims to provide dieters with a better understanding of their metabolism and to educate them about healthy eating and exercise habits.

The Body Trim Plan consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: Detox
    In this phase you eat only protein for three days. You also must drink two to three liters of water a day and walk for thirty minutes.
  • Phase 2: Weight Loss
    In this phase the diet is centered on proteins and low carbohydrate vegetables. For breakfast you are permitted either a serving of fruit or a serving of another carbohydrate food such as oatmeal. If you have oatmeal at breakfast you must also include protein in the meal.You continue to drink two to three liters of water and walk for thirty minutes each day. This phase is followed until you reach your target weight.
  • Phase 3: Weight Maintenance
    This is similar to the weight loss phase, however now you are permitted to add up to two portions of fruit or other carbohydrate foods at breakfast, as well as at lunch.You continue to drink two to three liters of water and walk for thirty minutes each day.

For all three phases of the Bodytrim program dieters are instructed never to go more than three hours without eating. On average you will eat six small meals a day but you are allowed to eat every hour if you like as long as it is a protein food.

Once a week you have a ‘free’ day where you are allowed to eat whatever you like for two meals of the day. The following day you then eat protein only, as in the detox phase of Bodytrim.

Recommended Foods

Lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, protein shakes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomato, spinach, green beans, oatmeal.

Sample Diet Plan


Eggs and smoked salmon on toast

Morning Snack

Trim Shake


Zucchini ricotta rolls
Green salad

Afternoon Snack

Marinated chicken drumsticks
Raw celery, cucumber and red pepper


Quick beef curry
Steamed broccoli

Evening Snack

80 g sliced turkey

Walking Recommended

Bodytrim encourages walking as the main form of exercise because this is achievable by the majority of people. Dieters are advised to walk for thirty minutes each day.

Costs and Expenses

The Bodytrim starter kit is available online for $149 AUD.

The kit includes four DVD’s, a reference guide with over a hundred recipes, food diary, pedometer, tape measure, lifetime phone support, online support and weekly newsletters.

Protein shakes are also available on the company’s website at an additional cost.


  • A high protein intake helps to reduce appetite on a low calorie diet.
  • Easy to follow with clear and simple guidelines.
  • Bodytrim Does not require the use of nutritional supplements.
  • Can be customized to suit individual requirements.
  • Includes recipes.
  • Includes online and telephone support.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Encourages long-term lifestyle changes.


  • Very restrictive and eliminates a variety of healthy foods.
  • Difficult to eat out and stick to the Bodytrim program.
  • Requires time to be spent on meal planning.
  • Many dieters do not respond well to high protein, low carbohydrate diets and can experience side effects such as fatigue, headaches and constipation.
  • Does not encourage a balanced exercise regime.
  • Expensive in comparison to many other programs.
  • Optional protein shakes involve an additional cost.
  • Currently not available worldwide.

Basically a High Protein, Low Carb Diet

The Bodytrim weight loss plan does not appear to differ greatly from the large number of high protein, reduced carbohydrate diets on the market today. While the cost investment is relatively large the structure of the Bodytrim program could be beneficial for dieters who like to have additional support to address their concerns and to help maintain motivation.

See official website here.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Suzana

    Protein only Detox (3 days) – I did Chicken with herbs and spices for my mains at 100g and 50gram for my snacks (tuna). Lots of water (3 Litres). First did this program in 2008 lost 35kgs over 8 months, very easy to follow. I also purchase the Bodysculpt programme after this with the same company and alternate between the two. I enjoy the second programme, as I love eating good fats (cheese, avocado, etc.) Lost another 8kgs (after a plateau on BT) to my ideal weight. Extremely happy. I’m now toning my body. I am in excellent health at 46yo after having my last child at 42years of age. Can’t recommend these two programmes enough. This is a lifestyle change, I don’t diet, I eat a lot of real food and got healthy.

  • Caroline Letton

    Can someone please give me an example of the 3 days of protein only detox? Am I still only allowed 100g of protein for each meal? Or can I eat more as I am straying because I get really hungry in the afternoons. I have purchased a BT kit. Whats the difference between BT1 2 and 3? Does anyone know??


  • mim

    Hi do u know if we can eat Diet Jelly? I need it for when u get the occasional “monthly” suger

    • Suzana

      Too much sugar and won’t fill you up. Strawberries or blueberries would be a better choice. Or you can have cheese cake on the Bodysculpt program by Bodytrim.

  • Tara

    I’ve been on body trim for 3 weeks now. I’ve lost 2 kgs in the first 10 days but the weight loss seems to have stopped. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. I’m sticking to the plan and having a free day (2 cheat meals)
    I think the problem might be that I’m not walking enough, but it’s hard to fit 10000 steps in to a day, especially when you have a desk job. Any ideas on how to get the weight loss rolling again? I really don’t want to start to lose motivation and give up!

  • Jack

    I had been following the BT diet a while back. Was great whilst I was on it. Can be hard at times to stick to the protein only day, but worth the benefits. I’ve recently moved & have lost my recipe for Geoffs Baked Beans – they are great! Is any one able to help me out please?

  • razz

    CSIRO total wellbeing diet is similar to this but without the ridiculous ‘detox’ phase which is pointless in terms of any long-term goal. phase 1 just shocks your body and gives people with weaker willpower this easy hurdlwe to jump over which provides some kind of self-motivation. the trouble with this diet is that if you have half a brain, you dont need it. its a diet and education program for people who have little or no understanding of human physiology. the detox phase is designed to ‘show’ you how much you rely on sugar by sending your body into survival mode. the rest of the diet is basicall a carbon-copy of the CSIRO one. its simple people, limit the calories you gain from carbohydrate-based foods and ideally bring it down to lower than the calories you receive from protein and fat and you will lose weight. its unbelievably simple but somehow empowering dumbasses is profitable so that why there’s a box set of DVDs to go with it.

  • Jason

    I started BT 3 months ago & set a goal to lose 30kgs in 6mths.

    I’m at the halfway point now & have lost 18.5kgs!

    And, TBH, I’m not following it 100%, if I did the results would be much better.

    But hey, I’m losing weight, so I’m WINNING!

  • Anneliese

    Well the sample diet they have posted here is bollocks. It isn’t 80g snacks, 50g thanks. 50g of PROTEIN, so the celery sticks are not part of it either. And low fat cheese is NOT considered a good form of protein. So the lunch they have listed is wrong too.
    Basic breakdown is, 100g (for women), 150g (for men) of protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accompanied by veges, there are some you aren’t allowed or are only allowed two or three meals a week.
    50-100g snack at least 3 times a day… don’t go more than 3 hours without eating. You can have a snack every hour if you are hungry. But the snacks are protein only, so things like a hard boiled egg or piece of chicken are ideal.
    Also you are allowed zero sugar foods, things like coke zero or low joule jelly. Personally I wouldn’t recommend them but if you’re happy to eat them then good for you.

    • Anneliese

      Oh AND how does it ‘not encourage a balanced exercise regime’? Walking is proven to be the most effective weight loss exercise, especially for heavily overweight people. Geoff has just realised that you don’t need to work your ass off to lose weight, most of it is diet.

  • ash

    My wife and I have lost 33kg combined in three months on bodytrim and swear by it. It is easy to follow. When eating out, stick to the BT principles and eat high protein mains with veggies and salad. Not difficult really. We take benefiber to assist with regularity but that is the only assistance we have. Two eggs on toast every morning and we purchase Adkins chocolate bars. I also purchased HPLC protein from Aussie Bodies company for a chocolate hit in a milkshake or for an after dinner / gym snack. Highly recommend Bodytrim to anyone who has discipline and a real willingness to do something about weight loss.

  • Edith okeefe

    Hi have started the body trim bought the kit some time ago… Always strayed great then ….. I started this time with a great attitude towards losing 30 kgs… But am a little stuck on the three day protein only can you send me sample diet plan please many thanks Edith xx

  • mum looking to lose weight

    Im currenlty doing body trim and am in the weight loss phase (phase 2), and im a little confused about a few things, so any advice would be greatly appreciated especially from some one who has the books and dvds.

    I have read on a few sites that you can have a piece of bread or oats for breakfast in the weight loss phase as long as you have a protein serve with it. Is this correct? And if you choose to do this can you still have fruit as well? Or is one or the other?
    I have also read that if you dont have the piece of bread or oats for breakfast that you can have a slice of bread at lunch instead as long as its with protein serve?


    • NicB

      Yes that is correct, you can have that for breakfast aswell as your serve of protein. But if you have the carbs then no you cant have the fruit aswell. Its either a serve of carbs asin breads or cerials or a serve of fruit which is carbs. Either Or.

  • Kerryn

    I am still waiting for my kit to arrive???? But starting day one today as I have ‘googled’ all the things I can eat on the three days proteing only, but on Saturday I will need to purchase the ‘other foods’ – for breakfast after day three, I know you can eat a piece of fruit. Could you let me know what type of fruits, so I purchase the right ones… we are thinking of having a piece of soy/linseed toast with an egg and piece of fruit most days. Also are there any salad/vegies you CAN’T have?? Thanks so much… needed to get going with the diet and not sure how long until the kit arrives.

  • Carissa smith

    My credit card has been debited for 169.00 4days in a row from body trim!!! I am on hold from them right now for the third time ! Am extremely pissed off !!! Do not buy use all the information everyone posts about it there’s nothing in the cost that u get that the Internet doesn’t give u !

  • Belinda

    Hi All, I’ve just started the 3 day detox, and was wondering if someone can confirm whether I have to stick to the portion amounts or whether it is unlimited protein at meal times during this first phase?

  • OA, Melbourne

    *******DO NOT BUY! DO NOT BUY! DO NOT BUY! Firstly, the diet is not sustainable and you will be STARVING and secondly, they continue to debit your credit card intermittently. It appears on your statement as IGEA Life Sciences. i called when i bought the pack in December 2012 and opted out of the body trim club so they wouldn’t add on debit and THEY DID!!!! Every few months they have debited me $24.66!!! SCAMMERS!!!! I can’t stress enough how much of a SCAM this is!!!!!!!!! The informatoin in the pack isn’t anything you can’t find online about carbohydrate cycling. Have been calling them non-stop to get them to stop the debit and no one ever picks up the phone. Finally found IGEA’s details online (ph: (02) 8023 3888) and finally spoke to someone who is supposedly going to get someone to call me back within the hour. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!******** today tonight should do a story about how they rip you off!!!!

  • Michelle

    I lost over 8kgs in 20days on this diet but had to stop because i was one of the unlucky few that get kidney problems while using bodytrim. but I would still recommend this to anyone struggling to loose weight, I am actually about to start it again in hope it might work better for me this time. the worst part of the whole diet is the 3 day detox, i got headaches and felt generally unwel. but after the 3 days i felt great, just takes a bit of willpower to get over the first hurdle

    It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Although I am currently still breast feeding my 7mnth old and have decided to do it anyway because she is starting to rely on food more than breastfeeds. but if I find it effects her in anyway I will be stopping it straight away

  • Bec

    Hi, just wondering if you can use this diet while breastfeeding?

    • Julie

      No you can’t use it while breastfeeding :(

  • george kahui

    can i please have ideas for menu for 3 day detox please

  • Rebmarks

    Went to the deli counter and bought low fat deli meats such as sliced chicken breast, turkey breast, low fat ham, and asked that they put paper between every 100 grams — makes it really easy to put together meals and snacks for the day. I put some dijon mustard on the top slice and then roll up the 100 grams and eat with fork and knife to slow myself down.

  • Rachel

    Starting on body trim tomorrow for the second time! Did it last year after the birth of my second baby and lost 16 kgs I have maintained it but have been unable to lose anymore with healthy eating and exercise. Hope it works as well as it did last time!

  • Jessica

    for all the people asking about the 3 day carb detox, you eat meats (i.e; chicken, beef,Ann, pork ANY type of fish) its 100g at a meal & 50-100g at snack..
    You can also use dips such a tzaki and hummus ect to flavor your meals, (dont worry about the carbs because your only using a small amount to flavour the meat) boil eggs and add spices, spice your meat.. Buy a cooked chicken, pull it apart, freeze what your not going to use straight away, add some paprika.. You can have as a snack or meal.. Eat flavored tuna, deli meats suck as ham ect, and for breakfast you ca have bacon and eggs!

  • Allyson

    I’ve been on body trim! For four. Days I feel great does any one know what shakes and bars r the best please

  • Barb

    Hi, I would like a menu example on the 3 day protein detox plan. Thanks

  • Benny

    My brother did this diet with great success, so I decided to have a go. I love carbs, but they love me a little too much. After 5 weeks though I have lost 5kg (5kg to go), but I’m starting to see some negative side effects. My eyes are really dry and I have had my period every 1.5 weeks (with additional period pain) (yes, this is very abnormal for me). Have others found these side effects, or am I imagining it?

  • toko

    despate to lose weight gave suggled my whole life with total sick of feeling this way is it realy that awsome is it worth my money somebody HELP.

  • Michelle Cameron

    I would like some food suggestions for the 3 day carb detox please. I have the disc set and before I start I am trying to plan my meals and would like some suggestions.

  • linda Rogers

    I would like a copy of the 3 day detox diet please

  • kaylah

    i was wondering if anyone can send me out a meal plan for the 3 detox days im having trouble trying to think of stuff

  • darren

    i have just finished my second week have lost 4.5kg my wife has lost 6.5kg,apart from the weight loss we both have energy like we have never had before we are both 41 and are never hungry or have any cravings so i highly recommend this diet,being aloud 1 day off a week really helps us stick to the diet.

  • sandi

    Oh and I should add, that I have instantly noticed that my stomach no longer looks bloated! Here is what I have been having on the detox part;

    Breakfast – two eggs scrambled, with salt and pepper
    snack – tin of tuna – you can use the flavoured ones
    Lunch – I just bought some cooked marinated chicken from the deli and at that.
    snack – 50 gms sliced ham
    Dinner – 100 gms of prawns dipped in sauce
    snack – boiled egg or even some meatballs.

    this is only for the 3 days though, then you can add a piece of bread at breakfast, as much salad or vegies as you want at lunch and dinner…too easy, I just go to coles, buy half a cooked chicken, and a ready made salad and combine the two – like a chicken caesar salad and 100gms of cooked chicken…done!

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