400 Calorie Fix Diet

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

400 Calorie Fix, was created by Liz Vaccariello, who is one of the health experts at Prevention Magazine and author of the Flat Belly Diet. It is a calorie-controlled eating plan that lets you eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

Vaccariello says that she came up with the amount of 400 calories after consulting with dietitians who advised her that this is enough calories to help you feel full and prevent cravings, while also allowing you to get an adequate amount of nutrients.

According to a recent Television show, one woman has successfully lost six pounds in just two days by following the 400 Calorie diet. Dieters are told that weight losses of up to eleven pounds in two weeks are possible.

400 Calorie Fix Diet Basics

400-calorie-fixThe basic concept of the diet is simple: eat three or four meals a day, with each meal consisting of 400 calories. You still get to eat all of your favorite foods but you just have to be aware of monitoring your portion sizes. The author says that the goal is to “start retraining your mind to see food the 400-calorie way”.

If you want to kick-start weight loss you can start with the 2 Week Quick Slim, a 14-day meal plan. By eating small frequent meals throughout the day you will feel satisfied as well as keep your metabolism fired up all day.

Included in the book are 400 ideas, recipes and tips for what to eat at home, when dining out and in fast-food restaurants. All of the recipes and meal suggestions are designed to satisfy your visual need for a large serving of food.

Foods containing monounsaturated fats, such as nuts, olives and avocado, are included in the recipes because they help to increase flavor and make the meal more satisfying, which reduces your appetite all day long. High protein foods are also emphasized because they stimulate hormones and neurotransmitters that signal fullness.

The recipes in The 400 Calorie Fix are categorized into groups with each recipe assigned a colored star that indicates the main nutrient in the meal. If you collect a star from each of the four groups every day this will ensure that you meet your nutritional requirements.

  • Blue star recipes contain at least twenty grams of protein. This helps to build muscle and increase calorie burning.
  • Red star recipes contain monounsaturated fatty acids. These meals will reduce your appetite, support healthy cholesterol balance and reduce your risk for diabetes.
  • Orange star recipes contain more than seven grams of fiber, which reduces your absorption of fats.
  • Green star recipes are those that include at least one cup of fruits and vegetables. These foods are important to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Recommended Foods

Fruit, vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, shrimp, nuts, olives, avocado, hummus, pasta, bread, rice, reduced-fat cheese, skim milk.

Sample Diet Plan


Dunkin’ Donuts plain bagel
Half serving of reduced fat cheese
Small iced coffee with skim milk
1 teaspoon sugar


1 English muffin
1 whole egg and one egg white scrambled
¼ cup mashed avocado
1 slice reduced-fat cheddar cheese
Sliced tomato

Afternoon Snack

½ cup hummus
1 cup carrot sticks
1 cup red pepper strips
6 whole wheat crackers


Pasta bolognaise

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is not a requirement of the 400 Calorie Fix Program.

Costs and Expenses

The 400 Calorie Fix retails at $31.95. This includes a bonus of three Prevention health reports on ageless beauty, natural medicine and exercise for weight loss.


  • Simple, convenient and easy to follow.
  • Can be used with any food or meal plan as long as you follow the basic rules of the diet.
  • Will not disrupt your social life.
  • Educates dieters about portion control.
  • Snacks are permitted.
  • Includes recipes and meal plans.
  • Offers vegetarian suggestions.


  • Requires monitoring of calories and portions.
  • Encourages the consumption of fast-foods.
  • May be difficult to estimate the calorie content of some foods.
  • Does not encourage exercise.
  • Promotes unhealthy weight loss expectations.
  • Not a particularly new approach to dieting.
  • Not available in stores.


The 400 Calorie Fix offers a simple approach to a calorie-controlled diet that allows you to continue eating your favorite foods as long as you stick to the basic rules of the diet. It will appeal to dieters who prefer a weight loss plan that has both structure and flexibility and will not interfere with their social life.

400 Calorie Fix Diet
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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  • April

    I love this diet. As a matter of fact, I would not even call it a diet, because I think it’s more of a lifestyle and habit change. It teaches you how to monitor your portion intake and encourages healthy eating, but it also allows you the flexibilty of eating out. It does not encourage fast food, it just helps you be able to keep within your calorie range realistically, because let’s face it…we all eat fast food. It’s part of American culture. What we need to learn is how to eat in moderation, no matter what kind of food we are eating. I’ve lost 30 lbs and kept it off for a year now. It truly has changed my life! Thank you. :)

  • Brittany

    I love this diet

  • Trinket

    It’s not avaliable in Australia is it? :X Sighs, I really wanted to try the diet as well… But I have a question, the diet says that you require not to exercise, but how about if you want to? What exactly would happen if you were to exercise while partaking in this diet?

    • Buffi Williams

      You can exercise it only increases you weightloss because you’re burning more calories, or if you go over your calorie intake you can exercise I lost 40 pounds following the plan.

    • Answer

      Well, with exercise you would burn more calories so your total intake would be smaller, for example: You eat 4 meals a day worth 400 calories each, so your daily intake is 1600. But if you exercise that day and burn 500 calories your daily intake is essentially 1100. Weight loss is induced because of your caloric deficit and change in nutrition, the larger the deficit is, the faster the weight loss. (not necessarily a good thing – one should avoid consuming less than 900 calories a day.)

      • Answer – continued

        You could make a very rough and basic calculation regarding your weight loss progress as to what to expect :
        A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. (kg=7716)
        If before this diet you consumed a daily intake of 2000 calories on average, entering this diet you will have a daily deficit of 400, which is a weekly 2100, this puts your process at 0.6lbs per week.
        Adding exercise 3 days a week where you burn 500 calories would add to your calorie deficit which puts you at an estimated weight loss of 1-1.2 lbs per week.
        If you exercise 7 days a week (burning 500 cals) you could be losing 1.6 lbs per week.

        Knowing this information could help you control your intake and keep you reasonable and realistic when it comes to your weight loss process.

        Good luck!

  • Elbie

    This is a great diet. It offers healthy meal plans/ideas, but also gives you the option to plan your own calorie controlled meals. So, it’s up to me to choose the healthier options. Choosing lean protein with each meal is very important to keep hunger under control.
    I also have the recipe book which I use for ideas in creating my own healthy, low cal plans.
    I’ve not found a diet easier to stick with. It does offer you fast food, on-the-go options which is very important for those that can’t always be home to cook at meal time. I give it an A. I went from 152 lbs. to 144 lbs. in less than 4 weeks.

  • afshan

    i love this diet i lost around 7 kgs in a month. its an amazing diet with alot of eating option all you have to be vigilant about is the calorie intake . and its not a big deal.all im worried about is the plateau ’cause i still have to loose 5 kgs.

  • sherry

    Honestly, I rate this 5 Stars..Why? because I have lost almost 8 lbs in not even 2 weeks yet…I opted for the 1200 fast weight loss quickstart, but I go between that and 1300 caloires, but every 5 lbs I lose, then I eat just under 2000 for the day and then back on it, as a matter of fact my 10lb, second Goal is coming up very soon, then I will be doing my ‘cheat’ which is just under 2000 calorie day again..LOVE THE DIET!! It Works, just need a little motivation with it (ex: a pair of jeans or a dress in the closet that is just a little too tight) use that for your ‘motivation’ if you can’t find any other reason.

  • tania

    can i bye the book in nz

    • ted

      Sorry Tania, it’s just available in the USA and Canada, but you probably could buy a cheap used one from the amazon USA site and have it shipped over for a bit extra.

  • andria

    I understand that there is a cookbook available also…do I need this?

    • Buffi Williams

      No you do not need the cookbook you’re counting calories in common everyday foods, mostly it is helpful to educate yourself on the calories that are in the everyday foods that you really love! That helps you not to deprive yourself of your favorite foods while your on the journey to weightloss, especially during the holiday season.

  • Valerie Forrer

    I don’t know if this has worked because I never recieved the book that I ordered. Disapointed

  • cheryl

    Weight comes off slower than suggested but I’m eating the 4 400 calorie meals. Have lost 8 lbs easily, I could do this diet indefinitely.

  • Tamaryn

    I am definitely going to try this out. and to rian, i have seen this diet and it hardly has any processed foods. and i think you are missing the point of the diet!!!!!!!

  • Rian

    Wow, this is a very unhealthy diet full of processed foods. I’d steer clear.

  • marie

    A protein shake in morning ( do not forget to mix some fruits) and another one at lunch ; use skim milk or water, water will help the process. At night have your regular meal. Just don’t forget to take a multivitamin along. You going to lose. That was so far the best recipe for ever. Good luck

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