18 Pounds in 4 Days

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

18-pounds-in-4-days18 pounds in 4 days (18in4) is a weight loss program that was created by James Zeta.

In his search for the solution to his own weight loss concerns he states that he discovered a special combination of foods that enabled him to lose weight rapidly.

Zeta claims that his program can show dieters how to lose weight and even up to 18 pounds in 4 days. He says that he managed to lose 20 pounds in less than a week simply by following the principles outlined in his plan.

18 pounds in 4 days or 4.5 pounds a day is an unrealistic goal and most will set themselves up for disappointment!

18in4 Diet Basics

There are two parts to the program. The first part is the diet and the second part concentrates on maintaining the weight loss.

This diet aspect of the plan is a four-day calorie restricted diet, which is based around mainly vegetables with lean proteins and small amounts of fruits.

He advertises his program as not requiring any special foods, but rather as involving specific combinations of regular foods that supposedly jump starts the weight loss process.

Zeta asserts that there is no need for supplements, meal replacements, or exercise in order to achieve rapid weight loss.

He provides a detailed outline of what dieters should do for the first four days of his program along with a complete meal plan. He then offers tips to dieters that will help them to keep the weight loss in the long term.

Breakfast every day includes half a grapefruit and the rest of the diet is centered on vegetables with some eggs, chicken and meat.

Foods to Lose 18 Pounds in 4 Days

Vegetables including butternut squash and green beans, beef, chicken, eggs and small amounts of fruit including grapefruit.

Recipe ideas can be found here.

Exercise Recommendations

Dieters are forbidden to exercise during the four-day program but exercise after is fine. He states that his clients actually achieve better results when they don’t exercise.

Costs and Expenses

The program costs $17 and payments are accepted via PayPal.


  • Includes a detailed 4-day meal plan.
  • Appeals to those who want to lose weight fast for a special event.
  • Rapid weight loss may increase motivation to stick with a longer-term approach to weight management.
  • Offers suggestions to help with maintaining weight loss.


In the comments below, many have complained about this diet by leaving negative feedback.

  • Most dieters will experience fatigue and hunger on such a low calorie diet.
  • Gives dieters unrealistic expectations in terms of weight loss.
  • Majority of weight loss will be water rather than fat.
  • Any weight lost is likely to be regained as soon as normal eating is resumed.
  • No scientific evidence is offered in order to support his claims.
  • Most of the support for the diet is in the form of testimonials.
  • Author of the diet has no nutrition or health credentials.
  • Expensive for a short program.
  • There are some reports of failure of the author to follow through with the money back guarantee.


Even if it were possible to lose 18 pounds in 4 days, it is certainly not a healthy approach to weight loss. If dieters experience any significant results on this program this will be largely attributed to water rather than true fat loss.

Zeta is encouraging a quick fix mentality that will ultimately leave dieters feeling discouraged when the desired results are not achieved. In addition his lack of credentials and the various reports of his failure to honor the money back guarantee brings his credibility and that of his diet into question.

Why not try 28 pounds in 28 days which is a healthier, more realistic option.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Meg Flowers

    I have done this diet twice and contrary what you have all said negatively, it works. I didn’t lose 18 but have lost 13 and 11. It was enough to kick start my ultimately 30 pound loss. Grant it, I agree; losing that much weight so quickly isn’t usually realistic but if you look at it as a motivational tool, you don’t starve and you surely don’t keep it off unless you are actively moving toward your final goal of weight loss. Any diet out there, I don’t care what it is, will never be full-proof. It takes hard work. I have more to lose, but whenever I want a motivational push, I look to James’ diet.

  • Danii Disaster

    Instead of wasting money on this scam, just eat vegetables for 4 days and I GUARANTEE that you will lose weight.

    Not 18 pounds, like this fraud claims, but about 4-7 (depending on your current weight).

    Here’s the 18in4 diet: steamed or boiled pumpkin, string beans, grapefruit. That’s all you’re allowed to eat.

    Obviously, taking in less than 300 calories a day, anyone is going to lose weight; you don’t need to pay some scammer to figure this out.

  • muffinboysmom

    I did this diet and tried to get my money back and he would not give my money back I do not recommend this diet at all

    • burrutia

      I purchase too and I had the same results–no refund!

  • Ste11aeres

    This diet looks exactly like Anorexia. It is basically a packaged, expensive, advertised eating disorder.

  • Beth

    Wow, what’s up with all the haters? If you can’t encourage people who are trying to lose weight, why are you on this site. Personally, I have used this diet several times and lose weight every time. I realize it’s mostly water weight, but it comes off and stays off.
    Also, if you purchase the plan, you have access to the support of the author and refund if needed.
    Many people need to be told what to eat and when to eat it. This will be good for them.

    • odessa

      what exactly was your daily food regiment? I’m interested but would like to know what I’m getting myself into. :)

    • Lydia D.

      Beth, my hate for this program is genuine in so many ways, I don’t know where to start counting: 1st of all, Zeta’s refund policy is so convoluted, it’s next to impossible to get your money back if you tried. For one, you MUST provide a grocery store receipt proving that you possess ALL the ingredients to undertake the diet. Well, as soon as I bought it, I read the ingredients & I thought to myself “wow, I have almost all of this stuff already. I just saved myself a lot of money. Score!” WRONG! I spoke with Zeta himself (email), and he didnt budge. If you don’t have a receipt to present containing all of the foods required, you disqualify yourself from
      receiving a refund. Eventually he did decide to let up, but I was still unable to receive a refund. He stated that if I could present a receipt of the diet items I DID purchase, I will be entitled to a refund (oh gosh! Letting me get my own money back? Really? For me?? Awwww, you should’ntve). With my scanner broken & no kinkos in town (YES, I still call them kinkos!), I had no way to get that out to him. I explained this and he asked that the receipt get sent to him via snail mail. But, that would mean the time in which to claim a refund would expire by the time it gets to him. His response was basically “Oh well!”….AND…to add insult to injury, he attempted to upsell me on an “more effective, hardcore” diet “for hard luck or emergency cases” (my lack of results was the reason for my refund request, I’ll get to that in a min)…for 39.95…BUT…out of the goodness of his chicken gizzard sized heart, he’ll let me have it for $32! I responded “if what I already bought from you doesn’t work, what on earth would give you the notion that I’d buy anything else from you, particularly at a much higher price?!?” He then asked for 29….then finally laying down a final offer of $27 dollars. So I ask you: just how high would your hate-o-meter
      be after THAT?!? LOL …AND…that’s only AFTER implementing a 4 day diet that leaves you weak, hungry and cranky, yet promises you to lose 14 lbs….to only ultimately lose 8 & a 1/2…. AND…gain back 9 a mere 48 hours AFTER you go back to your USUAL diet?!? If James Zeta flipped his car in a ditch and died, I wouldn’t shed one tear over it. It’s sad that the one trick this one trick pony has doesn’t really even work as advertised. And his blockheaded, hard-hearted, skinflinted business practices dont help none either. If reading this gave you a headache, then that’s a small simulation of my experience with this “diet”. The end.

      • tamiesha

        Wow thank you for saving me a big headache

  • Stacy

    I lost 14 pounds in 4 days. It works!!

    • Meg Flowers

      Good for you. I have lost as well. Everyone is different. But, if you stick with it to the “T” – people can lose, if not all 18 at least some of it.

    • michellie

      what did you eat and did you do any exercise ????

      • Meg Flowers

        James recommends no exercise, which is good for me. LOL – however, you must eat exactly as he states on his site.

    • Shanessa

      What did you eat !

  • emili

    Can you please tell me what exactlly i should eat Ashleigh lanier ? pleaseeee…

  • Ashleigh lanier

    This diet absolutely worked for me. I tried it 2 times. The first time I tried it I lost 11 pounds and the second time 9. I did use coffee creamer because I can’t live without it in my coffee :) sweet n low & splenda are great. You do feel like you’re starving the first two days but it goes away. I was able to keep the weight off for a year. I lost 146 to 131 in a short amount of time. I gained a little of it back and started the diet again and lost 9 pds. After the diet, I was more conscious of the things I ate. Today I weigh myself on a daily basis because the pounds can creep up on me so it’s important for me to do that. I did cheat both times by using coffee creamer and eating one hershey kiss a day :) but everything else was exactly followed as plan. I understand these diets might not be the safest because of the limited caloric intake but the food is healthy and it’s an amazing jumpstart to any long term diet plan. Yes I would recommend it only if you do it for a short time, are able to eat a limited amount of food & have strong willpower.

    • Meg Flowers

      I totally agree Ashleigh. I also used creamer a MUST in my life for my coffee. But other than that, i stuck it with pretty much to a T. I lost 13 one time and 11 the second. I am getting ready to start it again to give myself a kick in the butt. It’s nice to see positive results.

    • Zammarud rana

      what diet plan do you have? can please tell me in detail….would be gald for your answer..:)

      • http://batman-news.com melanie

        this diet sucks! dont use it ever! it will give you anorexia!

      • Meg Flowers

        Anorexia? Really. I think not, unless you are already bone thin. It’s not meant to make you so thin you are anorexic. Please.

    • Janie

      what did you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Emilia

    For all you preachers, no one is listening. If they haven’t gotten it before now, there is no way they will get it from a random comment on a DIET WEBSITE.

  • eve

    Ted, I gave up cigs and alcohol last year I eat well and exercise few times a week so my weight is fine but I always feel tired and bit bloated I know its not a medical prob , I love this website and have looked through many of diet plans would just love somethin that would make me feel more healthy if that makes sense

  • eve

    Ted I have been lookin into lots of diets , I would love to know more about u have u tried many diets what’s ur view on this ?

    • http://www.everydiet.org ted

      Hi Eve, I’m one of the editor’s of this website so I spend a great deal of time researching diets. I have a background in Biology and Education. I do a whole foods vegetarian diet and regular exercise to maintain my healthy weight, but allow a few treats on the weekends. 18 Pounds in 4 days isn’t a healthy way to lose weight nor is it realistic. What type of plan are you looking for? I can then steer you in the right direction. :-)

  • tiandra bryan

    I’ll try it a hope it works

  • ursula mulledy

    It does work!!! you must follow it to the letter and granted you have no health problems it works. I did it after first child and lost 7lbs in 4 days so continued it for 8 days and total los was 1st 7lbs and I kept up the elements of no salt butter milk alcohol eating after 6pm and eating half grapefruit everday for breakfat and continued to lose weight. If you only gonna do this half heartedly don’t bother you’ll put weight back on after cause you weren’t serious and too lazy in the first place. it teaches you to re-think portion sizes you actually start to eat normal amounts when finished not massive portions and you don’t snack cause it maintains blood sugars. it’s a lifestyle choice not a diet

    • Meg Flowers

      I agree Ursula. You do have to work the plan exactly. I lost two times 13 and 11 pounds. It works. But, it’s only a kick start and not meant to be a continued weight loss plan. Realistic open-minded people will like this diet, others will not

  • Gugu

    I need this diet



    • Meg Flowers

      I agree. Losing the weight will happen if you follow it – Great job losing 15 pounds. I am getting ready to begin again on it. Wish me luck.

    • par

      can you ple\se share your diet plan



  • shehnaz

    I really want to lose weight.

  • no it dosent work

    just by reading all the comments on here this dose not work at ALLLLL DONT WAST YOUR MONEY

    • julissa

      i know because more they show the same means that it doesnt work and the product just wants money.

  • beth


    • Meg Flowers

      The four day plan is a bit different from the 3 day plan, hence “18 in 4″ – The price is nothing compared to the loss. Give the guy a break. He’s trying to make a living. He’s not scamming, he’s a smart guy who figured out a way to make some money and make a few (million) people happy.

  • ChubbyMomma

    Just as a warning, I’ve been training as a nutritionist. I’ve yo-yoed my entire life and learned the hard way that “rapid” weightloss fads are actually more dangerous for you than following a steady plan. I was bedridden 3 months ago and have managed to lose 90lbs but that’s through careful excercising and a proper diet. Training as a nutritionist I’ve learned the importance of really speaking with your doctor and really doing the research you need to stay healthy. I’m currently on the Biggest Loser plan simply because of personal restrictions and would suggest that you research at least 5 different diets then speak with your Doctor or a Dietician/Nutritionist before setting out. Please be careful. I’ve seen people I love get sicker and sicker just trying to do the right thing. Please watch yourselves!

  • Sara Steel

    This program will not work if you suffer from hypothyroidism (found out the hard way), and Zeta intentionally makes it difficult for you to get your money back (also found out the hard way). In order to qualify for the MBG, you have to buy ALL the groceries required, EVEN if you already have these things on hand at home. I bought the information, and as I read the list of groceries required, I was thinking “YES!! Good for me! I save money and a grocery trip because I already have most of these foods!” I followed his program to the most minute of details, and I suffered from hunger & fatigue the whole time…ONLY to lose 8 and a half pounds!!! That’s about HALF of what I was promised to lose! And what’s worse is, as soon as I went back to sensible eating, it ALL came back in 2 days!!! I was SO mad having suffered for NOTHING! I asked for my money back, and I received a reply from Zeta himself. I heard back, only to be asked for a copy of the grocery reciept that proved I followed the program by buying the required foods. I explained that I didn’t go to the grocery store except for a couple of things like prune juice. He was very condescending in explaining that was the stipulation in qualifying for a refund: you have to have proof of purchase of all the foods in the diet in the form of a receipt and he has to see it in some way, shape or form. Even if I had a receipt, my scanner was not working. I told him this, and he suggested I snail-mail a receipt to him. I explained my concern that by the time he gets it in his mail, the time to get my money back would have elapsed. His response was basically “oh well!” AND he ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE TO UPSELL another “more intensive” unadvertised diet “for hard luck cases”…not even with a discount! If the 1st one didn’t work for me, what makes him think that I’d be so eager to lose even MORE money? That guy is EVIL! He also was condescending in telling me to read the disclaimer that his plan may not work for people with hypothyroid, his demeanor basically saying “it’s in the fine print! DUHHH!!!”. I went back to his site just to look for this…nope, not there. I would offer to give his info away for free, except I have just moved and my PC is in storage, sorry lol. I will tell you that it’s not very different from the 3-day diet you can find virtually anywhere on the internet FOR FREE!

    • Sal

      thats bad, anyways, many life experiences have turned into greedy business ventures, we can’t really do much about it except, ask as many questions before we spend on them. I think if they are genuine they will keep answering and helping at no cost yet, if not, they won’t even bother to give you a single response.

  • yellow

    what does this diet plan includes? can anyone please guide me?what meals do we have to follow i m willing to do it but as i m not in US, so hesitating to order online, i will be grateful if any of you who took this plan can let me know the diet for 4 days as in breakfast, lunch and dinner..
    awaiting response

  • Devin Reilly

    Good tutorial and suggestions. Looking forward to drop a couple excess pounds. I’ll offer some feedback just after i consider this. Bless you!

  • keLly

    What!! It so doesn’t work!! Not every girl or boy can lose that much. And you know I did it for a week and it never worked!! Don’t post things if they don’t work!!

  • Jess

    When I was younger, about 13 I struggled with weight very bad…. I did this diet for a whole month 4 days on a couple days off and back on. It worked very well for me. I did cheat a little, simply becasue it was a month in the summer, a time when the fair is going on and all the good food is out. but i stayed strong. I was never a big work out person and was so depressed with weight and this really did work. I have kept off most of the weight i lost back then. im not 18 and am looking to do it again and to anyone i would def reccomend it. yes you loose 15-20 pounds in 4 days, but if you dont keep doing it then u wont take anything away and it will be wasted money. I have also learned that after doing this you can not eat big meals. after a month of this i couldnt eat more than half a slice of pizza. and even after 8 days this was the case. i think it is because u have been foreced to eat such small portions. your body learns to adapt. if you have a good drive to loose weight u can do it. at 14 i could do, and most of you im sure are older, if you cant do it then you dont want it that bad, ora atleast bad enough. after the diet i had then transferred to measuring out food i was going to eat and did do alot more calorie couting and did small excercises around the house. anything from 100 crunches to looking up work out video son youtube. again if you want it, you will get the results. you just need to be determined enough.

    • cassandra

      how did u do it becuse i am 130 and i cant lose it

  • maritza

    i just started this with a friend of mine. This first day. I cheated because i was extremly hungry and ate some crackers and a piece of beef jerky. Im feeling really tierd. And very hungry. Day two i hope it gets better.

  • lomni

    I have lost 25lbs. was it easy NO,can you cheat NO
    is it bland YES,do you really want to lose weight?
    start on tuesday finish on friday eat light 3 days
    start over.

  • Beauty

    I love your program, i need to lose weight for an event holding on the 30 of this month

  • Sana

    Plz tell me in Urdu how to lose weight in 4 days I can’t understand much eng plz send me in my email plzzzzzzzzz I really need lose weight plzzzzzzzzz help me:(

  • Feliz Chika

    I’m soo confused!
    I don’t know wether to buy it or not. I mean i’ve seen a bunch of perspectives but stil ll, nothing.
    Is it good or is it bad. I need to lose wieght ASAP. -sigh-
    If only I knew. So no refunds? It’s probably possibly going to work im guessing. Or it’s a scam. If I buy it and it is a scam ….
    I WILL SUE! >(

  • Philippa

    Veeta – I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the horrific end result you experienced! I sympathize – $65 down the toilet! Incredible! One think I’ve learned in terms of losing weight is to take your time. I can recall two times in my life when I lost weight pounds by excessively exercising simply esp over a 2 week period. It was great to be thinner so fast, but I wasn’t used to myself, the attention, the change in my face. I maintained it for a good 8 months, but then regained on the two occasions because of some deep emotional upset. I’m getting ready to be married now and could be manic about losing weight, but instead, I want to aim to be toned more than skinny stick like.
    Enjoy life & those around you and learn to love.

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